Polars- When the Earth flipped its geomagnetic polars, but sun continued to rise from the East and set in the West

Polars And Corners. ( In Reverse Order)


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The devil in your eyes

[ Posted Wed, 27 Jul 2011 21:40:00 ]

Cast your dream

What is it you want

To settle the Kingdom of God

To bring the judgement against the wicked transgressors

To see heaven unfold between the sight from high above

And the universe shone through my eyes

Come to mine, bring enough wine

Listen to rebel songs by U2s Coldplay

And let’s bring one of those barrels from Clint Eastwood’s Harry

So that we can say for sure Saj should be buried

Outside the back of Wilmer Rd

So that he can be seen as angelised

To spend his immortal soul in company of heavenly host

Untouched by anyone

And we go and stand at his grave

We’ll sing temptations papa was a rolling stone

I think Harry should be framed

And get a prison sentence to his name

By leaving him a note saying you shot Saj okay!

My dream is not to see him go at home

But my knowledge tells me they will be home

Sat up listening to the roll of thunder

And then Johnny has a gun

To shoot the other one

Johnny’s got a gun

To shoot the other one

Let’s leave a key round the back underneath the table

How you get in to the yard

I don’t know

Portal it, using sme hexagram, with the tenses of time, written in various sequences

Six points on a hexagram, write on the top, future, present, past

Then going clockwise, write present, past, future,

Then past, future, present

Then future, past, present

Then past, future, present

Then past, present, future

Cast your dreams, before they slip by

I heard in a song

Let us be far gone before they ever discover the ailed veteren in the top floor

Then turn it round six times

Will the stars be there at 3x9

Time to say hello to the devil in your eyes

May the Lord help us

God be glorified

Praise be to God Lord of the universe

Kinky Afro

[ Posted Tue, 26 Jul 2011 19:01:37 ]

Son, I’m 30

I only went with your mother ‘cause she’s dirty

And I don’t have a decent bone in me

What you get is just what you see yeah

I see it so I take it freely

And all the bad piss ugly things i feed me

I never help or give to the needy

Come on and see me



I had to crucify some brother today

And I don’t dig what you gotta say

So come on and say it

Come on and tell me twice


I said dad you’re shabby

You run around and groove like a baggy

You’re only here just out of habit

All that’s mine you might as well have it

You take ten feet back and then stab it

Spray it on and ‘tag it

So sack on me

I can’t stand the needy

Get around here if you’re asking you’re feeling



I had to crucify somebody today

And I don’t dig what you gotta say

So come on and say it

Come on and tell me twice


So sack all the needy

I can’t stand to leave it

You come around here and you put both your feet in



I had to crucify somebody today

And I don’t dig what you gotta say

So go on and say it



I had to crucify some brother today

And I don’t hear what you gotta say

So come on and say it

Come on and tell me twice


[ Posted Tue, 26 Jul 2011 18:59:52 ]

ou burden me with your questions

You’d have me tell no lies

You’re always asking what it’s all about

But don’t listen to my replies

You say to me I don’t talk enough

But when I do I’m a fool

These times I’ve spent, I’ve realized

I’m going to shoot through

And leave you

The things, you say

Your purple prose just gives you away

The things, you say

You’re unbelievable

Father Figure

[ Posted Tue, 26 Jul 2011 18:56:37 ]

I will be your father figure

(Oh baby)

Put your tiny hand in mine

(I’d love to)

I will be your preacher teacher

(Be your daddy)

Anything you have in mind

(It would make me)

I will be your father figure

(Very happy)

I have had enough of crime

(Please let me)

I will be the one who loves you -

Until the end of time

That’s all i wanted

But sometimes love can be mistaken

For a crime

That’sail i wanted

Just to see my baby’s

Blue eyed shine

This time i think that my lover

Understands me

If we have faith in each other

Then we can be


I will be your father figure

Put your tiny hand in mine

I will be your preacher teacher

Anything you have in mind

I will be your father figure

I have had enough of crime

I will be the one who loves you

Until the end of time

If you are the desert

I’ll be the sea

If you ever hunger -

Hunger for me

Whatever you ask for

That’s what i’ll be. .

So when you remember the ones who have lied

Who said that they cared

But then laughed as you cried

Beautiful darling

Don’t think of me

Because all i ever wanted

It’s in your eyes baby, baby

And love can’t lie. No…

(greet me with the eyes of a child)

(heaven is a kiss and a smile)

Just hold on, hold on

I won’t let you go, my baby

I will be your father figure

Put your tiny hand in mine

I will be your preacher teacher

Anything you have in mind

Will be your father figure

Have had enough of crime

So I am gonna love you

Until the end of time

Will be your father

Will be your preacher

‘Ii be your daddy

Will be the one who loves you until the end of time

Let me go

[ Posted Tue, 26 Jul 2011 18:53:11 ]

But I’m just a poor boy and nobody loves me

He’s just a poor boy from a poor family

Spare him his life from this monstrosity

Easy come easy go - will you let me go

Bismillah! No - we will not let you go - let him go

Bismillah! We will not let you go - let him go

Bismillah! We will not let you go - let me go

Will not let you go - let me go (never)

Never let you go - let me go

Never let me go - ooo

No, no, no, no, no, no, no -

Oh mama mia, mama mia, mama mia let me go

Beelzebub has a devil put aside for me

for me

for me


So you think you can stone me and spit in my eye

So you think you can love me and leave me to die

Oh baby - can’t do this to me baby

Just gotta get out - just gotta get right outta here


Ooh yeah, ooh yeah

Nothing really matters

Anyone can see

Nothing really matters - nothing really matters to me


Anyway the wind blows…

A day to remember

[ Posted Tue, 26 Jul 2011 18:49:06 ]




And Mama just hung her head and said,

“Son, Papa was a rolling stone.

Wherever he laid his hat was his home.

(And when he died) All he left us was ALONE.”

“Papa was a rolling stone, my son.

Wherever he laid his hat was his home.

(And when he died) All he left us was ALONE.”


Well, well.


Hey Mama, is it true what they say,

that Papa never worked a day in his life?

And Mama, bad talk going around town

saying that Papa had three outside children and another wife.

And that ain’t right.

HEARD SOME talk about Papa doing some store front preaching.

TalkIN about saving souls and all the time leeching.

Dealing in debt and stealing in the name of the Lord.


Mama just hung her head and said,

“Papa was a rolling stone, my son.

Wherever he laid his hat was his home.

(And when he died) All he left us was ALONE.”

“Hey, Papa was a rolling stone.

Wherever he laid his hat was his home.

(And when he died) All he left us was ALONE.”




Hey Mama, I heard Papa call himself a jack of all trade.

Tell me is that what sent Papa to an early grave?

Folk say Papa would beg, borrow, steal to pay his bill.

Hey Mama, folk say that Papa was never much on thinking.

Spent most of his time chasing women and drinking.

Mama, I’m depending on you to tell me the truth. Mama looked up with a tear in her eye and said,

“Son, Papa was a rolling stone. (Well, well, well, well)

Wherever he laid his hat was his home.

(And when he died) All he left us was ALONE.”

“Papa was a rolling stone.

Wherever he laid his hat was his home.

(And when he died) All he left us was ALONE.”


“I said, Papa was a rolling stone. Wherever he laid his hat was his home.

(And when he died) All he left us was ALONE.”

A bit of my history

[ Posted Tue, 26 Jul 2011 13:49:00 ]

Kitne pyari kahani mairai lya likhi ghi Allah nai, paida hunai tu paila maira father ko sharaha aiya ta jab us ka baita, us ka naam tha Shazaad foath ho juga ta paidash mai. Maira koal theen pra thai aik fath huja tha, aur aik pahin, mai sab sai chota hu.

Jab mai paida huwa tha, maira thosrai bara bhai kaha, ‘yai ugly hai, is ko swap karo us bachai sai’. Aur jab ham barai hu jugai thai, jab us ka thosrah baita huwa, woa bi bohath ugly tha, aur maina kaha yai thara baita nahi. Masha Allah us ku ghasa nahi chara, aur maina mafi mangli, kai yai galth shahadath hoa sukthi thi. Maira bahath aik aur bacha baida huwa, woa maira chacha aur hala mai ghar, us ka nam tha Khaleel, aur woa thairan din bahath baida huwa. Us ka ghar pichai side mai, galli gus kar huta ta, straight opposite backside through the alleyway, aur us ka ghar number 13 sa,aur woa thairan thin bahath paida huwa maira bahath. Us ki ma maira ma ki chachai ki thi laghthi thi, aur us ka piyo maira piyo ka chachai ka putr laghtha tha, Khaleel jaisa kareeb hai jaisa aik twin mairai saath pir barais sai bahath muchai samj ai, shaadi shuddha hoar sakthai fir hum ku sai samj ai.

Banchpan mai, mai nai doa ya aik saal mai, pir na shura kar thia, aur jab pookh laghai mai hamari shaap chala chayai, mairi buttle ki dummy muwai, aur kaha maira mummy ko, ‘muchai doodth chayai’ , aur woa hum ko bari doodth ki buttle thai kar muchai apni hala ko paijai. Nika tha, aur jab main university chala gya, muchai haab ai, urdnai mai, aur mainai thakha aik, nika cha mudha buttle muwai, aur nagha mungha aik nappy paini huwe, aur wo turna lagha jaya ga, behind Lemmington Street. Muchai hamoshi bohath aithi hai, jaisai mai reserved hu, jaisa Allah kahaitha hai, Quran mai, kai,’paradise is reserved for the righteous’, university mai, mairi training bas liknai mai he thi, par azaad tha, jab bi ham thaikh thai kai hum ko koi time nahi paitha kai kohan hai ya aadmi, so we’d smoke to let of social tension.

Fir mai school chala gya, woa aik ghetto school thi, aur cho paratha jatha hai Church of England School, woa yaha nahi paratha jatha, pir, aisi system hai cho seperate kartha hai ethnic children remain in ghetto schools, and Church of England white schools get an advantage, of achieving higher grades, so are likely to get better jobs. Mairai zidnighi mai, mai nahi aisai social circumstance kari, cho hun hotha hai. Yai bachai cho Church of England parthai hain, woa argumentation karthai raitha hai, aur bohath hatred hai nai, apnai ma bap sai bi disrespectful hai, wonai yahi chahatai hai kai, hatred, envy, malice, greed, lust, pride, yai Shaytaani side mai bandai ko pasa thai, un ki arguments are directed to the Father, who doesn’t ever cross the line, whereas they are willing to cross those line and find they staring at brick walls, a particular dogma, they had a lot of these strong arguments, when Charles was younger, but now that he is old, and faced with the young son of David, they feel they were led on, as though the very thing they derived the upper hand in arguments, have led them on, now they are faced with their own judgement. Why should we be faced with a young Charles, we should be faced with an old Charles, then we’ll talk about whether they have a strong argument or a load of regrets.

After seven years, I went to a Church of England school, now I wasn’t really good at anything, but most of the time these tyrannies show they are just trained in a certain field, which does not allow competition, I saw there that they were building hierarchies at an early age, I became a soul survivor, I’d win the race, get a place at a public Methodist school, not a Mason school like Bradford Grammar, who’d wouldn’t let anyone with my background into their hegemonies with out paying, whereas I had an assisted place. I left that school in sixth form, so they don’t have rights over me, and I don’t obliged to acknowledge any advancement.

My name my father did not choose, he intended to name me Usman Afan, after one of the four Caliphs, but his brother my uncle, in Pakistan, Anwar, asked him to name me Kashif, so then my father changed the first name to Kashif, and kept my middle name Afan, and gave me his surname Hussain. And by chance, we had three names with the same syllables for the three brothers, though one was spelt with a double ee rather than i, and my father’s had the same two syllables, and my mother, whose name can be spelt with an i or double ee, has the same syllables as David, her name’s Balkees. Name of Solomon’s wife.

Khadim and Balkees





What takes away the obvious is my sister, triple AAA. in syllables. Persian name I think, not Arabic, I heard her say.

And there was Shazad but he died in infancy.

I was born three and half years after my sister. Three sons and half represents a daughter. There’s seven years difference between my eldest brother and myself, and when I was 12 he was 19.

Saj is deputy, I swapped deputy role from father to Sajid, yeah should have fun sharing the pot with my eldest. If he’d accept to. I need more time, in case.


[ Posted Sun, 24 Jul 2011 10:28:37 ]

My father has the same two syllables too, A and I, like David, his name is Khadim, which means the one who serves. His eldest son is Sajid, which means the one who prostrates, then there was Shazad who died in infancy, another story about him too, my aunties call me Shahzaada, I do not know what it means something like son or prince or heir, I think, then there was Waheed, who’s wife calls him properly Wahid, which means one and only, it is a name of God, and the geametra for Wahid is 19. Then there’s my sister Shabana, and then me after three and a half year gap,Kashif.

I am not going into geametra in case it confuses us,and I get it wrong.

A and I

[ Posted Sun, 24 Jul 2011 00:01:58 ]

My Dad never did that, if that’s the impression you had, he’s kind and genorous with his time, it’s my sister, and my sister in law, who put my uncle’s meds, olanzopine in tea, they give, for simply having a conversation. Hope she gets a wife beating husband, who bust her head against a few brick walls, and makes her come to daddy in tears, and then Saj goes and beats the bastard up, and then gets shot on the street, riddled with bullets. And me Micheal will laugh instead of seeking revenge.

“Woman hold ya head and cry, cause her son has been shot down on the street and died, from a stray bullet.” (Bob Marley)

He’s off to Turkey with his mistress, ‘Son I’m thirty, I only went with your mother cause she was dirty.” (Kinky Afro, Happy Mondays). Then there’ll be a bastard, ’ only ever wanted see my baby’s blue eye shine.” (Father Figure, George Micheal). While his wife, is living with three kids, on her own, don’t worry, he thought I was a lot older than I am, and thought he could tingle some instruments by saying he wanted to marry my best-friends sister. But I was only twelve, and he was 19, and my dad and mum took his word and arranged his marriage. Then when he realised his little fun and games had become a serious piss take, he got himself to blame. Then later before his marriage, he met up with a Hindu girl, and I was interested in her, I was 16 and he was 23, he ended up getting a marriage in court. While being engaged to Suria, I never knew about this, only after he split up with Suria and got himself with a Polish blonde girl, did Dr told, while talking to my Dad. Don’t worry Suria, all the things the Jews were taught are true, like marrying the wife of your deceased brother, you shall not be alone, and find out what it’s like to be married to a guy with four wives, insha Allah. To start the world with Bani -Zulqarnain Kashif, whose two syllables are same as David, so that’s why they elongate the pronunciation, to make it sound like Kasheef, then David would be Daveed, and Sajid would be Sajeed, and Waheed would remain the same, but proper arabic f it would be Wahid. So all three brothers have the same syllables to David. A and I.

GP Report

[ Posted Sat, 23 Jul 2011 23:41:46 ]

Why did you remove that from the folder, the report from my GP, had you left it in it may have not taken this long to reach settlement, and I would not have to have seen so many people for the sake of it, This was not done with my consent. The folder was arranged by someone whom I had not been made aware of, having the original solicitor replaced, for sake of leading this case to a big loyalty band wagon affair, with the NHS adn the legal services, locking me into a lifelong obesity, diabetic, cholestrol, high blood pressure, sleeping till late noon, reducing chance of reproducing and not enjoying a healthy sex- life, and treated like a sub-human. The original folder was sent to Dr,Waheed, and we had not discussed his appointment as litigation friend at that time, which happened in the meeting in which I raised, I had not viewed the folder, listening to the barrister, provide his case law and note, for the case, and then it was discussed to have Dr,Waheed as litigation friend, which was not decided.

…You can have the pain, Jews, tell me how it feels.

“Just because I’m losing…Just because I’m hurting, doesn’t mean I didn’t get what I deserved.”

All in the mind, Jews. All in the mind.

Freedom Fight

[ Posted Sat, 23 Jul 2011 23:04:46 ]

Dear Sarah,

Acting willfully to sabotage any given reason to be able to feel free instead of incarcerated for an indefinite period, never allowed the ability to decide any choice to avoid circumstance of destruction at the hands of those who think it is better to avoid listening to the pleas of those who are occupied but instead play along with the brute force which destroys all that was necessary to make a life from the things God has bestowed on his creation. Just as the Palestinians find the occupation and the Isreal acts the psychiatrist and the West through Zionist influence supports this illegal and egotistical and evil occupation, which is similar to that which the French felt at the hands of the Nazis. Out of all the people, it is those who have been occupied who know how it feels, not those who continue to profess the worship of money instead of God. ”One man’s freedom fighter is another man’s terrorist, the Queen of England there’s no greater anarchist.” (Primal Scream) reversed order of lines. How will I fair if I decide that my family is using illegal attacks upon me to destroy my self my health and my future, by throwing drugs into cups of tea, just because I have a life not a robot, which they think I need to be in order to die a painful lifetime of concoctions which aim to make the patient an animal instead of a human, caught in web of deciet aimed to make enemies of servants of God, to persecute and to barrage insultive ideas and make life very sub-human. By this decision to make my father deputy, plays me into their hands, they can if they choose poison me further, and I will not be able to get out of the way, and find my own life, this could be possible. If I choose to say I would like to move out of my family home, would my father support such a decision? Or would he poison me further and say I do not have the capacity to look after my own life, when 99% of the time, I have shown great care and awareness and consciously dealt with their illusions and their burdens of eating fast food, of smoking cigerettes, of overcoming the difficulties to mate with my wife, and now instead of allowing me the ability to conclude matters, they are locking me in, for life, as a paranoid schizophrenic.

Of the impossible, I have come through. May the Lord help me, and guide me, and protect me.

I want to challenge this decision, based on the removal of the report made by my GP which stated I had the capacity to manage my own finances, and to give instructions. The only reason this is being denied, is to continue to sponge on my conscience to allow you to safe-guard your petty souls request to claim their can be another god with God. I do not want to be locked in, and if you deem that I should have to pay all these extra cost, I would you to put your money where your mouth is, and take the costs of deciding on a deputy on your own company bills.


[ Posted Fri, 22 Jul 2011 22:56:00 ]

Mercy mountain crevices hold treasures buried deep

A blizzard or rain can`t wash any memories that you keep

I just came in on the banana boat, got born only yesterday

Came down through the stars, I landed from Mars

Make my way through the Milky Way

Last I saw you metamorphasized, chrysalis into a butterfly

You opened your wings, such beautiful things and then I saw you fly away so high

A birds eye view up to the stratosphere, all the universe reflected in your eyes

I came to despise, your seek through the skies, your web of lies, and all the empty words you say

I see you like a bubble in the air

But bubbles can rise

But pop when they reach the top

I see you like a bubble in the air

But bubbles can rise

Last I saw you change inside, a chrysalis into a butterfly

You open your wings, such beautiful things and then I watch you fly away to die

I just came in on the banana boat, got born only yesterday

Came down through the stars, I landed from Mars, made my way through the Milky Way

I see you like a bubble in the air

But bubbles can rise

But pop when you reach the top

I see you like a bubble in the air

But bubbles can rise

But pop when they reach the top

I see you like a bubble in the air

But bubbles can rise

But pop when they reach the top


Son of man

[ Posted Fri, 22 Jul 2011 18:35:00 ]

Evolution: Divinely Controlled

We learn from the Quran that evolution is a divinely designed fact:

Life began in water: “From water we initiated all living things.” (21:30, 24:45)

Humans not descendants of monkeys: “He started the creation of man from mud.” (32:7)

Man created from “aged” mud: “I am creating the human being from aged’ clay.” (15:28)

Evolution is possible only within a given species. For example, the navel orange evolved from seeded oranges, not from apples. The laws of probablity preclude the possibility of haphazard evolution between species. A fish cannot evolve into a bird; a monkey can never evolve into a human.

Probability Laws Preclude Darwin’s Evolution

In this computer age, we have mathematical laws that tell us whether a certain event is probable or not. If we throw five numbered cubes up in the air and let them fall into a guided straight line, the probability laws tell us the number of possible combinations we can get: 1x2x3x4x5=120 combinations. Thus, the probability of obtaining any combination is 1 in 120, or 1/120, or 0.0086. This probability diminishes fast when we increase the number of cubes. If we increase them by one, the number of combinations becomes 1x2x3x4x5x6=720, and the probability of getting any combination diminishes to 1/720, 0.0014. Mathematicians, who are very exacting scientists, have agreed that the probability diminishes to “Zero” when we increase the number of cubes to 84. If we work with 84 cubes, the probability diminishes to 209x10 (raised to the power of) -50, or 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000209

Darwin’s famous statement that “life began as a `simple’ cell” is laughable. As recently as 50 years ago, Wells, Huxley, and Wells wrote in their classic textbook that “nothing can be seen inside the nucleus but clear fluid.” We know now that the cell, is an extremely complex unit, with billions of nucleotides in the gene material inside the nucleus, and millions of biochemical reactions. The probability laws tell us that the probability of the haphazard creation of the exacting sequences of nucleotides into DNA is Zero, many times over. We are not talking about 84 nucleotides; we are talking about billions of nucleotides that must be arranged in a specific sequence.

Some evolutionists have stated that the human gene and the monkey’s gene are 90% similar. However, even if the similarity was 99%, we are still talking about 300,000,000 nucleotides that must be haphazardly re-arranged to change the monkey into a human. The probability laws preclude this as an utter impossibility. The human gene contains 30,000,000,000 nucleotides; 1% of that is 300,000,000.

A fitting quote here is that of Professor Edwin Conklin; he stated:

The probability of life originating from accident is comparable to the probability of the Unabridged Dictionary resulting from an explosion in a printing factory.


Nowadays just a precaution in case something amazing happens like humans gifted with the gift of flight, by the Lord of the heavens and the earth, and instead of do or die, philosophy of psychiatric regimes such as America and Israel and Britain, and their holding the stick at you and pointing their guns, and killing people and injuring millions, you are either sheeple or terrorist, in this philosophy of do or die through policing and armaments. The whole world is in so much trouble, in the words of Bob Marley ‘so much trouble in the world’ - democracy flawed, capatilism borrowing leads to disenchantment and false ideas of grandness, usurous earnings do not bring any wealth which one regards with any meaning. From famines in East Africa, to election riots in Ivory Coast, to war torn split in Sudan, to pictures taken of people in Somalia, trouble everywhere. This is due to the do or die, and this idea of the new world order, will bring chaos further, the policing of the world through guns. But in this natural planet, the use of metal, has been instigative of a lot technological breakthroughs which have started big and less productive shall we say, to compact and more productive. We live in a world where 80 per cent of the area is covered in water, water is the source of life, through water everything, metal is used in the arrogance of ability, it is either gold or water, water is more precious than gold to people. When you get someone some food, and the person says thank you, do they value the food which was given, or the cost of the food. They know the probability of haphazard creation of a human through a monkey is zero many times over. All these experiments, haven’t a clue about the result they will present, only they will try them to see if they can haphazardly find a way to mutate and to bond two different species together. May the Lord protect us and guide us, and may He save us from ever witnessing a mutation in his creation through trials and tests.

In the words of Coldplay ,’where do we go, nobody knows, don’t ever say your on your way down,when , God gave you style gave you grace, and put a smile on your face.’

The Lord is Most Wise, Most Powerful, the Knower of all secrets and declarations.

Summer Rain

[ Posted Thu, 21 Jul 2011 18:03:00 ]

You know to dial emergency service in America is 911, in Britain it is 999, which is 3 nines, in America they write the month first, in Britain they write the month after.

Guhm Suhm, Guhm Suhm,

Pyar tha masum,

Aaj na dard jigayee

Halki halki barsai badli

Sajna doorr na jayee

Summer rain,summer rain

Weather of love,

Today do not wake the pain,

Slowly but surely, seasons change

Sajna? don’t go too far


[ Posted Thu, 21 Jul 2011 16:24:37 ]

Love to have that bus, and I’d like to put a convertible end to the top deck, where my mate Ian could go to have a fag, just remember to put a cover over it in case it raining, manual cover. It would be cool for summer, shorten the back end of it, and it would be a cool , fresh air place. I imagine, there’d be no leaks, and no problems with drainage. Plus this bus needs insulating if we’re planning on polar tour. Live performances would have been more better for release, I’m listening to it now, I’m off to continue, I’d like to release the sets, with only A Submitter stuff, but there’s a few samples or a few attempted remixes, with Ian Brown’s tracks, and one with Depeche Mode Track, hardly noticeable, but may be a problem in copyright, there’s one with Rahat’s track, Ghum Suhm.


[ Posted Thu, 21 Jul 2011 15:45:00 ]

Love to have a bus, not a camper van, maybe I’ll get tired of a bus, but I’d like to think it would be fun to travel in, stop where you like, start travelling when you like, and whatever the weather you got somewhere to stay. Whenever you feel like hitting the road, just set off, whenever you feel like stopping somewhere. Only problem is finding parking place for it. Only thing is keeping it free instead of costly, you know it doesn’t cost much, get on the bus, and cause no fuss, get a grip of yourself…you know it don’t cost much. Enough room for a family of four, but I’d like to think I could make a place for about 16, which I can drive on a D1 licence, anymore I’d need a different I think even a commercial license, I doubt they’d give me one, being a cripple with a diagnosis of a mental illness. No more waiting for flights, and stuff, about doing things in a certain timeframe, but I know if I’m laid out on the top deck listening to my records on shuffle, and taking snaps of road signs, love to see some stars make the journey to four corners of the world, in an English vehicle used too many people would try to circumvent, but I know the Lord has blessed me with immortalised in the Final Testament, which being mathematically codified, tells of Zulqarnain, and narrates some of his history. “Cheap Limousine, I only ever wanted the one with the flag, but all you ever wanted was a cheap limousine and a deep pile dream on the highway.”

You’re right, Mr Ian Brown, it would mean I could stop and start when I like, and I’ve been able t secure one of those banker’s bonuses, all you ever needed was one of those banker’s bonuses, which they get every year, we’ll live with once in a lifetime, and they can suck on the blood of the sufferer. I’ve seen the stock market, speculative gambling, could spend your whole life on there. No time for that, just want to see peace on this planet, peace comes with the worship of God alone, alhamdulilah, acknowledging God alone and submitting to Him. Does that seem like a bribe, it is an affirmation that we need to either be controlled through do or die, sheeple or terrorists, under the duress of psychiatrist, I wonder how one would feel if you said, ‘psychiatrist’, I wonder what sort of image would arise from this description. But you know God created life to don’t and kill. ”Only the strongest will survive, these days you gotta kill yourself just to stay alive.” (Hurricane Number 1)

Submerge - A Submitter

[ Posted Thu, 21 Jul 2011 14:41:29 ]

Will be releasing the fourth album to all online distributors, for what purpose I don’t know, the last LP didn’t get a single play, but this ones good, hope it’s not too dull, I’ve taken a track which had parts of Ian Brown’s ‘Reign’ track, so now there’s exactly 12 tracks, with one track which is a rework of one of the tracks, the album’s called Submerge, the opening track is ‘Submerge Into The Water’, which has some sort of dolphin sounds, which had it occurred to me, after finishing it and choosing an album cover, which showed two dolphins jumping in the twilight, showing their silohuete against it. Then I’d probably have made the whole album based on dolphins. It will be out soon, I get paid on Wednesday, six days time, I don’t know I thought of adding a set to it, as you can put unlimited tracks in your album, but it doesn’t let you choose itunes price, may be you have to contact customer support. I completed this album in the Christmas period in 2010, having just come off meds at the time, it’s 286 days since the release of the single ‘submerge’ so more than 9 months after the album was completed I’ve decided to release it. I got sectioned three days before new years day 2011, and in this album I became fond of playing the piano, but everything seemed like a perfect start, each track seems like a perfect start, but nothing seems to make it the other side, when I got out hospital I heard ‘clocks’ and it reminded me of that moment. ”Only The Strongest Will Survive, These Day’s You Gotta Kill Yourself Just To Stay Alive.” (Hurricane #1).

[2:18] Deaf, dumb, and blind; they fail to return.

[2:19] Another example: a rainstorm from the sky in which there is darkness, thunder, and lightning. They put their fingers in their ears, to evade death. GOD is fully aware of the disbelievers.

Linkin' Park

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They show me so many links, some crack up others would become fearful, some even paranoid, how it has been a way to ask questions about love and hatred, good and evil, but the link is as superfluous as comparing white people to pigs, or God to a picture or a writing bearing his name, to which you swore, and you thought how did that happen, but the link isn’t even real, and I guess you shouldn’t do it,for the Lord’s knowledge encompasses all things, God is the Knower of all secrets and declarations, another sometimes what if something happened to one of my loved one, as I gloat at the deeds of people who make many problems for other people’s families. Insha Allah may the Lord guide me and forgive me, and I fear the Lord’s retribution,and pray I do not try to say anything wrong. They’ve showed me so many links, and they seem so coincidental, and everyone played their role aptly, none letting any give from the action, and I fear what it says to me, but I try to forget it like a bad regret, and wash it away with time, and forgetfulness, but I can never forget, only allow it to run around for years looking for some sort of explanation. None of them have appeared on the internet, and I wonder if they did ever read my things,and the ten years since leaving university. Links which would frighten and make fearful, and even lead to polytheism, thinking they’re worthy of worship those who do these tricks. Children at church of England, think it amusement, to rub their hands on the soles of their shoes, to carry germs, and to spread them, in case a huge epidemic occurs, and they can be seen as the first cause. Some children have material regrets, of not having any toys and such, and others have spiritual regrets, where they realise how many times they’ve bought their souls to spiritual lows. Youth have cruel hearts, or kind hearts, some youth try to dominate others let things pass for sake of argument, the futility of raising obnoxious statements seems very untrustworthy and can really spin things to occur, the only requirement for self preservation is to think of ways to avoid superstition and to seek divine guidance through absolving the soul to serve God. Superstitions, keep spinning in the mind, and no matter what one does he’ll not be able to think of life without its knowledge present.

No charity for Iraq

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Not a single charity for Iraq, in the world,

Disgraceful disgusting disappointing

While you listen to the rock n roll

While you go eat your fries and burgers

Forget all the misery and torture that went on

While you sat many miles away

Then they call themselves libertans and their esteem of freedom

Tells how they have caused unjust wars all across the world

If aggression is permitted only against an aggressor

Then who will fight back against this hegemony of dogs and filthy pigs and monkeys

Life, is a competition

[ Posted Tue, 19 Jul 2011 20:28:06 ]

Anarchy isn’t about the material temporal rulers on earth, for even Jesus said, ‘give to Ceasar what is due to Ceasar, and give to God what is due to God.’ The anarchy of temporal rulers, will only lead to sufferings, and misery and children growing up through war, and all sorts of traumatic experiences. These Harry Potter thing, decides an impossibility of sticks, a bone, leading to argumentation, but it was the first reality which is not forgotten one of appreciation or unappreciative. I never watched any of them, nor read any of them, it is like temporal rulers and lords, who present their ideals. The question of unjust ruler, God is never unjust towards the people.



[22:10] This is what your hands have sent ahead for you. GOD is never unjust towards the people.


This is true for even other creatures:


[8:51] “This is a consequence of what your hands have sent forth. GOD is never unjust towards the creatures.”

We tend to become ideally thinking of a world without death, or without poverty, or without regrets, and we forget our own actions and our self’s which was the reason so much could be said. Strength, is as test, survival, is a question, life, is a competition.

Thank you, I’m happy now thinking of these three things, which the Jews exclaim, a world without death, how they sorrow over the loss of their own when a suicide bomb goes off, or the Christians question, when they return to African sub-sahara to find children starving, and no one ever thinking,let’s set up some solar energy stations here, for fear of theft and fighting, due to the malicious envy of youth, not being able to justify the end without barbarism, but I saw some very beautiful Somalians in Syria, hot girls, I was a crazed twenty year old, virgin. I guess I was culpible of the same things young Africans seemed to, but tend to diminish and grow out of when you reach 30 odd. How do you expect, youth to break out of the imperialism with seduction, corruption and immorality. Again I see Jews in terms of seduction, due to the sheepishness, and corruption in relation to the Christians, due to power of the elite controlling forces, or the relationship with the forbidden fruit, whether we redeem or neglect our souls, and Muslims I see in relation with immorality, how they try to stay clear of immorality. Insha Allah, may God guide us. So you see the elders will tell you strength is a test, and God guides from the depths of darkness into light, like the evolutionary point, the strongest will survive, people used to claim this is physical like genetics, but it is the mind behind the intentions, it is the will behind the thoughts, and the body behind the actions. Soul behind the will. Mind behind the chaos. Body behind the causality. And the youth will tell you, survival is a question, love and hatred, sometimes the things you dislike God brings a lot of good from, and there’s a lot of bad from the things you like. And the child, will link a world without regrets, with the competition of life.

A world without death- A test of strength.

A world without poverty. A question of survival.

A world without regrets. A competiton of life

Mind, Body and Soul.

Like knowing the threes, is the fourth, which is most likely heart, unless heart is signified by body. But heart can be signified by soul too, and even mind too. Maybe but I remember writing the Jealous Egos, Heartless Beast, Soulless Vampires. Heart signifies the body.

But Jesus told the greatest commandment, ‘is to love the Lord God, with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your might.” In similar words, to that effect, in reference to his exact words from memory.

Here it is a reference to mind body and soul, heart refers to the body, and concerns belief in miracles, and soul, which refers to devotion to mathematics, and might or strength which is a condition of the mind, is the faith in prophecies and signs.

God controls everything.

Strength in faith.

Survival in belief.

Life in devotion.


[ Posted Tue, 19 Jul 2011 19:34:11 ]

When they’ve brought anarchy, they’ll think from chaos comes order, through war, which is the new world order agenda, to bring a tyranny over earth, to cause life for slave masters and death of those who regard the Omniscience, Omnipotence and Omnipresence of the Lord of the universe, which even in the gayatra mantra, an old Sanskrit scripture, says worthy of worship is God, who is Omnipresent, Omnipotent and Omniscient, through these attributes, in similar words.

The reflection of psychiatrist, is apparant in every institution and establishment, sorry but I’m struggling to string a sentence together, but with the word ‘and’ I can think further, or add a descriptive word, I found whenever Tolkien described something, he’d give two or three descriptive words, which is my studies found of his story.

The only thing psychiatric endevours is to lead into anarchy, so that they can subjugate through war which would decide top dog.

Beautiful future

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Another take on beautiful future

Create a beef, and wait for the coming

Come with your warplanes and guns and demonic uniforms

And your flag full of blood of colonies

Close your gates to the poor

Open it for the European poor

Grab the land, and when you run out of money

Gunned down the guys with the gold

Let’s test your minerals against bastards of pagans

Bastards of pigs and dogs, filthy soldiers

Hired war dogs, loyal to crown and throne

Well another regret, but let’s wash it down with another shot of brandy and whisky

Well another sip from the stream, and the test of fate, yet they carry the star of David

These white supremacists, who use magic and evil sorcery, where does your destiny lie

In war, or peace

In trouble or peace

In destruction or peace

Who’s got the gold, Indians and Chinese, who got the guns and arms and military the West

Do you think they’ll be civilised when the West goes bankrupt, instead do they even care about life of those who struggle in the end.

What a beautiful future

You should look carefully at the reflection, the turn of the psychiatrist, is to poison, and to leach, and to parasitically kill one by one, until everything has disappeared, when the government can no longer pay its minions, as it has no more funds, and cannt obtain any more loans, do you think they will turn against their own they’ll go and feed on those who have the wealth, which they think they can obtain without much fight. It’s time to fight back, time to take the throne from that evil devil insomniac to killl Charlie, or else they’ll turn against all of us. It leads to anarchy, and this monarchy knows full well, that this is the end they serve.

Light, Love And Peace

[ Posted Mon, 18 Jul 2011 22:39:00 ]

What is light! Test of Knowledge. Where is love? Question of Power. When is peace. Competition of Wisdom.


[2:257] GOD is Lord of those who believe; He leads them out of darkness into the light. As for those who disbelieve, their lords are their idols; they lead them out of the light into darkness - these will be the dwellers of Hell; they abide in it forever.


[5:13] It was a consequence of their violating the covenant that we condemned them, and we caused their hearts to become hardened. Consequently, they took the words out of context, and disregarded some of the commandments given to them. You will continue to witness betrayal from them, excepting a few of them. You shall pardon them, and disregard them. GOD loves those who are benevolent.


[5:16] With it, GOD guides those who seek His approval. He guides them to the paths of peace, leads them out of darkness into the light by His leave, and guides them in a straight path.

Light is there, love is here, peace is everywhere.

Mind,body and soul

Mind requires knowledge, body desires power, soul needs wisdom.

Signs and prophecies, acts and miracles, word and mathematics.




Deep Pile Dream On The Highway

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I've seen you

You've never been yourself

That's what you pay your shrink for

You're mean, you thinking of no one but yourself

What do you think all the love's for?


I only ever wanted the one with the flag

But all you ever wanted was a sixty dollar bag

And a cheap limousine for your deep pile dream

On the highway


Shut your mouth and bend down low

Sit back and watch the flowers grow

People change but it was never a game

Go wash your face and your hands cause we all look the same


I only ever wanted the one with the flag

But all you ever wanted was a sixty dollar bag

And a cheap limousine for your deep pile dream

On the highway


See no hear no, so why do you go and speak so

Talking pouring scorn on the bold

I closed the door on your cold breath wish

You went and gave your tongue to a devil on a dish


I only ever wanted the one with the flag

But all you ever wanted was a sixty dollar bag

And a cheap limousine for your deep pile dream

On the highway


I only ever wanted the one with the flag

But all you ever wanted was a sixty dollar bag

And a cheap limousine for your deep pile dream

On the highway

(Ian Brown’s song deep pile dreams) - Gave your tongue to a devil on a dish, reminded me of the recording when I got sectioned and arrested by cops, whilst waiting for the bus, was another time that God guided me from the depths of darkness into the light. I had stopped the meds for two or three months, and they could tell that my weight returned to normal, and I could forget about eating, and was more self contained,and able to speak instead remain dumb,like some animal. You can tell you couldn’t get me to talk as long as I was medicated, it was the worse situation imaginable, only could get worse in their hands, but a few things they could not say against me, I hadn’t taken any drugs, and they were feeding me all these drugs, which were like poison, evil drugs which put you to sleep, and cause agonising pain and uncomfortability, and lots of uncomfortable affects, that destroy your mind, just as back in the early twentieth century they were trying to destroy the body with hard labor, they are trying to throar the mind, body and soul, the knowledge in science, the power in art, the wisdom in life. The tree of knowledge, the fountain of youth, the elixir of life.

What is light, it is there. Where is love, it is here. When is peace, it is everywhere.

Knowing the result, requires faith

Acknowledging the time line of events, instills belief

Getting it right at the right time, devotion through salat

Had I remained in hospital, my hair would have fallen out, my teeth decayed, my nerves shattered, and I’d probably die with the amount of medication they give ya, or would have been transferred into another forsaken forgotten hell hole, where they’d have ways to make you conform, I remember the guy who died in hospital, who was given so many fucking medication, he died of it, because when you tell them how fucke d up they are, all they will examine is your blood pressure, and they have a milllion and one excuses for every effect and result. And the doctors, don’t know their arsehole from their mouths, cos they don’t have any idea about the complexityof life, all they intend to use against you is their continuous argumentations and lingo which is institutional, to make you feel sub-human, because the only experience they have is not withb life of humans, but lives of captive monkeys, and they use words such as behaviour, or disruptive, and bullshit terms which are all animalistically applied to monkeys, which theyuse on humans. Bastards…


Deep Pile Dream On The Highway

[ Posted Mon, 18 Jul 2011 21:35:30 ]

I've seen you

You've never been yourself

That's what you pay your shrink for

You're mean, you thinking of no one but yourself

What do you think all the love's for?


I only ever wanted the one with the flag

But all you ever wanted was a sixty dollar bag

And a cheap limousine for your deep pile dream

On the highway


Shut your mouth and bend down low

Sit back and watch the flowers grow

People change but it was never a game

Go wash your face and your hands cause we all look the same


I only ever wanted the one with the flag

But all you ever wanted was a sixty dollar bag

And a cheap limousine for your deep pile dream

On the highway


See no hear no, so why do you go and speak so

Talking pouring scorn on the bold

I closed the door on your cold breath wish

You went and gave your tongue to a devil on a dish


I only ever wanted the one with the flag

But all you ever wanted was a sixty dollar bag

And a cheap limousine for your deep pile dream

On the highway


I only ever wanted the one with the flag

But all you ever wanted was a sixty dollar bag

And a cheap limousine for your deep pile dream

On the highway

(Ian Brown’s song deep pile dreams) - Gave your tongue to a devil on a dish, reminded me of the recording when I got sectioned and arrested by cops, whilst waiting for the bus, was another time that God guided me from the depths of darkness into the light. I had stopped the meds for two or three months, and they could tell that my weight returned to normal, and I could forget about eating, and was more self contained,and able to speak instead remain dumb,like some animal. You can tell you couldn’t get me to talk as long as I was medicated, it was the worse situation imaginable, only could get worse in their hands, but a few things they could not say against me, I hadn’t taken any drugs, and they were feeding me all these drugs, which were like poison, evil drugs which put you to sleep, and cause agonising pain and uncomfortability, and lots of uncomfortable affects, that destroy your mind, just as back in the early twentieth century they were trying to destroy the body with hard labor, they are trying to throar the mind, body and soul, the knowledge in science, the power in art, the wisdom in life. The tree of knowledge, the fountain of youth, the elixir of life.

What is light, it is there. Where is love, it is here. When is peace, it is everywhere.

Knowing the result, requires faith

Acknowledging the time line of events, instills belief

Getting it right at the right time, devotion through salat

Had I remained in hospital, my hair would have fallen out, my teeth decayed, my nerves shattered, and I’d probably die with the amount of medication they give ya, or would have been transferred into another forsaken forgotten hell hole, where they’d have ways to make you conform, I remember the guy who died in hospital, who was given so many fucking medication, he died of it, because when you tell them how fucke d up they are, all they will examine is your blood pressure, and they have a milllion and one excuses for every effect and result. And the doctors, don’t know their arsehole from their mouths, cos they don’t have any idea about the complexityof life, all they intend to use against you is their continuous argumentations and lingo which is institutional, to make you feel sub-human, because the only experience they have is not withb life of humans, but lives of captive monkeys, and they use words such as behaviour, or disruptive, and bullshit terms which are all animalistically applied to monkeys, which theyuse on humans. Bastards…


No more insurance

[ Posted Mon, 18 Jul 2011 17:10:00 ]

I wrote something, which I lost, as power went on my laptop, so this may seem a little forced rather than free flowing:

World without insurance:

1.No need for governments to act in the interest of the people.

2.No need for police to safe guard your assets.

3.No need to have to put seats in your bus with seat belts, because the insurance stipulates that all passengers must wear seat belts.

I’d like to think of many things, which could happen had we forged a constitution based on not having insurance. Like useless hay, no point in thinking of what once was, and what could have been, or what seems to the case had we not seen the rise and fall of barbaric institutions such as education, military arms and government hospitals.

A world without insurance would treasure one thing that is discarded in the world of insurance, the family, and tribe, instead of tribalism, they tend to look at worth for the reasons of endearment rather than look at everything that is ordained on this natural planet suggests either righteousness or wickedness. Rashad spoke of this, saying insurance is wrong, liability is one thing, bearing false witness is one thing too, where so many false claims arise, recompense is another thing, however one cannot value the things necessary in the life time of a certain individual however one could try to better the future. And this requires good strong tribal families.

The sovereignty of God, rather than seeking help and protection from profiteers and evil warmongers. You can see the role of insurance in medical science, or in the spread of AIDS to prevent the spread of small pox, and through blood contamination which occurred through sharing injection needles. Insure this doesn’t happen, insure measles doesn’t occur in young children, insure passengers wear seatbelts, insure the new world order through craft and sorcery going back to the time of Solomon, and think what would it have been had we submitted to God instead and asked for repentance. Insure the mental patients never come off their medications, and substitute one for another, and let deal with all the effects such as tardive dysphrenia and all the fucked up stuff it causes. Insurance leads to evil profiteers and gambling the future of millions who have no choice in order to establish an order and hierarchy. All their illicit earnings haven’t achieved a single thing, it means nothing, just as their lustful lives of pornography never means anything, other than to the seducers eyes. Just a bunch of silly wankers doing sick and obscene things to each other. The atheists having fun, call it depraved wankers.

A reason for salat

[ Posted Sun, 17 Jul 2011 23:59:00 ]

Mathematical Code of Qur'an Found in Previous Scripture

Continued from page 1

The people [Jews] in France made it a custom to add [in the morning prayer] the words: ...’Ashrei temimei derekh [blessed are those who walk the righteous way],“ and our Rabbi, the Pious, of blessed memory, wrote that they were completely and utterly wrong. It is all gross falsehood, because there are only nineteen times that the Holy Name is mentioned [in that portion of the morning prayer], …and similarly you find the word ‘Elohim nineteen times in the pericope of Ve- ‘elleh shemot… Similarly, you find that Israel were called ...sons“ nineteen times, and there are many other examples. All these sets of nineteen are intricately intertwined, and they contain many secrets and esoteric meanings, which are contained in more than eight large volumes. Therefore, anyone who has the fear of God in him will not listen to the world of the Frenchmen who add the verse ... ‘Ashrei temimei derekh,“ and blessed are the righteous who walk in the paths of God's Torah, for according to their additions the Holy Name is mentioned twenty times….. and this is a great mistake. Furthermore, in this section there are 152 words, but if you add ... ‘Ashrei temimei derekh“ there are 158 words. This is nonsense, for it is a great and hidden secret why there should by 152 words… but it cannot be explained in a short treatise. PLEASE NOTE THAT 152 = 19 x 8

Another aspect of the same process is the attitude towards the text of the prayers. Rabbi Judah warned his neighbors in France and Britain that if they allow even the most minor changes in that text, their prayers will become ...like the songs of the uncircumcised non-Jews.“ Free expression of feelings, religious or secular, was regarded by Rabbi Judah as a non-Jewish song, which has no place in the framework of worship. While this argument was not directed against rationalistic philosophers but against fellow halakhists and pietists, the problem faced in this commentary by Rabbi Judah is the same one that bothered the philosophers and all thinkers of that period: Why does God insist on a repetitive prayer, said again and again several times every day in exactly the same words, instead of allowing free expression of the individual's religious feelings in his personal words, reflecting every special occasion? The framework of rationalistic philosophy did not offer a popularly accepted answer to this question, a fact that necessarily weakened the position of the traditional text of the liturgy in the eyes of the intellectuals of the age. It seems that the school that Rabbi Judah represented was the first to offer an answer to that problem – a nonrational answer, bordering on a mystical attitude, namely, the existence of a hidden, esoteric harmony between the text of the prayer and a divine structure, mainly a numerical structure, which is also reflected in the Scriptures, in history and in the creation. Therefore, every deviation from this structure destroys that harmony and secularizes the text of the prayers, turning them simply into collections of words and meanings, like the songs of the non-Jews.


It is possible that this new approach was merely ...academic,“ and it was not regarded as necessary to keep all the numerical combinations and associations in mind when actually praying. However, there can be no doubt that this new attitude had two results, one of which is manifested in this treatise, while the other is evident from all Ashkenazi Hasidic treatments of the subject: (a) No change can be tolerated in the text of the prayers, not even a minute one, because every change – even of one letter – would destroy the numerical harmony inherent in the text. It does not matter, therefore, whether the change is beneficial from

Taken from August 1985 edition of Muslim Perspective


This provides reason and supports the prescribed worship and contact with God through a Divinely codified words, at set times of the day and anything which is added to the codified words, will secularise their prayer.

Below: What Rashad wrote in the notes to sura al Fatiha, which is read by all factions of Muslims, where they differ is what is read besides this, it has been acustom to read another sura, and this therefore breaks the code, of the words.



*1:1-7 Sura 1 is God’s gift to us to establish contact with Him through the daily Contact Prayers. This fact is supported by an earth-shattering, simple-to-understand-but-impossible-to-imitate mathematical composition that challenges the greatest mathematicians on earth, and stumps them; it is far beyond human capabilities:


(1) The sura number, followed by the numbers of verses, next to each other, give 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7. This number is a multiple of 19.


(2) If we substitute the number of letters per verse in place of the verse numbers, we get 1 19 17 12 11 19 18 43. This number is also a multiple of 19.


(3) If we insert the total gematrical value of every verse, we get 1 19 786 17 581 12 618 11 241 19 836 18 1072 43 6009. This number is a multiple of 19.

Verse No. No. of Letters Gematrical Value


========= =========== ==============


1 19 786


2 17 581


3 12 618


4 11 241


5 19 836


6 18 1072


7 43 6009




Totals 139 10143



(4) The number shown above includes all parameters of Sura 1 and consists of 38 digits (19x2).


(5) It is noteworthy that this 38-digit number is still divisible by 19 when we write its components backward, from right to left, as practiced by the Arabs. Thus, 6009 43 1072 18 836 19 241 11 618 12 581 17 786 19 1 is also a multiple of 19.


(6) The mathematical representations mentioned above participate in numerous extraordinary mathematical phenomena to confirm all details of the five daily Contact Prayers (Appendix 15).

(7) Many more astounding phenomena are given in Appendix One. Thus, the reader is handed, at the outset, tangible proof that this is God’s message to the world.


Concerning salat, we know there are 5 salats during the day, again this is agreed by most factions, only some Shias and certain member of the submitters, who gets a lot of stick claim there are 3 salats. Below an article from submission.org



•The contact prayer was given to the Prophet Abraham and passed on to us from generation to generation.

•The prayer existed before Muhammad. Muhammad’s sole mission was to deliver the Quran.

•There is no dispute concerning the number of units in all five daily prayers.

•The Quran’s mathematical code confirms the number of units in the five prayers 2,4,4,3 and 4 respectively.

•The Quran deals only with practices that were distorted, for example, the voice tone during the prayer.

Where can we find Salat in the Quran?

When Abraham implored God in [14:40], he did not ask for wealth or health; the gift he implored for was: ”Please God, make me one who observes the contact prayers.”

The religious duties instituted by God are in fact a great gift from Him. They constitute the nourishment required for the growth and development of our Souls. Belief in God does not by itself guarantee our redemption; we must also nourish our souls [6:158], [10:90-92]. Additionally, [15:99]states that observing the religious duties instituted by God is our means of attaining certainty:”Worship your Lord in order to attain certainty.”

We learn from [2:37] that we can establish contact with God by uttering the specific Arabic words given to us by God in Sura 1, the Key, which is a combination of sounds that unlocks the door between us and God:

1. The Dawn Prayer must be observed during two hours before sunrise [11:114], [24:58].

2. The Noon Prayer is due when the sun declines from its highest point at noon [17:78].

3. The Afternoon Prayer can be observed during the 3-4 hours preceding sunset [2:238].

4. The Sunset Prayer is due after sunset [11:114].

5. The Night Prayer can be observed after the twilight disappears from the sky [24:58].

The Friday noon congregational prayer is an obligatory duty of every Submitting man and woman[62:9]. Failure to observe the Friday Prayer is a gross offense.

Each contact prayer is valid if observed anytime during the period it becomes due until the next prayer becomes due. Once missed, a given contact prayer is a missed opportunity that cannot be made up; one can only repent and ask forgiveness. The five prayers consist of 2, 4, 4, 3, and 4 units (Rak’ahs), respectively.

The Quran teaches us that Abraham is the founder of Islam as it is practiced today. All religious practices, including the contact prayer, were given to the Prophet Abraham and passed on to us generation after generation. The majority of Muslims always ask, how can these practices come to us from Abraham and not from Muhammad. They do not trust that God Almighty can preserve His own religious practices (rituals). They do not know that, the Hadith and Sunna books do not have enough information about how to perform Salat, the number of Rakaat (units), or what to say in them.

Not a single time, was the prophet Muhammad reported as telling the people, let me tell you how to perform your Salat prayers, or let me tell you the number of Rakaat in the prayers. The Prophet Muhammad and the people before him were given the ways to pray, which were already handed down from Abraham through generations of believers who kept the prayers intact as God promised. God would not have told Muhammad to follow the religion of Abraham if no one knew or practiced that religion.

In other words, all religious practices in Islam existed long before Muhammad. Muhammad’s sole mission was to deliver the Quran.

“Your ONLY mission (O Muhammad) is to deliver (Quran), while it is we who will call them to account.” [13:40]

“You (O Muhammad) have no duty EXCEPT delivering (Quran).” [42:48]

“The messenger has no function EXCEPT delivering (Quran)…” [5:99]

The proof that Salat was already established through Abraham is found in [8:35], [9:54], [16:123],[21:73].

This most important duty in Islam (Submission) has been so severely distorted that the contact prayers (Salat) have become a practice in idolatry for the vast majority of Muslims. Although the Quran commands that our contact prayers must be devoted to God alone [20:14], [39:3, 45], today’s Muslims insist on commemorating “Muhammad and his family” and “Abraham and his family” during their prayers. This renders the prayers null and void [39:65].

All the 5 contact prayers confirmed.

[1] Sura 1 is God’s gift to us, to establish contact with Him (Salat). Write the sura number and the number of verses next to each other and you get 17, the total number of units in the 5 daily prayers.

[2] Let us write down the sura number, followed by the number of each verse in the sura. This is what we get:

1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7. This number is a multiple of 19.

[3] Now, let us replace each verse number by the number of letters in that verse. This is what we get:

1 19 17 12 11 19 18 43 also a multiple of 19.

Theoretically, one can alter the letters of Sura 1, and still keep the same number of letters, however, the following mathematical phenomena rule out that possibility. For the gematrical value of every single letter is taken into consideration. Here it is:

Properties of Sura 1,The KeyVerse No.No. of LettersGematrical Value11978621758131261841124151983661810727436009

[4] Let us include the gematrical value of every verse, and write it down following the number of letters in each verse:

1 19 786 17 581 12 618 11 241 19 836 18 1072 43 6009 also a multiple of 19.

[5] Now, let us add the number of each verse, followed by the number of letters in that verse, then the gematrical value of that verse.

This is what we get:

1 1 19 786 2 17 581 3 12 618 4 11 241 5 19 836 6 18 1072 7 43 6009a multiple of 19.

[6] Instead of the gematrical value of every verse, let us write down the gematrical values of every individual letter in Sura 1.

This truly awesome miracle shows that the resulting long number, consisting of 274 digits, is also a multiple of 19.

1 7 1 19 2 60 40 1 30 30 5 1 30 200 8 40 50 1 30 200 8 10 40 2 17 …50

This number starts with the sura number, followed by the number of verses in the sura, followed by the verse number, followed by the number of letters in this verse, followed by the gematrical values of every letter in this verse, followed by the number of the next verse, followed by the number of letters in this verse, followed by the gematrical values of every letter in this verse, and so on to the end of the sura. Thus, the last component is 50, the value of “N” (last letter).

[7] Since I cannot write very long numbers here, let us substitute [*] for the long number consisting of the number of every verse, followed by the number of letters in the verse, followed by the gematrical value of every individual letter in the verse. If we write down the number of the sura, followed by its number of verses, we get 17, the number of units (Rak’aas) in the 5 daily prayers.

Next to the 17, write down the number of the first prayer (1), followed by its number of Rak’aas, which is 2, then two [*]’s, followed by the number of the second prayer (2), followed by the number of Rak’aas in the second prayer (4), followed by four [*]’s, and so on.

Not only is the resulting long number a multiple of 19, but it is also the number of its component digits; 4636 (19x244) ….

Please note that any representation of Sura 1 can replace the [*]’s without affecting the outcome; all of them give multiples of 19.

For example, a short representation of “The Key” consists of the Sura number (1), followed by the verses (7), followed by the total number of letters in Sura 1 (139), followed by the total gematrical value of the whole sura (10143). The resulting number (1713910143) can also represent [*].


Confirmation of the Friday prayer

[8] Since the Friday prayer consists of two sermons and two Rak’aas (total is still 4 units), we read only 15 “Keys” on Friday, compared with 17 on the other days. If we replace the 17 by 15 in the long number in [7] and remove two “Keys” from the noon prayer, we still get a multiple of 19. This confirms the Friday Prayer, at noon, with 2 “Keys.” The long number shown below represents Friday’s five prayers; it is a multiple of 19.


The Key must be recited in Arabic

[9] The first sura in the Quran is mathematically composed in a manner that challenges and stumps the greatest mathematicians on earth. Now we appreciate the fact that when we recite Sura 1, “The Key,” during our Contact Prayers something happens in the universe, and we establish contact with our Creator. The result is perfect happiness, now and forever.

By contacting our Almighty Creator 5 times a day, we nourish and develop our souls in preparation for the Big Day when we meet God. Only those who nourish their soul will be able to withstand and enjoy the physical presence of Almighty God. All submitters, of all nationalities, recite the words of “The Key” which were written by God Himself, and given to us to establish contact with Him [2:37].

When you recite “The Key” in Arabic, your lips touch each other precisely 19 times. Your lips touch each other where the letters “B” and “M” occur. There are 4 “B’s” and 15 “M’s” and this adds up to 19. The gematrical value of the 4 “B’s” is 4x2=8, and the gematrical value of the 15 “M’s” is 15x40=600. The total gematrical value of the 4 “B’s” and 15 “M’s” is 608, that is 19x32.

WordLetterValue1BismB22BismM403RahmanM404RahimM405Al-HamduM406RubB27`AlaminM408RahmanM409RahimM4010MalikM40 WordLetterValue11YawmM4012Na’buduB213MustaqimM4014MustaqimM4015An`amtaM4016`AlayhimM4017MaghdubM4018MaghdubB219`AlayhimM40608 (19x32)

Number of bowing (Ruku’), prostration (Sujood), and tashahud

[10] One of the common challenges…is: “If the Quran is complete and fully detailed (as claimed in[6:19, 38, 114], where are the details of the Contact Prayers?”

These people ask this question because they are not aware that the Quran informs us that the Contact Prayers came from Abraham ([21:73] [22:78]. If we write down the numbers of the prayers with their bowings, prostrations and Tashahhuds, we get:

1 1 2 2 4 1 2 4 4 8 2 3 4 4 8 2 4 3 3 6 2 5 4 4 8 2

This long number consists of the sura that we recite in the 5 prayers

(1) followed by the number of the first prayer (1), then the number of “Keys” that we recite in this prayer (2), then the number of bowings (Ruku`) (2), then the number of prostrations (4), then the number of Tashahhuds (in the sitting position) (1), then the number of the second prayer (2), then the number of “Keys” that we recite in the second prayer (4), then the number of bowings (Ruku`) in this prayer (4), then the number of prostrations (8), then the number of Tashahhuds (2), then the number of the third prayer (3), and so on to the last prayer. This long number is a multiple of 19, and this confirms the minutest details of the prayers, even in the number of Ruku`, Sujud, and Tashahhud.

What to say during the bowing

[22:77] “O you who believe, you shall bow, prostrate, worship your Lord, and work righteousness, that you may succeed.”

See also, 2:43, 2:125, 5:55, 9:112, 22:26 and 48:29.

For falling prostrate also see; 3:113, 4:102, 7:206, 13:15, 15:98, 16:49, 17:107, 19:58, 22:18, 25:64, 41:37, 48:29, 53:62, 76:26, and 96:19,

What to say when we bow down: (Subhana Rabbya Al-Azeem), can be found in 56:74

[56:74] “You shall glorify the name of your Lord, the Great. ’ (Fa-Sabbeh Be-Ism Rabbeka Al-Azeem)

What to say when you get up from bowing

“Sami-a Allahu Le-man Hamedahu” (God hears those who praise Him)

[3:38] “That is when Zachariah implored his Lord: “My Lord, grant me such a good child; You are the Hearer of the prayers.”


[52:48] “You shall steadfastly persevere in carrying out your Lord’s command - you are in our eyes - and glorify and praise your Lord when you get up.”

What to say during the prostration

“Subhana Rabbya Al-A’ala ” can be found in 87:1

[87:1] “Glorify the name of your Lord, the Most High.” (Sabbeh Ism Rabbeka Al-A’ala)

Shahada (Tashahhod)

La Elaha Ella Allah (There is no god besides God).

The Shahada recited after the prostration of the second Rakaat and at the end of the prayers can be found in 3:18. This is the Shahada of God, the angels and those who possess knowledge. The Shahada of the hypocrites can be found in 63:1

[3:18] “GOD bears witness that there is no god except He, (La Elaha Ella Ho, Ho in reference to God, Allah ) and so do the angels and those who possess knowledge. Truthfully and equitably, He is the absolute god; there is no god but He, the Almighty, Most Wise.”


There is no dispute concerning the number of units (rak`ahs) in all five daily prayers enjoined by God for Abraham and his followers. They are universally accepted to be 2, 4, 4, 3, and 4 units. The Quran deals only with practices that were distorted, for example, the tone voice during the contact prayer.

Other additional units practiced by the traditional Muslims are disputed and vary according to different sects (from none to as many as 10 units per prayer). These extra prayers are considered Sunna, something that Prophet Muhammad was claimed to have done. However, establishing religious rites that are not authorized by God is a gross offense. Prophet Muhammad or any messenger of God would never disobey God by adding or even slightly changing anything that God had enjoined them to do. People who follow these practices not only disobey God, but they also make the religion difficult for themselves, and for their children. God tells us in the Quran that He does not want hardship for us:

[22:78] “He has chosen you and placed no hardship on you in practicing your religion….”

Even after showing all this Quranic evidence to those who do not believe God, you will note that they insist on their ways. After all that they may ask you again ; “Where are the details of salat prayers in the Quran?” Until they decide to believe their Creator in His repeated assertions that the Quran is complete, perfect and fully detailed, they can never see the Quranic truth. This is documented in 18:57:

[18:57] “Who is more wicked than one who is reminded of the verses of His Lord, then disregard them, while unaware of his sin ? Consequently, we place shields on their hearts, to prevent them from understanding (Quran), and deafness in their ears. Thus, if you invite them to the guidance, they can never ever be guided.”


•The contact prayer came to us through Abraham generation after generation.

•The distorted parts of it were corrected by the Quran.

•The correct parts of it were confirmed by the mathematical miracle of the Quran.


Expensive pills

[ Posted Sun, 17 Jul 2011 23:01:00 ]

All these pills I’ve been buying, brings the song ‘Vanity Kills’ to mind…

“All that I am all I could be

All I decided the many faces of me

All I became the man that I am

Got nothing to prove and got it all to gain


Words that are spoken

Promises broken yeah

Now that I’ve woken

All the cheap thrills with expensive pills

Vanity kills

Vanity kills


Highs and the lows the wake that I wove

I’ll push you away but keep you closer to me

You gave me the crown the talk of the town

With nothing to lose I’d do it all again


Words that are spoken

Promises broken yeah

Now that I’ve woken

All the cheap thrills with expensive pills

Vanity kills

Vanity kills


Golden glows skin and bones

All that remains is the stain on my soul

Golden glows skin and bones

All that remains is the stain on my soul


Words that are spoken

Promises broken yeah

Now that I’ve woken

All the cheap thrills with expensive pills

Vanity kills

Vanity kills”

(Ian Brown - Vanity Kills)


You’re right the pills such as fish oil, do give you a glow, and amla makes me more swifter, though I should be dying with the lack of exercise, I’m actually feeling a lot better. Exercise is a myth, doing robotic actions and training your body to continue doing the same thing, until tyrannically you never reach satisfaction. Just turn yourself into a freak or a monster. Does muscle mass mean you’re stronger, or you carry more weight. And it is vanity, no difference in appearance to media bullshit and porn. I wonder if those guys in Double Dhamal were on pills, cos they really seemed out of it. Or just good actors. I wonder if it is expensive pills, or expensive bills?


[ Posted Sun, 17 Jul 2011 17:54:44 ]

Goes back to ‘Good, Bad and Ugly’ - in that story right, good does both bad and ugly in, he shoots one, and ties a noose around the other one. Poor ugly, but the Jews are really bad, as though they have a hundred thousand lanaths on them, condemnations, other would say curses, but not in the sense they were magic or witchcraft, but in the sense they were condemnations. Bad gets shot, sonny gets shot, veeru gets shot, the dirty dog, can’t believe he was father to that widows child after he died, hush hush in real life he married the screen actress who plays a widower, and takhur had a thing for Basanti, hmm, but she ends up with Dharmedra, who plays Jay. What’s his name, angel eyes, like someone thought of trapping the movie, into a case of lunacy, and they can’t help but call it angel eyes. I watched two films over the past few weeks, we needed to make sure there were no loops or unanswerable questions, as to what we did, in case they asked questions like, ‘what was the last movie you watched’ ..hm tricky, when you said you like watching movies. First one I watched was Double Dhamaal, a very theatrical comedy, about four jokers, got me asking questions, what would happen if someone swallowed an egg, and it hatched in the stomach, it wouldn’t last surely, but it was well good and hilarious, had me laughing for days just remember scenes from it, when they start day-dreaming of becoming Arabpati, rich Arab oil shiekhs, Sanjay played it well. But in contrast the next movie I watched, was Delhi Belly, and this was more about life in Delhi, it almost made it seem quite exotic location, especially with the paint and daily life. It reminds you of what I got told, that a lot of people die of diarrhea in Pakistan, and there was this guy who plays someone who had a dodgy kebab and was constantly needed the toilet. It was a contrast of rich and poor, locations, Double Dhamaal had scenes in the glamourous place like Macau, I think that’s how it is spelt, whereas Delhi Belly was shot in Delhi, and they spoke English all the way through it, with instances when it was in Hindi but it had sub-titles. I like the example they give, of the landlord, who ends up with diamonds though he is unaware. It was almost as though it was karma, or something like that.

Sonny you’re bad too, bye bye badman. I don’t get that, why would Sonny’s love child take over the family, didn’t he have any legitimate children.

Off the streets of Delhi, yeah man, I remember being on a bus from Mirpur to Sangla Hill, I was seven at the time, and I needed the toilet, I had to wait five hours, I was in agony all the way back.

Seeing the light

[ Posted Sun, 17 Jul 2011 15:19:00 ]

I woke today feeling grumpy again, as though world had passed me by, and being the littlest I was always going end up living my siblings future, I sat and thought for a few minutes, and it was almost as though I was at breaking point, where I dip into a depression, or tension, then all of a sudden my mood lifted, with the thought ‘it’s an illusion’, this reminded me of a Quranic ayat, in which it says, ‘this worldly life is a mere illusion’. I got up and started become energetic and cheerful.

So many times, if I was living parellel lives, so many times I have seen the light, rather than ended up in misery and regrets, like for example I would not have envisage that I’d be able to walk swiftly whilst I was in a wheelchair in hospital, a few years ago, and then I thought what if I didn’t get back on my feet, I’d probably be looked after by my parents, and only as long as they could cope, remember there wasn’t the appearance of my wife to be either, who has managed to keep keeping on, and keep keeping strong, as the words of the Stone Roses say, you know I’d think I’d be left to my own, after that fall, I think I’d be living in a council accomodation, with a carer who’d rob my benefits so that I’d be looked after for my needs such as cooking and cleaning. That’s the alter side of things which could have been.

Even with my wife’s appeal, it was again at breaking point, but I saw the light, she was going to deported, had there not been a team of well positioned individuals who fulfilled the role, required to gain her stay. Alhamdulilah, God controls everything.

I’m not saying it’s not reality for some, but whoever searches for the truth will find, and no soul is burdened beyond its means. My Lord is Most Wise, who granted me another life, in order to fulfill my covenant, and to worship the Lord and devote my worship to God alone.

Let me write a bit of a song which I listened to quite a bit whilst I in a spinal injury unit in Wakefield.

What if there was no light.

Nothing wrong, nothing right.

What if there was no time?

And no reason or rhyme?

What if you should decide

That you don’t want me there by your side.

That you don’t want me there in your life.


What if I got it wrong?

And no poem or song..

Could put right what I got wrong,

Or make you feel I belong

What if you should decide

That you don’t want me there by your side

That you don’t want me there in your life.


Oooooh, that’s right

Let’s take a breath, jump over the side.

Oooooh, that’s right

How can you know it if you don’t even try?

Oooooh, that’s right


Every step that you take

Could be your biggest mistake

It could bend or it could break

But that’s the risk that you take

What if you should decide

That you don’t want me there in your life.

That you don’t want me there by your side.


Oooooh, that’s right

Let’s take a breath jump over the side.

Oooooh, that’s right

How can you know it when you don’t even try?

Oooooh, that’s right


Oooooh, that’s right

Let’s take a breath jump over the side

Oooooh, that’s right

You know that darkness always turns into light

Oooooh, that’s right..

(Coldplay - What If)


[ Posted Sat, 16 Jul 2011 17:38:00 ]

But just as the Egyptian doctor who interviewed Dr Khalifa, in the video ‘Great Debate’, who referred to the Quran as a ‘Divine Constitution’ - in other words he regarded the French Revolution as heighest point, however moving forward the same reasoning has gripped the Americans, who think the military and arms are the hieghest point of mankind’s history, to have bases throughout the world, fighting over whether one should beg or one should borrow, Communism or Capitalism, you’ll find they are all controlled by the transgressing Zionists, who added Amen to the prayer, saying it means ‘so be it’ when actually it is a reference to the Amen Rah who they worship, who’d bring war against the natural instinct in man which is submission. This group have found themselves as being the opposition to all that has occurred by the will of God, whether it was a means of necessity or a precondition, their weight only God can judge. It is final penultimate destined collision between polytheism and monotheism. The Jews say they do not have to be honest when dealing with the gentiles, as recorded in the Quran.

[3:75] Some followers of the scripture can be trusted with a whole lot, and they will give it back to you. Others among them cannot be trusted with a single dinar; they will not repay you unless you keep after them. That is because they say, “We do not have to be honest when dealing with the gentiles!”* Thus, they attribute lies to GOD, knowingly.

I gave Adrian a maharishi waist bag, for hopefully he could fit his iPad into, as well as his camera, and hope the waist fits him, it fits me, but I take it does, as today through the post I got a mhi rucksack, it was the right size, just shows you get what you give.

Constitution can have two meanings, fundamental law, or the way it is formed. I’m uncertain in which direction the doctor, Abdur Rahman, who sat with Rashad, wishes to direct his meaning towards. I have not re-iterated or copied or manipulated anything Rashad said or recorded, I think anyone who sincerely seeks to find the answers relevent should research into his work, to gain first hand, similarly if anyone tries to say to you, I am better placed to re-iterate the words Kashif said, I think you are better off reading it yourself,insha Allah. If the doctor said, the Quran has a divine constitution, then one would derive the acknowledgement of Rashad’s ministry to approve that the Quran was mathematical composed, in reference to the soul which calculates decisions based upon the labrynth of thoughts and questions and intentions. Hearing to know the intentions, watching to observe the questions, and speaking to learn the thoughts. The air we breathe means sometimes we save our breath, to write it instead, and sometimes to know the result, means you save yourself the breath of going through the process and the time and place it would take to derive that answer. But the Egyptian doctor, said, the Quran is a divine constitution to mankind. Which means it a basis of fundamental law. The Quran is a beacon for the righteous, as it says itself, it is classical, which tells stories of saints, prophets and messengers, what does it say on the last thing I read:

In the 72nd sura, titled ‘jinns’ - a statement from a group of jinns is recorded,

At one point it says, ” ’ They thought, just like you thought, that God would not send another (messenger)’.

They will say this was at the time of the Prophet Muhammad, but then why do they choose to regard Prophet Muhammad as the last messenger. He was the last Prophet, which means this cannot be Divine scripture, it is just the recordings of Kashif, a word.


[ Posted Sat, 16 Jul 2011 15:02:00 ]

Babies yet to feel the sting of awakening

Babies born to speak from the earliest

Some could learn the whole Quran by 4

Memorise it so be it made easy to learn.

Some remember the simplest and the easiest

Yet everywhere around them people seem to not acknowledge

This stone that the builders refused

You shall have no other gods besides God.

Life’s beauty stifled by merry go rounds and hateful remembrance

Full of argumentation and wankers trying to control the experiments of misery

Who play both questioner and responder

Then when there is no response correlating to their endevour

They turn around and present the evil in their own actions

This is what should happen, and this should be the result

Like trying to mate a human with a monkey to make a Rebel Ape

Just because you put two and two together doesn’t mean they should bond and become a whole

It’s like a full dictionary appeared through an explosion in the print factory

Even if you can control sperm to egg, doesn’t mean the egg will develop, doesn’t mean the genetics will re-arrange by nucleotides of billions and billions to every evolved creatur.e

Yeah good on dolly, the first cloned sheep. Even then it is as simple as placing a twig with a rose, in a jar of water, for it to grow new roots, and become exactly the same. Only through life can you create life, life cannot be made through non-animate things.

To them knowledge is power, and time is now, which means profit from evil and think of the seduction of the crucified Jesus and say the request of Satan was so great that even God decided to end his existence. Swap him for Barbarus! They shouted, but this man has not committed a crime for what are you crucifying him for…Winners and losers and submitters.Winners of life, losers of death, submitters of resurrection. The classics are the Quran,the artistics are in the Gospels, the scientific are in the Torah. You cannot go from elder, to youth, and then to the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, you need to go to child, the child is all about classics, which are philosophy, linguistics and history. Lead by example, which is the philosophy, God does not advocate sin, none despairs of the Lord’s mercy except the strayers…and this is the philosophy of Islam, Peace and Submission, whereas for the Western world, instead of finality it goes to the Greeks, somehow, and they take the position of classics, and if you look to Western academia, and asked what are the classics, they will say Greek mythology. Europeans only thought like the Quran tells us, is it better to worship him (Jesus) or our gods. Due to the miracles he presented. In the end though they envisage Amen, who lead us to darkness, but they forget the prophecy of son of David, is yet to fulfill, and when they ask who’s the one whom they regard as the best, they say David’s son, and the Masons will think… Solomon?

Heaven awaits

[ Posted Sat, 16 Jul 2011 14:37:20 ]

The joy of heaven awaits

The true love of happiness abates

The highest elation remains

To savour the gladly recompense

Looking for this feeling

I’ve still yet to feel its promise

Marriage, wealth, children, are the usual source of easement

But the joy of true love remains

When we are called on the Last Day

To view our records and face our eternal fate

My Lord grant us mercy of all the merciful ones you are the Most Merciful

The joy of gardens of Eden, await the righteous


[ Posted Fri, 15 Jul 2011 15:28:19 ]

Dear Sarah,

I find this decision to put the money into a court of protection, something which I do not understand necessary, when my GP clearly stated I had the capacity to manage my own finances, also the only reason I consented to meeting with the psychiatrist was because I wanted a hasty conclusion, however now I find I will not have a hasty conclusion, in fact there will be no conclusion, it will continue, as long as a piece of string, but how would you expect myself to undergo continuous presence for the sake of court and jury when I do not understand who will make time for the request to see the world before I’m too far gone into disease and ailment before I become an old spook and feel neglected by my spouse and friends who never seem to visit nor conjugate any reason to feel they have to say the things which they felt were all the reasons they thought were barriers to reason.

I had a chat with my CPN, and he said even if I had the capacity to make poor decisions, it could still be regarded as a capacity, and if I do not require a litigation friend to decide the outcome of the case, I see no reason why I require a deputy who will partner every decision I make about what I feel I could do with my finances.

Instead I have been placed under a barrage of buearacrasy which intends to dry and make matters perpetually difficult and in order to quest for an order rather than a kingdom. This decision to put the money into a court of protection, reminds me of the nurse who allowed me to go home on the day I fell from the roof by jumping out of the attic window, I think you’re acting not in my interest but in spite of that decision to allow me to go home, and no matter what that hired gun barrister to tempt me to go to court with a pharmacuetical agent as my barrister, forgets to outline, instead all the necessary precautions would occur after the case had been settled in favour of the loyal dogs award the NHS and the Masonic elitism. Just as they made all the necessary changes in the torturous appliance of ECT where it has been found fish oil could prevent depression, and the only reason they employ it is when a person becomes zombified and catatonic, due to metabolic changes and animalistic lifestyle imposed on the person under juress of evil witches and doctos, of sadism who derive pleasure through cruelty through poisonous drugs. Now you’ll find they lie you down before they administer their treatment of ECT, instead of shocking you like a person on deathrow. Did she do her job, or did you do your job? In other words did you act in the best interest, the only interest here is to remove one buaracractic institution for another, instead of mental health, the law society, or why not both hey?

Kingdom or orderBlessed thankful or wicked regretsAppreciative or unappreciativeWill of innocence or force of corruption

Forget viagra, this is what I call fucking cool…

Now you know you could spend all your time, in a brothel„ no no, in the local market and stores, I mean, looking for this kind of stuff, but this stuff is only online, and you need to go through many trials and tests before you reach this wonder stuff.

I was doing it once every four nights, really that’s how creepy these mind control animal tranquilisers which they use to sedate anyone who enters their arena, you know I’m young, too young to die, but I guess these fucking rabbis priests and doctors, just don’t know what a good feeling can become. You know, I was at the market today, having a haircut,it was thick and long, and looked cool, now it’s just an average footballer’s style haircut, but I can live with it and its comfortable, I don’t want to go there anymore, it’s simple that they will to never allow freedom to be something you do not attach to, whereas for them freedom is the attachment to a certain thing, like a parasite, but worse something to use, and dominate, as long they have something to dominate they will never challenge.

Useless Hay

[ Posted Wed, 13 Jul 2011 21:53:09 ]

[57:20] Know that this worldly life is no more than play and games, and boasting among you, and hoarding of money and children. It is like abundant rain that produces plants and pleases the disbelievers. But then the plants turn into useless hay, and are blown away by the wind. In the Hereafter there is either severe retribution, or forgiveness from GOD and approval. This worldly life is no more than a temporary illusion.

The Intelligent Alternative

[57:21] Therefore, you shall race towards forgiveness from your Lord, and a Paradise whose width encompasses the heaven and the earth. It awaits those who believed in GOD and His messengers. Such is GOD’s grace that He bestows upon whomever He wills. GOD is Possessor of Infinite Grace.

Profound Fact*

[57:22] Anything that happens on earth, or to you, has already been recorded, even before the creation. This is easy for GOD to do.


[57:23] Thus, you should not grieve over anything you miss, nor be proud of anything He has bestowed upon you. GOD does not love those who are boastful, proud.

[57:24] They are stingy, and enjoin the people to be stingy. If one turns away, then GOD is the Rich, the Praiseworthy.

Iron: The Most Useful Metal

[57:25] We sent our messengers supported by clear proofs, and we sent down to them the scripture and the law, that the people may uphold justice. And we sent down the iron, wherein there is strength, and many benefits for the people. All this in order for GOD to distinguish those who would support Him and His messengers, on faith. GOD is Powerful, Almighty.

The Prophets

[57:26] We sent Noah and Abraham, and we granted their descendants prophethood and the scripture. Some of them were guided, while many were wicked.

Deterioration of Religion

[57:27] Subsequent to them, we sent our messengers. We sent Jesus the son of Mary, and we gave him the Injeel (Gospel), and we placed in the hearts of his followers kindness and mercy. But they invented hermitism which we never decreed for them. All we asked them to do was to uphold the commandments approved by GOD. But they did not uphold the message as they should have. Consequently, we gave those who believed among them their recompense, while many of them were wicked.

[57:28] O you who believe, you shall reverence GOD and believe in His messenger. He will then grant you double the reward from His mercy, endow you with light to guide you, and forgive you. GOD is Forgiver, Most Merciful.

[57:29] Thus, the followers of previous scripture should know that they have not monopolized GOD’s mercy and grace, and that all grace is in GOD’s hand. He bestows it upon whomever He wills. GOD is Possessor of Infinite Grace.

Do No Harm

[ Posted Tue, 12 Jul 2011 16:25:31 ]

If you ever watch the “Do No Harm” video, it’s almost the same as walking in my nappy at the age 1-2, to the shop asking my mum for milk, but this time I’m wearing baby blue, my sleep clothes, but ironed them for this, I had a maharishi shirt, very Indian type vest shirt, and I had that on underneath, my physique was quite poor, I was recovering, and from walking one foot up steps, can effect your physique, and to wheel yourself on a wheel chair which pushes your broad shoulders inwards makes you look like a penguin, once you reach a part where you’ll go to crutches. But I think the bad posture was from messing around with furniture as training tools, and that caused everything to become odd. I”ll get the bus, it may take another 28 days, but the solicitor gonna ask the defense for an interim payment, awaiting news on that. Love to own a bus, it provides so many possibilities, and I know if I was still living at the old address, there’d be no room for it, but as we are, we’ve got the whole road to ourselves, there’s a church to left as you walk out of our house, and there’s another church opposite, and the houses on the opposite of our house, start before the church opposite, and they are all single houses, back to back. So there’s plenty of place to park it, and its a safe area, I know a neighbour who owns a truck converted as a motorhome, not personally, but seen them about, and I’ve seen it parked out side the vicars house past the church opposite our house, and she lives on a neighbouring street, I guess that’s what made her probably move into this part, because of parking a bus or a truck in a residential area can be difficult. Long time yet, to go, wonder when we’ll march tomorrow, at 508 3rd September, 12, see you on the 3rd, insha Allah. I forgot to say insha Allah when the CPN asked to come and see me on Friday, but I say it now, and I wonder when it was appropriate and when it would be certain.

Instead of a milk bottle I’m carrying some small beads.


[ Posted Sun, 10 Jul 2011 17:53:00 ]

My mother told it is true, I used to walk to the shop in my nappy with my bottle, asking for milk, and my mum would give me a glass bottle of milk and send me to aunties. And my aunties, you know women are good at scorn, would say,’his mother’s busy working, and sends him to me warm him some milk’ - it was eighties and there wasn’t microwaves, everything was on gas hobs.

I had a dream at university, where I saw myself at the age of one or two, walking along the alley way behind Lemmington street, because my mum used to leave me watching tele, and my grandfather would be at the house, and then I’d feel hungry and walk it out of the back door, out of the back gate, towards Oak Lane, and turn up and on the front side, our shop was opposite side of our house, not far, and I’d go with my milk bottle, and my mum would send me with a glass bottle to my aunties, and she’d give me some verbal, which would offend me and I’d say to my she was swearing at me, then my mum would go to her, and she would say I didn’t swear, honest, I just said ‘his mother’s busy working, and sends him to me to warm him some milk’. Masha Allah, I was very sensible at such a young age. Then I’d walk back to the opposite side of our house round back to my auntie Kaneez, my mother’s first cousin, whose son Khaleel was born 13 days after me, adn they lived at 13 Athol Road, and we lived at 10 Lemmington Street, then moved into the shop, 1A, now doesn’t that remind you A1, but the other way round. could be a good domain name.

I told them it would be good practical experience if I got myself a bus, I’d be able to experience some oof the things which would make me more experienced, but you know parents, don’t like the thought of their young ones leaving. I think that’s what it is. My wife doesn’t want a bus, but I think it would be a good promotional tool, for marches and demonstrations, especially if it was privately owned, and I’d get road tax exemption, and have blue badge so I could park on double yellows anywhere in Europe. I don’t know what they want from me, if I buy a house they’ll stop my benefits, so what ever money I made through the house I’d not be any different other than have an income of my own, which is useful. I think I should not invest the money, and tie myself down with too many responsibilities, instead, have myself a budget of about ten grand a year, and buy lots of gold, because gold prices are going really high up, and they don’t require too much responsibility, especially if I was to buy it on bullion vault, I could sell as little as I like or as much I like, without thinking I’d have to sell chunks at a time, and it would all be controlled on the internet, pointless buying property people are really pissed about the property market, it’s too many sharks in the game, and no one has any rest, like they say no rest for the wicked. I wouldn’t lose my benefits, and also the damages are mean tested, so they cannot be counted as extra savings, muhahaha, so I could double my earning simply by giving myself a budget of a ten thousand, which will see me through for the next 35 years, and if I put about 150 K into gold, I could get a few kilos of gold, and it would be in a vault, and the level and authenticity of the gold would be verifiable and would not be indiscrepable, hmm there’s a new word for you, when verifyu the purity of gold it should not be conflictual. That way I’ll be sure of an income no matter wherever I may be and whenever.

Backdrop to a march

[ Posted Sun, 10 Jul 2011 14:59:00 ]

I pray the Lord help me, and guide me to fulfill the covenant, to be righteous and to have millions of memories of joy and laughter and life’s journeys to forgotten places and eradicate the spirit of hatred by removing the barriers that separate us. I am not sure, whether I have very little time or more time left, as everything in my mind points to ‘I shot the sheriff’ and I know the deputy will become head in September, so my friends if we wish to start this mission or quest to finalise the destiny of humans we should act swiftly without too much fuss. Only God knows the future, but I have spent many moments thinking this is the one, but it has come and gone, and fail to remove the burden it left upon me and I tend to sleep now without thinking too much about Sunday morn, and Sunday morning calls, and chime sing Sunday morn. Insha Allah, when the Lord wills it will be tomorrow before too long, and I can’t see the sense in waiting for the price of loafs hanging on street corners saying they shot us for speaking ill about the future King, when every child who attends their primaries finds the seduction to evil and the particularisation and cannot see the whole picture without feeling they need to dominate over it, and find a weakness, not many artist give a depth of field, however some see the horizon and some see the points with in it. Hatred breeds suffering, hateful eyes bring many indoctrinated souls.

A lot can be said about this bus, it’s not a hippy bus, but more an emblem of the working class, and maybe when we march it will look good as a backdrop, and we can painted colours of black and red, a red door and black windows. I don’t know, hopefully it shouldn’t take long to get an advance payment, and then I may need to negotiate a deal, to have access to some land round the back of our house, so I have somewhere safe to park it. Insha Allah, I hope my dream comes true, and it speaks about the beautiful time it brought and happy memories from where we were and where we found ourselves. I hope The Stone Roses, Coldplay , Radiohead , Charlatans , Depeche Mode, Noel and Ian Brown, and even our kid Liam too, some time in the future will become past, present will become future, past will become present. I don’t know, I’ve heard songs about it, I guess it all points to this. Everyday is an awakening, I hope my Lord can help me, peace be upon us.

Happy Hippy

[ Posted Sun, 10 Jul 2011 14:07:00 ]

This was a mission, James Bond couldn’t do>..Kill the future King of England…What!

Give it to 508 says 007…

Now where’s Q..I’ve got to get this bus ready, for a long trip to the Far West and some where else and then to Far East and some where else. He’s got to get the engine tip top, and make sure there’s no leaks, and that the pipes are winterfest so that they do not burst, and give me some mechanical information, what to look out for in case some thing comes loose and starts to leak.

Have they done a Bond movie in a bus, a hippy bus, yeah baby, gonna get high all night and speak to the angels all day, till I got my friends to come out, in the rain we’ll bring the souls who washed away, then we’ll set sail across the pond, to test the height of the idol that stands at the shore, then we’ll set off to the farthest west to test the angelic knowledge of the Western governments who try to create wars and destruction who disbelieve and fight in the cause of tyranny, don’t need no guns to kill off people’s lives, don’t need no governments to act like they’ve achieved something, don’t need no lying evil devil concoction, like metal jaws, and Haarp weather weapon.

He thinks the King of the world, we got a problem with that, that he controls everything, who controls you thne you bastard Satanist twat, If you check the number plate of the bus you’ll notice something.

Hippy Happy Busy Fuzzy Crappy Peepee Sooree Lovely Holdy Missy Handy Whily Goey Toey Pilgrimage Ina Double Decker

Ferrari Red

[ Posted Sat, 09 Jul 2011 23:09:00 ]

Can’t mess around with the roof, or else you’ll start getting leaks, no way of making extra luggage areas, but when the top floor is revamped, it’ll have about four sofas, with seatbelts, in case police do not allow people to travel without seatbelts, but I don’t see how conventional buses, do not have seat belts, so why would a non commercial bus have to. I know people are less likely to be on a bus for long. God willing the bus will be mine, insha Allah I pray to the Lord, to help me and guide me. I still have all the gear I bought with a American Bank card, so I’ll give it to charity, and give it with a solar battery charger and when we go to Africa I’ll donate it to whoever I find will wish to use it, insha Allah, I can always get new ones, it’ll be a nice present, God willing, next things to buy on buying list, are solar battery chargers.

I think my parents and my wife are being lenient with me all of a sudden, as there are two close family friends who have gotten cancer, and they think let him do what he wants, you never know what might happen. I’d like some ideas, as I don’t know what to think of the thoughts which were really my own volition, when I purchased mini projectors, and various stuff like car chargers for my laptop and camera, and extra batteries for my ipod and iphone, and I even kept the pay as you go sim cards, some one sent me with a plug charger. I also got lots of sockets for charging things using a car battery, but I know the bus has a number or one or two leasure batteries, it has a shower, flushing toilet, a washing machine, sleeping for 8, seats to comfortably take a family of four, which was the previous owners travelling companions, I wonder if it has a microwave, I know it has a gas hob and oven, aswell as sink, and seating for eight. Everything is ready, the guys who converted it, did lots of work to it, and even painted it Ferrari red GT, which is just what I’m looking for, as a ferrari is what I should get, with the money, but it’s under court protection order and it will take 21 weeks before I can see any money, by which point I am not sure what will happen to this opportunity, to purchase a bus converted into a motorhome, it will make a nice movie, a road trip to Maccah and back, at least it will interest my own lot, and will give me a footing to traverse further places, and to see millions of things before I go to Maccah to live out my final days, with my children who have wings, and then to see them carry vast amounts of ice on their waist to the Saharan desert, and to tropify the climate of Africa. Insha Allah, once they are old enough to work with me, we’ll try to take icebergs and place them on desert land. But not Arabia, only large vast areas like Sahara, and other places. Watch life replenish on earth.

And it may give me a name to work on, and people may be interested to read what I have said in three publications, and this tumblr blog.

A bit of history

[ Posted Sat, 09 Jul 2011 21:59:00 ]

He used to own a shop too, he would wake at 4 am and go to the central market, where the daily fresh fruit and veg used to come to, buy his stock, and return to his shop, and set up everything, and then at 9am would go to work at the buses while mum ran the shop, I remember I used to live at a house opposite the shop, and sometimes I would walk it, at the age of one or two, to the shop, with my bottle, and my mum would send me to my aunts and uncle, who had a son, 13 days after me, and she’s give me some milk. The shop was doing really well, we were making about £2000 taking a week, or may be it was £8000, but I’m unsure now I think it went upto the highest of 8 thousand a week, and this was in the eighties, and then my grandfather, my nanna’s eldest son, my mother’s step brother started running it, and business took a dive. Lots of rows, and arguments, and in the end, my father decided to sell it, to my uncle who’s son was born 13 days after me, who was also in the buses, and was my father’s first cousin, and he still owns the shop, and rents it out, as well as the flat, where we stayed briefly while we owned the shop, but then after the shop sold we moved to a terrace in Heaton, Bradford, and we’ve lived in Bradford 9 all my life and now I’m 31, and I think I should go.insha Allah, this year I will leave, Bradford, and go and travel and then settle in Maccah, insha Allah. The two previous addresses, were 23 and 14, the two middle numbers and the two farthest numbers, and before this we lived at 1A and before that 10, where I lived when I was born.the numbers 1 to 4 add to 10. All the addresses were in Bradford 9, and the other day I was returning from Oak Lane, from a restuarant Silver Grill, and there was a little girl riding a tricycle outside 10 Lemmington, and I remember seeing a picture, a serpia, one, dating about 1982, where I was in a tie and ridign a tricycle, and the rows of houses, looked amazing,on both sides, as the faded into the background and diminished in size until you see the Church steeple at the end of the street. I walk pass there in the video ‘Do No (Harm)’ where I stand at the cross out side a church.

By the time we sold it, supermarkets were taking over, but they ran it for about ten years, and it was enough to pay it way, but then they shut it and rented the property out, but my uncles worked quite hard. If I didn’t have my fall, or wasn’t in a the shocker treatment schedule next few days from now, because they are evil cunts who wish to destroy rather than see thrive and fulfil their lives work, with lots of happy feeling, I’d be a lorry driver, or a bus driver, or a taxi driver. I think, I probably would have ended up going back to university and to do a Masters, and later even a PHD, but it would have been quite tough, because talking on subjects which interest you, than talking about subjectws which interest others, and even if you match the criterion of work they offer, they’ll mark you down to a C grade simply because it means you knew exactly what the criterion of the work was, without putting further effort to write a bit of cock n bull, anyway, I couldn’t stand university studies, and may be they’ll offer me a something, but I got 12 qualifications and do not think I should hit 13, unless it is a PHD, which is I don’t know the word eludes me, I was talking to my brothers about it, so they’ve blocked its use here. Insha Allah it’ll come back.

Doctor of philosophy, well, I think I’ve managed to get that far, in this study of the tri-part of philosophy, linguistics and history, which signify life, and classics, and biology. And the three arts writing, art and music signify survival, and arts, and physics. and the three sciences, biology, physics and chemistry signify strength, and the sciences, and chemistry. In this list, it would be reversal of order, soul, body, and mind. And the pure thought would link to the 3 Attributes of God, Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient. And this would link with , dumb, blind and deaf, which would in turn, lead to Child, Youth, Elder, and then to the three eternals- Elixir of Life, Fountain of Youth, Tree of Knowledge.

My Lord help me, so that I do not gamble on my life, or throw my life in to destruction, insha Allah, I do not want to become diabetic nor on heroin. If I don’t stop this medication, I’ll end up diabetic, and if I don’t stop the medication I’ll have no children, and maybe throw my life into destruction and start taking smack. But they tell me the older ones do not lead to diabetes, but some people who are on the newer ones haven’t developed diabetes either. Bastards…

Bus driver's sons dream

[ Posted Sat, 09 Jul 2011 21:15:46 ]

I have ideas for my bus, plus its okay with my folks, I said to them, what’s the point getting a motorhome which is a big van, that can hardly keep your head inside, and plus everything is crammed into a small area, only I hope it doesn’t sell before I get a cash advance from the solicitors, insha Allah, I may put down a deposit, but the guy who’s got it told me it was to sell to the first to pay, he would not reserve it for anyone. I’m gonna re-design the top floor, God willing, insha Allah it will have a mega sub, then they’re always be a cool groove wherever we’re staying and people will think ‘sub in a bus…lay on the trust….sub in a bus, booom, bhoooo, bhhhhhooooo, bumchi bum chi chi bum chichiiccicciciciccihcihcihchiobuuuuuuumm. Yeah I’ll get Hardy Blechman, sorry it’s not Blachmen, but Blechman, I guess that’s wear the Ed Hardy label took off from, but Hardy Blechman made some cool stuff, only problem with is it’s so beuatiful that it gets evil eyes, and it tears, but alhamdulilah, I got plans for this bus. I’m gonna have some extended room and places where you can store stuff, on the roof of the bus, insha Allah, or just extended roofs, to fit extra sleeping areas, I may not need to cut holes in the roof, because the height of a bus ceiling is usually about 6ft or higher, you know what I mean, you can never get that in a camper. This is a dream hobby for me, I’ll love to travel, adn get a D1 license, and travel across the world, I remember when I wrote the track 3, it was at the Depeche Mode had released ‘sounds of the universe’ and the initial line started, ‘across the world’ and somehow just prior to recording I changed it to ‘across the universe’, may be it was in the back of my head, and with the album music of the spheres, I just couldn’t make a connection, but I never knew about which messenger I’d be, but now insha Allah I know it is Zul-Qarnain, insha Allah I pray my Lord grant me strength of ants by fifty times the body, and the gnats horns to show us which sub-species we belong to, and wings of birds, so that we do not need a police, and guns, but winged strong humans will be peace keepers, who will remember the Lord often, and will be pious and worshippers of God alone, and will be meek and not seek exaltation on earth, but just the glory of God. Insha Allah, think of the possibilities once I’ve purchased the bus, maybe even a movie, and a real life story, true story, insha Allah, I’ve prayed to the Lord of the universe, my Lord grant me happiness and not misery in this life and the next. I mean the after-life by next, but it is jus the connection with some one I know, who once said to me, ‘see you in the next life’, Ibrar, I hope he gets off coke and weed and settles down. I mean some drop down beds, because elevated roofs on vans have them, I’ve seen them yesterday watching the thousand pound show, to sell a Hyundai i800 camper van, and the sophisticated gentleman who was pitching it made it seem very good, but it gave me a whole perspective of a camper, and I didn’t really like the sight of a man sat at the back of van, on a country landscape, hmm, I thought straight after - BUS.

And my father is the deputy, insha Allah, if I play my cards right I could get it. I’ll leave the seller a message, he’s had nearly 9000 hits on his advertisement, insha Allah may the Lord allow me to purchase it, and fulfill my dream to travel, what’s the point if we’re all gonna just become consumerist, like the Stone Roses early track, ‘where there’s life there’s gotta be hope, where there’s a will there’s a way.’ Great song. This is my misery dictionary. Tightly woven, and insha Allah welcomes all levels of intellect, but will always remain a blog rather than a publication.Insha Allah, may the Lord protect it, from any manipulation, or loss or neglectful worship, peace be upon me. I wonder if I got a few stars interested, maybe a demonstration against the new world order, and tell them , its either war or peace, sticks and stones, troublemakers and peacemakers, wicked regrets or blessed thanks. Praise be to God the Lord of the universe.

Dreams about what my bus will be like, and where we’ll go and who’ll come along, and sometimes I feel its a bit Bond, you know what I mean, everything seems like a code, haha.

Bus driver’s sons dream, I told my Dad you can drive, he said no more, he’s not up for it, I said, when I was little I said , I want to be a bus driver like my dad, insha Allah I will too, only I didn’t really know what I wanted to be, but loved my father lots, so I thought I’d do what my father does, God willing.

Inverted words

[ Posted Sat, 09 Jul 2011 15:26:37 ]

I know I got it wrong, the whole word Allah, inverts, one way, and the other is correct but the letters are inverted, may be insha Allah, I’ll re- arrange them and see if they work, once they’ve re-arranged.

Ha jee

[ Posted Sat, 09 Jul 2011 15:24:28 ]

I know I was thinking in English, where the script goes from left to right, whereas in Arabic it would go from right to left, so I inverted the image, at least one thing is apparant, the Ha, which is in the lettering, is made up by the centre speaker, and the word Allah appears in proper lettering, which is the final word in the bearing witness, how did all this come together, the shelves, the speakers, the picture, insha Allah, the Lord requires no reason to have you believe or not, yet, the Americans are the first to deny, but they support their secret network to create the Satanist symbols in Washington and through out America, and the French Revolution was also a white supremacy movement, to try to take away the highest point in the history of man away from its destiny, and so was the Nazism, and Communism, and Capitalism, yet everything glorifies God in the heavens and the earth, whether they deny and reject, or uphold and accept, their actions will glorify the one who is Lord of the universe. White supremacist always try to steal the destiny away from the true submitters, but God makes their schemes backfire on them, and though they felt strong, in time they felt the betrayal and the neglect and hurt instead.

There’s seven main symbols or letters which appear before the word Allah, and there appears to be seven letter before the word appears on the stereo system. Alhamdulilah, not quite correct, but could be made perfect, insha Allah, now I have both in front of me I know what to do.

It is right if you include the chair. lol. It seemed strange how this came together, I’ve had these speakers three or four years, adn have had them in different places, and the latest edition was the small, table with the laptop, which looks like an Arabic letter, I have to admit, I couldn’t control all these things, and masha Allah, if it is true then glory be to the one who initiates, the Lord of the heavens and the earth, alhamdulilah I was thinking before maybe it spells something, then when my wife put the picture of the word Allah in Arabic, which we bought of a van salesman by the side of Oak Lane, the day we visited all our relatives, and were in the local park, and she put it up just by the door, and then later I wondered if it spelt something.

I was thinking of the origins of the word Haji, Ha is a letter, and jee, is a polite way of calling people, like your brother, papajee, or your father, abajee, or your mother, amajee, or your grandmother, baijee, or your grandfather, bavajee, or your uncle, chayajee, or aunt, powajee, or your aunti from your motherside, halajee, you don’t need to say jee, but as a child you are told to, but most time, they just go to the one you are closes to , like your mother. So I’m unaware of the Arabic, context of Haji, but it seems to the culmination of the two words Ha and jee. In my imagination, of course.

Get on the bus

[ Posted Sat, 09 Jul 2011 14:30:00 ]

I’m buying a bus

N I’m gonna travel the world with my missus

I’m getting a bus

Gonna go around the world with my missus

Soon I’ll have tribe

And I’ll have enough room in my freedom ride

Gonna invest in these beautiful thing

And go around the world before the time comes to sing

My friends are welcome to come and sit and watch

Maybe see the sun going down on before the fourth

And we’ll set sail, to be whipped by the winds of the West

She’ll carry on through it all she’s a waterfall

I’m on my bus

And don’t cause no fuss

And lay on the trust

It doesn’t cost too much

“I’m free, to be wherever I

Wherever I choose, And I’ll sing the blues

If I want

Always seems to me

People only see what you want them to see

How longs it gonna be

Before we get on the bus

And cause no fuss

Get a grip on youself

It don’t cost much”

(Oasis - Whatever)


Good to see Noel back, with his album, ‘Noel and the high flying birds’…


Dear Joanne,

I’ve thought about whether I would like to take up the offer for having an earlier payment, which will be deduced from the final amount, I wish to purchase a motorhome by way of a bus, and I feel this is a chance and opportunity I’m really keen on, could you please forward me a sum of £20,000, which would go to purchase the bus, which at present is on sale for £15,000, but maybe negotiable, and I would like a little extra for playing with, insha Allah, hope this can be arranged, thanks.

Kind regards,



[ Posted Sat, 09 Jul 2011 13:53:19 ]

Well, coughing out 34 big uns for a dream car, that depreciate faster than God knows what, then thinking please fucking buy my fucking car, cos I’d like to see the back of it, and no one will, because everyone looks at the badge, and if the badge doesn’t look like the one they are looking for they are not going to pay even afraction it cost you, willingly or unwillingly, but you could PX it , and they’ll then auction it, and then it’ll end up with a trader, who’ll have a timeframe to get rid of it, while its a hot catch.

But now thinking of it, I don’t like the size of them, they look too crammy and I’m used to a huge thirty foot bedroom, with hardly anything inside apart from a super king size bed, and pine furniture my brother bought me, while we lived in a beautiful near end terrace up a street from Lister Park, and my system which looks like it reads maybe somehow, ‘la ellaha ella Allah’, sorry just checked it, but the English equivelent, is la elaaha ella Allah, or La Elaaha Ella Allah.

[37:35] When they were told, “Laa Elaaha Ella Allah [There is no other god beside GOD],” they turned arrogant.

To be sat inside a van, with your missus and kids, could be ideal for some, especially young children, who have different perspective on size, I remember my Dad’s supped Toyata, back in the eighties with a huge boot, and we’d go on small visits around the country, during summer, and I’d jump into the boot, and stretch my legs, or have agame of ludo or something with my brother, and no one said anything, it was before they started preventing people from travelling without seatbelts, nowadays you can get fined simply for not having children wear seatbelts in the back of your car.

I’d prefer the bus, if I was to get a motorhome, cos its a lot bigger, and its a chance and opportunity, and once you got it, you can create some adventures as you sit talking to friends. Not many have a proper British bus converted to a motorhome, and its kinda cool, but the one I’ve seen it’s done, around 341,000 miles, I wonder if that’s a lot for a bus. But if we were to go on a trip, to the corner of the Far West and the Far East, and pray the Lord bless us, and make us the righteous believers who are mentioned in the Book, as peacemakers, who travelled to the Far West, then pusued another way, does it mean that they went to the four corners, or just to different places, insha Allah, may the Lord help me, and guide me to the right path, and bless us in the life and the hereafter, and grant us peace and security in place of fear, as the Quran tells us, of those who believe in God, of anyone who believes in God, believes in the last Day,

I seek refuge in GOD, from Satan the rejected

[2:62] Surely, those who believe, those who are Jewish, the Christians, and the converts; anyone who (1) believes in GOD, and (2) believes in the Last Day, and (3) leads a righteous life, will receive their recompense from their Lord. They have nothing to fear, nor will they grieve.

Could be somehow, spells something, don’t ya think? La Elaaha Ella Allah.

The bus cost 15Gs, and I might require land access or buy a bit to keep it in the backof the house, away from thieves, then from decide what I would like to do. It’s 1991, the bus, so its nearly 20 years old, but I think I can get it to keep going for another ten fifteen years, tops, God willing. Don’t mind the bus, but campervan not my things.

Soldiers or submitters

[ Posted Thu, 07 Jul 2011 21:55:31 ]

If you say you believe in God, then you get the church after you, and if you say you don’t believe in God then the Church leaves you alone. They think Church has monopolised religion, which means to believe in God is to believe He died for our sins, and if you do not agree, then cometh the moment in history where man decides to submit to the one God who created the heavens and the earth, and decide the proofs are overwhelming that we are God’s creatures and we should worship God in order to remain steadfast and to remember the blind who cannot see, and deaf who cannot hear, and the dumb who cannot speak, and instead to believe in the miracle of sight, the signs of hearing, and the mathematics of speech. Say one thing there, and it will have millions of reasons to come back and haunt or tell you what the endless possible scenarios of it returning to show you what it meant. And then kill us off? Could that be it, for everyone to submit to the Lord of the universe, and that wanker Charles begin to cull us off, one minute it will be alright, the next he’ll be insinuated by his Church that Muslims have overtaken them, and so they should strike, and instead of thinking submission to God, they choose arrogance and begin to shoot at the innocent people who made the decision, that the proofs were better than sticking to the religon of your forefathers, no matter how much you loved them, and to pray for forgiveness, which even Abraham did for his father, but then he realised he was an enemy of God, and did not persist. This is not myth, the stories of the Quran, but that story of Jesus in the Gospel is a myth, by myth creators the Greeks. John Lennon thought of saying don’t believe in God, whereas this CPN chose to say he does believe in God, and has become a Church goer.

And these Muhammadans, only look for the best in the present, rather than the glory of God, to them the Quran is a constitution, which stems from the French Revolution, which they regard as the highest point in the history of man, they think democrasy is the true political system, when it serves the elite crooked hegemony of Rothschild, Bush and Rockefella, you thought Saddam said he’d kill your dad, well let me make a promise to you, I’m gonna stick a metal jaw on top your head, you bastard Bush, and then you feel the bite. insha Allah, with my bare hands, and with the strength of a thousand martyred souls. They forget God has promised the messengers victory, but they tend to believe that Muhammad was the final messenger, and he was unlettered, meaning illeterate, but rapped so well that the people around started writing it down, and knew for sure when they compiled it 19 years after his death, where to place it all, because they had memories of fish, knew exactly where homing ground was.

You see these bastard Church of England, starting to make contact with Muslim people in Bradford, sit in their homes, and you know, when the older generation are no longer looking after their children, then the Church will get them, they’re already attending Church of wankers schools, where they get a full demonic indoctrination, of the Church. Here comes another Hussain.

Read Lisa Sprays, book, ‘Jesus:Myth And Messages’, and if the Church come knocking, ask them to go and read this book, instead of telling you to read theirs.

Wankers and Winners

Envious materialism or jealous loving

Tossers and losers

Sadistic pain or cruel acts

Soldiers and submitters

Insane talk of violence or mad about your thanks to the Lord

Dream car

[ Posted Thu, 07 Jul 2011 19:20:14 ]

It takes 21 weeks for the allocation of a deputy in the court of protection order, I hope it can be sooner, but now thinking of it, I really like the iwagon by Hyundai, and the automatic version is due for release at the end of the year, I’ve been told, funny thing this, I had ordered a Hyundai coupe SIII a year before my marriage, and while it was being processed, I cancelled the order , they stop making those, and its difficult to get them on motability. But I was in real bad shape at the time, I was unable to bathe myself, even, and I struggled to get out of bed before noon, plus I doubt I had anywhere I needed to be getting to, I had no appointments, and the physio just said work on it at home, so I’d bought a set of parallel bars, which were an old set of gymnasium parellel bars, instead of some bars which might be useful to aid movement and help support by holding on to them, I also bought a stepper, and alhamdulilah the flexion in my feet, compensate for a lot, when I walk downhill, and the fact I’m unable to bend my knees, and both are hyperextending, for what I’m under spection for various contraptions in order to prevent damaging my knees, but whatever they provide I rather enjoy it while I can than constantly suffering, and this is something the British envy life for, the appreciation and the gift of the present, whereas they’ve always been taught to fight at whims end for the deliverance of appalling acts of wild nauseating evil in order to say we can make you cry in despair that God could not make the necessary preparations to not allow this evil to become part of history of man.And so now five years since placing that order, I’m set on buying a Hyundai iwagon, camper van, when its released as an automatic at the end of the year. I think the iwagon, may just be the i800, but known as an iwagon, as there’s been a few with this name. May God bless me with righteous children, with my wife Ghazanfar, or things may turn out differently, it’s amazing if they put one of those plynths under my feet it is like, goggle glasses to children, they need them all the time, and something the optician failed to tell them, their eyesight wasn’t all that bad, but now you need glasses all the time, muhahahahaaa, laughing to the bank is the optician, it’s a dentist telling you need fillings, once he’s bored a hole in your tooth, sure you’d require fillings and inspection for the rest of your life, never been back since 12 years old, and I’ve got two fillings then, and never needed fillings since, they’re metal fillings too, which can cause contamination, just as injecting needles can cause contamination, and my blood smells metalic, after a little bleeding whilst shaving. I’ll need to research the effect of injections.

How to reduce weight on anti-psychotics

[ Posted Wed, 06 Jul 2011 20:47:00 ]

If you type this in your search engine, it will tell you the highest link site, that it is based upon the number of calories one eats, this is relative to saying if you transfer for cigerrettes to nicotine substitutes you will stop smoking, because it is based upon replacement, not re-education, re-alignment- re-shaping attitudes and mind-sets.

This is mere reversal of the true answer, the level of weight gain is relative to the dosage of the medication, most times those who are sensitive to these types of drugs, will tell you age, activeness and genetics, all suggest what will and wont occur in a given experimentation on psychiatric labotomisers. If your medication increases your weight also increases, if you stop your medication, your body gets rid of all the problems of weight gain that the medication caused.

You must also take into consideration, what you put into your stomach, where the digestion of anything ingested takes place, just by swallowing a pill, does not mean you will be able to target the right receptors in the brain as well as arrest dopamine production, which puts the body under high alert, and when one wishes to stop taking this evil drug, they become susceptible to a wide range of withdrawals. But again rather than say the drugs cause these changes, they will list them as symptoms of the mental condition.

Injections by pass the stomach, and can have less side effects I found, but it depends upon your mind, whether it wants to allow them to torture you and hurt you with their poison, or whether it can block it, I’m going to stop, before those pharmacuetical start playing wankers who break the survival mechanism in favour of tyranny, by making sure their chemicals reach the brain.

Anyway, after years and years of systematic abuse, and no real change, with every new house in government parlaimentarians, for them seduction to lies, for us truth shall set you free, to them money the root of all kinds of evil, to us kindness the grain of goodness.

Fish oil, helps in many ways, amla is high vitamin C and can lower cholestrol, but your better off without these poisons. As long as your medication is the same, your weight will never reduce from the level it has effected, and if it increases then it also increase with the level of increase, after a bit of turbelence, increase fat levels, increase sugar levels, increase blood pressure, increase cholestrol, but one thing it does reduce your life expentancy.

And if you can remember the last time a woman died of heart failure, you’d know men get ridden like horses, to heart failure or stroke. Compare BP with a man and woman, and woman is always lower, but she never has to be ridden like a horse, it’s a race, survival of the fittest, but I know my low testosterone levels mean I can’t reproduce, plus these evil bastard drugs, poisons, everything returned to normal when I stopped for two months, but they started stressing me out, insha Allah I’ll quit when I change from forensic to general which is at the end of the month. Bastards, put you in a shitter and pump loads of sedatives tranquilisers and all sorts of poisons, and expect you to be still functioning, and everything from then on is a symptom to them, and they tell you they want to help, by locking you up in a devils den, full of witchcraft and all sorts of mind control. When the Lord grants me strength, I’m gonna get one of those things they catch wild hare in Siberia with, like a metal jaw, and I’m gonna put it on your head, and then see how you cope, and these bastards Zionists soors, will soon feel the pain and hurt entering their heads, and they’ll start wishing the smack would take it away, but they’ll never be lost, and their hurt well doesn’t mean their hurting, it’s all in the mind, for these despicable losers who always side against God’s messengers and prophets, and their arrogance sends to lie and decieve, well you’re the gog and magog, you Israelis and you Russians, hope the swine is killed before you set off firing at those who are innocent, my bite will be so strong, you see flesh fly off, and my heavy arms will tie every pathetic white sold out Mason down and we’ll see strength of thousand angels, and horns of gnat and wings of a bird, God willing.

Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done.

Whether 'nothing is indestructible'

[ Posted Wed, 06 Jul 2011 14:03:27 ]

With the words we find we remind ourselves whenever we’ve faced the truth of God Omniscience which shows that God is Knower of all secrets and declarations. Is it possible to envisage that destruction of nothing, in the creation of the universe, because nothing seems to be indestructible, so question is not whether nothing was first, or whether the creation of everything from nothing, meant God Himself was begotten. The trajectory and the timing, the speed and the accuracy, the lining and points, everywhere the world will ever know that to God belongs sublime similitudes, for when we are on the verge asking ourselves what is indestructible, we’ll ask therefore how come the earth and the planets and solar system suggest God is in control and not mere accidents, the knowledge, power and wisdom. The signs, miracles and mathematics. The mind, body and soul.

I seek refuge in GOD, from Satan the rejected

[21:30] Do the unbelievers not realize that the heaven and the earth used to be one solid mass that we exploded into existence? And from water we made all living things. Would they believe?

Praise be to God, Lord of the universe, the whole is good, if ‘nothing is indestructible’ there must be a point when this riddle will find its own fall and doom, because our lives and this world we live and the universe around shows us nothing is not indestructible, then we must ask, how did nothing lose its indestructibility, was it trajectories, speed, accuracy and precision, and if nothing could not withstand the presence of God, and was the initial product, then how do we assume we may withstand God’s presence. Whether ‘nothing is indestructible’ or a product of desire, we’ll have to feel that to God belongs all praise, and everything glorifies God in the heavens and the earth.

Soor Raj

[ Posted Tue, 05 Jul 2011 23:09:00 ]

Enlightenment or chaos

Enlightenment or awakening

Easing or hardship

The dead living or the living dead

Jealousy - power in money

To ruin and give a taste of his own medicine

Or to kill and save him from the torment of hell before 40,

Force or will?

Fuck off I hope you die, eldest brother of mine and then when they allocate the ranks in heaven, I hope you end up with the lot in the purgatory, and then we’ll see how your jealous mind works.

You can’t see the wood for the trees

All your jealous mind assaults were based on the life of Zulqarnain which you witnessed, and instead of talking you sat and sold it to the government for a fee, may the Lord show you what the answer is, for someone who bethrothed and leaves his wife hanging, neither able to marry again nor enjoy marriage, for that price you should be shot dead, Soor raj with a new name, no longer a brother of mine, and father to pigs. When I adopt the Sinner’s sun’s children, I’ll give them a lesson worth having, that they’re egotistical because their father was the eldest, twats.

Don’t count your chickens cos they’re never gonna hatch…

Just like all your brainwork, selling light for a price, never amounted to nothing, and now were gonna send you to your Lord, and wait for judgement.

“He stole a soul from the sun,

And the world come undone.”

Sacrficial son, Ismail or Isaac

[ Posted Tue, 05 Jul 2011 04:15:00 ]

[37:83] Among his followers was Abraham.

[37:84] He came to his Lord wholeheartedly.

[37:85] He said to his father and his people, “What are you worshiping?

[37:86] “Is it these fabricated gods, instead of GOD, that you want?

[37:87] “What do you think of the Lord of the universe?”

[37:88] He looked carefully at the stars.

[37:89] Then he gave up and said, “I am tired of this!”

[37:90] They turned away from him.

[37:91] He then turned on their idols, saying, “Would you like to eat?

[37:92] “Why do you not speak?”

[37:93] He then destroyed them.

[37:94] They went to him in a great rage.

[37:95] He said, “How can you worship what you carve?

[37:96] “When GOD has created you, and everything you make!”

[37:97] They said, “Let us build a great fire, and throw him into it.”

[37:98] They schemed against him, but we made them the losers.

[37:99] He said, “I am going to my Lord; He will guide me.”

[37:100] “My Lord, grant me righteous children.”

[37:101] We gave him good news of a good child.

Satanic Dream*

[37:102] When he grew enough to work with him, he said, “My son, I see in a dream that I am sacrificing you. What do you think?” He said, “O my father, do what you are commanded to do. You will find me, GOD willing, patient.”


[37:103] They both submitted, and he put his forehead down (to sacrifice him).

God Intervenes to Save Abraham and Ismail

[37:104] We called him: “O Abraham.

[37:105] “You have believed the dream.” We thus reward the righteous.

[37:106] That was an exacting test indeed.

[37:107] We ransomed (Ismail) by substituting an animal sacrifice.

[37:108] And we preserved his history for subsequent generations.

[37:109] Peace be upon Abraham.

[37:110] We thus reward the righteous.

[37:111] He is one of our believing servants.

Birth of Isaac

[37:112] Then we gave him the good news about the birth of Isaac, to be one of the righteous prophets.

[37:113] We blessed him and Isaac. Among their descendants, some are righteous, and some are wicked transgressors.

In this long passage, the story of Abraham is outlined, and we find Ismail is not mentioned by name but the translator assures it is, by putting it in brackets, which is usual when translating scriptures. But we find after mentioning the test, a dream Abraham saw he was sacrificing his son, we find God tell us of the birth of Isaac follows. Which means Ismail was the son who submitted to the test, and then later God gave Abraham good news of Isaac and after Isaac - Jacob. Thus God rewards the righteous it says. Something to do with mercy, those who care not to recieve mercy, and those who are granted mercy from the verge of despair. This is based upon the Quranic, ‘no one despairs of the Lord’s mercy, except the strayers.’

Indefinite stay

[ Posted Mon, 04 Jul 2011 20:34:00 ]

By the will of God, we were made to feel sorry for ourselves had we left the courtroom pending decision, however the judge gave us his verdict after the proceedings, and it filled my missus eyes with tears, for her it was finally the ability to go Pakistan to see her parents, and for her to remain in the UK. It was all by the will of God, so many different things which we were not in control of, fell in place, and rather than despair, the Lord has granted us mercy from Him, and we are appreciative to Him, we love God, and prayer to Him seeking His blessing as well as to please Him, though we know sometimes our hastiness can be also reasons for problems arising.

The barrister we appointed found a case note, which was similar to our case, in which the ruling was for the person to go back to his country and re-apply, however he was a son to a ill father, who happened to get worse, and so the Home Office were asked why they made this decision. Alhamdulilah, that helped, also getting a favourable judge, and also a Home Office prosecution clerk or officer, who had trouble in his own life, where his own wife was ill, and the judge we were told by our solicitor had recovered from a brain tumour. So they were all quite sympathetic, and appreciate the value of a family when one is unwell.

It would have been nerve wracking for my wife mainly, had we left the courtroom and expecting a decision after a few weeks or a week, she outstayed her visit by nearly ten years, and we’ve been married three years.

My brother’s supporting witness statement was useful, as it outlined that he paid the bills for the house, and I paid a sum towards upkeep.

However my solicitor was the best, he had rehearsed mine and my wife’s statement on Sunday afternoon, a day before court, and my wife tells the questions he said they’d ask were the ones they asked. Had we sticken to the betterman, which is the proven one, he would have difficulty communicating this information and I doubt he would spend his sunday afternoon, preparing for a courtroom hearing for a appeal for leave to remain. By the will of God, the other solicitor, fell ill, just prior to being notified of the appeal, and withheld the documents from Home Office telling why they had refused, and only because he fell ill, to a brain hemorrhage, did we get access to that document, and found nothing had been sent since 2009, which was two years ago.

He still wanted to fight the case, but he hadn’t a clue, maybe he just inclined to believe it was sham marriage, and decided to do his upmost best to destroy the credinbility of the case.

Alhamdulilah, may God bless Tariq, he even halved his earnings, saying neither my benefit nor yours, but he still ask us to pay the court cost and barrister cost, but for his own work , he didn’t charge 100% only 50%, and he presented himself for the hearing, and prepared the files, and statements, and trained us for our interviews with the Home Office.

When I got called in, after my wife’s whose appeal meant she had to go first, only my barrister asked me questions, quite depthful questions, which I hadn’t thought of before, but he asked me how long was the longest I had been in hospital, and I knew it was a year, but instead of trying to feel sorry for my self, I said 9 months, which is the time it takes to give birth, which occurred to me while sat back outside, during the witness hearing for my CPN, Adrian, who also helped with case, was vital, as he was a key witness and supported the fact it would make it very destabilising had she been sent back to Pakistan to re-apply. By the will of God, it was made possible, the interpretator was a gentle fellow, who congratulated my wife, with word, ‘mubarak’ and my wife asked for what? He said your appeal is successful, as the judge was rounding off. Tariq Hussain good solicitor, Barry Clarke the betterman, was fooling us.

I bet they’re thinking, had this not happened, or this or that, and this not happened, then this wouldn’t happen and this wouldn’t happen, that’s how I think, but to be a bit regimental is about trying to make the time necessary to redeem.

We were afterall expecting the decision after a week or two. Thinking now, how I’d have been thinking about for hours and hours, masha Allah, may the Lord grant you mercy, and forgiveness and happiness, to all those who strive to uphold the truth, and be steadfast, and to regularly perform salat, which means contact prayer, in which you recite the codified opening sura of the Quran, and bow and say Glory be to God, I think you should prayer all of it in Arabic, I’ve heard people say you can prayer the supplication in Arabic, but the words you read when you prostrate or bow in your own language, insha Allah, if you prayer in Arabic, you wont fall into a gendered conversation about the nature of God, plus that is how it is known to be performed, throughout the ages, various cultures all pray their prayer in Arabic, but the intention to prayer can be said in your own language, before you raise your hands to the side of your head, near your ears, and read Allahu ackbar.

Lost Children

[ Posted Mon, 04 Jul 2011 00:31:49 ]

Got a song for you, Israelis,

“Just because I’m losing,

Doesn’t mean I’m lost,

Doesn’t mean I’ll stop

Doesn’t mean I’m across

Just because I’m hurting

Doesn’t mean I’m hurt,

Doesn’t mean I didn’t get what I deserved

No better or no worse

I just got lost

Every river that I tried to cross

Every door I ever tried was locked

And I’m just waiting for till the shine wears off.

You might be a big fish

In a little pond, doesn’t mean you’ve won

Cos along may come a bigger one

And you’ll be lost,

Every river that you tried to cross

Every gun you ever held went off

Oh and I’m just waiting till the firing’s stop

Oh I’m just waiting for the shine to wear off.’

Remember the river you crossed, the Dead Sea, the parting of the sea, were you aware of what would happen to Pharoah, who pursued you, through it. Gog and Magog, firing away feeling the depths of pain on the drugs they give to mental patients, full of devil concoctions, and evil spirit, and hatred and ego minds trying to cause pleasurable cruelty, I’ve taken so many injections, but my minds blocked them, now its your turn to feel the weight of what they put through me over the years, when the feeling comes in you’ll feel very weak and very upset and very hurt. Insha Allah, so it written so shall it be, la quwata illa billah.

I don’t mind twisting words in order to allow a meaning to apply, for example, saying thingy, when you can’t find the word, be careful about innovation, however, pseudo words which try to put one and two together to innovate, should not be allowed to be included in the dictionary. Words such as Omni-best, in order to try to defuse the natural understanding that there are three Omni’s concerning God, and this is an innovation, or I just read a piece on submitters perspective, titled ‘traligion’- only purpose in the whole discourse is to create a word by adding two things together, in this sense religion and tradion. You can never make a word using two already established words, it is like species mixing in biological life to make an mixture of two living beings, like Rashad said, evolution is divinely controlled, mutation and changes are only apparant inside species not throughout the different species, like for example, the change in certain oranges which used to have seeds, to having no seeds, I mean in the fruit, you’ll find some fruit can have seeds within and some will not. This can happen, but what cannot happen, is to take two different species and make another mixture of both. I believe man will eventually fly, by the will of God, because if we came from the sea as evolution suggests then we should reach the sky. And peacemakers will be winged humans, with the strength of angels, and with the instincts of gnats, which means they will have horns. You can mix monkeys with other monkeys, you can mix cats with other cats, you can mix dogs with other dogs, you can mix humans with other humans, one thing humans can’t do is fly, unless they want to risk their lives in dangerous pursuits. Only the words which were made into the language of English, was the acceptance through the books of the messenger who’d come in the future to write the history. In the Quran which I’ve stated in these pages found on tumblr, let them remain on this site till the end of time, so that they can reach people who will wonder whether it was another story of fiction or whether it was facts, we remain among the facts, as we have spent our lives studying the Final Testament, the Quran, and we believe in the certainty of fact, whereas to them those scientist it is always the probability of fiction which inspires their pleasure which is cruel. The whole structure of the West is based upon the probability of fiction, about two different things getting together which are totally alien and so that they can prove accidents rather than miracles. We believe in the facts, the facts the ducks are swimming in a warm lake, in summer, looking damp, and we know they migrate in winter, and whoever landscaped the lake in the park I visit, must have realised the ducks and swans would need a place safe for them to ween their infants, and so inside the lake there are two islands, away from the pedestrians. Masha Allah humans belong to the life on earth, as reapers, not plunderers, worthy husbands not rapist murderers, respectful fathers not liking flesh of innocent children, loving couples not angry resentful marriage of convenience.

Just as it is not possible for different species to mate, so too it is not possible to innovate the language through secularised schooling, it has to be traditional schooling, not secular, traditional schooling comes with a price, secular schooling is state funded, you wanna be able to go to a traditional school with state assistance and you’ll be very competent in speech, which the Prime Minister shows in his debates in the House of Parlaiment. Secular schooling is fun, traditional schooling is good, Mason schooling is deceptive.

What we know is the fact of ‘I am’ - the reality of fact, undeniable fact, it requires redeeming your soul through contact with God, to be charitable, to be fasting in the specific month of Ramadhan, it is to bear witness la ellaha ella Allah, and if you can afford it to make pilgrimage to the Sacred Shrine the Kaaba in Maccah, the center of the earth, the only civilisation to touch started with Abraham, who named us ‘submitters’, who built it with his son Ishmael, it does not include visiting the Prophet tomb in Medina, for if he was the final messenger, then surely he would be buried inn Maccah, not in Medina, the place in Maccah next to walls of the Sacred Masjid will be the tomb of Zulqarnain. And you may stand at his grave, and you may send peace, but not tomb worship not read anything which are not necessary and infringe on the mathematical code of the 5 salats, that is clarified on www.submission.ws, if you cannot find any news then you will ask forgiveness often, after you’ve performed your prayer.

For us it is the fact of ‘I am’ which decides the fate of our deeds, whereas those who claim there can be another god, or why can they not be god, or where is the specific place to find God. I am can have a few extension. I am there, I am here, I am everywhere, I am near. Anything other than this is a blasphemy, if you guessed what your profanities might like to add. To God belongs the most beautiful names. God is there, God is here, God is everywhere, God is near. With the Exodus and Duetronomy, sorry I don’t know how to spell it, it is about now, whenever the Jews felt they were about to create a criticism God proves that He is there, which means the future, to have faith in the Light, God is the Light, knowledge is everything, but just as the Samarian’s mind inspired him to throw dust from where the messenger, Moses stood, and to mix it with the gold, and forged a calf with the sound of a calf, and they worshipped it, so too are most those who deny Islam inspired to create chaos, however whenever the Jews heard it, they were too aware of the significance, rather than embodied in the scripture to ever feel there was anything to trouble them, when they had submitted to God. Creative words, can have an impact on those who seek vanity rather than purpose which is to fight in the cause of God, whereas creative words only lead to the tyranny of men such as Qaroon, the slave driver, who was also one of the Children of Israel, who had such wealth, and thought it was due to his cleverness, and would not take the advice of his people, to be charitable, and he was swallowed into the earth, then the people reflected that to God was the ultimate return, and that this worldly life was mere illusions. Creative words, seem unique, but if you have time to reflect then it is better than to sell your souls to the illusions it presents, anyway if you have made a firm repentance to God, and uphold your covenant, then you’ll find God controls the minds and hearts. Which is what the Quran states. With the time of Jesus, we saw God being here, who could bring the dead back to life, who could give sight to the blind, who could fix a cripple, who could cure leprosy, who could cleanse the worse women in the world, and taught the coming of the Kingdom of God. About blessed peacemakers, who would be known as sons of God, and many other parables too which were recorded in the Gospel. However they set up a trap, and the Christian through their secularism, have all the answers, but they are lies, which they think is acceptable, as though it is secular.

The Sun,the moon, the star. The sun is there, moon is here, star is everwhere.

If it is a test, it’s about the result.

If it is a question, it is about the timeline of events.

If it is a competition, it is about getting it right at the right time.

For the Muslims God is everywhere, not characterised or particularised, none equals Him. To see God you need to believe in miracles, to know God you need to have faith in prophecies, to learn of God you need to devote to mathematically codified scripture, Quran.

And throughout these pages we find God is near.

[18:83] They ask you about Zul-Qarnain. Say, “I will narrate to you some of his history.”

Zul-Qarnain wrote the history, whose true name is Kashif Afan Hussain, born on 11/11/1979, and writer of the three published works, ‘3’ and ‘water is more precious than gold to people’ and ‘growing in logic’, insha Allah these are still available after his long death and on resurrection they will be. Insha Allah, his music will also play live on a radio so that anyone can spend time reading it, especially the set ‘The Sun, The Moon And The Star’ - insha Allah they will made public, and all the time he managed to list 91 songs, sets and live performance on to the soundcloud profile, will prove God controls everything, how did he manage to fit in 91 tracks over a space of two years, eventually buying a medium pro account, which allowed 13 hours, and for his first track to feature his wife Ghazanfar, also a match where she sang part of a song he had sampled,two things coming together, and for the 91 track to finish with her chattin something which Kash had no time to acknowledge, or what.

So what! Happiness can not be bought

Happiness is submission to God

All you nazi jews will be in hell

Saying how they tried to sabotage the will of God

And when they see the true descendents of Israel

They’ll start firing at every person in hatred of their white bluey skin

For they are the Gog and Magog, Israel and Russia

Thinking their apendums of novels proved them to control time

Thinking the canniving lying sinful souls can outwit the Lord of mankind

And God willing, all these anti-psychotic injections

Will flood their heads, adn they’ll feel their evil effects

And then they’ll know God controls everything


I seek refuge in God from Satan the rejected.

Bo Bo Kaka Kaka Bo Bo

[ Posted Sat, 02 Jul 2011 19:50:33 ]

Anyone tell me what this means, talking to the demons today, and they don’t like the smell of fish oil which I take, and they start getting very angry, and tell me things which sound like ‘ponk ponk baby baby ponk ponk’.

What would happen if they saw me talking to demons when I was in Palestine, they’d hang me or stick nails in me. Bo bo kaka kaka bo bo. Yeah times have changed, they would dare try to do that ever again, and Jesus stood against them facing judgement on the Day of Resurrection whom they claimed possessed but was the one guided by the spirit of God, and one blessed with a miraculous birth and a life full of signs and miracles.

The Lord is Most Merciful, and raised Jesus to Himself before they crucified him, they were made to think that they did, but Jesus was stand silent, due to his departure from the earth and they arrested a soulless body. Insha Allah people will recognise this as the truth, to make appear they crucified him, to suggest whether they could live with the thought or whether they try to forget or whether they’d try to leave it open for debate.

God gives the similitude of Jesus’ birth to that of Adam’s, however, it is also in relation to how demons are born, who are the offspring of Satan, and are given birth at the time a new baby is brought to earth. Say that to a baby, ‘bo bo kaka kaka bo bo’ and they see them light up to the sound of letters which make them laugh or smile or think. Or try ‘ponk ponk baby baby ponk ponk’. I may be wrong, but to only be born to one person and not to two people of opposite sex, suggests similar to jinns. Ask Rashad, he said jinns are a companion of the human through out their lives, and are born at the same time as a child, only to Satan, and here I would ask whether Satan has a mate?

May the Lord protect me from Satan the rejected.

With tears

[ Posted Sat, 02 Jul 2011 19:21:26 ]

[5:83] When they hear what was revealed to the messenger, you see their eyes flooding with tears as they recognize the truth therein, and they say, “Our Lord, we have believed, so count us among the witnesses.

With tears, whenever I hear the Quran, it brings me to tears…

I like the song by The Stone Roses, ‘Tears’, it sounds like a love song, has amazing words,’Send home your hardworking jury, I’m going down this time.’

‘…I’ve seen the future through the tracks of your tears.’

Good guitar solo near the end.

Cut me loose, is a good track by Unkle.


Will of eternal

[ Posted Sat, 02 Jul 2011 15:32:55 ]

If it is true at the beginning, it is true at the end.

If it is not true at the beginning, it will be not true at the end.

If it begins with the light of reason, it will recover to reclaim its position among the world’s finest heros.

Some may think this is about love, about true love, and that the initial commitment to be with someone is the vital ingredience in a relationship, however all that aside, for the moment. I see it terms of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, insha Allah this period in our lives will be testament to the angelic knowledge bestoed upon the Children of Israel, with the Children of Israel, and for the Christians though they may feel they are religiously inadequate they show that with the world they can come to grips with the elite sense of understanding blessed upon them for reason that God wishes to purify them by way of example, hopefully whenever a Christian is faced with the dilemma of truth and false, good and evil, light and darkness, they remember the Lord before they convert and provide the world with the means to achieve the necessary achievement to go and requisite the lost Children from the hell and place them as sovereigns who do not require force but will to reach their destiny, for this reason the Christians believe to achieve things piece by piece, one at a time, and with no real reason to avoid their long forgotten days of embarrasing lovers and requiring breakdown management when they were left to die after spending all their time forgiving their lesser enemies and supporting their greater enemies, in order to free them for the time it takes to read this final complete testament, which is the words of Messiah, son of David, who has returned to avoid the policing of the world, and instead to remember God and for the purpose we were created was to worship God, both humans and jinns. hm long sentence…. The question of peacekeepers, is one of will and force. As you see now, people are unable to break the shackles of policing which barbarically destroys them in favour of tyrants, destroys properties and lives, and makes multitudes as refugees. Guns are evil, and so be it, so it is written so shall it be, if guns are the requisite of peace keeping it will lead to the slaughter of all humans. And this Satanist regime, supports such an incident, because Satan is man’s avowed enemy. Peacekeeping will be done by the Children of Zulqarnain, who are blessed with strength, the ability to fly, and God will make them prosper from the seeds of twelve daughters, God willing, hopefully my Lord will protect them from all evils and to give them life full of good deeds and earn a good recompense and grant them happiness in this life as well the next, and to remember God frequently, and to behave rationally, to never despair of the Lord’s mercy, and to always be among the righteous and may God spare them the retribution of hell. Insha Allah, may the remain content to bethroth among the family which I belong to as well as my wife’s and insha Allah may they be righteous and not wicked transgressor. However learn to forgive, learn to devote to the Quran, the more you read it, it becomes a part of you, which only the transgressors will deny. For now that is a reasonable statement. But insha Allah, do not play God, and hopefully seek redemption and forgiveness. May the Lord bless you, forgive you and have mercy on you.


Sticks and stones

[ Posted Sat, 02 Jul 2011 14:43:47 ]

Remember the saying which goes around, school playgrounds. “Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”

I guess it implies the worth of force compared to the will of the eternal. Force is temporal, will is eternal, what I write, may be true NOW, or always has been, or when I was living on earth.

You’ve heard the statement, ’ nothing as powerful as the written word, in the history of mankind.’ You’ll know this is wrong, but I still struggle to find the correct wording, I know it starts with anything rather than nothing.

The temporal force plays against the death and life of individuals, they hold the sticks, because it is not their doing which triggers the bullet or hurts because of the length and hardness of the stick, they just wave them about or press the trigger. Pussies.

The eternal will, writes the history written by victors, the survivors, and they like David whose sling and stone brought down the 9ft Goliath, shows the strength, in what you can throw. And this instills more fear than anything a bullet or stick can do, for pussies, knife’s for a pro. As they say in the gangsta flick Lock, Stock, Two Smoking Barrels. Who knows if vinnie jones can break your bones, like they used to chant in the Leeds football world back in the nineties whislt I was at a public school in Leeds and Bradford. The postcode was Leeds, but the place was in Bradford. by route to Harrogate.

Stone Roses, knew, the riddle was based upon those who think get a stick if they begin throwing stones, but you know in Mecca there’s a place where they throw stones, against Satan, who tried to instill fear in Hagar about Abraham who was about to sacrifice his first born on the Mount Moria. But God instead showed him a ram, and told him he was blessed, for the test was to see if they would despair in the Lord’s mercy, which means believing their actions amount to a greater than a transgression almost as though they are another god. To God belongs infinite grace. Peace be upon me, the day I was born, the day I die and the day I get resurrected back to life.



[ Posted Sat, 02 Jul 2011 00:37:00 ]

Alhamdulilah, I made this with some recording of a debate with Rashad Khalifa, what you will find is they both present strong arguments, however one thing which is undeniable the Muhammadans theory is very much what indoctrinates children in the Muslim world, and makes them subservient to the ulema and their religious leaders instead of God, I appreciate how the masjid in Islam provides countless blessing among the people, to sit and listen to a reading or look for guidance from spiritual leaders who show a calmness and devout side to them, this is in similar way a teaching from a spiritual leader, but one must not take them as lords, like they have done of the prophet, I guess one could say God could have guided them unanamiously however one knows no matter you say to them they will not believe. We could teach them, to guide them, but as long as they think they have the stick and you have the stone, then it is futile, may God have mercy on you. The previous track finished on exactly 24:24, which add to twelve, adn today I started another version of the same track, but after a brief revisit I did not bother saving the second one, but then I thought without checking if this one is okay, to upload it, and I found there was only 25 minutes left on my allowance, and I went back and checked the time for the track, Rashad Khalifa Debate vs A Submitter Live on BM2, and I found it ended seconds before 25 minutes, hope for some reason, it wont be a problem. That’s it I’m finished, got 21 weeks, to wait till I see any cash from the settlement, so it’s waiting time, my wife’s appeal to stay is a few days away, insha Allah she’ll get it, adn we can travel, hope to meet the stars before the end of summer, insha Allah, I hope my Lord protect me, and grant me righteousness in this life and the hereafter, and spare me the retribution of hell. Besmalah hirahman niraheem. I have now made 91 songs, which signifies the Last and the First, I reversed the number 19, lol, what does it mean, dunno I think chronologically it goes back to front. And I’ve finished my allowance, alhamdulilah, allahu ackbar, la ellaha ella Allah.

Even Rashad said he did not know where Amen comes from, which means it was borrowed from Egypt, and those who say it support the new world order, which goes back to Egypt, Rashad was a native Arabic speaker, so would know if the word was Arabic or not. That’s what made me look up, where I first heard it, and try and find it, which took me to this debate, and alhamdulilah I was made happy by listening to Arabic Quran from his mouth, funny he mentions did the Quran come from the Prophet’s mouth, and the other person , Abdul Rahman, said, I do not know, did it, and Rashad was busy reciting verses of the Quran, to pinpoint the true nature of Islamic knowledge. Alhamdulilah, he left one question open, Zulqarnain, and God controls the minds and hearts, but not one person has ever thought well Gog and Magog appear at the end of time, so Zulqarnain hasn’t come, and then they may also ask how can Muhammad be the final messenger.

My Lord, grant me strength, grant flight, grant righteous obedient girls, and make me and my seed the true peace keepers, and help us and guide us, and make us prosper, my Lord, you promised that the earth shall be inherited by my righteous worshippers. O Lord help us..

[21:105] We have decreed in the Psalms, as well as in other scriptures, that the earth shall be inherited by My righteous worshipers.

It was decreed, forgive me, Lord.

Will or Force

Kingdom of God or New World Order

Light and darkness

Forgiveness or punishment


All Things By ‘A Submitter ’ In Chronological Order 2009-2011 - Snap Collection by A Submitter


Rashad Khalifa Debate vs A Submitter Live On BM2 by A Submitter

Will or force

[ Posted Fri, 01 Jul 2011 17:31:28 ]

It’s actually called golden ratio, which points to Mecca being the center of the earth.

If it is the result that matters, then it concerns the future, promise land. The test is how do we get there.

If it is the causality that counts, it is the question how did we or I or you get here.

If it is the mathematical precision is preferred, then it is a competition of how did we get everywhere.

These Zionist thoughts which tell us to forget our Lord, and to have false notions and an argumentative thoughts concerning God. ‘I am’ is understood universally it can mean now, God is, God is jealous, God is the one and only God, in Arabic the usual expression is Allahu, which translates literally as God He is!. Allah is non-gendered, and the same gender relationship does not apply which we are used to in the West, which suggest why there are a lack of homosexuals among Muslim world, whereas gender relationships in the West are tied with very different talk.

Just goes to show those who promote evolution, tend to be destructive concerning religion, usually it is the knowledge of their owndoings which demands them to turn against religious organisation.

I never really understood algebra, I may do a search about what it means…Since I’m slighty more maturer than when I was taught it at 13.

Nope still don’t get what it means.

I’m 31 now, I reversed the numbers, anything to do with algebra? la ellaha ella Allah.

Test of light and darkness

Question of good and evil

Competition of right and wrong

Enlightenment or chaos. Miracles or accident. Will or force.

Will or force, alhamdulilah, these Western governments and their heirarchical monarchs, tell us humans can achieve great deeds, whereas they fail to let anyone know they seduction to lies, will of innocence or corruption of force.


[ Posted Fri, 01 Jul 2011 15:04:00 ]

A beautiful thing I am here about to tell you, which occurred to me last night as I was about to go to sleep, I thought I’d lost the thought, but it was still fresh in my mind when I woke. You know how many wars have been fought over Jerusalem, and it has been a place where many civilisations have come and gone. Whereas the Maccah of Arabia, the first to touch this place and to reside there, were Abraham’s family, and his eldest son, Ishmael helped him build the Kaaba. Also the Bible notes, Hagar was sent to the desert, where she found a well, which legend has it, was when she was searching for water for Ishmael, and traversed between two mountains seven times, until a well appeared under the feet of Ishmael, I do not if this is correct, it is from Hadith, whereas the Quran does not mention the Zam zam water, nor why, other than to cite that the traversing of the knolls of Safa and Marwah were rites prescribed for pilgrimage to the Sacred Shrine.

But here I would like to point, much of the things which were known at the time of Prophet were not re-mentioned in the Quran, for they were known to the people of Mecca and the wider world, at the time, however after the death of the Prophet and death of many of his companions, they began to innovate citing they were unsure. So same here, it was probably known what was the extent of the reason behind the knollws of Safah and Marwah, however in my life being brought up in a Muslim family, I heard what was the story, but could not verify it. Other than to link it to the story in the Bible.

So Mecca is the center of the true religion of God, untouched by any other civilisation, whereas Jerusalem before the Children of Israel got there, there were other people living their. It means in some language, the abode of Peace, or the teaching of peace, or the teacher of peace.

So Maccah is important in this sense, because it was not shared among the other people of the world, and was almost hidden because as you well know the Jews will always argue, we should kill Ishmael, but it backfired and they killed the Children of Israel before they could get to the Ishmaelis, because Ishmael was a submitter, and never challenged the authority of God, nor was he argumentative, instead he went last, instead of first, and Israel was known as the first born. However as you know just as Israel stole the birth right from his twin brother, who was older, but suffered no real loss in love as we learn, so too did the Children of Israel make out that the sacrificial son was Isaac and not Ishmael, due to the jealousy, or to make themselves feel proud. However one may say it was a lie of necessity or a great blasphemy, was it a means of necessity or preconditional. Just as a cat waits at the hole of a mouse, waiting for it to show it self, so too did the Christians whilst seduced by the temporal lords of Greek mythology embodied into their gospel accounts, found they waiting for a move which though it seemed impossible, and a strong lie, was defused and spaciously dealt with, with the fact the home of Islam, is Meccah, not Jerusalem.

Another point which the Jews do not wish to acknowledge, when Abraham was promised, that his seeds would be as numerous as the sand on the shore, the Jews jealousy to see the children of Ishmael living peacefully in the Fertile Crescent, this became their target, whereas we know there are those who read the scripture and seek knowledge and goodness and truth, there are those who rejoice in teh remembering of God, and there are those who devote their worship to God alone. Jews seek knowledge, Christains rejoice, Muhammadans devote.

The result matters, the causality counts, the mathematical precision is preferred.

I shouldn’t say the Jews, moreover it was the Zionists, who were also desperate for some sort of assurance that they would be led to the Promise Land, at the same Christians were pressurising them to accept Jesus as the begotten as they could claim for sure he was the son of David, due to teh discrepency in the lineage account in the gospels. Some might say that in their defense. But however it may appear to the common Jew, how it was planned by teh elite political strata showed a different view point, I can empathise with the common fellow people, but when you see the workings of the minds which orchestrated such denials you see it was a plan os tyranny, not some justification of rightful inheritance of a land, which you can never claim to be Jewish, as much as you by forgetting all the people who lived there, or those civilisations which passed through it.

However one can claim Meccah is the place of origin for Abraham, untouched by any other people, and a place which saw the placement of a Cube Shrine, which was at the center of the earth, based upon the mean ratio. It is as though the flock, hear the whistles of the shepherd, and respond to its call, however long ago the shepherd was transferred to the elite Rabbanical control, who invisaged to keep them responding but failed to comprehend whether they were upholding their covenant to God or whether they were a tool to destroy their brothers. Something like that.

I like Jews, they funny people, I remember when I was planning to get on the bus, everynight felt like it could be the night I’d meet the stars and leave this happy home, and I thought I’d need shampoo, though now I think it as bad as flouride, if you use all the time, then it is okay, but if you stop, you have all kinds of problems. Everyday is a ritual wash your hair, brush your teeth, my grandfather was always shaving his head, and his beard was the same as it was when he first developed one, he never shaved it ever in his whole life. He was a righteous person, and I hope if they committed any sins, it would instead turn into credits,as long you make a firm repentance to God alone.

[25:70] Exempted are those who repent, believe, and lead a righteous life. GOD transforms their sins into credits. GOD is Forgiver, Most Merciful.

His beard wasn’t that long, it was the first beard, he may have trimmed it, but my grandmother used to tell me, he kept his first beard all his life.

I only say this now, with the knowledge I have when I researched the various subjects in religion and found there was many things which were not entirely true, so I can only say the things I do, through my own position in life at present. I never met him. My nanna was the same type of person, hardworking and caring, and loving, when you used to ask him to tell a story, he’d start after a lot of persistence, then when you go in a dream, he then stopped, and wouldn’t continue, he remember he threw my dummy out of the house, as I was sat thinking how wonderful a dummy was, he grabbed it and threw it out, I may mean something, but to me, cruel to be kind.

I don’t why I mentioned these, in case your wondering why there’s a picture, of an elderly gentlemen on my facebook profile, it’s my granddad,

The Jewish pharmacist, I was tryinfg to buy my shampoo, which seemed to be withdrawn, Timotei, and the only place was a Jewish pharmacy. And they guy tried to charge me twenty two pounds for delivery. They think being suspicious as beign something different, we see being suspicious as being something to do with denouncing the devil. Play along, that’s all you can do.

He didn’t in the end, he sent it first class, for seven pounds.

Fiction - Live performance on Beatmaker by Intua

[ Posted Thu, 30 Jun 2011 23:30:06 ]

I was going to call this ‘Facts and Fiction’ but I thought it would be mistaken for the claim, of science and religion, so I decided to leave it as fiction, but the album would be called ‘Facts and Fiction’ as the term derives from the saying, ‘truth is stranger than fiction’. which means people tend to disbelieve the stories about the messengers and prophets, who lived lives full of signs, and which were very real in the present moment, however people try to deny them and tried to persecute the messengers and prophets, Fiction is what you call the illusions of Satan., to try to make you despair of the Lord’s mercy, even the Gospel writers were aware that God’s servants do not despair of the Lord’s mercy, people like Job or Jonah, or Joseph, God rescues them and makes them prosper, whereas with Jesus they claim he is begotten, sometimes, or the son of God, at other times, and other a third in a trinity, he was a servant of God, and he emphasised Omnipotence, the power of sight, power of belief, the power of the present, his miracles were good showing God is the source of goodness, however the impossibility with which the inodctrinations and the adulterated lies which they wrought meant, God had made the lie backfire on them, when they said Isaac was the sacrificial son of Abraham, but we know it was Ishmael, because he was Abraham’s first born, however the Christians think it is a sign of their sacrificial son which they emphasise, but in reality, the submitters are those who submit to God, and do not despair of the Lord’s mercy, so that they would even sacrifice their sons, thinking it was a command of God, when it was a request of Satan, who said he would lead the children of Adam astray except those worshippers who were devoted to God alone, he requested respite, and so you see he has no power of his own, only he requests through the power of sight, the unveiling of the unseen, because people are vain, rather than purposeful and look for suggestions of what they are. Just as much as the essence of words can be lost within the common usage, so too can the losing of souls be lost to the crime of hatred. FICTION, also the name of Ian Brown’s record company. Most influential artist, in music.

Fiction by A Submitter

The Absolute God

[ Posted Thu, 30 Jun 2011 20:13:00 ]

I should be careful when writing the Quranic translation or words, I am never too sure of the correct wording, I haven’t sat and parrot fashionly learned every word, and sometime when I do read the Quran, I find mistakes that I have made like for example the three kuls which I wrote from memory. I think I should rewrite it in case it is misleading or corrupting, insha Allah, I hope I will be forgiven.

The sura ikhlaas, Chapter of Aboluteness,

reads in the translation by Rashad Khalifa,

Proclaim, He is the one God. The Absolute God. Never did He beget, nor was He begotten. None equals Him.

I made two mistakes I forgot to write ‘the Absolute…God’ as the translation of the Arabic which has the word Allahus Samad, which means God is Eternal or Absolute. But in context to the written verses, it would be the Absolute God. The second mistake was I think maybe I put neither instead of never.

I may also have written the verses in the wrong order for the second kul, sura al falaq- Chapter of Daybreak.

What goes around

[ Posted Thu, 30 Jun 2011 18:54:57 ]

What comes around, goes around

Teenage sluts made of wank stain shoes

What goes up, must come down

Teenage pregnant on pimper’s paradise

What comes around, goes around,

what comes around, goes around

what comes around, goes around

What goes up, must come down

Teenage girls feeling sorry for their lives

Teenage girls should know better than to play with fire

Teenage girls, stay away from the dens of Satan

The schools for wankers, the church for losers, the house of lords for sold out soldiers.

Get a life or get a job

Be a human or a robot

Son of man or son of monkey

Creation or evolution

Tardive Dysphrenia

[ Posted Thu, 30 Jun 2011 18:18:01 ]

In this fair wankers sold out soldiers warrior state of pretense and globalisation, you’ll find the using of certain tools as a way to desiminate, are then seen as the glorification of this sites, if you use tumblr, it is seen as another faithful to the course of tumblr, and if you use facebook, and if you use ibookstore, it isn’t about getting people interested in reading unique awe inspiring literature, but to be used in the glorifying of their tool. So many people are using it.

There are those who think humans can acheive great deeeds, and there are those who know life can survive. They pose the question of the lie which they uphold, against God that He has begotten a son, and so they think they can achieve great deeds. Nothing is impossible, but to them numbers add up to infinite reactables, but they’ve found nothing is a zero circle, and one and nine are the first and last.

Why not give them injections as the first port of call,

instead of the poison olanzopine,

I know what your thinking, give them haloperodol

But why another poison for another poison

Which shows why people like Steven Hawkings end up the way they do

Through American pharmacuetical products.

Why do they have to go through years and years of punishing treatment programs, being treated like a lab rat, or worse, with the labotomising drugs, or their animalistic receptor blocking concoctions, or their zombifying cult Satanist project of witchcraft.

Tardive Dysphrenia, where you have to stay on the drug for the rest of your life, as withdrawel from it will lead to persecutory thoughts stemming from the bullying of Western drugs which puts the body under high alert, increases body temperature, increasing blood pressure, increases sugar levels, increases cholestrol.

Next you have a patient, tell them where it leads to, catatonia and ECT, and this is what they call better. If you scientist and you bastard monarchs think you’ve achieved great deeds, then lets see some wings on humans and giving them the ability to fly, well it all started as a cell in a pond of circumstance, can you even create a cell, can you fuck, you lying sell out losers with retribution stamped on their foreheads, hell already surrounds the disbelievers. Feed us poison, and then tell us we need it, and when we tell them we don’t like the effects, they tell us what’s wrong with you, rather than ask what’s wrong with the medication. IT’S A NO WIN SITUATION! That’s what’s wrong with it. You lose. Well survival of the fittest, only the fittest shall survive.

Well my life means nothing to some, well to you I hope I’m number 1, and it can be so hard to know, when try and when to give up and go, well this feeling is reeling me in, I can feel it like it was my skin, in my head I repeat a new rule, pain is easy, pleasure is cruel, I tell you, only the strongest will survive.’

Go and get a life, you schools for evil losers, you government for sold out tossers, and your NHS for wankers. Tampon sluts and gay bastards, Church of England wankers, get ready for the Second Coming, to the gates of Buckingham he come chanting, la ellaha ella Allah. Singin la ellaha ella Allah.


[ Posted Thu, 30 Jun 2011 16:20:08 ]

You don’t need schools, because the network of subordination and heirarchy only leads to chance and loyalty reward, whereas we know the schools curriculum only suits white hegemony and loyalty to the monarchy, it supports anarchy and twisted words of hatred and lies to distill fear and control of people. When ever they present their controlled experiments in which they play both actor and watcher and perceiver and responder, then just say la ellaha ella Allah, because they are trying to play God, and there is no other god besides God, and these spirits are the same with every generation and with every child born there is a demon accompaniment. Judge. Is what they play on, trying to lead humans away from God, and to make them unappreciative, because they play both actor and responder, and try to mimick your thoughts as though it is you who is responding.

I do not claim to know a great deal, about the things they present in their terms, but I trust in God, and read His scriptures seeking truth and fact, light and good, I rejoice in the remembering of God, and devote my worship to God alone, and in many instances those words I read in His book, the Quran, I find relevent and understand their importance in how they circumvent their illusions and their ideas of unendign kingship

You should not seperate child from parent, and replace parental protection for state protection, such as vaccinations, and evil metabolic changing drugs. If I had no trained so extensively over a period of a two years, three times a week at the age of 24 and 25, now at 31, the signs of lifting are still noticeable even though I am a stone and half over my usual natural weight. And people think the medication is steroids, but it doesn’t I’m not sure what it has but it’s not steroids, its some snake venom, poison based concoction. And I need to stop for two reasons, I do not want to end up diabetic at the age of 31, and I would like to become a father.

Insha Allah, things will be okay either way, but I don’t like gambling, on my life and do not want to throw my life in to destruction.

The whole idea of diabetes, is one of lying about it being a gamble, whether you live through it, or whether you will suffer greater loss, or whether you punished for the rest of your days with insulin vabs and lots of medications which you would not have bought but are presented to you for free.

When I first was put on mental hospital drugs, I didn’t like their effects, now I’ve taken many substances throughout my teens and early adulthood, more because I never had the adulterations of childhood additional teaching at Church of wankers England schools, where you buy into their regimental hatred, tampon sluts and gay bastards, to not like a tampon slut means you’re gay, so in other words when you start fucking them at the age of 13-14 then you’re label a child groomer, and worse still the statistic make out that a quarter of Asian men are, groom children for sex, which really means they cannot distiinguish a tampon slut, who wishes to be with alpha male, but alpha male knows he has standards, but then gets labelled a gay bastard, if he doesn’t, so begins the onslaught want me, well why not him and him and him. They call it womens rights, to vote and to have education and to get a job, but will they bring a law to incriminate making girls bleed before the wedding night, I wonder, if they can stand such obscenity in court, or if they are all just paid arseholes who serve their paymasters, and its some larger conspiracy at hand, to destroy the family.

I guess it was what makes you happy, which I thought was what I was looking for, but the Lord made me quiet when others were chatting, and made me wait when everyone was busy, and granted me memories which only those who are blessed will live through. There was purpose, rather than vanity, there was forgiveness instead of amusement. I don’t say guess, in the essence in which I heard it, but more how they present it in the movies. To guess is to weigh up the quality of good and evil, to be kept down is to size up the magnitude of light an darkness, to keep despairing of the future is to pressurise the freedom of truth and false.

Freedom isn’t something which you should or can evade, because God’s earth is spacious, as the Quran teaches us,

[29:56] O My servants who believed, My earth is spacious, so worship Me.

However some people infringe on others freedom, in order to force corruption upon them, like thinking if one jumps then the other will follow. Well I jumped who will follow. None of them, but yet they expect to follow and add up their illusions they were they were intended and if not, then they’ll end up with a psychoticness, or the psycho analysis of what has happened in the writings which come. Trying to seduce God to evil with the impossible scripts which they give for their white Masonic collared slaves to see and realise their fiction is so fucking great, it can topple God, wonder when the come out of their screens and show us what they are really capable of , these tampon sluts and the gay soldiers, who end up in the military cos they had their evil days in schools, trying to destroy the belief in one God and forgiveness through God alone.

But because they thought their illusions, were so strong, but we know to God belongs the most beautiful names, God is the source of goodness, God is the Loving, God is the Light, God is the Peace, God is the Most Kind, God is the Most High, God is the Protector, God is the Living, God is the Eternal. There is no god except the one God.

The indivisible one, yet people take up other gods, “yet most people who believe in God, do not do so without committing idol worship.” (Quran)

[12:106] The majority of those who believe in GOD do not do so without committing idol worship.

Some girls may lose to uncle’s being cock licking bastards. Or both, uncle and cousin.


[ Posted Thu, 30 Jun 2011 14:38:00 ]

Tampon sluts, lost it to a tampon

And they just sluts who get fuct on any bandwagon

Jump on plenty of sluts, sold out cocksuckers

Fuct up bitches on crack and heroin

Lying about how old they are when they’ve been in the business since they were ten

Some of their bastards spawn join em, and they get the white scumbags excited

They love the sight of new flesh and think it a world of difference to the phwaor of a woman’s figure

What turns you on, white cocksuckers, girls with no bra or children with no life but seduction and evil

Fuck em and chuck em

Fuck em and chuck em

The tampon sluts are getting their come uppance

Fuck em and chuck em

Was it true now, or always has been, or when I was living on earth.


Schools are full of evil

Children left to rot on corpses in their mouths

With hell surrounded the disbelievers

And retribution stamped on their foreheads

Another one you hear sometimes, ‘truth is stranger than fiction.’

Should it not be fact is stranger than fiction.


[ Posted Wed, 29 Jun 2011 20:11:00 ]

Their heads full of voices

Telling them its a lie of fiction

Their minds not making noises

Sould out to the sound of illusion.

Fiction, the probabilities of fiction

Illusion, the magic of reaction

Fiction, the lies about crucifixion

Illusion, that leads you to despair of the Lord’s mercy.

Their bodies contort to the sound of guns

Going off to all the people who left their souls

Because to the its abotu sacrifice, to us its about charity

Sacrifice your soul to glitter in the world

Or be charitable and remember the Lord.

Happiness cannot be bought

Happiness is submission to God.

Facts and fiction

Truth and falsehood

Good an d evil

Light and darkness

Age of Consent

[ Posted Wed, 29 Jun 2011 20:03:12 ]

It’s a funny twist on the situation when Asain men get pinpointed for grooming ‘children’ for sex, what they really mean is vulnerable white girls whose parents give them state values or if not a Christian value of sacrifice that paid for the sins of mankind.

I guess they want to catch an Asian peadophile, because its a white scummy thing and not shared among the British Asian community, who would rather not look for a real evil and then try their best to eradicate it, only they know to God belongs the most beautiful names, God is good, and this earth belongs to Him and He will distinguish the wicked transgressors from the righteous believers.

‘What doesn’t kill ya will only make you stronger.’ Isn’t that what the whites say, when their illusions do not materialise, and their fear tactics do not precipitate into followed actions of futility. Like cinema, the newspaper play for the working taxman, what he wants to hear, because he’s sold his soul to the monarchs, who are anarchists, the political elite try to discriminate against other people, like in that movie Harrison Ford stars in, ‘Indiana Jones’ of Asian people eating eyeballs and things which would frighten you, and even this thought of Asian people feeding white people cat food, is one of their silly jokes, trying to state that Pakistani food smells, you heard a lot of that in the mills where my grandfather and my father worked. You walk into a New Look store, adn the bitch working class fat twat asks you to not eat in their store, should have ‘why cos it smells’- not as much as your broken fanny on tampons at the age of 12. State policy virginity means nothing, in Britain.

At least the Asian boys are not foolish enough to impregnate these younger than the age of consent in the UK, if they did it probably was because the condom split. That’s what they mean, rather than what role the state played in making girls lose their virginity to tampons. Yeah, you could wear a pad.. silly thought…but with school clothes people will notice I’m wearing a pad, says the sexy two bit losers white trash girl, so I’ll bust it and use a tampon. Fuckers, get real, you got bigger problems. Mingers… I guess you need to differentiate between a child, and teen, and and adult, and a old age pensioner, and fucking rock n roll bed in a black bongo, going to all the faggots places people camping in tents, and shitting in cubicles thinking what fucking fun this is. Saying I’m here, where? Surrounded by a lot of tossers from Luton and Altricham, or wherever full of wankers and losers who think there can be another god, so sell their souls for a miserable price.

Idol Worshippers

[ Posted Wed, 29 Jun 2011 16:09:00 ]

Walking back from a restuarant, listening to Primal Scream, well loud, and their last album sounded exceptional, ‘I see the beauty in everything’, and something I sang to the bastards robots in NHS who feed any patient as much evil, to continuously profit from their misery, ‘can’t get back, can’t get back, to where I was before.’ I felt I missed the boat, missed the train, straight to the man.

Came back had a chat with my dad, he said it was time I had my medical tests done, I said it was time I stopped the meds, when they did my blood pressure, when I had stopped for two months, it was low and healthy, and now it is high, I told him I had a siezure at night, as though demons were seizing me, and even though I was screaming, all they could hear was murmur, he said had you taken any drugs, I told him all I took was mukta vati which he take for his hypertension too. I said I would not have children as long they keep feeding me these concoctions, and I fear my children will be stigmatised and treated differently by the question does any one from your family suffer froma mentla illness.

I can’t trust these drugs, they are not works of nature, they are evil concoctions manufactured in the laboratory based on snake venom, a snake well it’s a question of life and death, a snake can kill with its venom, whereas the wheener can create life with its sperm. And elephants are like soldiers.

The snake venom makes you die, but it only shows the beauty of water, through water the strength, from water the source of life, from water the undenying nuetral. They see snake venom say die, and all of a sudden so they make their poisons full of filthy lies of percentage of better and worse, when they cannot make a whole, and all they do is target a weakness and eliminate its potential when they have not address their sole reason to survive is based upon water not metal, like they wish it to.

I told him, over the period of being a mental patient and liver and survivor, all I told them I don’ twant their medication, instead of people saying well what’s wrong with it? They asked what’s wrong with you? As if the medication is more human than me. As though the medication helps you do think and say and all in one, bastards all it does dis zombify you or make you animalistic, but I don’t care my time will come, and then we’ll know the wankers from the winners. He said ‘why you debating with me.’ See the wankers, from the winnersk, thinking their can be another god. Idol worshippers.

All or nothing

[ Posted Tue, 28 Jun 2011 22:01:00 ]

All or nothing, to getting a bus to travelling in one of these, checking out summer festivals too, it looks pretty cool too, most motorhomes come in white, but this one’s in black. If freedom doesn’t come my way one day, and I don’t run out of town, yeah, to meet Sheriff John Squire and Ian Brown, trying to gun the monarchs down, so I shot that bastard Charles in the head and gave him to the fine young cannibals to eat, and if his son believes in the heros of the past, he can join his dad in the fire, wait, we’ll save the bullet, let’s burn the cunt. All or nothing.

yeah yeah, gangsta gangsta gangsta….

Yeah it’s got a tent on the roof…

If that doesn’t impress you much.

No I hear bus… but whose gonna drive a bus, plus I’ll end up in the dam smoking pot, shagging loose whores, and running out of dough.

Nah…money still not here, and I’m being harassed by evil spirits, some try to make me depress, some try to create animosity, some try to make take intoxicants, can’t be bothered with the Masons bastard cult, and their evil devils and spirits and witches.

That's how

[ Posted Tue, 28 Jun 2011 14:42:22 ]

That’s how they keep us down, man. That’s how they keep us guessing, fool. That’s how they keep us despairing the future, man. Stones for sticks- oppression and slavery. Guns and warplanes- transgression and profiteering from evil. Bombs and cull- aggression and hatred for truth.

Darkness of greed. Evil of lust. Wrong of hatred.

Everything is nothing Nothing is still nothing Eternal is to come

Cast a stone

[ Posted Tue, 28 Jun 2011 02:32:00 ]

Most think casting stones, means throwing stones, so they readily pick up a stick, thinking if they begin throwing stones and beat them with my stick, and when they pull out a gun I’ll bring in the warplane, and when they pull out a bomb, I’ll blame it all on the terrorists by killing off all the people who attest to anything which I care not to comprehend or believe, for I am king of the world, and my honour is my slavery to the monarch, and how I will enthrone them as the universal lords

He without sin cast the first stone

Built like a diamond, turns into dust or turns into stone,

Links so formidable so strong and captured within their past, present and future

A tale of conflictual relationships and lonesome friends

One of polars and opposites from laughter to crying, from love to sorrow, from material to spiritual, from the youthful festivity to the depression of work, from made of stone to break on through, from bulletproof to shoot you down, from no surprises (silent, silent) to Enjoy the Silence, in between life and death -the pauses.

Then it tells of a revolution and you wonder what it once meant, perspectives change so much.

Saj is not immoral, Wah is not filthy, Kash is not corrupt.

Popular. Rich. Famous.

Do you really want to know, you come in on your own, and leave on your own, forget the lovers you’ve known and the friends on their own, you come in on your own,and leave on your own, woah Lord, I’m standing here, I’m all alone, gotta feeling inside my soul.

Someone impressionably made this song sickly, but I know too well on the diamond compilation, which Sajid the sinless from immorality eldest brother made which I borrowed, and listened to on my Mitsibushi colt, for the whole summer semester, in my final year, until it got stuck in the CD player, and I had the deck replaced as the car was under warranty, I phoned them to find out what happened to the CD Saj made with his own hand, but I listened to it so many times, I knew exactly how it went, and after a few attempts, and using his music library I was able to replicate it. But then I took to Pakistan in 2003, but it broke in transit, and after I didn’t bother, and Sajid never kept his music library, as it was alll off the internet, but it was an amazing collection, he made ma another compilation, and left it on my computer, which I really really enjoyed and the links in this were also great, and miraculously put together, it was only eight tracks long, but the diamond compilation was 17 tracks long, and had two parts divided by break on through to the other side, alhamdulilah it taught me logic, it taught me a higher intelligence and amazingly made me find my feet after years of turmoil. Loved it. Still do.

A sorrowful song, love the violin after this song played, a different version to this video, but this version is quite posh, but still addictive, but the one we had on the diamond compilation he says ‘gotta feeling inside my soul’ which he doesn’t say on the other ones. Dard de dil, comes on to finish off, and was amazing, but I guess the paradox was to laugh or to cry. I cried. Like a child.


[ Posted Mon, 27 Jun 2011 21:47:34 ]

Cats are known as superior, but really they are known as appreciative.

Dogs are known as warriors, but really they are known as loyal.

Pigs are known as burrowers, but they are known to have a happy smile.

Horses are known as strong cavaliers, but they are really cleverest.

Monkeys are known as robotic thinkers, but really they are known as forward mind.

Bees are known as workers, but really they are the bedrock of life.

Ants are known as workers, but really they carry far too much when they have to.

Lions are known as kings, but really they are noble beast.

Bears are known as mightier, but really they are fearless hunters.

Ants are known as mightier, but really they are afraid they’ll get trampled.

Lions are known as fearless hunter, but really they are noble kings.

Bears are known as forgetful eater, but really they are happy go getter.

Tiger are known as fearless hunter, but can scare you with their colours of fire on their face.

Fishes are freer in the water, but show life is productive even if they try to catch the lot.

Everywhere there’s the unappreciative and the appreciative

Words of the saint, and the lines of fate

Time to say, the things I was destined to write

Whether they are true now,or have always been, or were when I was living

God controls all things, may He help me be blessed and among the righteous

Whatever I witnessed, the Lord may speak it when we’re gathered

I am Zulqarnain, the Lord’s servant, sent to decide the destiny of man

Blessed are the meek, blessed are the peacemakers, blessed are the righteous

Cursed are the futile, cursed are the troublemakers, cursed are the wicked transgressors.

To God belongs everything in the heavens and the earth. Ina lillahe ina elaihe raajeoon. Verily we belong to God and verily to Him is our return.

Those who believe man can achieve great deeds, and those who know life can survive.

Those who think happiness can be bought, those who say masha Allah, this is what God has bestowed upon us.

Arrogance of tyranny or humility in being God’s servants.

Do the bidding of their paymasters, or work righteousness and live responsibly

[2:225] GOD does not hold you responsible for the mere utterance of oaths; He holds you responsible for your innermost intentions. GOD is Forgiver, Clement.

Peace be upon me the day I was born

[ Posted Mon, 27 Jun 2011 18:30:11 ]

[2:135] They said, “You have to be Jewish or Christian, to be guided.” Say, “We follow the religion of Abraham - monotheism - he never was an idol worshiper.”

[2:116] They said, “GOD has begotten a son!” Be He glorified; never! To Him belongs everything in the heavens and the earth; all are subservient to Him.

To understand the implication of the Satanist regime and all that it inevitably will challenge and achieve in its hatred of God’s people who do not think the lie is more portent than the truth which no one has witnessed, though they are all aware of the facts it presents, whereby they only elude to attempt to defeat the messenger through dark arts, I envisage, for they are unable to spy on the High Society, instead the words of a messenger is whom they try to arrest and deny, without learning that anyone who practices witchcraft will have no share in the hereafter (2:102). Who knows the origins of species, and who knows the arrangement of all that has occurred, except God alone, the language and its development and its speed, accuracy and precision, are all related to the timelessness and the truth they bring. I guess there were promises, but cannot ever realise when and where they occurred. Whether it was the son of man or the son of David.

Again the wankers think humans can acheive great deads, and this is why they idolise the messengers such as Jesus for the miracles he showed, and Muhammad for the revelations from God which he wrote with his own hands, and these Muhammadans claim the ashabs were instrumental in its deliverance, whereby the Prophet was unlettered. Because they achieved great things, they worship them, and they glamourise themselves with loving them due to the sins they commit. They expect Moses to lift them up to the highest mountain, and Jesus to carry the sins of man, and Muhammad to hold the peace of time. However none of these persons ever had any power of their own, none of them attested to be gods, nor did they proclaim there is another god besides God. What am I trying to say, the key was survival, not achieving great bouts of giddiness and applause.

They have hold of a stick, and when they forget the first clause for their assuming to arrest the world, they find they have given themselves no time to reflect on the threat, the bark nor bite, these are illegal attacks, so bring the soldiers back. When they realise what wankers they were, trying to create an impossible reasoning, if you cannot make yourself take the stepp towards the lies against peaceful submission then don’t expect others to just jump there due to what they’ve already assumed knowledge of.

He without sin cast the first stone.

What is sin?

Is it the sins of morality, or the sins of trying to reach unending kingship

Both are quite relevent morality depends on the basis of good family values and the sins of trying to reach unending kingship, is the seduction to lies, and the incurring of sins, due to the claim there can be another god.

May the Lord protect me, and grant me steadfastness and happiness in this life and the hereafter.

Insh Allah, la quwata illa billah. God willing, no one possesses power except God.

The more they read the word amen, the more they support the hegemony of the global wankers who reside aas the political elite, and that bastard Charles, will die before he ever becomes king of the one world empire. Wanker of the one world wankers paradise. Still got hold of your stick, you white retarded, dislexic piece of shit, Harry Wanker Potter, serve your purpose, adn pay them pay masters, to say their lies and seductions against the one true King, the Lord of the heavens and the earth, la ellaha ella Allah. Allahu ackbar.

The narrative, well , read your own minds, and find whether you are granted truth or lies, whether you are guided or manipulative, whether you are responsible or forsaken. What narrative do they follow? bible, Isaac was the sacrificial son, and God ordered his sacrifice, which means He advocated sin, and the Bible is the word of God, so cannot be lying. And instead God sacrificed His own son, Jesus, and His sacrifice was the greatest, and he died for all of the sins of mankind. Valuable return , you call it. Now you got problems, especially with that all-seeing eye you have on the dollar note, well to tell you without following through on the link which occurred prior to this, they’re losers those Christians, simple as, they can’t do anything right, and that’s the simple fact. David went on and on , showing them la ellaha ella Allah, and saw the angel of death, against those polytheist, if there’s one person these stars should support it would be the heir to the line of David, Kashif Afan Hussain. Born on 11.11.1979. And if you correlate it with the birth of Rashad Khalifa you’ll notice something.. He was born on the 19/11/1935, both add to 30 in total of the numbers

“the total of the digits of the birthdays which were 30 for both mine and Rashad (19/11/1935, and 11/11/1979), and the total of day and month was 12 for Rashad and 4 for mine. If you add these totals you get 76= 19x4. Praise be to God,it was the will of God who guides. There were three lots of nineteen shared between the two birthdays, and my day and month added to four, suggesting it was the fourth integer in the puzzle.”

(Water is more precious than gold to people- A Submitter page 224)


Hey watch out!

[ Posted Mon, 27 Jun 2011 17:29:44 ]

“Hey watch out!

We got our backs to the wall.

Step on it, my troops are on fire…electronic, waiting for the final trip.” (yeah Kasabian).

Shall we have a date, end of…

Responsible is to respond to the worship of God

[ Posted Mon, 27 Jun 2011 14:40:00 ]

This was one of the conversations Haroon used to say to me,

“You gotta be responsible…(which meant, responsible is to get a job).

And I’d say, if he had the nerve to say it all,

“Responsible is to respond to the worship of God.’

Civilisations and universalisations

The world inside or the world outside

What the world can give to me or what you can give to the world

Get and give can have different meanings too, only spiritual people who look for essence will know their meaning. You get what you give. You reap what you sow. You either charitable or usurous.

You know the Indians were in the paper, last year, claiming they could make a laptop for $15, at least they thought of it, how much does the hardware for an iPhone cost again? You can pick up replica iPhones for $60, on ebay, so they must be making some sort of profit, and how much are Apple paying the Chinese to manufacture their products, and how much do they sell them to, to the rich Westerners, programming has become dirt cheap, hardware manufacture has become cheap, if you look at intua, charging £12 for their amazing music studio application, however to tyrannically challenge the infrastructure of global economy doesn’t need to oversurge the income of those who sit at political elite, it is the giving that matters, for we are all destined to perish, and what we take is what we give, our works are those which we did in zakat and salat, rather than the fear of poverty, you should try to overcome your natural stinginess. And with God there is always a greater reward, masha Allah, I’ll give you some examples.

I had a meal, from Silver Grill, and my brother Waheed was returning from work at the local surgery he is a partner of and his occupation is a GP, and his wife and children joined us. A few days later, I ventured to their floor feeling kind of corruptive, and thought the girls were smoking sheesha, I went up pretending I was my father, put on one of his tone of voices, walked in and said, ‘what you lot doing?’ But they weren’t smoking and they started laughing. I asked them if they were gonna smoke sheesha they said they didn’t have any. I went downstairs to our floor, and sat around, my wife followed, and then my sister in law, knocked on our door, and she gave us some walkers crisp, a big bag of different flavours. Then about half a hour later, I made another delivery order, and my brother Waheed, returned, adn he had lots of food, from his meeting, there was cake, paninis, sandwiches, rice, I only had the cake, with soft cream and a flake chocalate on top, as I had already had ordered a take away. That felt like a huge return.

Then about few months prior to this, I had bought a pair of Beats, and Dre has lost his appeal, and people can’t believe they were full of shit, abotu beats and dre hype, they hurt my ears, the in ear ones, and I gave them to my cousins daughter, then about two months after this, I thought I would travel, and songs like by Kasabian meant something, which I only really understood recently, but I had ben thinking of travelling since December, I got a credit card from Amazon, whcih allowed you to spend straight away, and I went and bought at market price a pair of Beats HD headphones, they’ve come down a lot now, and I think I would have preferred the AKG, as I have to use batteries with these, some thing like AKG K242 HD studio monitor headphones, I think I’m interested in getting.

You gotta leave all these things behind one day, usury or charity, blindness or kindness, miserable exchange or happy gifts.


[ Posted Mon, 27 Jun 2011 13:45:00 ]

Too often we are led on in a false way where we fail to respond to the call to worship God alone. For as we keep thinking humans can achieve great deeds, we will continue to promote idolatry, whereby we forget the main reason for success is how strong we are to survive.

The English language, well words in the English language, such as responsible, or strength or even buy, may have many different ways of expression, in their common sense they may mean what we are acustom to know them as, whereas if you expereince some older children in their families they’ll speak of adulterations, and words have a portent sting.

Strength of survival may seem like something a physical challenge, but more over than not it is the strength of mind to overcome matter, however only Abrahamic people can distinguish truth from falsehood. If for some reason we were led on through the chain of Judaism to Christianity, and the impossibility of the script which they spun in order to trap God in to a seduction to evil. But well before their time, the truth of the sacrifice was Abraham’s first son, who was Ishmael, and though the Church tried to seduce God through lies, in the end they fell to the same backfiring where they were seduced by lies, that Isaac was the sacrificial son. Isaac was born at a very late years in Abraham and Sarah’s life, how can you say therefore then Isaac was born before this and how would you argue that Sarah asked Abraham to bethrothed her servant for they were without child. It is the system of God, whereby the children who do not know anything, are the ones who show the Abrahamic light of peace and submission. And wherever they go the world around them talks to them, in the present showing miracles relevent to that person, and the glorifying of God.

Back to the question of responsibility, the Quran teaches us about responsibility many examples occur, when you type, the word ‘responsible’ in the word search on masjid tucson website, but the last one I’ll use in this instance.

[53:39] Every human being is responsible for his own works.

The one I was looking was more in line about how the messenger is not a guardian over you, and that you are responsible for what you earn.

The value repentance is such, that you remember only God can forgive, and when you accept that submission means to be responsible, to respond to the call of la ellaha ella Allah, to be responsive is where it derives from. Those who ‘sell’ their souls, will usually look for an intercessor or someone in better position to atone for their sins. When they are proven falsified, it then either remains the truth that God’s mercy encompasses all things, and that they too should be among those who recieve mercy, sometimes it is a means of necessity sometimes it can be lies. If they won in their seduction it would be proven lies, if they do not succeed then it becomes a means of necessity. But they cannot escape the incurring of sins. They profit from evil, we initiate the truth to stand against their illicit earnings.


[ Posted Sun, 26 Jun 2011 21:15:55 ]

There are bigger tyrants in the West. Behind the iron curtain is a tyrant,. behind the false hope of progress and freedom is the beasts mentors of evil, behind the farce of economic superiority is the lie people have achieved great deeds when no one can really for sure explain them as timeless.

Sport and amusement, rather than purpose and forgiveness.

Tyranny of competition rules, life has no rules.

To them the anger of victory denied by time and place, everything is controlled by God.

Church of England wankers believe life can achieve great thing, the believers know life can survive.

They destroy the survival mechanism, we rejoice at the Lord’s mercy and not despair.

Arrested development and getting stuck into triviality, or set free and grow and nurture the soul.

Ifs and buts and wishful thinking, or repentance a firm repentance for ever.

I ended the previous post which I press create post, and the internet connection had gone, I told them I was writing in the present, and it was 26/06/2011, and I found these numbers strange, as there are two sixes and the rest of the number also add to six. Don’t ask me to tell you what I wrote in that post, but now I know, tyranny is when 666 appears, yeah, who knows what it means.

Point of Return, Egypt or Abraham

[ Posted Sun, 26 Jun 2011 14:17:35 ]

It’s Egypt again, that’s where they return to, their origins lie in Egypt, whereas they forget the story of the Children of Israel, whereas Egypt is godless, or many gods even humans are gods which is what the Western world hides their true ideas which stem from Buddhism, whereas those who submit to God go back to Abraham.

The point of return for this system is Egypt.

However water is more precious than gold to people.

Angelic words. We’ve heard before.

To them the arrest which money brings is what they worship, the fact nothing can be done without money on earth, is what they worship, to them money. Whereas for the believers in God, they know God protects and sustains, and grants from His bounties to whomever He wills, the material is irrelevent, for the buying of wealth and splendour comes with the given promises, if son of man returns, they will believe and follow the messenger.

The heirarchies of the Western world, and the tyrannies of the Eastern world, all subject to one fatal flaw in their system, to attest humans are gods, is their belief, which will inevitably lead them to Egypt.

I’m not in control of my destiny, there are many things which are important or relevent which I cannot deny their existence nor ignore.

They claim these material things which humans use in their everyday, are the result of their superiority, whereas their dark arts and magic, are the result of mystic and Muslims truth, which they deny and use to try to defeat with the same token.

To God belongs the East and the West.


Hierarchies and Tyrannies

[ Posted Sun, 26 Jun 2011 13:58:50 ]

It’s a no win, situation, stop your meds and face detention, whilst in detention they can feed you every concoction known to cause evil and trouble with the body.

And to try to control it , it first makes you eat, and when you feel the weight increase you try to control it, and instead you turn into a mental patient monster, with loads bulge on your face, slower reflexes, it is almost animalistic.

And the nature of its use, is to try to make humans as animalistic as they can, however how do you suggest making animals out of all the people on earth, well they are not shy of attempting it, especially with the term called vaccines,to stop measles, can you believe how pathetic these wankers are. For a measly reason, they’ll lead you to continuous suffering.

How do you suggest affecting all life, again they are not shy of attempting it, by flouridating water, and causing a conflict in karma among God’s creatures.

Relentless pressure, to avoid their sinuations and the artistic expression to make themselves seem more capable of being god than God Himself.

If they were gods there would be continuous destruction, there would be no life, there would just be sport and amusement.

Hierarchies and Tyrannies

Hard as rock, easy as 123

[ Posted Sat, 25 Jun 2011 17:59:00 ]

No one can walk through fire, but illusions you can.

I guess there’ll see it as hard, almost as hard as made of stone followed by break on through, however they think how to break on through to the other side, whereas if you continue you’d know, one love, one heart, one soul, you can have it all… easy peasy, ruhuhuhu. That’s how I hear it, the question of as hard as rock, or as easy as 123. I guess the Church is destructive, because they have not fulfilled their covenant and to see whether it was a lie out of necessity or a lie of blasphemy, the idea of Trinity,which was based upon a dream by Constantine. So what happens after death, will there be a resurrection. Life, death and resurrection. Everything, nothing and eternal. Elder, youth and child. You must wait for resurrection, it cannot come in an instance, and you must follow the reason for all this was a question, could God create a rock He could not lift/carry/hold. Lift is to go up and down, to carry is to move right and left, and to hold is to put forward or backward. So with the first to lift, it is a test of light and darkness, for the second to carry, is a question of good and evil, and the third to hold is a competition of right and wrong.

Signs, miracles and mathematics.

Tree of Knowledge. Fountain of Youth. Elixir of Life.

The Old. The New. The Final.

The children do not have to know anything, but yet the Jews and Christians give them the adulteration or the awakening in order to monopolise the economy or franchise the world resources and to stay away from the vital instruction to not pursue lies and hatred through irreverence and forsakeness in order to build a hegemony of a global order to destroy God’s Oneness.

I too fell prey to the idea of sacrifice, where I was led through a self realisation of foreseeing myself, as being the one to kill my parents, and this put me in such a fever that I planned my own death. I was let out on the day I had swallowed cleaning powder from a cleaners trolley, and when my brother came to visit, he asked for another room, as the visiotor’s center was smokey, the nurse in charge allowed me to go home. I didn’t say anything to my brother on the way home, he even stopped at Dhesi grill to pick up some chicken wraps. I went home and my brother got held up by delivery people, we had only recently moved into the house we built on Wilmer Rd, I went to the kitchen, in the basement, ate the food, in the company of my grandmother, who had asked me to eat something, but I told her I’ll have it when I get back, this was a few days earlier, as I was leaving to go to my out-patients appointment, and where the doctor had me detained informally. After eating, I went to the attic, and throw myself out of the window, this was a five storey house, I fell head first, I knew if it was my destiny then God would not allow me to feel these things, so I went ahead and did it, plus I was oppressed by the system, as I fell off the roof, my feet were scraping against them, I then thought I shouldn’t have done this, but as I fell, I sumersaulted round, from falling head first to my feet facing the ground, and my right foot faced my left knee, and my hand raised skyward, my right hand, andmy index finger raised to the sky. When I fell I saw a rock and pushed my head towards it, I was in a sky diving position, I wanted ot connect my head with the rock. However when I landed I did not connect, and instead heard some shudders through my back. My legs went paralysed. After about five minutes, my brother opened the window to the back of the house and found me. I asked him later how he knew where I was, he said he had seen my trainers at the front of the house, so knew I couldn’t have gone far.

I didn’t feel a thing, and haven’t done since. But I’m crippled with one nerve loss or damage in my right leg, which works the thigh area. I can swing it, but cannot bend it much, or put weight on it, so have to walk up steps one foot at a time, and lead with my left foot. I was lucky to have survived, but to recover too, alhamdulilah, and then to be talking now, without any thing causing me grievance, instead fully able and conscience and in a great state physically and mentally, even though it is impaired both ways, I can’t show the people around me how clever I can be, because of the anti-psychotic medication I’m on, which makes me animalistic, craving fast food, I love Silver Jubilee, or Silver Grill as its called, exclusive food, open after 5 pm, and food you could really franchise, but they do a lot hard work, andhave all sorts of things available, I used to be on a tight budget but since my settlement I may try their other stuff too, like their thacarries, curries in English, if their grill stuff is anything to go by, I think it will be really good.

[21:88] We thus saved the believers.

Alhamdulilah, Allahu ackbar, la ellaha ella Allah. Besmalah

The falsifier

[ Posted Sat, 25 Jun 2011 17:08:15 ]

The machine not working is like the sun not burning

For every gift a thousand in return

For every charity a due recompense

For every time we spend our monies in the cause of God, “is like a grain which produces several spikes, each spike with a hundred grains, God multiplies this manifold for whom He wills, God is Bounteous, Omniscient.” (Quran)

You get what you give

For submission is the key

To happiness and joy from all that is

To live forever in the garden of bliss

Close to the Lord, and forever peacefully content

Neither seeking exaltation just spend our time in glorifying God

Like we did when we were born on this God’s earth

To redeem ourselves from the ignorance of sin

Those who bear witness la ellaha ella Allah

There is no other god besides God

Or those who claim there can be another god

The peacemakers or the troublemakers

The blessed thanks or the wicked regrets

Will of innocence or force of corruption

Kingdom of realness or order of illusion

Kingdom of God or New world order

Those who submit or those who turn arrogant

Those who strive in the cause of God or those who deny the signs of God

Those whose hearts rejoice in the remembrance of God or those who deny there ever was a Kingdom of God

A lie out of necessity or a lie of blasphemy

You shouldn’t look to me for answers, for you may feel I am better placed, for I too am human, and only say what I witness and my witness is truthful. You should seek knowledge too, and to not deny certain things as a result of your ignorance, rather than tread the path, you seek to reach the result without soulfully allowing it to let grow your souls and the wisdom you gain from it, that life teaches wisdom.

The impossibility of all that was,

But the reality of all that has been

Try not to deny but remind yourself of God

And sometimes these things which you hate are those things which made you think.

Sold out, these Muhammadans are, rather than repent, they begin to love their forefathers and their religion, even if it is proven to be false.

The falsifier. I heard my tutor once mention, in a lesson in sociology. It means to me, that when the test which Satan requests, are not seen in the same way as intended, and to continue in your destiny without fear which Satan instills in his subjects, but if you fear God, you would not blaspheme nor become irreverent or be seduced by lies. That’s what it means to me. To walk through fire.

It can only make you think, but rather than repent, they cannot let go of their original sin, which is to deny son of man the ability to fly and have strength. Because that would make them think. Someone said “I think therefore I am’ - which can have a few meanings, his existence depends on thought, that the reality of thought allows you to appreciate the presence of the Lord, rather than to eat the forbidden fruit but to go round and round until people let go of their original sin. And redeem their souls. Which sounds flamboyant, but redemption or neglect, is the same as being close to God or being astray.

Does it make you think, God is Loving, or whether happiness can be bought, does it give you freedom to be or are you confined to the ways of tyranny, does it allow you to speak or are you imprisoned in the voice you think will give you ability to decide whether you’re good looking or handsome.

Even the term good looking, means you are not as good as it seems, but you rather use your beauty which God has bestowed on you for your own selfish interest.

I don’t have a point whereby I return to whenever I feel afraid or tested or feel denial, because they had to try to fool us, but you can’t fool all the people all the time. So instead of jumping to conclusions, see everything in the light it presents itself, and give each thing the time, but do not neglect your place in the hereafter for something in this world. As they try to tell you is the greatest sacrifice, but loss is all it leads to, and whenever they thought I would just loss and sacrificial answers, I chose the blessings of God, and appreciation of the thing I witnessed and was blessed with through my life. Rather choose heroin, I chose good clothes, but maybe my fellow Asian kids who buy new clothes at Eid festivals, made me do this, or my brothe Sajid was fashionable so I emulated him in every way, but you know theyhad a lot of questions and fears but the Lord guided me and all of us, there isn’t a thing which He does not control, be it in the heavens and the earth. If I could explain, my witness, is solely apparant on how I saw the good, learnt the truth, and knew the light. I have things in my day which tell me of foreseeble thigns occurring, however I don’t know the future, or else I would have become a gypsy with a bag that looked like a bomb, with bits and bobs, and lots of things which made it look very humanistic, or I’d become a new age traveller, with my little green bag, with lots of entertainment, and bullshit which stresses and deharmonises the zen, and that too hasn’t happened, or I may become an angel and fly the sky. I don’t know, what is written in the record, will be how it happens, and I must prayer I am submitting to the will of God at all instances until the end of my life. If I think until I die, there are many things, which one would feel death would be better than this, and so we must just relax and say at all instances until the end of my life. As you may be aware, I do read the Quran, and it shows, I read it every day at dawn and in the evening. Insha Allah, I learnt I could sometimes understand the Arabic, because there were something in them which I could detect.

Praise be to God, Lord of the universe.


Happiness is submission to God

[ Posted Sat, 25 Jun 2011 15:50:00 ]

Yeah…I don’t know why,I decided to take some mukta vati yesterday, I didn’t get out of bed till early afternoon. I think they’re passtheir sell by date.

Above every knowledgeable one is one who is even more knowledgeable

My friend Faisal thinking not much difference in a car or a plane in distance

Me, with all that junk, I stole from Amazon on a Bank of America card,

If had known I’d be quite well off, I’d known the things such motorhomes, and what they have in them.

Some have excelled to the heights of the system, but think the lowliest

Some were born free of the selfish gene, and have kingly thoughts but are hurt by everyone’s hatred in their eyes.

[12:76[Above every knowledgeable one, there is one who is even more knowledgeable. (Quran)

We all agree happiness is submission to God, and if we devote to Him and obey His commandments and uphold the truth, which is to seek religious guidance from solely the Quran, the Final Testament. I don’t know fear of the hell-fire, and being burnt, should be enough to put the fear of God into them, and to worship God out of fear and hope. We are told what is one day in our time, is like a thousand years with God. So with all the excitement of a child, to be told he would travel and see the world, and also insha Allah, establish peace, and witness the victory of God. And all the sudden things which the Quran told us about, with every messenger, I don’t know, maybe we’re too hasty. The obstinate to these things which we tell you, happiness is submission to God, wil tell you about the suffering caused by a particular, in their looathsomeness they begin to charge God with a profound evil or loss as a result of His disregard to arrest the situation. May God humiliate these people to the extent they learn to never lift their heads up again. God tells us, ‘you may dislike something which is good for you, and you may like something which is bad for you.’ To this Westerners assume, to make their foods taste revolting and then telling us to eat it because its good for you, some of the relishes these Westerners stomach, or what they used to make children in the eighties eat at school, the Italian cuisine, disgusting and always cooked about a few hours ago, and never fresh. And American trash diet, well, its just cholestrol, fried burger with cheese and lots of patato snacks. I bet the Westerners like the British thought wow, good food when they tasted Indian cuisine, but now they’ve boycotted eating Asian food, due to some overt reason, which I think may have been due to this Asian guy from Ali Baba’s carpets, who used to feed them cat food. Yeah we suffer a lot of discrimination, every script writer in Hollywood, gets taught the same routine to make movies, believe in the speed of demons, so there must be a matrix scene, and discrimination against brown people, and belief their guns are capable of destroying the God of the Muslims, but all they can do is kill us, and then die pitifully arguing they had the right to defeat God but could not allow themselves to see that to God belongs everything in the heavens and the earth.

They throw us in to the hands of destruction, we are told do not throw your lives into destruction. I think this is more in reference to suicide bombers, may God cause their machines to stop working,and may we succeed in bringing the charge of anarchist to these white Mason bastards and these wankers Charles V1,V1,V1. Let them feel the fear of hell surround them, and may God guide us to the right path.

Happiness is submission to God, however they turn unappreciative, well pay for it then, instead of trying to say… “heaven is on the earth, I know you don’t know what life is really worth,not all that glitters is gold, half the story has never been told, now you see the light, stand up for your right’.

Stone, scissor, paper

We took the bullets for so long now we’re gonna eat the Church of England wanker.


[ Posted Fri, 24 Jun 2011 17:19:00 ]

A Submitter, talking camera, looking glamour, living forever,

A Submitter, unlike those sold out soldiers

A Submitter, made of paper

A Submitter a rajah not a rasta

Purpose of sport and amusement

[ Posted Fri, 24 Jun 2011 00:01:36 ]

I trust in God, but I do not trust in science. My faith in the one who creates and sustains and has power over all things, means my trust lies in the Lord of the universe, to whom I devote my worship, there maybe a great feast happening right now somewhere in the world, there maybe a party to celebrate someone’s birthday, and all around the world people may be enjoying life giving themselves the love from their families and friends, so I too must be active in my happiness and this requires me to perform my salat at different times of the day. Masha Allah I mentioned all the things,which at first after my fall were not possible and so were, but the blessing to be able to prostrate and to return to my knees without pain in my back, I only now quite appreciate it. To trust in science,will enevitably lead to a particularisation and an active course in eliminating our worse fears and bringing about a tyranny over that which we find is causing us to feel uneasy and squirmish about ourselves and our non-appreciation of God. Someone maybe fat, someone may be childless, someone may be divorced, some one may be uneducated, the list goes on, what others have and what we haven’t got, this is the game science plays, to try and buy you some happiness. I find it uneasy the sight of me in a double mirror, if I wanted to check how long my hair was on the back of my head, or if I was bolding, I see on one side a demon, and on the other someone with down syndrome. No matter what people say, I look fine, I’ll always lose confidence and self esteem as a result. It makes me insecure, seeing a demon. Anyway, science can not provide you with the whole picture, because it observes through the power of sight, to them knowledge is power, which means observing and finding an evil to profit from. It’s demonic to be like that, because if the demons speak to you who are humans, they’ll think instead of knowing whether they are good or evil, loving or hateful, truthful or liars, they’ll think it is God, and they’ll confuse the demons as being God, because the link in invisibility. If a demon said to you, ‘I can see you’ you may understand they are invisible and so think it may be God. Lazy thinkers.

Science has proven itself with all its hoo haa , kung fu fighting, through the theory of evolution, has not been constructive rather it has been destructive, very very torturously suffered creatures at the hand of greedy pharmacueticals and big health care organisations such as NHS. Yet they claim they only attacked as a result of suffering, and these are sorts of things they deem as a source of suffering, hot climate, cold climate, wet climate, windy climate, farts and the smell of feaces so they begin to cause obesity in children who can neither metabolically deal with their intake and are given fat inducing permanent drugs at birth. But the things is if they could they would do far worse, if there wasn’t a parent who did not want to see his child suffer totally whilst at their institutionalisation schools, thinking they are all grade As, but never seen a bunch of wankers who failed the test, rather than passed the test, test of light and darkness, which to them means the blonde, white, blue eye kid is better than the rest, in their school ground Church of England loser primary schools this is the general rule. All the white people have are promises, they promise and remind themselves of God, by bargaining their despair and cruelty as a result of whether they gain their desire before others. Promises. Western promises. Enlightenment or awakening, is one way of looking at the two opposites, another is enlightenment or chaos. They both link, in the first sense, an awakening is the result of eating the forbidden fruit, believing you will become immortal angels or to lie to yourself and those around you by hiding this fact, almost denying it ever existed and almost believing you are gods. And awakening means you do not see the whole is good, but see a particular whereby you think you will reach unending kingship. Whoever set up this evil scheme of children having to attend nurseries and schools, must have thought be a sport. But God did not create the heavens and the earth, for sport and amusement, He created for a purpose. Which is what the Quran teaches us. They would like to blame someone, for this, because they have reserved every thing worthy for their own kind, it is still apartheid, how come he got a public school education reserved for the rich. But they didn’t achieve anything, I went to a state school before I went to Durham. The pain of ease or suffering, is another way of looking at it, or ease and hardship. We’re under threat, most times from breaking the hegemony of the elite white people or the Zionists, Church of England and Free Masons. Serve the ego, serve people, serve the devil.

Another jam.


[ Posted Thu, 23 Jun 2011 22:27:27 ]

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Live Jams

[ Posted Thu, 23 Jun 2011 20:57:41 ]

Live Jams, with the theme style for my page, I cannot seem to get the artwork to appear. I like this theme, as it gives the date of publishing, but I do not like to hide and lie, even if it means believing I did nothing, it is as it is, easy and straightforward.

Ist Attempt., sounds a bit headbanging. Now I know how they feel whent hey go clubbing, and all they get is aheadbaning noise. but the Dj had fun. It’s okay if you got headphones. All parts were produced on the spot. It’s not all that bad, no bass, just orchestral sounds.


[ Posted Wed, 22 Jun 2011 17:43:19 ]

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Beatmaker 2 review

[ Posted Wed, 22 Jun 2011 15:53:00 ]

Would make a hell of new way of mixing and performing live as well as djing, only if I kept all my projects, but one day beatmaker will be the tool for djing, and live performances, I imagine. So you can cut out a track which seems produced by the likes of Depeche Mode or Massive Attack, but can you perform live, that’s my next challenge, maybe have a dual system, working via two devices, I don’t know. I’m gonna experiment, since you can import tracks from your itunes library, and have as many sequence tracks as you like, and even chop up things too, yeah I imagine what beatmaker really is made for, is live performances, but you must first get to grips with its production suite. Miles better than any djing app by far, intua beatmaker 2, is the way forward, for live performances especially djing.


http://soundcloud.com/a-submitter/sets/ … s-soulless


The link is to an album I produced, hoperfully you may give it a listen.


Thanks intua, I think if I ever require a job, I’ll become a live performer using this app especially, what it’s made for. Just thought of it, I’m well up for the challenge.

But it doesn’t let me import tracks while its playing, I am sure, without checking.

Eastern virtue, Western promises

[ Posted Tue, 21 Jun 2011 22:57:00 ]

The East and West have their differences

The West is rich, the East is full of virtue and good things

So I think the Western countries such as America will accept what is offered even if the Eastern people deny themselves such priority in the welcoming

And the Eastern countries people from there will tell you, poverty is bad, and they respect the rich, not due to corruption but through being law abiding.

They see keenly the things we do not like to buy our happiness, whereas to them they keenly glamourise their individual freedom due to the money they got.

However I can tell you individual freedom through wealth, is an illusion, in most ways we cannot ever break our bonds with family and where we are from and our friends and relatives. I do not think I wish to, but if God wills and I have to surrender this worldly life for the cause of God, then I may try to see it through, insha Allah. But travelling…I’m having second thoughts, my body stiffens so much while travelling to Leeds and back, and that was just an hour in the car, or maybe longer. I do not want to travel for fun, if there is a purpose then insha Allah I will try to see it through, though my limbs and my overall conscience state is under severe punishment by the mental health system, but insha Allah, there is light at the end of the tunnel. May the Lord guide me, and grant me safe passage as we go through the different realms of life and experience the things which we find are full of memories and laughter. Masha Allah, may the Lord accept my repentance and protect me from sinning until it is too late to repent.

May the Lord, help me strive in His cause, and to be appreciative for the blessings He has bestowed upon me, and count me among the righteous.

Peace be upon me, the day I was born, the day I die, the day I get resurrected.

Peace to all my brothers and sisters.

Happiness to all God’s children.

Good will to all humans.

God is present

[ Posted Tue, 21 Jun 2011 12:44:00 ]

I weighed myself in the evening yesterday night, and I weighed 95kg around 15 stone, I went to sleep, after the fifteen minutes I spent reading dawn prayer and a little Quran, I went back to bed, and in the morning after breakfast I weighed myself and I weighed a little over 14 stone. I think those omega 3 fish oil may help to reduce my weight even further, insha Allah. You can pick them up relatively cheap on ebay for £3 for a three months supply, but they are coated in gelatine, which may not be what people who are vegetarian can stomach nor these Muhammadans, who you tell just read besmalah hirahman nirraheem, and you’ll be able to eat meat, without pronouncing God’s name at the time of slaughter, which is when they think it is halal or not.

I guess it goes back to the question of preconditional or by all means necessary, without these things which are not really commanded by God, such as covering yourself up or head which women in the Muslim faith do, or pronouncing God’s name when you are about slaughter an animal. One may look at in dismay and say they are unnecessary, others may say it is pre condition of self righteousness. I think these things have symbolised Islam in many parts of the world, whereas the truth of matter, they are not necessarily ordained or commanded by God. The covering of the head, was adopted by the Jews from the Romans, and was a practise of Christian nuns, and the pronouncing of God’s name on animal slaughter, well it is not necessary to only eat meat which has been slaughtered with the name of God, for we are allowed to eat fish, and that which the hawk or the dogs catch for us, so instead it is wiser and more less burdensome if we pronounce God’s name when we are about to eat, rather than at the time we kill an animal. I”m yet to witness a liberal and wholly conservative Muslim nation, I think it will be America, if God wills. I know Rashad Khalifa said America would embrace Islam. America tried to achieve a peaceful existence, whereby the rights of the people are kept, however many times a rather over reaction or brutishness or even aggressive losing occurs. It is strict on its constitution and its laws, and has very strict laws, which are quite brutish sometimes. If America embraced Islam, I would expect they’d be submitters, who would acknowledge truth, for example the mathematical miracle of the Quran, and also the narrative as it stands at present. To have faith in the light of the future, to believe in the good of the present, and to devote to the truth of the past. Signs, miracles, mathematics. God is there knows the elder, God is here observes the youth, God is everywhere learns the child.

I had an amazing evening out in town, to the cinema, and we watched Green lantern, and they had a snippet of De Niro saying ‘are you talking to me ’ while being the handsome Travis in Taxi Driver, and then they showed some traielers, about two guys who trade places, by wishing to have the others life, while having a pee in a fountain, in front of a statue of Virgin Mary. American way of devotion, you see. I wish I had your life, seemed to fit my conscience space at the time. And the movie, well it was talking about will, how will can govern what’s around us, and what we experience. It talked about fear, which doesn’t mean to me throwing your life into destruction, which we are told not to, I don’t know. At present I also saw the trailer for the Harry Potter movie, and these movies though fictitious, seem to have some sort of meaning about war and destruction, which I wrote as soon as I saw the trailer to the movie. I observe so many miracles, alhamdulilah, all personal, and which make me think, about the arrangers, sometimes it is as though the question was which came first, the singing or the track, in the first track I ever made, Kabbhi Kabbhi remix, and I thought which came first the chicken or the egg. And now I’d say the First and the Last, the Lord of the universe, arranges everything in His knowledge, power and wisdom, God is the arranger. And one two things meet and you think how could that be, you know God is present.

First clause or first cause

[ Posted Mon, 20 Jun 2011 21:04:36 ]

So now you’ve got hold of the stick

On guard, wait and see who will come to strike you with theirs

Then pull out a sword

After conquering the East

Then pull out a gun

After conquering the West

Then pull out the cavelry

And the north

Then pull out the canon

The south

Then the warplanes

And kill all hippies

Then intergalatic struggle

And kill all God’s angels

Then superpower

And kill god

So then keep holding the stick

And I’ll write you a song

About what’s to come

And how your reckoning will send you to hell

Lots people thought fight fire with fire

But they only squeeze tighter

Then Tom Bombadil sang a song

And they let the sufferer go

Yet all around the world they’ve set up army stations

For what purpose to kill of humans

To call them lepors

A disease, but when they see their own true colours

They’ll see their rotting corpse burning in hell

Church of England wankers, losers of hell, with their seduction to evil, and the witchcraft and lies, impossibility but it is behind the screen, who you trying to fool, you can fool some people some time but you cannot fool all the people all the time, may God protect me from the rejected devil. They say don’t you remember, no the Lord willed that I was not present, among those evil bastards of the Church, their schools and their hegemony, and the wankers paradise, may God give you nothing but annihilation.

First clause, or first cause


[ Posted Mon, 20 Jun 2011 20:20:08 ]

To thank the Lord, is a great satisfaction, to fall in love with the things which tell you how the most beautiful names belong to God. Maybe I’ve come back as Jesus, or even son of Solomon, or even share the beauty of Joseph. No I’m Kashif, but I always found the answer simple, whenever people made vain remarks, or tried to reach unending kingship by unveiling the unseen. It is their ignorance which suggest weakness, their weakness in failure or lack of success in the schools and such things as these. Rather than viewing the whole as good, they have to observe a particular. Because the stigma of failure already loomed over them, whether they battle whim and soul against it, it was like getting hold of a stick, and the illusion that someone wanted to take it from you, and you held on, to it, whilst there was no one on the recieving side, and no matter what happened you couldn’t let go, until one day you grew out of it, and could not remember the first clause in the reasoning behind why they gave you all a stick. Schools are such places, where they learn to blame, and to say it’s not fair, fair is to believe white man is better than the rest. But all good things come from God, whereas they are borrowing for pretense rather than accepting true happiness is submission to God, whereby you do not try to buy happiness, or else you’ll end up a fool given a stick to hold, without ever knowing whether there’s any one on the other side. That’s where they get the term , ‘you’ve got the wrong end of the stick’. Blind people and their sticks, to guide them through, most important thing to a blind person is his stick.

Blessed be God, to whom we devote our worship, to whom we submit, and to whom He ask for help.

[23:14] Then we developed the drop into a hanging (embryo), then developed the hanging (embryo) into a bite-size (fetus), then created the bite-size (fetus) into bones, then covered the bones with flesh. We thus produce a new creature. Most blessed is GOD, the best Creator.

[25:1] Most blessed is the One who revealed the Statute Book to His servant, so he can serve as a warner to the whole world.

[25:10] Most blessed is the One who can, if He wills, give you much better than their demands - gardens with flowing streams, and many mansions.

[25:61] Most blessed is the One who placed constellations in the sky, and placed in it a lamp, and a shining moon.

For everything a reason, why we cannot see God, if you look at all these movies, and how creatures they’ve created out of fiction, what then would happen if we were able to see God, would we believe or would we start to run a mok, or level or destruction towards. But no one knows the number of God’s servants, and there is no fear on the believers, that the created person, who God created out of a lowly liquid and then turns into an obstinate rebel,

[38:11] Instead, whatever forces they can muster - even if all their parties banded together - will be defeated.

No one possesses power except God.

La quwata illa billah

The pretenders will be bethroned, and King Solomon’s heir will be made King, if God wills.

Like Harry Potter and that wanker, the lepor looking guy, that’s what I called getting hold of a stick.


[ Posted Mon, 20 Jun 2011 18:47:31 ]

See you in the next life. Never understood the words, though I thought of resurrection. Could also mean re- incarnation. So by praying ‘my Lord grant me happiness and not misery in this and the next’. Could be symbolised by Buddhism belief in re-incarnation. However Buddhism does not have a concept of God, which is what appeals to this age. But the narrative is such we are all reflecting a certain light. However one thing is predominant in every religion and that is idol worship. So even though buddhism may not have a concept they still devote their worship to idols. The absence of Islam is mainly due to hatred for rather seeing the world as a testament to the one God, they fuel their hatred with the threat of hell by committing idol worship.

Doers and thinkers

[ Posted Mon, 20 Jun 2011 01:23:51 ]

The Lord is Most Wise, His wisdom is true.

The Lord is Most Powerful, His power is good.

The Lord is Knower of all secrets and declarations, His knowledge is light.

God is Eternal, God is Seer, God is Hearer.

The Omnipresent. The Omnipotent. The Omniscient.

God is everywhere. God is here. God is there.

Wisdom of the past. Power of the present. Knowledge of the future.

There are those who devote their worship to God alone, and there are those who commit idol worship. Those who devote their worship to God alone, never despair of the Lord’s mercy, whereas those who commit idol worship believe their idols are in a position to safe guard their position and history.

God says,

22:15] If anyone thinks that GOD cannot support him in this life and in the Hereafter, let him turn completely to (his creator in) heaven, and sever (his dependence on anyone else). He will then see that this plan eliminates anything that bothers him..

Also where it says if you are appreciative then God will give you more, I should have verified it, as it was said by my brother, who twisted and distorted God’s verses, I’m angst about what he is up to, and one day may he see the real reason for it, and not allowed to continue preparing lies and witchery to decieve people he has an idea, because when they sleep they do not try to speak to God, they speak to the devils, who tell them only what God’s servant ,Kashif, is, because they do not have a life, and spend their time examining others, because their souls are sold.

The verse reads, after reading it tonight, ‘[14:7] Your Lord has decreed: “The more you thank Me, the more I give you.” But if you turn unappreciative, then My retribution is severe.

A few things I’ve taken out, due to family situation, but one day they’ll know the thinkers and the doers. The thinkers who invent and know how to get the doers busy in activity, and know how to tick each box. However as a thinker, you may be susceptible to a little fictitious probability, of being god. However the doer will try to be thankful for the amazing ability to achieve things with the tools he has found. Some think the advantage of having the technological or scientific basis and knowledge will give them more wealth, but as time passes the saturation leads to competition and outsourcing work, and you may end up like the Death of the Salesman, someone who was quite able at his profession, but due to lack of interest and work, has lost his position.

All things aside, best thing is to at least try to make contact with the First and the Last, the Innermost and the Outermost, the Lord of the heavens and the earth, sincerely turning penitent or praying for such things as happiness and not misery in this life and the next. And you might witness amazing things as a result, but first you must remove your dependancy on anyone else. Alhamdulilah the blessing of finding the amazing facts concerning the history we’ve witnessed and the people who lived and are abiding among us, and also many things which have not been said, which are already known to us at present, I hope people do not try to look at it as unique, I hope people will find many reasons to believe, and not try to find it incomprehensible, like they did with the Quran. There is no god besides the one God. When God created Adam, He commanded the angels to fall prostrate, for God is a jealous God, and when children of Adam, carve images out of rock or stones, and begin to worship them, then you’ll know for what purpose God created Hell. They said where can we find the information regarding salat in the Quran, or when to perform Hajj, or when Ramadan is to start, for such questions were already known to them, however they began to innovate and idolise the Prophet, God mentions one who became opinionated, and how he resembles a dog, whether you pat or scold him, he pants. Yet here are the Muhammadans, masses listening and believing in the opinions associated with the Prophet. If Prophet Muhammad was the last messenger, then when has gog and magog appeared, if they are said to have appeared at the time of Zulqarnain?

Review Nikon D3000

[ Posted Sun, 19 Jun 2011 12:59:00 ]

Finding this camera from a list of competitors, and purchased during the time of New Year 2011, when the price for either a D3000 or D3100 was relatively the same, it was actually cheaper to get the D3100, by about twenty pounds, I have to say I’m quite delighted with this product. Having bought it though, based on good reviews, but then later checking to see they were two years out of date. What can I say about this camera, firstly it sorts out a lot blur, and has an autofocus, and you can also alternate the auto ISO setting, at present I’m like on of the below reviewers said, stuck on Program mode, which allows you to take shots of moving subjects without any blur, don’t ask me about shutter speeds, for I found this could also affect getting blurry pictures. They’ve dropped the price for this by one hundred pounds now. I’m not fussed, I think should I out shine my mentor, by getting a camera well better than his, he had a D80, hmm, I wasn’t that impressed with now, comparing it to this, but a D3100 gives a lot for its buck, and at entry level, has much better spec than a Canon entry level DSLR. Watch out for the red mark, those are legendary words, because it means something, in photography. If you looking for everything, then you’ll find everything is nothing, but if you are looking for a classic, then it will stand the test of time. Do a search for ‘which one is better canon or nikon dslr’ - a let them say the rest. If you see the next review, you’ll notice it was two years ago, but I had acredit card, so I decided to shop, I’m happy with it. It is amarked improvement from the D80 or D40x, I think. Canon make shiny fucking happy people, because you cannot alter the auto ISO, whereas with Nikon you can. They may laugh at it, but the results are what matters, there’s a lot more natural elements to the NIkon, a classical way of looking at photos, whereas Canon, I’m still to see, more than shiny happy people, that’s the impression I got from putting the two cameras side by side, the Canon 550D, not great, but a standard Canon, and its pictures compared to those shot with the Nikon, I don’t like auto mode, so I guess I could not tell how the Canon photos were shot, but by shooting at 200 ISO on the Nikon, it provided a groove, and a picture which had the necessary lighting, lots of shadows, and no graininess either.

My first shots below:


Below Adrian’s, CPN, who’s got many years of experience, his photoblog, he shoots in black and white. He’s moved onto an Olympus Pen.


War and destruction Pompiety and ego Wankers and losers

Fiction and illusion Probability and impossibility Arrogance and hatred

Lies and seduction Failed and despair Cheat and weakness

Greed and loyalty Pigs and dogs Bitches and puffs

People at ease at a wedding

[ Posted Sat, 18 Jun 2011 15:49:33 ]


I managed to get some shots at the wedding, which were not vanity shots, but people at ease.


[ Posted Sat, 18 Jun 2011 12:59:00 ]

You should not have hatred, though I thought the propogating of the evolution theory, with a slight hatred, however my hatred stemmed from the apparant support by those who are known as Satanists, who try to establish a new world order, and the all-seeing eye of hatred.

Nor envy, nor lust, nor, greed, nor malice nor pride.

These are the six signs, of Satanists, vanity or rancour are always seen in destructiveness rather there is always the esteem and value in certain things in order to gain female companionship, how a pigeon would hoot at a female, and dance, to try to turn her on, as my wife explained to me, when I asked why do pigeons dance and hoot. Especially at the local park we see lots of tell-tale signs of bird behaviour, when they see a couple together which they seen many times, some younger ducks start fighting, and pussying out, and wagging the butts at the fiend, or they start dancing and hooting.

The Quran tells us ,

[29:64] This worldly life is no more than vanity and play, while the abode of the Hereafter is the real life, if they only knew.

May the Lord help me understand this, but I see the whole legacy of consumerism, archaic institutions and landscaping future sometimes to show off their skills and their amazing views for the eyes to behold, or to destroy those who are inclined to peace, and to disease their society and to degrade them with too may situations where they have to trade their true selves of peace into war. Those who delve in these things of the future, found they attempted to take their secrets to the grave, many have, but one major one is left, and God willing the truth will come from her own mouth, the Queen of England, cannot die without shedding the light of past deeds, and God willing may the Lord grant us victory, and may she not be allowed to die and take her closet to the grave. The Churchills, and the Eisnehower and those who drew up the maps of the Middle East, stigmatised them with lots of evil barbarity through colonial poisoning, we’ll soon hear all that must be heard from her alone, and we’ll listen to what has happened and what could have happened and what it all led to. The revolution, the aryan, the sovereignty of God, power lies in boys, power lies in guns, power lies in money.

Money corrupts people. Money the root of all evil. Money the power of darkness.

Who wants to lead with me to a demonstration, these English have a humanity to them, their language shows a humanity, and the show also how they can picture and view the future, too. I’ll name the one time legend, the most copied artist in history, the fading star, Ian Brown, who said, he’d see the bethroning of Queen Elizabeth. Masha Allah, the Lord blesses whomever He wills, God be glorified!


[ Posted Fri, 17 Jun 2011 21:53:00 ]




For children their biggest fear should be if they are not righteous and obedient they will go to Hell, the stories of the Prophets and messengers, in the book which is easy to understand but impossible to imitate, the Quran, allows us as children to learn right from wrong. The fear of God, the love of God, the reverence of God, should be entwine into the child’s life, so that they are not answerable to anyone except their Lord, who controls everything.

It is not righteous to beat around the bush;* righteousness is attained by upholding the commandments and by being straightforward. You shall observe GOD, that you may succeed. [2:189]

However children from what I have witness, do not tend to be righteous, they tend to look for pride and to play games of chance. The fear of the hell-fire will lead to righteousness, so that one always does not gamble nor fall into doubt.

God guides from the depths of darkness into light.

God is the Redeemer, God is the Forgiver, God is the Protector. Whereas those who fall into the devil’s influence of awakenings, will always try to put the fear of death into its enemy, which is man, however man who has learnt God will resurrect the people at a given time, at a specific time, at a precise time, will know not to doubt whether this is more important than being close to God. However one may try to write a script whereby those who are righteous and bless will lose, but the truth is here, and falsehood will vanish. So when these usual disbelievers try to unveil the unseen, what they are doing is trying to put the fear of death into the people, whereby people forsake their religious views on the afterlife and begin to seduce to the lie and illusions which they place on you.

Winners. Losers. Submitters.

Wankers, Tossers, Soldiers.

Youth will come to an age when he realises some of his elders are not present who were when he was young, the joy and sorrow, of birth and death, or life and death. However these schools are evil, these institutions such as NHS are evil, these government are evil, these banks are evil, these universities are evil. But those who landscape our future, knew what to expect, or they didn’t but God guided them. Like the landscape in the park, in Mannigham, so many beautiful views, and chirping birds, and my brother still yet to find a children playground which even in our childhood we went back to so often, we’ve lived in the same area all our lives, since my father arrived from Kashmir, in 1960s, and started working in the textile mills, he’s exactly 31 years older than me, this year and I’m 31 years old in 2011 my birthday will be 11.11.1979.

“Queen of England, no greater anarchist.”

“I need the resistance from your astrological sign. “

Primal Scream and Ian Brown.

Useless language course

[ Posted Fri, 17 Jun 2011 20:32:43 ]

Alhamdulilah, thank you Lord, for granting me a level full of knowledge, You are the Grantor, and if I was not able to fulfill the course in the language of Arabic back in 2000 and the few years in between, I would now found out how useless studying a language at degree level is, especially when I now look at the app such as ‘Google Translator’ which even gives you the oral for various languages, and in between languages, I like the fact I can read Arabic, which was due to the masjid who taught me how to read the Quran, however at university, I studied Arabic initially, but after the year away to study it in an Arab country, I came back and transferred courses to History and Politics of the Middle East with Arabic, in other words, I studied the three classics, politics is the title of Aristotle’s book or was it Plato, so I studied philosophy, then linguistics I studied Arabic, and then history of the Middle East also, so the three classics, of what one knows, what one observes, and what one learns. Masha Allah I gained a kingly education, though I feel God controls everything, I rather be blessed than forsaken, I rather be close to God than far away, rather be loving than full of hatred.

A Submitter Stereo

[ Posted Fri, 17 Jun 2011 12:29:18 ]

Thought I’d post this here, my replication of the sound you get from headphones, but then it has to be set right, you know, you can’t make it too low or too high, just in between what music exec listen to it as, sometimes it puts you off, sometimes you wish you could turn it down, sometimes you wish it was better produced, I’m talking about my own stuff, as A Submitter, but when you put it on headphones at low volume it fits in nicely for me.


[ Posted Thu, 16 Jun 2011 00:20:00 ]

You know, if we were to ask how do we acknowledge God’s ability, so when God commanded the angels to fall prostrate before that which He created, the task was easy, without much thought going into it, as though God knows best, so would He command something destructive or wholesome. However Satan refused, for Satan knew the question of good and evil, good is to submit to God which is happiness, whereas evil is to try to buy happiness. So Satan exclaimed, I’m better than he, for You made of fire, and him from clay. But you know what we’re made of water, so in essence he was stupid to observe a particular but could not allow them to notice his own petty argument but instead of believing a fool when he claims he can fly an aeroplane, you put him to the test. Those who despair fear the devils illusions, whereas those who do not despair find the Lord’s mercy. Because God controls everything, but one is not brought in to a new situation without a foreseen sign from the past, those who are seduced by lies fear the devil’s illusions, whereas those who do not despair of the Lord’s mercy, are said to have played chicken, and chicken nowadays, if rice comes from paradise, well, chicken comes from hell these days. Two piece chicken and chip, for a pound, or a huge chicken fillet, fed on steroids, for a pound, though I rarely go there, my place is a grilled masala fish burger meal, which comes from one of those fish rectories. Before in the eighties and nineties, chicken was very expensive, only now has it become dirt cheap. I can’t eat chicken on its own, nor chips, nor any burger, it has to have sauce.

You can’t buy happiness, not in terms of trade, there is no other word for it, and Adrian said it to me a few times, but I used to think he meant buying and selling, God controls the minds and hearts. But Ian Brown told , ‘happiness can neither beg, steal or borrow.’ Which I thought of in terms, communism begging, fascism stealing, and capitalism borrowing. I guess it comes from adifferent childhood, I came from a migrant family and my early schooling was at poor inner city urban school, where we learnt to stay on the wave length, but then at th4e age of seven I went to a Church of England school, and among the rich kids, I only got in because my brother and sister were both at the school. But all the circumstances aside, God has made me blessed, whereas the rich thought they could buy happiness, and joyfully in their childhood become full of ingratitude and self indulgence.

If I was the poor who the doctor told they gonna medicate or as they call vaccinate their children, I would tell them we don’t need your intervention, like making children obese and no matter if they go to the toilet or not they’ll be overweight , because of the steroid type vaccines and evil concoctions that no one is allowed to know exactly what they are made of, and what each thing does, but blindly believe they are good for us, they are trying to distort God’s creation, in every aspect, from the blessing of sleeping and losing weight, from going to the toilet and losing the bulge in the belly, but the more they feed you these drugs the more likely you will become a victim of other things, such as diabetes, which I worry about.

Medicating babies

[ Posted Wed, 15 Jun 2011 22:23:48 ]

To medicate babies in order to prevent certain life changes which everyone who has come on earth as a human has faced with, some have perished, but so to in the race to fertilise the egg, and in so many acts of desire some lose some waste away some never get the chance to get what they desire, instead we’re kept treated on with mind destroying pharmacuetical products, isn’t giving a baby a vaccination to prevent measles the same as medicated those with mental disorders, in the end you are still trying to prevent a certain evil in your eyes from occurring. Yet you cannot control time, nor the space to deny nor the energy to consume us by buying into happiness. And simply this act to vaccinate the poor, is another ploy to buy happiness, and as a result leads to great feelings of hatred and denial of God as being good, when the perpetrators are the trouble makers, who sabotage and arrest the life on earth in order to say the feeling of happiness, of saving lives as they say, but more to it it is the profiteering from evil. Because anyone can see, autism is a Western phenomena or a developed world phenemona, to distinguish those who have the mark from those who do not, and putting metal into people hoping it will act like the mark of the beast. Before they even formalist their speech and even though their conscious may be woken, they are making everyone broken instead of joined, divided instead unified, secular instead of absolute. Just as in the past, they divided the people and then ruled over them, in similar way it is still divide and rule, they divide the body in to broken segments and then rule over it with the barbarity of colonialism. The strength of the lie, of begotten son of God, because the Children of Israel could accept him as son of David, led them to formate their own destruction by claiming the Fertile Crescent as their homeland. If Ali is not number 2, then he should be number 1 instead, say the lying Shia„ who go round beating themselves up, losers, just like the Church losers, who take heroin because the pain is so great. Pain in the heart, dard de dil, dard de jighar, dil mai jigaaya aap nai, paila tho mai shahir tha, ashiq banaya aap nai… pain in the heart, pain of my beloved, you have woken in my heart, first I was a poet, and you made me into a lover. Mohd Rafi, but the like of ‘I’m just a gayboy, Freddie Mercury, could not sing like Mohd Rafi in Dard De Dil, which closed the eponymous compilation by The Scientist. You’ll see a rise, in severe handicaps, a rise in obesity, a rise in autism, a rise in crime, if you begin trying to distort God’s creation.


[4:119] “I will mislead them, I will entice them, I will command them to (forbid the eating of certain meats by) marking the ears of livestock, and I will command them to distortthe creation of GOD.” Anyone who accepts the devil as a lord, instead of GOD, has incurred a profound loss.


[ Posted Wed, 15 Jun 2011 17:50:00 ]

It’ll get me into a trunk

Like Pippin and Merry stuck inside a tree

The threaten it with fire

But it still would let them go and squeeze them even tighter

Then Tom Bombodil came along

And for every hero there is a way

And sang a song

And tree let them out of the long dark miserable sleep

It’ll get me into a trunk

Where my free boat will sunk

To never allow me the right to see the heavens in motion

To all the stars coming to gather around the end of summer

It’ll get me into a trunk

And I don’t want to get stuck

Give me the freedom to go and check out the world

Before I grow too old to be able to walk alone

Trunkard, trunkard, trunkard,

Come to the land of the hungered

To see them fed lies about survival

Telling them they need to end up full of medication at birth

Trunkard, trunkard trunkard

Who wants to listen to bunch of white drunkards

Who never want to appreciate just abuse and use

Because to them there can be another god and can’t bear witness to one God

Trunkard, lonesome ending to a long day in hell’s finest

To sit and gorge your own eyes out because they came and tried to make a lie

About who should be the rightful King and the losers who portray white man as everything

Trunkard, trunkard, trunkard


[ Posted Wed, 15 Jun 2011 17:02:12 ]

Wait that’s per gallon, but four litres to a gallon, so we’ll have to times 900 by 4, so it’s £3,600, I like that, it reminds me of the 360 degrees in a circle, a sure sign, from the Lord, may the Lord make things easier for us and to give us the opportunity to perform the pilgrimage before the time it takes to get everything in motion, insha Allah. I hope to perform Hajj in November, I can purchase, or have funds too, it’s only about convincing my family that I can be responsible once it’s done, and I do not need their niggling family life telling me how to work a great fortune when we already sat on so much, apparantly for my inheritance I have a paid house, next to the park, so what’s the point buying more properties in the UK, I’m thinking of moving to Altikum Turkey, near the coast, but first I want to go on pilgrimage by air and die or road and live, may the Lord help me and give me the chance to fulfill my obligation to perform the pilgrimage to shrine Abraham built with his son Ishmael, in Becca, and may the Lord bless us and forgive us.


[ Posted Wed, 15 Jun 2011 16:56:01 ]

I guess if I was to listen to Adrian, I should get a bus and travel to Mecca, insha Allah, if he could he would, but he has little one, which made me think, I have an opportunity and if I become too responsible at my age, then I’ll grow old thinking I never made the step into the unknown, and was too scared.

It’s not impossible, insurance is about a grand for Europe and maybe even 2 grand for the rest of the world. Petrol is the only real cost, but if we’re travelling for two years or so, then even if we decided to go to the corners of the world, it shouldn’t cost more than 50 grand. It does 13 mpg, a gallon is three of four litres, say four, a litre of fuel cost on average say £2, and we’ll round off the mpg to 15 miles, 15 into 3000 miles which is to Maccah, 450 times that by 2, it’s 900 pounds. Masha Allah, that’s affordable, if we had eight or twelve seats, and got some people to chip in, and redid the upstairs of the bus, to accomadate them, we could all go to Maccah on a two months visit, for a 400 pound each, andI intend to pay for it, as I have the funds available, just not the company as yet. Someone, Faisal, said he was interest, bless him, he’s a bit thick, he thought if the plane flight to Egypt took 3 hours, then Arabia is just next door, it shouldn’t take as long, but insha Allah, I may hire him, and so he can drive and help with the luggage, and hopefully… he was abit put off by the loss of his job if he went away for a few months.

I think I should choose Adrian as my Deputy, but then again he may feel he is obliged to answer to my parents, but hopefully my parents will relent to my purchase of a bus.

A D1 licence means I can drive a minibus, not commercially though, which requires rigorous medical examinations.

It’s better than becoming a trunk, than a free boat out of town, and filled with lots of loving great feelings and lots of friendly people waving and lot’s of loving memories, God willing. But with anything, hopefully everything is in accordance with God’s will. But the talk of the hitchhiker makes me scared to foresee something happening.


[ Posted Wed, 15 Jun 2011 15:42:59 ]

Here’s a shot of Adrian, the CPN, we go drink a cup of coffee or can of pop at the cafe down in Lister Park, he was showing me some new things to do with cameras, he had his Olympus Pen to show me some of its features, as well his iPad, though it was quite impossible to view pictures outdoors, especially with the clarity of the screen acting like a reflective mirror.

He showed how to set the Nikon to shoot in black and white, he blogs his photos on animus3, a photography site.

First attempt, but I wanted to capture the landscape at the back, plus the sign for Cartwright museum on pole, but really highlight the people playing bowels, who moved when I shot it, next attempt I tried a different place to shoot.

On way back I thought I saw something which would make a good shot, Adrian said take it. I don’t drink coffee, so don’t worry this is not a caffiene driven rant.

Fire or Water

[ Posted Wed, 15 Jun 2011 15:35:55 ]

“God guides from the depths of darkness into the light.”

Jews could not accept Jesus as son of David.

Christians made Jesus the begotten, due to the lies of their heroic worship, just as when you say to the Shias, ‘who’s your number 2’, they’ll instead say Ali was number 1, but the Angel Gabriel made a mistake as to who to send the revelations to.

Here the West stop, filling every knowledgeable asset to Islam with lies, such as Trinity, a challenge… a joke or blasphemy.

The following is something I found in the Quran: It says:

[8:73] Those who disbelieved are allies of one another. Unless you keep these commandments, there will be chaos on earth, and terrible corruption.

Muslims were taught Jesus was the Messiah, son of Mary, he’s referred to as Isa, and that God raised him up before his crucifixion and they were made to think they crucified him. The Lord is Most Merciful, and His wisdom, is the truth, His knowledge is the light, His power is the goodness. Never would the Lord arrest the world, for surety with the coming of days and nights, the orbits of the sun and moon, the constellation of the stars, the birth and death of all those which live on earth, lam ya kuluhu, kufhuyan ahad, none equals Him. Now you must ask yourself, if the jinns are made of fire, then what will be your end, if you see fire it is destructive, it consumes everything around it and then consumes itself, that is the element of burning. So will you not accept that there is no other god besides God, or will continue to claim there can be another god. We’re made of water, water is peaceful, water was what drowned the disbelievers during the time of Noah, water was what drowned Pharoah in the time of Moses. Due to a flood during the time of Noah, stretching the horizon, full of water, and at the time of Pharoah the sea parted, and he chased after the children of Israel but God caused the water to close in on him, and he drowned. Praise be to God. At the very last moment, when we are nearly seduced by the size, the weight and the pressure, God grants His mercy. So did He when Abraham nearly sacrificed Ishmael, and so too was Jesus put to rest before they crucified him, so to was Jonah rescued from drowning, and so to was Job relieved of his adversary and ailment, and prospered, so to was Muhammad, triumphant in abolishing idol worship and removed it from the house of God, the Kaaba, which Abraham and Ishmael built. So to was Joseph rescued from the well, and brought into Egypt, and after many years in prison for no crime, was made into a treasurer. Surely there must be some faith on their part too, those who witness the truth manifest, even if it requires faith, may the Lord grant us victory.

Yet all those who could submit to God alone, will find those who belong in fire, end up in the fire of Hell, and those who belong in water, will find the paradise is reserved for them, at God.

Kashif Afan Hussain (Raj Putt)

Fire or Water

[ Posted Wed, 15 Jun 2011 13:17:08 ]

“God guides from the depths of darkness into the light.”

Jews could not accept Jesus as son of David.

Christians made Jesus the begotten, due to the lies of their heroic worship, just as when you say to the Shias, ‘who’s your number 2’, they’ll instead say Ali was number 1, but the Angel Gabriel made a mistake as to who to send the revelations to.

Here the West stop, filling every knowledgeable asset to Islam with lies, such as Trinity, a challenge… a joke or blasphemy.

The following is something I found in the Quran: It says:

[8:73] Those who disbelieved are allies of one another. Unless you keep these commandments, there will be chaos on earth, and terrible corruption.

Muslims were taught Jesus was the Messiah, son of Mary, he’s referred to as Isa, and that God raised him up before his crucifixion and they were made to think they crucified him. The Lord is Most Merciful, and His wisdom, is the truth, His knowledge is the light, His power is the goodness. Never would the Lord arrest the world, for surety with the coming of days and nights, the orbits of the sun and moon, the constellation of the stars, the birth and death of all those which live on earth, lam ya kuluhu, kufhuyan ahad, none equals Him. Now you must ask yourself, if the jinns are made of fire, then what will be your end, if you see fire it is destructive, it consumes everything around it and then consumes itself, that is the element of burning. So will you not accept that there is no other god besides God, or will continue to claim there can be another god. We’re made of water, water is peaceful, water was what drowned the disbelievers during the time of Noah, water was what drowned Pharoah in the time of Moses. Due to a flood during the time of Noah, stretching the horizon, full of water, and at the time of Pharoah the sea parted, and he chased after the children of Israel but God caused the water to close in on him, and he drowned. Praise be to God. At the very last moment, when we are nearly seduced by the size, the weight and the pressure, God grants His mercy. So did He when Abraham nearly sacrificed Ishmael, and so too was Jesus put to rest before they crucified him, so to was Jonah rescued from drowning, and so to was Job relieved of his adversary and ailment, and prospered, so to was Muhammad, triumphant in abolishing idol worship and removed it from the house of God, the Kaaba, which Abraham and Ishmael built. So to was Joseph rescued from the well, and brought into Egypt, and after many years in prison for no crime, was made into a treasurer. Surely there must be some faith on their part too, those who witness the truth manifest, even if it requires faith, may the Lord grant us victory.

Yet all those who could submit to God alone, will find those who belong in fire, end up in the fire of Hell, and those who belong in water, will find the paradise is reserved for them, at God.

Kashif Afan Hussain (Raj Putt)

A glimpse of the time

[ Posted Tue, 14 Jun 2011 16:21:29 ]

I found this picture, as I was looking at photos on my camera, it felt a good shot. should be placed on its own, alhamdulilah the Lord guides whom He wills, God does not guide the wicked, God does not guide the evil people.


[ Posted Tue, 14 Jun 2011 15:11:49 ]

All the times by the will of God

Testing of the psychiatric nurse

How they ruin my day

How they spit evil webs of lies and expect us all to fall prey.

When I had someone singing to me like an angel

For so many long days taught me dance for me to keep

Listening to the banging of the drums

And the songs like bye bye badman

And I guess I’ll close with the words

I don’t have to sell my soul

The Quran teaches us, ‘the believers are fighting in the cause of God, whereas the disbelievers are fighting in the cause of tyranny’.

The believers know they made of water, but those seduced by their temporal companions of jinn believe they are made of fire.

Peacemakers or troublemakers

Blessed thankful or wicked regrets

Will of innocence or force of corruption

Peace or war

One god or another god

Kingdom of God or New World Order

Kingdom of realness or illusions of order

Remember the water, of the flood after Noah spent 950 years in their company calling them to the worship of one God.

Remember the seeking of water in the desert, and a spring, called Zam Zam, a place where Abraham built the sacred shrine the Kaaba with his son Ishmael, in the center of the earth.

Remember the well in which Joseph the son of Jacob was cast, and picked up by a caravan who sold him in Egypt, and so many years in prison after being seduced by the wife of his master. Taught the interpretation of dreams, and told the meaning of the dream of the King, after several years of draught.

Remember Moses who watered for the two women at Midyan as he fled from Egypt because he had killed an Egyptian.

Remember when the sea parted and Pharoah drowned, and the Children of Isreal witness the fall of Pharoah.

Remember when the tribes of Israel asked for water, and Moses struck the rock with his staff and twelve springs gushed therefrom.

Remember Jonah in the belly of the fish.

And John the Baptist who called people to repent through cleansing of sins through water.

Water the source of life

Food the quest for survival

Air the requirement of life

Jealous minds. Cruel bodies. Mad souls.

Water is more precious than gold to people.

Kingdom of God or the New World Order.

Kingdom of realness or order of illusions.

Peacemakers or troublemakers.

In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Proclaim! He is the one God, the Absolute. Neither did He beget nor is He begotten. None equals Him.

In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Say, I seek refuge in the Lord of Daybreak. From the evils among His creation. From the evils of darkness as it falls. From the evils of the troublemakers. From evils of the envious when they envy.

In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful,

Say, I seek refuge in the Lord of the people, the Master of the people, the god of the people. From the evils of sneaky whisperers. Who whisper into the chests of men. Be they of the jinns or the humans.

la ellaha ella Allah

There is no other god besides God.

Should be a recollection for many deniers and flagrant liars, and ignorant by-passers.

Can't see the wood for the trees

[ Posted Tue, 14 Jun 2011 14:33:29 ]

Can’t see the wood for the trees

Truth shall set you free

Should I notice the smoker with his million wrinkles

Or his tongue trying to unveil the unseen.

But my appreciation of the Lord

Writes the history for my loving memories

To be constructive rather than destructive

To be peaceful than a troublesome loser.

You know, Timo Garcia, allowed me to download all his tracks in one set without a breaking of the tracks, each track had its own full version, and on my stereo,he showed something to me, about not giving them everything, but giving them something unique, he should be the most copied artist in the world, but his name sounds Spanish or Latino or Mehicano, or even Italian, he finished, but it was a pleasure alhamdulilah, finally giving it the airing it deserves, and its great dance compositions, closing with a track I listened to when my grandmother died, with some girl, I can’t remember right now. Catch me if I fall, is sung. It has a hang drum playing. Kind person Timo, like I said before. If I will I may buy his album from itunes, though I like it, I have it on shuffle, but it is a great artist at work, well mastered uniquely, the Stellify remix was good too.

I’ll see if I may find a soundcloud widget for it.

amber Jolene, sang the song at the end of this set, called The Morning After.

Buying happiness

[ Posted Tue, 14 Jun 2011 14:02:00 ]

You know happiness is submission to God

“If you are appreciative God will give you more” (Quran)

Masha Allah one could extol in his blessings

But become proud of his bargain.

But if were to stop short of idolatry

And praise theLord

And repeat to God belongs all praise

Masha Allah, happiness is submission to God.

I only now fully understand

It is sometimes to avoid the I, or have not and have gots

What makes you proud could also cause your downfall

Sometimes you must see it terms of Satan’s rebellion.

For he became arrogant and ungrateful

And thought of buying happiness.

If the praise comes from some one else’s mouth

Then you may acknowledge it, though everything belongs to God

And He grants what He wills to whom He wills.

On The Road With My New DSLR, Without A Blur

[ Posted Tue, 14 Jun 2011 12:50:00 ]

Cholo jee, fir kai kaina tha, those photographers think you need very high ISO and a big flash to avoid blur in photographs. If you Nikon put it on P. Check these out,

Taking shots on the road using an DSLR,without a blur

It would have been a nice shot. if angled it right, it was beautiful view, but spoilt by lack of control of the view finder and lens.

That”s Lister Mill

Thori trimming chai ne ai, needs a bit trimming.

St Paul’s Church, Bradford

O pichai, Carlisle Rd Masjid

Ha’n jee, Hussain Immigration, my wife’s solicitor, insha Allah she should get her stay by the end of this month.

Thakain na shotain asanai alaikai nai, Penines. See the shots of our area, Penines.

Off I go

To stop the laughter going up in smoke

Off the networking

And the various knowledge parting

To stop the stimuli

And control my laughter

To just maybe make a few more tracks

Insha Allah, but I got to stop this stimuli

Peace all out - A Submitter - 14/06.2011

To avoid blurring in pictures shoot in P

[ Posted Mon, 13 Jun 2011 23:01:00 ]

I think to avoid blurriness in pictures, with the D300o, Nikon, which I think has a marked improvement than the D40 or D40x, and I know, masha Allah when I went to the park, I didn’t get one single blurred image, but today whilst shooting in manual or sport I got a fair few, the day in park I shot with P, which is programmed, at ISO200, you could barely see the photographs on the LCD screen, but I knew when I uploaded them onto the computer they would show a different image, and alhamdulilah they did. Photographs only show up their true selves when on the computer screen, and not really on the LCD screen, which has glare control. And even if you increase the brightness of the LCD screen, you get lots of loss and noise in the picture preview, I think people get put off shooting at so low ISO, because when they preview it on the LCD screen, they can hardly see anything, and with cameras like Canon everyone looks like they had beautiful fair skin. You can do that on Nikon too, but when you shoot with low ISO you get lots of shadows, without it getting grainy, though some may feel they look black. But Orsenne Wells, seems to have made this appeal in cinematography which only those with many years of experience will tell you.


[ Posted Mon, 13 Jun 2011 19:13:00 ]

This is the only shot of the back of the house, no one bothered, as it may have caused some ulterior reasoning to avoid compensation, my brother Waheed, asked that I should take some shots of the back of the house, I ventured out there today, and the view of it looked really nice, so I thought I’d take a few shots, as well as of the mehfil which my mother held, in which they read tasbeeh and salawat which is very much their love for, seeking help from other than God, when the sura al Fatiha which they recite in their salat, they read ‘You alone we worship, You alone we ask for help.’ They like to say things like Ya yarmiah wala madath karna, which mean O saintly people help us, yarmiah are the toast of their dead people. Who knows what it means, objectively one could call it polytheism, but subjectively there maybe the presence of saintly people to whom they are acknowledging. Saintly people devote their worship absolutely to God alone, and are blessed, whereas the people tend to not devote their worship to God alone. They were pressing roti into sweet balls, called choori, which taste quite sweet, and is made of butter sugar and roti.

I fell from the fourth window to the right of this picture from the attic skylight windows, which you can’t see as its behind the tree, at the time in 2006, we had moved in, but the back of the house was a building site, it has only recently been completed in 2010-11, with balcony and the extension.to left by the steps, where they built an extra room, for me, in case I could not get back on my feet due to the back injury.

Reservoir Dogs, maybe a sign, especially a huge detached property, reminds me of No Surprises, ‘such a pretty house, such a pretty garden, no alarms…’ This part of the land some two bit losers decided to meddle in the affairs of the elders, who decided to buy this land from Yorkshire Water, and split it, among the neighbours, however some loser with dough from drugs, put in a bigger offer, only by ten grand, but we didn’t get disclosure at the time, and they told us they paid hundred grand on top. No good for nothing, they can’t build on it, it’s green belt.

Radiohead song, ‘no surprises’ on the OK Computer album, which was rated the best album ever, in some polls, before 2000. I like the song Subtarenean Homesick Alien, amazing well composed and they show a really amazing side to their creativeness, and I hope they wont mind my saying the things which I recorded for the track ‘unending kingship’ thinking of the scariness and as though I was the one to be cannabalised, but we know it’s the next in line to the monarchs, God willing. Satanist send off, for a Satanist tosser.

There was no balcony when I fell, and I lay there conscious and in about five minutes, my brother opened the window above the wooden door on the balco, and I lay by the third pole underneath the center circle of the balcony. There was a rock inches away from my head where I fell. I tried to connect with it, but I missed. I heard a few shudders through my back, and lost feeling in my legs, but masha Allah I was pain free. And some how I manage to cope okay with the months in hospital, I was almost catatonic, I had been on a zombifier the anti-psychotic Aripripozole for two years. Masha Allah, my Lord made things easy for me, and I went through it as well as the torturing and schematic destruction at the hands of the NHS, trying to create as many problems for me, so that they could continue to suck the blood of the sufferers. They told me that would need to do two surgeries one to the spine, and one to stabilise it, the second would require bone,from my hip, but masha Allah, they decided against as their was enough bone fragment for them to use. Apparantly the last visit for the clinical negligence, was to test whether I needed a litigation friend, the report was from a psychiatrist, Dr Pilgrim, I told him I had plans to perform the pilgrimage insha Allah, as my first objective, insha Allah as long as Nargis get’s her stay. He seemed more nicer and benevolent, and felt as though he understood the feeling of those who were uprooted or occupied with force. I’m still shaken by the episode in New Year 2010, and he picked it up. He told, I was quite fortunate, and he was the only one who told me to what extent I had damaged my back, apparantly there were several fractures.

My mother and her mother. I don’t know why, but DSLR even on sports mode, blur active participants in photography, which I’m not used to, because the first camera I had was an iPhone, which never did this, it was very good at taking stills without the movements blurring. As you see my nephew in the background blur as he walks into the room.

They had a gathering and invited loads of womenfolk to sit and prayer and read and sing naats, and send salawat to the Prophet.

My mum and my grandmother to the left, my wife’s first cousin and Dr.Waheed’s son, in the center, my mother sister and her daughter to the right.

I went to a wedding over the weekend, I took my camera, but it was my first time with a social occasion so I decided to just take them of my own family, but insha Allah I’m uncertain if people would mind, they may think I’m spying or something, but I would like to capture all the older generation who are starting to get going, and it would be good for memories. This was on the second day, on Sunday, and today is Monday, but I’m more at home in my own family house, but when I get out I think twice about the things I want to do, without being seen as a problem of some sort.

Dr H, and his two sons sat with my dad, I got a seat opposite them, which was good because I could take a shot of them.

I didn’t take many pictures, but as I got up one of my cousins, my mother’s mother son, my mum’s step brother, one of his son, Faisal was stood there. And I capture it with low light, without getting it grainy and messing it up.

They look darker, than usual, with this type of lighting, I guess I can choose who I’ll brighten and who I’ll darken, give some of them a cocky feeling, and some one them thinking I’m black. Black and white, if only it didn’t blur, the picture is perfect but the fast movement from the kid at the front, it didn’t do this whilst we were out in park, and I was shooting a lot more picture. I guess the iPhone has an advantage on this, if they gave you a 10mp camera instead of a 5mp it wouldn’t be worth getting a DSLR.

A Submitter Talking In The Mirror - With Devils


[ Posted Mon, 13 Jun 2011 15:08:00 ]

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Wankers Americans

[ Posted Mon, 13 Jun 2011 14:11:09 ]

I pray and wait

Listening to the lullabies of the timing of salat

The ability from the depths of evil suffering

Slowly my Lord has given me the ability to do all things

From climbing stairs, to walking without sticks, to emptying my bowels and bladder

To being able to stand in prayer, and to be able to get back up after prostrating

Alhamdulilah my Lord guides to the easiest path

Just to remind you the trees fill my head with an emotion

Of harm, so I begin to stay with them until they welcome me

Then I leave them alone

Because the trees are scared of us, so is life scary

But not psychotic like the Americans wish to tell us

Because they always try to find the element of mercy

And try to destroy all hopes, instead people are led to suffer

And die in denial of their basic freedom and their own self is continuously used against them

Whether to speak or not to speak, whether to say or not to say, whether to laugh or to cry, nothing means anything, and you are judged by these Mason mind control wankers.

The hate us, simply because we can talk adifferent language, so escape their formalised brutal scientific atrocities, they can kill us all, but at least we’ll be blessed with martyrdom and an eternal life close to God, whereas they earn nothing but remorse and self -loathing and hatred in their eyes and love on the appearances. You’re either appreciative or unappreciative. Wankers Americans, Wankers Jews, wankers Church of England. Church of England tossers, Zionist wankers, and American sold out soldiers. All the faggots in America, all the white supremacist lying twats thinking they are Children of Israel, and killing the brothers the children of Abraham, they are no more Jewish than the white Europeans are Africans. Wankers.

Faraway places

[ Posted Mon, 13 Jun 2011 13:44:47 ]

Can my limbs carry me across the seas

To all the emotions that comes in the breeze

Sometimes the trees speak a language of harm

No time to ponder over the timing glass of sand.

When can I believe in the rightful truth

To sit and watch and all the dreams making a fool

Out of me, and everything I thought would be cool

Now I sit waiting for the birth of an unborn child.

How long can we carrying playing

To all the free air that fills our lungs from failing

Tomorrow sees the end of despair

And the forgotten element of mercy.

Nothing better to do than wait

But everything I pinned my happiness

Has come and gone

To travel, to be a father , to be rich.

Now I sit and wait

May be the stars will come and take me away

Maybe Sunday morn will bring the sounds of bells ringing

But to not think because yet nothing means anything, anymore.


[ Posted Sun, 12 Jun 2011 17:39:00 ]

All the times they try to say I'm dangerous never amounted to anything major.

I stabbed a community nurse, or attempted to but it hit his ribs, and later he did not press charges. In 2004

I fell from an attic window, but survived, I'm crippled but can walk, and recieved compensation from the Trust, it was settled out of court. The fall happened in 2006.

After an admission in 2007, I came off the anti-depressant they put me on after the fall, I was on it for a seven months. The psyciatrist wanted to put me on clozapine, but I refused cos there were too many side effects, plus regular blood tests, which made you feel like a heroin user with all the marks on your arm, but as if they care, nothing means anything live or die, well or suffering, healthy or overweight, we're like cattle to them, I wonder when they'll start putting chips on people after another orchestrated Mason attack so elaborate only Westerners were capable of it or rather it was impossible for 9-11 to be the work of terrorists. So that they'll think it is justified. I was put on injections instead and After three years I was on below the lowest dose and decided to stop, my weight reduced without any deliberation of exercise I lost a stone and half in two months. Without dieting or exercise, simply by stopping the meds i weighed 90kg and when I stopped my weight lowered to 78kg, no one knows how fragile we are, and they tried to put me back on after two months, I would have become a father if they didn't force me back on. They detained me over new year in 2010, at a hospital I was latmer told still use ECT, keighley Airedale. I managed to survive even though they brutally drugging me up, on all their devil concoctions. Fuck em they can't predict the future, those demons they worship, if they could then they'd stop working as soon as Solomon died instead of working and waiting till an animal tried to eat his staff anfmd he fell. These bastards only have science whereas humans and livimg creatures have classics. I tried to burn the room with a cigerette and toilet paper, but I opened the window and the smoke density decreased and the nurses were able to get in and control the smoke but no fire started. I was let home after six days due to family requesting to take me ofg the section.

Whereas what purpose have these bastards achieved whenever a danger occurred it didn't lead to evil and suffering, because God has blessed me.

After the knife incident they labelled me psranoid schizophrenic but now I label them cruel bastards on cocaine, the wank of winning and Probability of gettimg it right at the right time like their vacconations for babies no luck if you don't gamble eradicate measles or what ever children get and instead force us to witness tje despicable creatures born witg severe handicaps. You saved lives no you profit from evil.

Elephant Stone

[ Posted Sun, 12 Jun 2011 13:41:55 ]

Yeah you know where that comes, Elephant Stone, just before the clapping and the banging, the anymore is said in awhisper, what a song, “these four walls so the rise and fall, of your midnight getaway, seems like there’s hole, in my dreams, or so it seems, yet nothing means anything …anymore.” (Elephant Stone, The StoneRoses)

Nothing means anything, anymore

[ Posted Sun, 12 Jun 2011 12:41:00 ]

Nothing means anything anymore

Like the blue sky and its waterfall

Kill your ego forever more

Dance on lego to sing along

It’s so pretty but I wish you knew what it meant

If I could bring a voyage heaven sent

To the furthest parts to remember where it all went

A heart beats in every chest in men

Nothing means anything

Pain and the suffering

By gone to all the methods of lost and forgotten

To never despair of the Lord’s mercy or seduced by illusions

Did God command Abraham to sacrifice Ishmael

Did God forgive the sins of mankind because of Jesus’ crucifxion

Did God advocate sin?

Don’t buy commentaries when you can read for your ownself.

The illusions are Satan’s request

The Lord never forsook them but made them into imams

For they did not seduce to illusions

Nor did they claim an impossible

The Christian narrative is to fulfill the impossible task of choosing others besides God

Their narrative is the samethemes as has been, so many times

Churned out for the Church’s masses, so that they can continue to seduce to the illusion of Satans

Because they believe in begottens and to serve the monarchs who try to hide their history for they try to make a good thing impossible

Nothing means anything

[ Posted Sun, 12 Jun 2011 04:03:00 ]

Destiny may have been good to us

With the preparation of all that’s come to us

Life has millions of falls and hurts

But none of them can find a place in my heart

To believe we’re on this planet to redeem

Rather than forsake ourselves to temporal illusions

All of us stand test for our crimes

None of us knows the true time of death

It is multi facetted, so no point trying to write a narrative

Effortless misery and defeatist torture

The souls of the wasted lie in horrors

From all the time it meant they simply cannot be kind

Due to the defeatist attitude and apathetic values

Nothing means anything

Nothing means anything

Nothing means anything, anymore, insha Allah don’t get it twisted

Values, historical plays and games, death and all of its friends

Nothing means anything

If we’re going to Hell, let’s be cruel and hopefully we’ll be cruel to the ones that matter.

When the ones that matter come along, with all the formativeness and understandings

They get washed over with all their despicable vile lies.

The probability of fiction or the certainty of fact.

Chaos, accidents and slavery

[ Posted Sat, 11 Jun 2011 20:16:00 ]

You could spend a day, in front of your big iMac, looking at how amazingly unbelievable your picture has become, then you think let’s share it on the internet, and you upload it on to ablog site or facebook, and all over sudden its shrunk into a thumbnail. Whereas music, in the form of sets and compilation can tell a story, and can have many reasons in time and place, they got me excited with songs lije the scientist, ‘come up to meet you’ or morcheeba’s enjoy the ride,’angels in the garden’ or Oasis ‘come on baby blue, shake off your tired eyes, the world is waiting for you.’ Even my album Reflections spoke to me, about all the anti-monarchy and the establishment. No one knows the future, except God, who has the messengers relay certain aspects of the future.

The Jews attest to chaos, due to the fact Abraham had another son, and his first born was Ishmael. Somehow, if I could say this, without feeling I have inadequately proved it. The Christians believe in accidents, and fear of the unknown, and learning to make life safer and more secure and free of pain and suffering, in their rebellion they torture God’s creatures in laboratories developing evil concoctions such as viagra, which has caused blindness in some users or one user, when it was released it was said to be the fastest selling drug ever, however the Indians and the Chinese both had herbal alternatives which cured impotence, even from the depths of spinal injury,like myself, only they deter my chances of having children by giving me another devil concoction which destroys your life and they persistently try to keep you on it, through coercion. If they are superior, how come they haven’t advanced the life-forms like giving us wings, God is Grantor. The Muhammadans, devote to slavery, they have put the Prophet Muhammad on trial, a great trial, by corrupting the Quran with false verses, and by killing his family in Kerbala, and for fourteen hundred years they have hidden the true history from generations to follow, but God’s miracle of the Quran, wasn’t an unlettered Prophet whom the ashabs prudently copied his words, and knew when a verse finished, when a new verse started, and how many verses were in each sura,. and the chronological revealing of the suras, and where to place them, and what the sura’s strange letters meant or were. Are you telling me this was easy for people to do, and if God said,’those who disbelieve say, he fabricated, if he fabricated it, then produce ten suras like onto these, and bring your witnesses other than God.’ to that effect, so who produced the suras, was it Muhammad or those who followed the ashabs? The mathematical miracle of the Quran proved the Quran to be the word of God.

Truth shall set you free, the angelic knowledge of life, the demonic power of death, the human wisdom of resurrection.

Winners of life, losers of death, submitters of resurrection.

7th Day

[ Posted Sat, 11 Jun 2011 18:16:00 ]

I don’t see the point of making a photo look like an impossible, you only spend 2 seconds looking at it, and once you’ve seen it you don’t bother looking again, and even if you did first impressions last. Whereas music, it could take just as long to produce nowadays especially with intua, which allows the ability to compose music with very little music knowledge, and if you got the experience in music through years and years of discernment in listening, you may be able to make music, which by the will of God, may be distasteful one minute and the next really enjoyable, because time and place, it gives you a perspective. Whereas illusions of television and cinema or photography do not allow you to change perception, they make it difficult to believe in God, and try to make one disbelieve, by the term unbelievable. I know I enjoy listening to music it spaces me out, and cools me and it gives some sort of liquidity and fluidity rather than a staticness and impossibility question which television and cinema try to achieve. You could spend ten pound watching a movie at cinema, whereas to buy intua beatmaker 2 for 12 pounds, when sometimes cinema goes up in price to about twenty pounds in one evening, and if you have the patience, you may be able to stay entertained for longer. Different mediums for different people, television and cinema for those caught up in the Masonic world, full of degradation and godlessness and greed, in their schools, in their televisions in their workplaces, in their hospitals, in their states.

Investment in music

Spending in films

Saving in writing

For everything a reason, television and cinema say one thing, the question of good and evil appears, the unveiling of the unseen occurs. Whereas music, is to discover the hidden secrets, and writing is the unravelling of mysteries. Masha Allah, everything glorifies God in the heavens and the earth.

Tree of Knowledge. Fountain of Youth. Elixir of Life.

Discovery of hidden secrets. Unveiling of the unseen. Unravelling of mysteries.

Goodwill to all humans. Happiness to all God’s children. Peace to all my brothers and sisters.

1.Test of light and darkness

2.Question of good and evil

3.Competition of right and wrong

4.Karma of help and harm

5.Pain of ease and hardship

6.Duty of beauty and despicable

7.Care of rest and destroy


[ Posted Sat, 11 Jun 2011 14:36:15 ]

I’m just getting used to loving the fantastic possibility of a camera without film, whereas I see photographers show a creativeness that I use for music for their photos. I don’t know how to make a photograph seem impossible nor do I try to make the connection with surreal photos that are making something which seems impossible seem possible. I tend to believe what we see on television is part of the complex to train our minds to add up illusions, like Job though who implored God that the devil had inflicted him, and like Jonah when he was in fish’s belly, or like Jesus when he implored God before they came to arrest him, or like Ismael who was about to be sacrificed, the illusions of fear try to achieve in believers that they should take up other gods besides God, that there can be another god. The test isn’t to unveil the unseen, but to be submitters to God, whatever the stresses aim to achieve, are no longer freedom or enslaved. Whereas we take account of the trials of the messengers and Prophets, they extol the ways of the people around them, like the Children of Israel, like the Disciples, like the Ashabs. Because to them it is impossible, but to us it is either seduction of lies, or to never despair of the Lord’s mercy. God tells us, He does not guide the wicked, or the evil people. To them the narrative follows one theme supremacy of the white’s or prejudice against people of darker colour, or to drink from the Fountain of Youth, and pray on their God given natural beauty by unveiling the unseen or by trying to reach unending kingship through a particular. The hatred in their eyes, but love on their appearance, looks can be deceiving, I’ve heard some one tell me.

Discover the hidden secrets

Unveil the unseen

Unravel the mysteries

Justice will enlighten rather than lead to chaos

Equality will bring miracles rather than accidents

Truth shall set you free

“Whatever God provides, however small, is better for you.” (Quran)

Enlightenment or chaos, miracles or accidents, freedom or slavery.

Will of innocence or corruption of force.

Ask the Jews who continuously attest to the chaos idea, and the Christians who manifest their hatred of bethrothel and how you can do better, apparantly I used to think beauty would decide attraction but to these white Church of England, this means if you can’t do better would sleep with your mother or sister. This is their philosophy, whereas we know the happiness of marrying within the family network, which only proves the dignity and the respect and humility of all those connected to each other through marriage. If the New World Order is established, then you’ll see the evil which these Rokefella and Rothschild and Bush and all these white people will try to do, like having children with their mothers and children, to spread evil, and shed blood, as their temporal god on earth is who they serve, the illusions of Satan, and the all-seeing eye of hatred, because the demons see us but we don’t see them. Masha Allah the life on this planet points to God’s Omniscience, Omnipotence and Omnipresence, whereas humans think their intellect is so great through their illusions and seductions of lies, their awakening is a crude and evil nasty thing, whereas those blessed by God their enlightenment is full of wisdom.

Alhamdulilah rabil alameen

Praise be to God, Lord of the universe.

My name is Kashif, meaning one who unveils, and this word is mentioned many times in the context of the Quran.

Link below to the Photos, ‘Evening in park with nephews.’ Hopefully it will be a better viewing of the photos.



Taking Nephews To Park This Evening

[ Posted Fri, 10 Jun 2011 21:39:00 ]

This evening we went to the park, which is not that far, and this park was rated in2006 the best park in Europe, and it’s on our doorstep, I’m gonna take my bum bag, next time, so that once I’ve finished taking pictures I can put it away, cos I feel though I’ve markered the tags, someone may try to pinch it. God forbid, insha Allah, my Lord will protect me. This was a setting my CPN told me to do, though I varied it slightly, with some auto functioning, but I work through P which means its programmed, if I turned it onto M - then it would all be manual. Hmm maybe next time, insha Allah, now I got no more things to shoot, other than when I go on a vacation to Kashmir. And Pakistan and Arabia, insha Allah this year I plan to go on Hajj. These pictures look a lot better on a live view on windows picture gallery, however on this blog they are made to a certain smaller size, which makes them look slightly average, still good though.

Can't keep it in

[ Posted Fri, 10 Jun 2011 18:48:00 ]

“Oh I can’t keep it in

I’ve gotta let it out

I’ve got to show the world

The world’s gotta see

See all the love, the love that’s in me

I said why walk alone

Why worry,

When it’s warm over here

You’ve got so much to say, say what you mean

Mean what you’re thinking, and think anything.” ( Yusuf Islam formerly Cat Stevens)

Means so much to me, nearly time for Asr salat,

“Have you not one reasonable man among you?” (Quran)

Shuffle away.

“Is simplicity best, or simply the easiest,

The narrowest path, is always the holiest.”

(Depeche Mode)

If you want my love…

Rebel Souls

[ Posted Fri, 10 Jun 2011 17:23:36 ]

“Rebel souls, for the dreamers, rebel souls…

The Queen of England, there’s no greater anarchist

One man’s freedom fighter is another man’s terrorist

Every brother, is a star,

Every sister is a star. (Primal Scream, as it’s happening)”

My stereo gives me the sound I get from my headphones, for once I’m happy the sound I get from my headphones is able to come through on stereo, though I tend to listen to it, at average volume. Without a sub, though, if I had a sub, it would be too bassy round the house, this way the sound doesn’t travel.

Paint It black

[ Posted Fri, 10 Jun 2011 17:03:00 ]

I see a red door and I want to paint it black

God is the Knower of all secrets and declarations.


[ Posted Fri, 10 Jun 2011 15:10:00 ]

[4:76] Those who believe are fighting for the cause of GOD, while those who disbelieve are fighting for the cause of tyranny. Therefore, you shall fight the devil’s allies; the devil’s power is nil.

Low light photography, Mr Adrian Hill, CPN,told me only once, but I picked up a technique to shoot in low light, wont spoil the recipe by letting every one else know, but it makes photography very nice. Almost what Apple tried to do with iPhone 4 camera, low light photography but outdoors during the day it makes good photography, indoors it just makes viewing a pleasure, really would look really good on a full screen, like on the windows picture gallery. I’m loving this camera, though it isn’t an all in one, Adrian’s moved onto Olympus Pen, I may follow suit, but first I’ll try to get used to a Nikon.

My nephew, Hassan, may have ruined my centre speaker with his very grabbing and breaking and taking hands. It’s started to have a very little distortion. Though every afternoon is a pleasure to listen to things like Subtaranean Homesick Alien, by Radiohead, or Sufffer Well by Depeche Mode, or Suicide Bomb by Primal Scream. My stuff doesn’t hold to well with every other artists, though I like to listen to it on its own. I think, it shows I do not have music experience. But the set ‘The Sun, the Moon and the Star’ was a really good set, which I don’t know if anyone gets, but I seem to, it really puts all the work together, whereas the set ‘Twat, git and cunt’ did not have any progression nor did it have any really good things about it, I guess it was more for smoking weed to, than to gain an academic tutelage on the subject of 3.

This is with an experimentation but with more light to give a feel of brightness, my sister, hopefully will be marrying soon, yet to say yes though.

Adrian’s reaching retirement, and at his age, managed to adopt, and sometimes he looks grave, but last I saw him, patiently waiting rather than losing my nerve and screaming back, he was defensive when he was called to become a witness for my wife’s case for stay. But it was all amicable in the end, and I told him I had gotten myself a Nikon DSLR, even though I think I should have gotten the newer model which was the same price even made slightly cheaper at the time, however since I got it, the price has been slashed by a hundred pounds, for the D3000, which is no better than the D40 that Adrian showed me when we used to meet up. Knowing he had years of photography experience, I wonder if there was any thing to show for it, but since the digital age, he works on lightroom too, and said he’d burn me a copy. It was during this meeting with my solicitor he parted some advice, he’s well into Orsenne Wells and that style of cinematography, and after his thirty or forty years of experience, he told me how to capture the finite in pictures, which is almost black and white, but also the right colour too, lost of shadows, and how to get it right without being grainy, as you fiind the iPhone 4 is. It’s slightly more lighter than the D40, I found, though it may not be much, smaller too. He looked tanned when I saw him, and as though he had finally quit smoking, and his face was clearing up. He got a distinction in his masters, and sometimes observes the present with linguistics, power of the present. I should have taken a picture, whilst they were sat, had I known I would be writing this, I may have, but I thought it was a bit intrusive.

He’s on the internet, somewhere where you upload a picture a day, on a photography site. See how the outside world seems to different from the indoors, without loss or saturation.


Picture of Hassan, was taken by my wife, whilst baby sitting.

The Grantor - al Wahhab

[ Posted Fri, 10 Jun 2011 04:16:50 ]

Why do the West and the masses of Muhammadans refer to the movement began in 17th Century by one Abdul Wahhab, as Wahhabis, when this is a name of God, and you have just committed a blasphemy, Wahhab, means the grantor, Wahhabis, is a crude word telling people who started it. You cannot accept that what they wish to be referred to as is something dear to the Muhammadan heart, the Salefis.

I’m neither a Sunni, Shia or a Salefi, I’m a submitter. I do not extol in the ahle Sunna, or the ahle Bayt, or the ahle Hadith, which means you are Muhammadans, not Muslims. Hypocrites, liars and ignorant. Winners, losers and submitters. Power lies in money, power lies in guns, power lies in boys.

Submission is the creed of Abraham, whereas many people follow the sold out losers of the Children of Israel, or their parents way, but who belong to Abraham, are those blessed to bear witness there is no other god besides God. Were the Salefs prophets and messengers, was Prophet Muhammad the last messenger, when gog and magoog haven’t appeared until the time of Zulqarnain, you hurt me, you shit on me, you fake it. It’s not me whose screaming back, it’s you who burning in hell, the word retribution has already been stamped on the disbelievers.

Insha Allah, my Lord grant me strength, and an powerful ally, in the words of Lot, I wish I was strong enough, or had a powerful ally. And we have the best translation of the Quran, by one who was a native speaker of Arabic, masha Allah, and it was inspired by the angel Gabriel. The Final Testament, by Rashad Khalifa.

Your trying to hurt me, but your the ones gonna get hurt.


[ Posted Thu, 09 Jun 2011 22:48:48 ]

My wife said to me, ‘God please do not send even enemies to hospital,’ what does that mean? Dushman, who are enemies of man, the devils and Satan, in every way making a good thing impossible, through seduction of lies, through illusions of Satan’s requests. The only time God says He knows best, is when he says ’ God knows who are best qualified to deliver His message. But this may be close not close enough, one other verse in which it says, ‘God knows best who are your enemies.’ Hearts rejoice in the remembrance of God, but all this talk, and this vacant museums of books in libraries saying absolutely nothing relevant, at all, and these pages full of music and filmic landscape, what would make them put down their weapons, something like everything is nothing, now let’s raise a toast to wasted lives may all the ghosts come back to haunt you tell you how they died. How do you sleep. how do you last the night and keep the dogs at bay, how do you feel when you close your eyes and try and drift away, does it feel any better now, does it feel anymore, when the angel of death comes knock knocking and begging at your door. Masons may think it means to kill humans, we know we’re set on a course to do onto others as you wish done on yourself.

Enlightenment or Awakening

[ Posted Thu, 09 Jun 2011 22:09:00 ]

A lie like, wearing a sironge instead of a turban, and everyone thinking what the fuck, especially when you wear it in public in the UK. It’s a lie, maybe they don’t do or say or think intentionally the opposite, that’s just really really insane, because you could come out with statements like evil is good, and everyone will attach to evil, thinking what was really meant was God is good. Some thinking the opposite of enlightenment is awakening, true, masha Allah, I like that, an enlightenment is an appreciation, whereas an awakening is disgusting and despicable and very nasty. People would instead of saying three godheads three attributes of God, it is however strange how to detach from the seduction of lies. Some think the strength of the lie will make it impossible for those who are Godly or submitting or God fearing to ever find a way out of the script which they used to tie into you. Just turn away and do your own thing, and realise what’s behind a screen cannot really hurt you nor is it real, and the timing it was produced and aired the probability it refers to myself, well who cares, because it never gets to me, God is the Omniscient, the Knower, God is the Omnipotent, the Most Powerful, God is the Omnipresent, the Most Wise. The only way to avoid confusion is to seek enlightenment, and to not ever try to find a particular to reach unending kingship, an awakening of the third eye, is more true, than the awakening of seduction of lies. Through weakness, like ha I have a car a roadster, broom broom, look how stupid your horse looks now, something like that I remember the many squermishness of Haroons egotistical fights. God controls everything, if there wasn’t one God then there would be continuous war, if there was more than one god, there would be continuous war, that’s the role of Charles the bastard V1,V1,V1, to try and attest to being a god, and to reach unending kingship through fights and guns and army, testing themselves against those who have been suppressed and oppressed, transgressed and agressed, believing in the might of their army, the white race, cos no one else has got a chip on their shoulder, except me, they all sold out to this, and now they ignore it and try to brush over it, but one day the victory of God will come, and truth is here, and falsehood shall vanish.

Hypocrites, liars and ignorant. Tricks, tricks,tricks. My friend used to say, ‘How’s tricks’, yeah if I went back now, I’d look at him as though it was god, but many hyears later I remember his words, he was a friend at university. We lost 3,500 on a deal of skunk, we got robbed instead, now I’ve added two more zeros to that figure, and got myself two paid off properties and also intend to buy a hundred grnad of gold, on bulliovault, I think gold will always rise, plus if the economy crashes I don’t wanna be stuck with a load of paper currency worth shit.

Hypocrisy, lies and ignorance

[ Posted Thu, 09 Jun 2011 15:20:00 ]

There’s hypocrisy,lies and ignorance, the means of necessity of hypocrisy allows things to be progressive rather than stagnate, the lies of love may seem very cheesy and sometimes humiliate in the long run, however some think to say Judas instead of Jesus, Satan instead of God, many Gods instead of one God. Though one who is not indoctrinated may think they are all very suspiciously wrong, or hateful, or trinity instead of Trilogy of God’s attributes, so you see sometimes people are led on to wrong words due to the question of love. We are told never to be suspicious,in the Quran, and so we always observe God, and never try to trick others or be tricked, we do not love anyone as much as God, and so we are never likely to fall into the synomous love hate idea of killing your self esteem but making every need to establish correct belief. Here we come to the third emblem of Muslim faith, which takes the love of the Prophet in order to trick people into believing falsehood and other sources of religious guidance as well as the Quran. The sole mission of the Prophet Muhamamad, was to deliver the message, nor is the covenant of Abraham, one of circumcision mentioned, nor are various people of the world seen to irrelevent or not really belonging to the religion of God, God does not say when it mentions Pharoah ordered the slaughter of the male children and to leave the female of THOSE WHO BELIEVED WITH MOSES, here it isn’t totally an argument that they were only Children of Isreal, though I agree why it wasn’t said, because to elevate the Children of Israel, when the Quran tells us they sold out, this is probably why it seems to any other person to refer to those who believed with Moses, are not called Children of Isreal, nor implying there were other believers also, like the magicians, who submitted and prayed let us die as submitters.

We sometimes wonder if we can communicate to animals, sometimes treat our animals as though they are humans, and talk to them as though they understand. We breath air, and this is what unites those who live, as long as we breath we live.

People in America call them dumb, dumb is to not speak, ignorant is to sell your soul to the devil or become wise and repent. Ignorance is to sell your soul, and be polytheist, to try to reach unending kingship through seduction of lies. Wisdom is to learn the truth, truth of the past, how God has mercy on those who do not question good and evil of the illusions, but are appreciative and submitting to God.

Sacrifice for freedom

[ Posted Wed, 08 Jun 2011 20:00:00 ]

If I put a list of all the songs I listened to this afternoon, they were all great, insha Allah I’ll list them. But I decided to accept the offer of settlement, though the barrister said it could be doubled had we gone to court and won, but taking the advice of many people some who said,’ please don’t put your life in the hands, of a rock n roll band they’ll threw it all away.’ I could achieve somethign, possibly by going all the way, but I’d like to think the other half we did not take from going all out, was the half we saved in building this property, which is worth at least double the price we spent on it. We could possibly, destroy this treble six start and go, whereas we understand your welcome and you may go, truth shall set you free, and so far it’s been free. The British like to think those First World War dead soldiers, sacrificed their life for their freedom, they borrow too much from Islam, because the real sacrifice is to worship God alone and to fight in his cause, and in whose cause did the First World War soldiers fight, for Queen, for the bankster who profitted from financing both sides, and for the Ashkenazi 13th Tribe Zionist pig, Adolf Hitler, to get an iron cross for 3 months on the front line, when he was a Luitenant and this medal was reserved for officers. Money, gold is what they serve. It says on the cross, outside a church, something about God’s glory, when they’ve taken Jesus as their god, and now they want to take the treble six further, and kill mankind, because you can fool some people sometime but you cannot fool all the people all the time. They made the sacrifice for freedom, not you, you sold your souls, British soldiers of the World Wars. They pride in how much they’ve trained to assualt and maim and destroy, like a wanker on a treadmill, or a cycling machine, or carrying aracket, or throwing a ball, or kicking a football, the more you do it, the more you get better, better at what-wanking. Destructive thinking or deconstructive appearance. The trade of natural strength for some measly muscle gain, or speed or skill, replacing natural for artificial.

I’ll list the tracks:

Walking In Your Footsteps - Police

Aurum- Danilo Vigonito & Roma Cerrone

Father and Son - Cat Stevens

Fake Plastic Trees - Radiohead

Some Might Say - Oasis

Fix You - Coldplay

Corpses In Your Mouth - Ian Brown

Seven Nation Army - White Stripes

Something the Boy Said - Sting

Love Come Again - Tiesto

On Track - Ian Brown

Sura 47 - Muhammad -The Final Testament (authorized translation of th Quran) by Dr. Rashad Khalifa

Mercy In You - Depeche Mode

I’ll be your mirror - Velvet Underground

Begging You - Stone Roses

Cloud of Unknowing- Gorillaz

Forever And A Day - Ian Brown

The Scientist - Coldplay


[ Posted Wed, 08 Jun 2011 16:52:52 ]

hi guys,

Just to let you know, instead of a litigation friend, they decided to appoint a Deputy, which means I can accept the offer, but do not have the capacity to deal with my own finances, below is the letter from Sarah, and you also find a document about being a Deputy. Who should I appoint. I think papa should be it, or even Saj or Dad.

Take care,

Have a nice day,

Kashmirish Amir

Roll the dice

[ Posted Tue, 07 Jun 2011 22:30:00 ]

There are no winners and losers on earth

In the afterlife sure there are winners and losers

But on earth, there is just submitters

Humans are submitters, but we are either appreciative or unappreciative

Which decides which side we belong to

Those who bear witness there is no other god besides God

Or those who claim there can be another god

Those who see the whole is good, and that everything is a testament to a good and gracious Lord

Whereas those who side with Satan, believe there is a particular through which you can reach unending kingship

The three - Tree of Knowledge, Fountain of Youth, Elixir of Life,

Have one thing in common, they are all in relation with everlasting life.

Whereas the Tree of Knowledge, was the seduction to eat from the forbidden tree, in order to reach unending kingship, whereas it led to Adam and Eve being expelled from the Garden of Eden and placed on earth, brought to earth, so what does it signify? Freedom from disease, and the brightness and peak and strength of a youth, no, this is what Fountain of Youth is for. The Elixir of Life, is to submit to God, and to never despair of the Lord’s mercy, to reverence God, and to know to Him belong the most beautiful names, not to please him, but to acknowledge why? For if we see it terms of good and evil, there is a question, whether eating Charles the head of church was good or evil. Is it to do or die, or to don’t and kill, should we all try to get off go, by getting a treble six, like they do in monopoly, or is it a double six, I don’t know, it’s been a long time. But you know what I mean, it’s a competition of right and wrong, and it is wrong to calculate that you need to take up other gods instead of God alone. This is where the Elixir comes in, which is the safety from wrong, and tells us la ellaha ella Allah, there is no other god besides God, the Living, the Eternal. The Elixir is to protect you, the Elixir of Life is to protect you, as children you fear certain things, such as monsters, and are intrigued by fiction, and are at stage where we are dumb, learning to speak, it is at this age, where we also understand the serve the devil, idea, but you get what you give, you reap what you sow, you pay your dues to the Lord through obediance and worship. There are no winners and losers on earth, there are just submitters and warriors. those who say the whole is good, and those who think there is a particular to reach unending kingship, those who are appreciative or those who are unappreciative. Those who thank the Lord for the blessings, and those who are full of regrets through their arrogance.

The Tree of Knowledge, is the result of taking up others as god besides God, but God does not guide the wicked. You get what you give, which means ‘is the reward of goodness anything but goodness.’ Who do you want to make pay, your own love and family or those who sit on high seats of Lords on earth, trying to keep us all afraid of despair.

“I used to roll the dice

Feel the fear in my enemies eyes,

Listen as the crowd would sing,

“Now the old king is dead, long live the king.”

One minute I held the key

Next the walls were closed on me

And realised my castles stand

On pillars of salt, on pillars of sand.” (Coldplay, Viva La Vida)


[ Posted Tue, 07 Jun 2011 19:40:48 ]

I’d pay anyone a hundred pounds, if they can guess what Haroon was called as a result of saying ‘are you Irish.’ And you’d get a match, he’d put on a sheep face as a result.

Yeah , ’ jewish’ and guess what he was tight too.

But he was hard working, starting working in Woolworths at the age of 17, and went and had a few knocks at university, but got a place at Aston, and finished with a 2:2. and went on to teach Computing. but then went and started a business with Shafiq, and Aftab his first cousins, in a snooker hall and five a side pitches, they get a lot of people in who just laze around and smoke pot. It stinks, of skunk, but what can you do, it’s one of the reason guys go there mainly. Masha Allah, it was very successsful. We never realise his name and then calling him Jewish, but you can now picture his face when you said. Plus the girl who took the money, I think it was Tara, which means star, or yours, meaning it was your name, that got pulled out of the clay pot, which they use to find out who committed theft. Masha Allah. Hain Harry. Remember those days, crack you up, time and place for everything. Only thought of it now, I used to say ‘Harry you’re Jewish, really tight.’ But I would never laugh about his name being Jewish, nortry to win or lose, just submit. I remember he used to say Irish a lot.


[ Posted Tue, 07 Jun 2011 18:57:00 ]

Funny thing was, I lost a hundred pound, which went missing from my jacket, we were staying with my uncle. They have a method to find out who has stolen money, in Pakistan, it’s called, ‘lawlta pairnaa’ which means they write the names of certain suspects or people in general, who had access to the property, and they write them on pieces of papers, and place them in water in a clay watering pot, made out of clay, which they make in India and Pakistan, very rare now, but back seventy to sixty years ago, they were more common, and then they read certain ayats of the Quran, and the water starts to spin, then one of the names rises to the top,and you know who has committed the theft. They found one of the maids who was close to my uncle’s missus, my aunt too, she had taken it. She admitted to it, but we didn’t ask for the money back. At the same time I bought a Burberry wallet,in its box an original from one of the local stores in Sangla Hill shair, town, near Faislabaad, where our family was relocated after the Mangla Dam in Mirpur was being made, and our land ended up under the water, at present the Chinese are buying land in Pakistan,l offering £8000 per acre of land, I decided to ask my father not to sell, he ask me if I would go back and check, I said insha Allah, my wife is from Kashmir, and her parents are there, so we would be going quite a bit, insha Allah,once she gets her stay. This visit was in 2003, if I went back to Pakistan,I would really love it, more than my first proper visit since childhood. I still kept the tag inside the Burberry wallet, and I rarely use it, cos I don’t like carrying to many things, liability, leave it at home most times, and give all things to my wife, like cards and stuff. So for the price of a Burberry wallet, I got one for a few pounds, who were happy they made a sale, though I took their show piece, behind a glass cover. Someone then stole a hundred pound. Loving it. Then after the whole month of visiting sheikhs and their graves, all around Pakistan, we found somewhere which sold kachay lawltai, like the olden days clay pots. And went back and found out who had taken the money.

(Pictures taken with iPhone 4)

Flying Horse, insha Allah unfinished, maybe made into another track, God willing

[ Posted Tue, 07 Jun 2011 18:28:36 ]

Flying horses

I went on a trip to help me clear my mind

In the backwaters of Punjab, Pakistan

As soon as I landed, I dreaded to think I had left the new world

For some hell on earth,

But I got a new wallet

Costing me four hundred rupees

I was surprise to find it had all the markings of a Burberry

With a flying horse on the checkered cream fabric

The box and the tags proved it wasn’t fake

I still got it,

Flying horses, came out of the rain

Flying horses to reach the love and name

Flying horse, the black beauty of Zulqarnain

Flying horse, the man from the Hussain

Black horse, dark horse, Arabian horse

Love for the loving family full of love and force

To beat the start of Go

By not despairing of the Lord’s mercy, and landing on GO and hundred times

With a street to his name, a hotel on Wilmer Rd, a the baby blue street

Whereas everyone else thought you need a triple six to get off go!

And two rounds before you can start to buy

But I’ve been on square one a long time

“Is there any body out there,

Who is lost and hurt and lonely too

Bleeding all your colours into one

But if you come undone

Like you been through, fire catupult at you

You wonder if your chance will ever come

But if your stuck on square one.” (Coldplay-Square One)

Good track, ‘every teardrop..’ sounds a bit U2 though, almost like Edge, but I did hear it on my laptop, so this may compensate the sound detriment. Liek the words, comma and full stop, appearing, and also symphony. Masha Allah, I thought the Sunday morning, it was released was a sign, insha Allah may the Lord grant us steadfastness, and to seek the glory of God, and not exaltation on earth. Masha Allah, give me hope yohanna.

Harry used the word Irish. I’m not Irish, just didn’t have to gett a triple six to get out of go. Do or die/ don’t and kill.

Last Day on the music scene

[ Posted Tue, 07 Jun 2011 17:50:43 ]

You know you haven’t heard from me in a while, this was the original mix for the track clothe yourself with green leaves, that I went back to an old technique I used in the Retro album with the track Ooh Finetuned, which was a sample from a trance track, an intro to the Nukleuz Trance Sessions Vol.2, I ahd two samples from this track, the synth I used for the Stardust Remix, and th evocal ooh, I put on this track, by messing around with the tempo setting live. In this track, a sample of ocarina, was messed around as my performance was a mystery instead. I don’t have the original file, I don’t think I kept it, no one told me how th eback up device on itunes worked, other than it stored all your stuff onto your computer. I haven’t kept any of the projects, and I do not intend to perform. But we ever did, we’d just write the things before hand and mess around on iPad, I like the sets which were produce, it is almost like a new age symphony, especially enjoyed Ian Brown’s collection, called, ‘b’s and p’s’ which I thought had a few snaps meaning match in them, two times the volume reduced, two times, the tracks skipped a beat, twice in two track the word rain and reign occurred, and after made of stone (ultimate rarities) a stop, a cokane in brain, which was also like a match, I got cokane running around in vain, which would really be more truer, by actually saying’ I got smack running around in vein.’ Especially the rush at the end of made of stone, and then he goes on to say ‘do you like cocaine’, I wonder if anyone if his drummer from the Stone Roses was around, he could add ‘no more like smack’. Ian Brown, is a great philosopher, and some of the one liners he comes out with during his performances are brilliant, even on the made of stone, the inhalation and exhalation, which he does at the start, cool in k, kash man thinks its just the best.


[ Posted Tue, 07 Jun 2011 16:23:00 ]

I guess I’m gonna buy terrace houses

Better yeild per annum

Than forking out for one huge property

These small properties are like very well

When you do your calculations

Buy two 2 bedroom terraces for a total of 140

And a third terrace near the hospital, which will give good income

For 60, so three properties each giving around 300 after tax and management cost

A month, which means I’ll make 900, plus my DLA which will reduce to 400 per month

After all that, I’ll have in the trust 140K, which I can use to buy commodities

Or pay tuition for Saj’s little ones, though we’re not on speaking terms with his first wife, she hates him, and my parents, and I guess there’s nothing I can say to make the matter any different.

So insha Allah, I lose my income support, which paid 400, but gained three properties, paid off, giving me 300 each every month, and I found the first 8 grand is tax free every year, so I guess the rent of these properties will be able to be funded by council tenants, which give £87 per week, for a two bedroom terrace.

Which works out over twelve months, 400 pound.

I’m thinking of East Islington, and Old Kent, cos your more likely to get tenants, and the houses are affordable both for investment and for rental purposes.I think, my brother Waheed bought a fair few back to backs and small terraces, and he says the percentage return is really worth it, as well as the amount of mortgage he pays compared to the value of the properties. There’s two properties available along our street, both small 2 bedroom terraces, about 70 grand. Insha Allah, should be able to 80 pound at least per week from them.

So I guess it’s good ol monopoly, but where has this dark horse come from, out of the blue. That’s my piece the horse, whereas Haroon chose the car, the roadster, I never really had a piece, but now thinking of it, I’d be the horse, if there was one, if I remember, I know there is on Risk. We played loads of board games when we were younger, loads and loads of computer games, every weekend staying up till late at night. Didn’t mean anything to me, some players were cunning, put I knew it was all the luck of the dice, but used to love when some one like Wajid, the wanker who lost his eye sight, not totally but wore huge goggle glasses, used to get really angry if it gave it the wrong numbers.

East Islington, Pembroke, And Angel Eyes, the baby blue street on the first row, that’s my street.

Peaceful conclusion

[ Posted Mon, 06 Jun 2011 15:46:21 ]

With what’s left, after putting my money into work, I’ll pay for the tuition of my brother Sajid’s children, Muhammad, Ahmad, and Aminah, insha Allah, at Woodhouse Grove School, where we were given a place on assisted place back in the eighties and nineties. Insha Allah, whatever charity you do will be paid back and you will recieve your recompense. As the Quran tells us. I remember when we moved into the big house, Sajid was living seperately with his wife and 3 kids, and his wife didn’t want to move into the big house, and she once had her parents come and sit with my grandmother, my brother was using an old dialogue, wherever the husband goes there also goes his wife. Almost like the Indians, who pride in their worship of idols, adn think a woman should throw herself on her husband’s funeral pyre. Zealous worship, rahter than clean free and loving care about your own judgement and how you want to listen to people but feel you cannot see their ideas which they expect. They become passionate about the things they think are due to their choices. I do not wish to see Sajid’s children get allocated a inner suburb ghetto school, insha Allah I’ll spend what’s left on their education, and live on the money I earn from the houses, more than enough. Insha Allah, I told them ‘pari chasan’ meanign they’ll get educated, Suria father said, ‘outai ne pari chaiyangai.’ Will they not get educated where they already are. O well no point crying over spilt milk, Sajid went on to marry again, and now finds the Quran testomony, to be true, about leaving one of them hanging , neither enjoying marriage nor allowed to go and marry elsewhere.


Decided to invest the money, in local properties in Heaton, Bradford, some alright properties, good prices and good rental income, and if you buy outright your looking to save a few hundred or K or two. Hmm… thought if I buy two or three properties, and they give me, 500-400 a month each, I’ll be able to double my monthly income, I’d get per each house about 8% net return, if not more as I wont have a mortgage to worry about. Sat with H(ayche) he got back from Paris, had lots to say about his road trip, found it too tiring, driving to Dover, catching a ferry, adn driving from Calais to Paris, before reaching the busy place of Euro Disney. He just wants to relax now on holidays, enough play area for his children, and for him to just relax, instead of go go go. He had about an hour or two to chat to me about what to do, his idea was no different from Saj’s which was to buy repossession homes at less than market value and give them to management company who would do all the work. However I don’t mind doing it myself, as long as its local, like Heaton, Bradford, started shortlisting some properties, however I don’t know how to link this with my history, and what to expect, or whether what the stars have sung about are just pipe dreams. But x and y felt like it was to do with my fall and breaking my back. By Coldplay. I feel there will be a revolution, insha Allah, we will see a world of happiness rather than misery, and we’ll be blessed thankful rather than wicked regretful. Those who progress and those who regress.And if I must travel to the four corners of the world, I’ll like my friends to come, I don’t want to break up this family. It’s been a good year, Saj got his school finalised, I got my settlement, Shabana got a job with Saj, and a person with the same name as her first crush, has come about to ask for her hand, insha Allah, they make a good match, the guy is about 6ft 4, fair, a bit receding, and same age as my sister early thirties. Same sort of background, masha Allah, the lady who introduce me to my wife, Ghazanfar known to us as Nargis, is the same woman who has made this match for my sister. I remember when I was very young, I fancied one my relatives called Nargis, and when my brother was engaged, they used to ask me who I’d marry, and they thought it would be one of the younger sisters of my brother Sajid wife, but I chose thier first cousin, she was very pretty, and her name was Nargis. She had a hard time because of this, girls tend to. But when I reached 28 a girl by the name Nargis came into my life. She’s alright a bit hard headed, and sometimes slightly arrogant. I know hand sounds to scary, I think he just wants to get married, and so does my sister, they are both in their mid thirties. His name is Iftikahr, and the lady who arranged it her name is Jeena, she is married but without children, though she has raised some of her relatives. They are from Mirpur too. Insha Allah it will be a good match. I loved, I didn’t fancy. Just being right for British humour and thought I guess, but sometimes it feels like a lie, of some sort, or just brushing over our differences, rather than tell it as it is.

I bet everyone in the seventies, thought this, the houses were nearly a hundred years old, and there were Pakis willing to buy their houses, they probably we’ll buy a property out of the way instead, like those new semi -detached house. Whereas the Pakis, were told all the time, ‘you have a beautiful home’, masha Allah, whereas those living in estate couldn’t be bothered giving it a try thinking like those toff middle class who sold their houses to Pakistanis, who wants a terrace, smog surface, damp, and whatever. Whereas the Lord made it easier for us, these houses only needed some proper heating, which in the eighties became commercialised, and with the added amenities of local stores, and a developed infrastructure, you couldn’t go wrong. Now they’ll buy anything that stands with a roof. Value of homes has gone up, and the value of an education has also gone up. But nothing beats the value of Islam, submission to God, and bearing witness there is no other god besides God. Insha Allah may the Lord guide us, and help us with our egos and where we are ignored they find space to attack, insha Allah the Lord guides to the easiest of paths.

On properties in Pakistan, which migrants built who had made it to Britain, they write words such as ‘masha Allah’. I love this property I think it’s only 130K. Insha Allah, if it my Lord’s will then we may be interested. Insha Allah, I found happiness and contentment, that the settlement was not given to me as soon as we accepted, instead we got told of a settlement, but have to wait a couple of weeks to a month or so, before they release the money. My parents have had time to settle, me and my brother Waheed haven’t allowed ourselves to get angry at each other, nor has it caused any problems, which could have occurred had the money been left for me to manage. Masha Allah, thanks to God, praise be to God, Lord of the universe. Salat time…

Live by the sea

[ Posted Sun, 05 Jun 2011 14:06:03 ]

I think I prefer to live in Istanbul. Seen an amazing property in Istanbul, modern construction, and quite a good price, about an hour and half outside Istanbul, and right next to the sea. There must be a clause somewhere, cos this sounds too good to be true.Alhamdulilah, my Lord guides to the easiest of paths, whether in December I was ready to leave home and become a gypsy wanderer, yet I was detained for New Year, then I got myself a credit card, and became a new age traveller, still the ‘chime the sunday morn’ didn’t happen, so then by June I got a settlement, and I thank the Lord, for the blessings of a happy home, and support and love and keeping, and then I thought I’d buy a bus and travel the four corners of the world, now I’ve seen a property next to the sea. How does ’ it’s good to be free’ go again by Oasis, ‘here in my home, feel the sky, usually know the answers but I don’t know why, in my mind, o know, there is no time, little things, make me so happy, all I wanna do is live by the sea, little things that make me so happy, yeah it’s good, it’s good it’s good to be free.’ If I showed you this property, you’d understand, what I think I should really buy, and not these terrace nineteenth century, smog cover, damp infested British terraces for the workers of the textile mills. Yeah you know what I mean.

Next to sea, right next to the sea, hmm, o well I’d like to buy a property like this, insha Allah. Right on the continent. Nice and warm, love it. Plenty of sunshine

By the will of God, we’ll be able to do it. God controls everything. God is running everything. Everything is in accordance with God’s will.

God is the Omniscient. God is the Omnipotent. God is the Omnipresent.


[ Posted Sat, 04 Jun 2011 22:22:00 ]

When we looked to our Dad, the eldest thought he was a civil servant, so followed him into it, the second thought he was a property tycoon, so helped building a dream happy home, and the last thought he travelled a lot, as a bus driver, so felt he should travel.

You know how you hear around the scene if you ever end up in a wheel chair, how people try doing things unimaginable or totally to the limit, because being a survivor puts us under the pressure of how much we can really put ourselves up to. So I decided, just like any paraplegic would, let’s go for the limit, we’ll go across the world, without a gps, hopefully, and rely if we get lost on directions from passer by’s, and hope they speak English,

Jeremy- No Sat Nav then?

Me- Totally, me behind the wheel using the force. If we get lost we’ll just camp out until we re-route…

No way I can’t do it, it’s like travelling during the height of the British Empire, or even the sixties, yeah more like the sixties, I guess they could, we can. My Dad tells me it’s no different driving a bus to a car, pedals feel the same, they are not heavier, hopefully with a few lessons I will be able to pass the D1 license test.

Plus the MOT on a vehicle last a year, so it means we’ll have to void the insurance policy unless there are different ones for motorhomes. I’ll try and get it by saying, if it’s still available, we’ll go on family holidays during the summer and easter. But having such young children, it makes it a lot difficult, as my brother Waheed, says of his trip to Disney land, his son, Hashim, went missing twice, luckily they have workers who keep an eye out for children on their own, and move them to a special area. We wont have that luxury if we’re on a motorhome bus.

Jeremy- put a gprs on the kids.

Me-hmm ehhe

I got a disable badge, I wonder if I can use it on a bus, park my bus anywhere, it expires in 7 years, I think they may have made an error, because having one so long is quite strange.

My brother thought of aroad trip, with his little ones, yeah yeah, after I started making preparations for one, he’s having fun trying to keep them together.

I really should be writing some wonderful Praises and beautiful songs about the love and keeping, Just prior to maghrib, I thought we should take a disable person, after I said ok, I sneezed, and then realised I was both recipient for a mental and physical conditions. Hopefully the stars will be here soon.

Kill all Jews. Kill all hippies. Kill all pakis.

Not you, Charles may feel he should kill the Muhammadans, like the massacreof Karbala, which they haven’t disclosed the reasons behind, due to the corruption of the Quran. But at the verge of despair, God has granted us mercy. The meaning of an orbit, why do old people feel strong, but their bodies are frail, why do youth sing about love, when their hearts are cruel to those who they see as unattractive, why do children rehearse their lines and forget their is no right and wrong in a family, for work there maybe.

New World Order or Kingdom of God

Order of illusions or kingdom of realness

It’s jealousy. It’s cruelty. It’s madness

Jealous headmaster. Cruel doctor. Mad professor

Popular, Rich and Famous

[ Posted Sat, 04 Jun 2011 14:17:00 ]

Winners of life.Losers of death.Submitters of resurrection.

Popular Headmaster. Rich Doctor. Famous Professor

I think the term fanatic here, has misunderstood for words such as steadfast and perseverence. Obbseviness is more closer to the term fanatic, than to not change your mind and to stick to your own ideas.

Test of light and darkness. Question of good and evil. Competition of right and wrong.

Prophecies of the mind. Miracles of the body. Mathematics of the soul

Hear No! See No? Speak No.

If it is a test it’s about the result! Exclaims the headmaster.

If it is a question it’s about the timeline of events? Questions the GP.

If it is a competition it’s about getting it right at the right time. Said the Prophessor.

Elder. Youth. Child

Moses and Aaron. Jesus and John the Baptist. Muhammad and Rashad Khalifa.

1 and 2.

1 the First 9 the Last.


A scene of Top Gear, featuring A Sub in a Bus

Neil Hamilton- So you can drive a car with one foot

Drive a bus?

Submitter- Course

Neil: around the world?

Submitter- hmm, maybe…

Neil- Even though the only car you’ve driven was a Peugeot 206, and you’ve never driven abus..

Submitter- My left foot, get it, anything’s possible. If it wasn’t it would be on television. My Dad was a bus driver, so was my uncle, he said he’d give me lessons, once Io got my own wheels a converted bus, after its been splashed out by maharishi Hardy Blechman. Insha Allah.

-Across the world, but first we’ll have to buy a bus, then convert it, get a D1 license, learn everything about it, and then insha Allah go to Mecca, for Hajj in 2011, and then 2012 polar tour to the Far West, insha Allah. I shouldn’t have said course, insha Allah would have been more appropriate.

You heard it a hundred times

From all those who get a buck and expect some great life

All they go around and say, I want my life back

Money brings too many problems

Strange Maharishi jumper

[ Posted Thu, 02 Jun 2011 18:48:00 ]


New room design,

Nargis to us, ~Ghazanfar on paper.

On this Maharishi jumper which I bought in 2007, it says polar tour 2012, on top of the world, to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yeild. It’s still 2011, right now. I have the website domain, polars.co.uk,just in waiting for 2012.

The zips broke, but there are three buttons, if you don’t mind showing your six pack or your fat belly as a result. Some of the teeth broke off near the start of the zip.


[ Posted Thu, 02 Jun 2011 12:09:55 ]

We thought we”d go for the better man, whereas sure thing is Hussain immigration would have got the work done,

Three years ago we got married, and I felt Hussain being new in the game, wouldn’t be able to get her her stay, so we decided upon recommendation to go for the better man.

Three years later, we found ourselves on our final appeal, an hearing in Leeds to decide whether my wife would be granted stay. At this point Barry the better man solicitor fell ill, and needed brain surgery.

His secretary wouldn’t allow us access to the file, upon my father’s continuous persistence.

In the end, we were one day away from, a hearing to swap documents, when Barry returned to work, and my wife personally went to his office, to request her file.

My father had threatened to tell the Law Society, if as he claimed the file was lost.

We went to Hussain solicitors with the file, luckily I also attended, previously all the meeting with Hussain’s immigration solicitors my father, Khadim, who is Council for Mosque President, and has been on three occasions, without challenge. Though once you’ve been in you cannot continue for another period. My father met him a few times. Anway he had a look at the file, and was puzzled to find the HomeOffice file was missing many parts, which we had either sat down with Barry to complete, or brought in evidence to prove. All in all it gave the impression this was some fraudulent claim, rather than a genuine one.

Yes my wife had overstayed, but circumstances are different now, we got married, which meant we were willing to see each others position in life and find ourselves willing to accept each others dilemmas. Insha Allah I’m gonna give Adrian a call, arrrange meeting, he said he was willing to help if he could in any way. Insha Allah, once we have a white face witnessing the whole thing, then it should be much clearer for us to get her stay.

Right at the final hearing, we found out. Wow. Besmalah hirrahman nirraheem.

Barry wanker Clarke

[ Posted Wed, 01 Jun 2011 20:39:00 ]

From the verge of despair, my Lord has grant us mercy

When they hid all the documents which the Home Office requested

And for years kept my passport, and did not tell us whether we would be able to fight

But by God’s will, the solicitor who had our file, fell ill, of a brain tumour

And so we were able to recover the file, stating we would tell Law Society

If as he claimed the file was lost

Then we knew when we went back to Hussain solicitors and left Barry Clarke

After three years we’re having to appeal, that we have been subsiding

Which we clearly provided to the solicitor but he held them back

At least he did not charge us an extra fee for his work

Which he could have, at least this atones for his handiwork

Or else I would take him to court for undue stress he caused me and my wife

All the Home Office one two occasions requested was proof we were cohabitating

But Barry made it look really bad, as though I was some criminal or some schizoiphrenic trying to make a quick buck

We have all the file which the Home Office, have and many things which would have proven that we were subsiding were not even added.

Only thing in the file was my sister’s afidavit to state we were living together

No letter from my psychiatrist, nor from my CPN

Nor all the documents from vote registry nor my bills, as we were not able to make bills together because she is not settled

Even Hussain solicitors, was confused as to why

But like he said, no point crying over spilt milk.

Christian intervention hai

“Cos there’s always gonna be another day… Home is where the hearts is I’m so glad your here to stay.” (ian brown)

I meant Submission though in Arabic it is called Islam. But with the likes of Bin Laden it has become villified

Give them a yard they take a mile, Give them 15 minutes fame they’ll take two milleniums. Give them an injection until they are obese then blame them for being fat

Sajid our oldest brother on todays paper, masha Allah he has been praised for opening a new school, by government in the House of Commons. Hope he doesn’t mind sharing this story here. They said in the future everyone will have 15 minutes of fame, but no one sold out to that idea, instead they are too scared to gamble inncase it gets too big. But we’re gonna get there one day at a time. Until throngs enter into Islam, insha Allah. Peace


[ Posted Wed, 01 Jun 2011 12:51:09 ]

Heaton Reservoir

[ Posted Tue, 31 May 2011 21:40:00 ]


This is the bus I’ve seen, on ebay, may be slightly old and past it, but it should be okl, it’s an old machine which shouldn’t be as problematic as new ones with a million and one things to worry about, unless its brand spanking new. There’s a video of the interior, At present it can travel only about 5 people, but I think this could be changed to 12, with making seats, which are able to flatten out so you could possibly get more people to go. But the idea is only for me and my wife at present. And maybe one of my nephews and also my niece, if her mother allows her, it would be cool if I could adopt two children from my brothers family and take them too, for a long vacation. How am I suppose to someone who’s not there, I could imagine it, and see it like I imagine, but sometimes I can’t. Who’s willing to put this up and we’ll talk about a price soon too. It’s been everywhere this bus, to Nepal, to Kazakhstan, to 9 European countries. Do you think it can manage anymore. Let’s test an old Brits machine. I’ll need a D1 licence, and I can always use this as a spare place if we ever run out of place in the house. But I would liketo acquire the land outside round the back, where it is written, ‘Heaton Reservoir, private property’, reminds me of Reservoir Dogs.


[ Posted Tue, 31 May 2011 16:54:48 ]

They have every right to

To make decisions about direction on course of action

After all they have to see themselves reach fulfilment and conclusion

Instead of leaving it half baked, or fried in the oven

They have right to make certain decisions

But remember on the Day of Judgment to God belongs all decisions

Forgive my chief style talk

I’m not racist, nor a bigot, nor a humiliated after thought

I’m just raising the scales and stakes

Let me sleep on it tonight

I know it’s gonna be alright

I heard brother say in a phone call

Then just now heard the Morcheeba song on shuffle

At present Coldplay are on

They inspire sometimes

I could write for them,

But it’ll get lost in the matrix

I never kept copy of it

Expecting some tale like the Scientist

But like they say ’ do it your self’

So instead I intend to

Rather than wait for the stars to fall

And the angels in the garden

And to just relax and enjoy the ride

Wait, you can buy it, and I’ll pay you when my compensation comes through

Don’t know how I can wait months, when I wanna be getting going by August,

In time for Ramadhan, maybe I’ll make Hajj instead, insha Allah

As long as I got something to keep me knowing light in the future

Good in the present, and truth in the past.

Read this

[ Posted Tue, 31 May 2011 15:18:52 ]

Dear Kashif I think the best way forward with this is for us to meet to discuss matters face to face and with family present. With regards to the offer, I have advised you repeatedly as to the steps that need to be taken before the offer can be accepted : -1. Counsel to advise on the offer and whether it is reasonable or not2. A psychiatric assessment to be done on the issue of capacity ASAP3. If capacity is not an issue and if you wish us to communicate the acceptance of the offer to the Defendant for you, we will do that and 28 days later the payment will be paid to you. 4. If capacity is an issue, then Court approval will be required for any settlement. I appreciate that now an offer has been made you are keen to conclude this matter and I have noted that. However the above steps are mandatory before the case is concluded. At this point in time I cannot guarantee that you will receive funds for a trip to Mecca in august. I will do my best for you. The only way we can proceed quickly is if you cooperate with me and this means for you to see the Psychiatrist. I am trying to get an appointment ASAP. regardsSarah

Everything glorifies God

[ Posted Tue, 31 May 2011 15:05:14 ]

There’s a bus going to the four corners of the world

To bring an answer to all the pain that went around our home

Like children being sent to die by electrucution reserved for murderers

Like the bring of rain and flooding the country with water

Like causing tsunamis and killing everything for miles

To send an valcano that’s been dead for so long

To cause an eruption to end all thoughts of safe from harm

Now they wish to cull the world population

Under the pretence of the temporal superiority

Whenever one is about to take them out, they bring in their arrest

And direct them to a different place

One of home negroes rather than field negroes

One of CIA elitist vampires and cold blooded wankers

Rather than happiness of the blessing

Thank the bastard white man for their temporal superiority

Whenever you attempt to achieve something

There will always be some fucker who will want to cut to the chase

When you are playing football, and in the middle of something

There’ll be one white guy asking for a 1 2 move

The 666 appears whenever they try to make you feel like gods

Rather than as happy submitters

Cos they couldn’t observe the good from the evil

Rather they seduced the question and tried to change the nature of the timeline

Like the time I told them I could walk without crutches

They put on brace on my knee, now I can’t walk more than amile

With lots of swelling , nligaments torn

That’s the sort of bastards they are

But we’ll go the long way round, rather than look them in the eye

Once bitten twice shy

You can fool some people some time but you can’t fool all the people all the time

New World Order or the Kingdom of God

Order of illusions or kingdom of realness

Devided secular or unified whole

They think they have changed the nature of the timeline

By finding a particular to reach unending Kingship

But everything glorifies God in the heavens and the earth

You are either appreciative or unappreciative

Everything glorifies God in the heavens and the earth

Everything glorifies God in the heavens and the earth

There's a sub in a bus

[ Posted Tue, 31 May 2011 14:44:00 ]

There’s a mission to Mars

To find the answer to the stars

Bring all your girls from out of the world

To mine, and let’s wait for the sunshine

There’s a sub on the bus

And it cause no fuss

So lay on the trust

And get on the bus

There’s a white shadaw appearing infront my view

Like a star shining like a diamond

Glimpse and miss them

A sing along to tales of wisdom

Where’s the friends to build the ark

To carry us to the shore afar

To bring our bus around the world

And to start our voyage from the centre of the earth

To lands seldom been

To Salahuddin

And his fort in the highlands of Syria

Been so many places even rich don’t ever get to see

We’ll set up a website called polars.co.uk

And another called 12-3.co.uk

And one for my fans, at asubmitter.co.uk

And we’ll discard, the ones we sat and mesmorised ourselves thinking about

Like asubmitter.com, and reign.me.uk

When I go round the four corner of the world

We’ll set out our voyage on polars.co

When my 3 albums released in 2011,

We’ll write it on 12-3.co.uk

When they want to read my works of written word

They can view it on www.asubmitter.co.uk,

Sub in a bus

[ Posted Tue, 31 May 2011 13:36:00 ]

Sub in a bus

And cause no fuss

Lay on the trust

Happiness is submission to the Lord

There is no other god besides the Most High

Life is a blessing with all the things one could think of

For everything a reason

Everything glorifying God in the heavens and the earth

God controls everything

Peaceful surrender to the Lord by bearing witness

Peaceful submission to the Lord by bearing witness

Peaceful acknowledgement of the Lord by bearing witness

La ellaha ellla Allah

To never despair of the Lord’s mercy or to be seduced by illusions

Seduced to evil by lies and despairing of the Lord’s mercy

Rather than fear the Lord, and reverence Him throughout your days

To not acknowledge leads to darkness, evil and falsehood

Whereas to submit, bring light, love and peace

2 sets, as the albums are all 12 tracks long except Submerge which is 13, so to make things same, we’ll only have two albums with two sets, I got two great sets which I made using touch DJ, a lot better than the virtual dj one, I’ll get them mastered too.

3 albums in 2011

[ Posted Mon, 30 May 2011 22:35:00 ]

I’ll release three albums with an extra set of my tracks which include various stuff from the past, hopefully I can get to 123 position, and make a new record, insha Allah, it will be a great record to have to have three albums in 1 2 and 3 that’ll put a lot of people down and make a lot great people think it’s amazing. Insha Allah, I may not even sell a record, cos I got three albums out, only one has been mastered, and haven’t a single album, yet. Insha Allah when I release the new stuff things will be different. Good luck and God speed. I have a fourth which I will not release due to the rude title, ‘wankers, tossers and soldiers.’ I’ll have to asterix the words.

Getting to number 1 on the album charts by the end of the year insha Allah

[ Posted Mon, 30 May 2011 22:03:46 ]

Release everything as one album, I hear you say, yeah must be worth it for some, sell 84 tracks including 4 sets for £11. What do you think, will I get a number 1 with that, or am I being vain, should I just put them as individual albums, cos I haven’t released four LPs whereas one is not really an LP it is more an EP. What if I decided to give them all for charity, would it get to number 1, something like Street Children 123 Foundation, that way I’ll not pay any taxes, unless the Charity is registered to me. Maybe I can make a business of going to charities and saying I’ll make a donation of a certain amount, you give me the rest back, would that work? Lol, more money more problems. Insha Allah I will have a profitable business and lots of happy family and friends round and we’ll discuss things then, insha Allah God will grant me happiness and not misery in this life and the afterlife. God willing. Like I say in Mind, Body, Soul, My Lord grant me happiness in this and the next. Could mean a few things, but to me it means lives.

I might have a number 1 album by the end of the year. Insha Allah.

Enough room to park a bus

[ Posted Mon, 30 May 2011 21:55:49 ]

View of the land round the back, would like to purchase up to the end of the tarmac past the skip, enough room to park a bus. Wouldn’t mind leaving the bus here, until we’ve decided on who is coming and where we’ll stay when the weather is freezing, and we can’t be arsed.


[ Posted Mon, 30 May 2011 21:31:29 ]

TCM got it for the next five albums, I’ve worked with them before, so know what to expect, and have a little experience working with them, hopefully we will not be to sore on the previous round of nattering, cos he said good luck to you, I don’t think we can work again, or something like that. But all I said was, there were three instances when I thought you were making a nuisance of yourself. Yeah plus if I tell him I’ll send him a couple albums of wavs, and a few as mp3s. Hopefully he wont snip of them, nor make a pop, nor change the length of the songs. Ted Carrfree, yeah then after I’ve sent him five albums of wav, I’ll have to go to tunecore and upload five albums of wav, should take around a month. If I got time, insha Allah, it’ll take around a month to get my money. So I’ll borrow of my brother Saj or Wah or my father.

Mastering mp3s anyone know why I can't instead of wavs only cunts

[ Posted Mon, 30 May 2011 21:19:54 ]

Gonna get all my tracks mastered, I don’t know, at Abbey Road Studios, by the fifth Beatle Kashif Hussain, the Bus Sub mitter driver, I wonder who thought of the word bus for the busses. I wonder how I became A Submitter, and now I’m on the verge of buying abus to drive to the corners of the world, insha Allah. There’s no destructive loss in converting mp3s to wav, and I don’t understand why all these distributors ask for wav files, they take yonks to upload, and to convert mp3 to wav takes less than ten seconds, why can’t they just do that. Wankers, it’s hindered me from releasing new stuff, cos it takes a whole day uploading things or at least 4-5 hours. Insha Allah, I’ll get them all mastered, looking for some good mastering and no nuisance bastards who try to make a good thing impossible.

“Everything glorifies God in the heavens and the earth.” (Quran)

A bus and a sub for A Submitter pay back time

[ Posted Mon, 30 May 2011 17:47:25 ]

On the way back we’ll stop at Amsterdam, I found something, which might need a little work, as its MOT has expired, but I think it will be road worthy, as it has travelled 22,000 miles previously, but I wish I could get something newer with lower mileage, but the price is good. Need to negotiate a deal with the wanker who got the land at the back of our house, he put in an offer of 160 when we had put one for 150, whilst we were building the house. But it would have been a waste, as you can’t build on it, as all the electrical lines run underneath the land, whereas our house was an old electricity sub station, so everything has been moved I think. I was considering making an offer he could not refuse, like a hundred grand, but my Dad told me he can’t build on that land, nor did he pay like he says 250 grand. So I think for a little land at the back, to include the tarmac to have a place to retire a bus with living accomdations, I think it will really set the place a light when they hear Kashif bought a bus for his family because his Dad was once a bus driver so he wants to follow in his father’s footsteps into buses. I think my Lord has willed I should go for the Bristol bus, I’ll talk to the owner, or may go for converting a bus my self, but ready made one, I gotta find out how much fuel it consumes too. And how to insure it. And whether I can take it out of Europe, I know someone drove it to Russia and KAzakhstan, so that’s not Europe, I’d like to go to Mecca, and then from there come back West, until all is settled and William has been made King of England, and his father has been cannabalised and given a Satanist send off, bastard.

“Caught you in a ring of fire,

All surrounded such a blaze,

Caught you in a ring of fire,

Lift me at ya


Insha Allah, God controls everything.

I wont allow police to search through my stuff, they bring sniffers, but I don’t want them to ask what’s this or that, like nuisance children. Fuck off pigs, get a life or get a job.

Charly is strong, smack is powerful, weed is potent

[ Posted Mon, 30 May 2011 17:19:11 ]

And if we want to try charly or heroin, we’ll get some miswaaks which taste of coke, and make you strong in the head, without cracking you open and making you feel vampiristic, and if you want to feel a bit a smack, try some walnut tree bark. But don’t start asking for cups of tea, just enjoy it, the charly is strong, the smack is powerful, the weed is potent. Winners, losers, submitters. Kill all hippies, hey PRimal Scream, I bet they knew about the abandoning of the world elite and the acceptance of Islam, insha Allah, love their stuff especially Screamadelica, means so many things to so many people, but to me it is revolutionary right now, especiallyh the sirens, on Come Together. Before it was about the sixties drug experimentation on strong evil concoctions by demon worshippers turning us into possessed demons, just like flouride. God does not forsake us, for everything a reason, yet even flouride has been a wasteful excessive useless incentive to protect our teeth from decay, for everything a reason, there’s a time and place for everything, God controls everything. Everything may seem bad but sometimes “the things you dislike a lot of good comes from, and the things you like there’s a lot of bad.” As the Quran states, not in exact words.

Picotto Judas

[ Posted Mon, 30 May 2011 15:34:13 ]

Go on Judas!

JC coming?

[ Posted Mon, 30 May 2011 15:18:01 ]

And my mate JC can come, who’s from Grimsby, cos like Ian he professed some sort of declaration of Islam. I wonder how he is, back in 2005, he told me his mother had won the lottery about 350K and said when he gets out he can go to Ibiza with his friends, he said he’d take me. A sure sign of what’s to come. I like his name, Jonathan Clarke, shortened JC, like Jay Kay or Jay Zee. I had one amazing compilation of Mauro Picotto tracks, which he offered me when he lost a bet in football, but I took the money instead. I guess this is why Picotto got a Judas t-shirt on, he’s got a competition right now on soundcloud, don’t know if I should enter, cos he’s an heavy weight and I’m more light weight, don’t stand a chance against some like that, plus I think I’d get laughed at, but I’m probably one of the few serious artist on soundcloud, who’s been there since its beginning. Been listening to Now and Then, one of the most coolest dance collection I’ve heard, but some of his heavy weight stuff are well cool if you are on whizz, and got it on headphones. JC you come too. We’ll head off to France, and then detour to Dam, pretend we’re in Ibiza, I never been to Amsterdam, you know its cruel what happens to a lot of girls who end up on the redlight district, a few Paks, have married women who were nearly sold to brothels, so boys good way of making connection, but it may cost some sort of payment to free them, but like Schindler it will save a few if you can make an effort to free them from the barbarity. My uncle, my mother’ step brother, was married for twenty years, and had 7 or 8 children, which were all girls, then he married again and his second wife is in Holland, as in the UK you are only entitled to have one registered marriage, which she is as he got married the first time from Pak, she bore him a son, same uncle who apparantly robbed his sister of her house. I shouldn’t say anything, I should be impartial. But that’s what I heard. Insha Allah, may God blessed them, and though it may be a test, hopefully he can repay her in due course, if she still insists upon it. Then he sold it back to her, haha.

My wife didn’t have her stay, but we didn’t chicken out, and we got an appeal this month, so she’ll ready to travel too, or we’ll have to wait till I can get her registered marriage, which the new government allows, we’ve been trying for a few years, but when the Lord wills insha Allah, I’ll be blessed with twenty times more people than him. My wife’s from a Kashmiri family, very honest and caring, and she lived in a back to back with her nana and aunt who was childless and her husband remarried, for nine years, without a visa. Then her neighbour knew my grandmother, and my grandmother went to their house, and she came back, and she said to me,’ yai chowli pardai’, Her supplication was fill this scarf which pakistanis women wear to cover their heads, meaning make me a father, I guess. She came to our house with my grandmother’s friend, and her aunt, and initially I wasn’t too sure, but then I thought “I rather be no one, than someone with no one”. And if ‘life is for living, I don’t want to live it alone.’ (Ian Brown,and Coldplay).

So we’ll have twelve seat, but room for 30, in case their family or friends we need to accomadate. A one faggot pole for the hitch hiker guide to the galaxy wanker. At leaest the law tries to hear us, only, it wills to defeat our objective of bearing witness la ellaha ella Allah, we bear witness there is no other god beside God. Ashadu ala la ellaha ella Allah, if you say this you can ride with me. Ok Let’s go, let’s go baby, sugar spun sister.

The dam

[ Posted Mon, 30 May 2011 14:14:11 ]

Maybe a detour to Amsterdam, hmm

Chronic Tronic, Manic

We’ll say we’re heading off to Ibiza,

Go to France, and then a left turn on the right hand side

And stock up on whizz, ecstasy and weed

Sorted for Es and Whizz, innit Ian, my man, you coming too

We’ll set off in 2011, around August, if all’s well with the bike

Then we’ll settle down in Amsterdam for a few month, and make a way to get to New York

Wait, aren’t suppose to depose the Queen and kill Charles?

And let William become King of England?

The New World Order or the Kingdom of God.

Order through illusions or kingdom of realness

Whatever the devil promises is an illusion

Whereas God’s promise is the truth

The Day of Judgement was disclosed through the messenger of th ecovenant

Who provided clear signs and discovered the mathematical miracle of the Quran

The speech is free, but it is mathematically codified,

What you hear is limitless

What you see is infinite

What you say is eternal or free

Should see me on whizz I’m more amicable, and on ecstasy well I can sing like an angel, on weed the chronic tronic manic stuff, well I will not be able to prayer for days, and a tiny amount knocks me right out, I start to become tronic. but I smoked a copious amount since the age of 13, masha Allah, and my music sounds great on AKG headphones or Beats, but needs a little gain calculation to be able to sound alright on stereo, some of it hasn’t been mastered, one album has, and some have been recorded through a line in, whereas some straight of the device, which are more crisp. Something like a virtual DJ gain calculator, makes my music really shine, I think.

When was Zulqarnain, when gog and magog haven't been till near the end of time, so who is the final messenger

[ Posted Mon, 30 May 2011 13:26:02 ]

For the love and keeping

For all the times I wished to be different

Take away the test and stay with nothing is best

Live for tomorrow and be free like a vampire

Come on I got room for twelve

Maybe thirty up till there’s nowhere we can sit

I’ll make it so that there’s enough room for all of us to sit and chat

Even a television with satelite

And all the amenities, like a wash basin, sink and shower

Plenty of helping friends to come and bring a free life to the corners

Some to carry the lots of luggage, if we have to stop somewhere for the night

Some to get some fuel cos we wont be able to get a bus into a petrol station

Fill up on water, at car washes

Take lots of kit like free phone call Vadophone pay as you go

Ande we’ll launch one to Mecca the center

Of the earth, where we will start before going to the four corners first

Some say go East, to Japan, some say west to Alaska, insha Allah

How it is written in the Quran we’ll do that way, insha Allah,

[18:83] They ask you about Zul-Qarnain. Say, “I will narrate to you some of his history.”

[18:84] We granted him authority on earth, and provided him with all kinds of means.

[18:85] Then, he pursued one way.

[18:86] When he reached the far west, he found the sun setting in a vast ocean, and found people there. We said, “O Zul-Qarnain, you can rule as you wish; either punish, or be kind to them.”

[18:87] He said, “As for those who transgress, we will punish them; then, when they return to their Lord, He will commit them to more retribution.

[18:88] “As for those who believe and lead a righteous life, they receive a good reward; we will treat them kindly.”

[18:89] Then he pursued another way.

[18:90] When he reached the far east, he found the sun rising on people who had nothing to shelter them from it.

[18:91] Naturally, we were fully aware of everything he found out.

[18:92] He then pursued another way.

[18:93] When he reached the valley between two palisades, he found people whose language was barely understandable.

Gog and Magog*

[18:94] They said, “O Zul-Qarnain, Gog and Magog are corruptors of the earth. Can we pay you to create a barrier between us and them?”


[18:95] He said, “My Lord has given me great bounties. If you cooperate with me, I will build a dam between you and them.

[18:96] “Bring to me masses of iron.” Once he filled the gap between the two palisades, he said, “Blow.” Once it was red hot, he said, “Help me pour tar on top of it.”

[18:97] Thus, they could not climb it, nor could they bore holes in it.

[18:98] He said, “This is mercy from my Lord. When the prophecy of my Lord comes to pass, He will cause the dam to crumble. The prophecy of my Lord is truth.”

[18:99] At that time, we will let them invade with one another, then the horn will be blown, and we will summon them all together.

[18:100] We will present Hell, on that day, to the disbelievers.

[18:101] They are the ones whose eyes were too veiled to see My message. Nor could they hear.

[18:102] Do those who disbelieve think that they can get away with setting up My servants as gods beside Me? We have prepared for the disbelievers Hell as an eternal abode.

Examine Yourself

[18:103] Say, “Shall I tell you who the worst losers are?

[18:104] “They are the ones whose works in this life are totally astray, but they think that they are doing good.”

[18:105] Such are the ones who disbelieved in the revelations of their Lord and in meeting Him. Therefore, their works are in vain; on the Day of Resurrection, they have no weight.

[18:106] Their just requital is Hell, in return for their disbelief, and for mocking My revelations and My messengers.

[18:107] As for those who believe and lead a righteous life, they have deserved a blissful Paradise as their abode.

[18:108] Forever they abide therein; they will never want any other substitute.

The Quran: Everything We Need

[18:109] Say, “If the ocean were ink for the words of my Lord, the ocean would run out, before the words of my Lord run out, even if we double the ink supply.”

[18:110] Say, “I am no more than a human like you, being inspired that your god is one god. Those who hope to meet their Lord shall work righteousness, and never worship any other god beside his Lord.”


So we’ll go West then South West, then East then South East to New Zealand. After we’ve been by road to Mecca, insha Allah. Hopefully this is fulfilment of prophecy. How can Muhamamd be the last messenger, when Zul-Qarnain built a barrier between some people?

Travel to do Umra, by road. Insha Allah,first thing I’d like to do after I paid off my debts, even the student loans, overdraft, get a new account and change it from a student which it’s been since I got an account at university ten years ago.

Show gratitude to my family insha Allah buy some land round back of Wilmer Rd mansion. And park a bus cos when I was a kid I used to say ’ i wanna be a bus driver like my father’ well I’ll own a bus instead fit it with a tracker so when i travel my family will know exactly where I am. Convert it to modern standards, room to seat 12 people, with swivel and back rest ad made lomg so you can lie down, plus all the stuff you can think of, I wonder what happens when you leave Europe I’ll need a d1 licence.

Things i’d like to do and get:

1: travel 2: show gratitude to my family for the years and years of love and being there. 3. Get another maharishi bum bag 4:sort out my internet sites get some next level web sites designed. 5; another pair of maharishi shades 6: maybe get a sub for stereo


[ Posted Sun, 29 May 2011 22:04:00 ]

I think it will be a challenge to go round the world, with a broken back and a crippled leg, plus if the seat is uncomfortable I do not know if I’l l be able to avoid getting cramps and back pain. If I go at my own pace, just no time limit, I shouldn’t see this as a problem, just like my work in music or writing just going at the pace I thought I should and not the pace everyone else is going with. People are now more full of protocols instead of life is for living philosophy, they wish to achieve certain milestones within a certain time frame, and dare not take the initiative, and some people never buckle to a challenge, whereas they play with fire, and jump ship as though there’s no reason to worry, wrecklessness instead of carefulness, whereas the careful ones are taught by the government what to avoid and what to not take for granted. Like driving through lanes, and beating the traffic with dirty maneuvres, and sometimes jumping lanes, it’s alright if you can reflex through everything, but sometimes you may fall into a pit or lose it too. I think cars should have a rubber coating, like my iPhone, yeah the metal and the glass look really slick, same with my cousins fast audi, yeah it looks great with grey metal, grills and badge, and zenon lights, but in my opinion a car should be able to cover up in rubber too, but I don’t know how friendly that would be outdoors.

I’m reminded of something my brother used to say, once crying when he thought he had upset his parents. He said, ‘heaven is under your mother’s feet’, apparantly this is Hadith, but so many times, I read salat, and my wife’s feet are in front of me. Don’t know what to think, insha Allah, my Lord knows best.

No time lines, trying to get afast break, next ten twenty years, just moving about from one place to another, and without any place to settle.

Only stress is people telling me what I can and can’t do with the compensation.


[ Posted Sun, 29 May 2011 21:08:05 ]

We're not in control of our destinies,

Whether we were born in a fair family, or dark

Whether they were rich or poor

From a hot climate or a cold climate

But one thing is for sure

Life can survive in lots of different circumstance

There is no risk of one race becoming extinct

Or whether the purity will change

We were born to a Kashmiri family

But our wives have been a mixture of within or out or mix

I don't see mating as just a recreation

It is means of reproduction

I saw people at this very rich Cheshir designer outlet

Yet no maharishi

Cos they only fit the maharaja

The Raaj Putt

The child of a forgotten King

You may say there has been so many kings

Some good some bad, it means nothing to be of the dynasty

But we hope it is a realm of Biblical character known as Solomon

Where we are from, and Abraham before

But who knows, as far as we know

It is just acaste, but we're fully Indian not from Ashkenazi

Or Russia

The particular or the whole

The material or the spiritual

The temporal or the eternal

Me and a giant model in M&S changing rooms

[ Posted Sun, 29 May 2011 20:45:00 ]

Remember Borat, wackking of to bra models in NewYork, hilarious, I think it was Ann Siummers, my wife testing this dress, she liked it, we took this one, it fit her the best

She’s hot but I like doing it in the dark, rather than in the full moon shine.

We’re not in control of our destinies,

Whether we were born in a fair family, or dark

Whether they were rich or poor

From a hot climate or a cold climate

But one thing is for sure

Life can survive in lots of different circumstance

There is no risk of one race becoming extinct

Or whether the purity will change

We were born to a Kashmiri family

But our wives have been a mixture of within or out or mix

I don’t see mating as just a recreation

It is means of reproduction

I saw people at this very rich Cheshir designer outlet

Yet no maharishi

Cos they only fit the maharaja

The Raaj Putt

The child of a forgotten King

You may say there has been so many kings

Some good some bad, it means nothing to be of the dynasty

But we hope it is a realm of Biblical character known as Solomon

Where we are from, and Abraham before

But who knows, as far as we know

It is just acaste, but we’re fully Indian not from Ashkenazi

Or Russia

The particular or the whole

The material or the spiritual

The temporal or the eternal

I’m not gonna buy anything prefer mahi which means honey, rishi, fits me right and i know i was made for it, naturally rather than train and bulk up. Just taking missus out. I think i wont. 16 and 8 miles till exit, making 24. Well busy here, parking up.

19 miles to Chester

On the way to cheshire designer outlet, think this is Ian Brown’s turf, near Chester. Happy to be on the road, but you feel very safe in these audis new gens. It keeps asking you to speed and if you were drunk don’t know about thay cos I dont drink. Safety by default i’m a bit old schiol.

Or one of these, a English bus like my dad used to drive as a bus driver, like to see one of these parked at the backyard to the house he built which cost half its value. For 15G you got something for four people live in, or eight sleep in. MOT has expired and you need D1 licence. Like to take this to the four corners of the world. I can drive. Motorhome with my licence but to drive more than eight seater or an LGV I’ll need a D1 licence. Plus to drive with a left foot might be harder with an old school bus. Kit wise it would cost a fortune to buy all the thing these motorhomes got. Wonder about insurance and what happens when you leave Europe.


[ Posted Sun, 29 May 2011 13:56:01 ]

Better or good

[ Posted Sun, 29 May 2011 10:57:59 ]

Those who do better or those who do good

Those who try to cause a snap in people or those who overlook people’s weaknesses and try to create a brotherly love

Those who provoke or those who witness the truth in rebuking Satan

To try to reach unendign kingship or to kill your ego

To always give forbidden fruits or a particular to test people’s intelligence or to kill the ego and submit to God.

Motorhome instead, insha Allah

[ Posted Sat, 28 May 2011 23:43:58 ]

Hold on seen something a lot better than a van or bongo, full on motor home, it means I’ll spend 10% of my compensation, but I rather do this and travel across the planet and have somewhere indoors to read my prayers and not worry about finding a place to do wudu, plus I’d like to get it cos I don’t know if anyone has one around here. Love it, Absolutely love it.

This is what it looks like from inside

It has a a bathroom too

Just the right size, plus the engine isn’t too heavy on petrol, and with the amazing deal with batteries you can have al sorts of amenities in a mobile home, yeah I like the American ones but the engine is too big, for my liking, I intend to go to Saudi where petrol cost 10p a litre, but sometimes I’ll be in Europe where it cost 100 times more.


[ Posted Sat, 28 May 2011 19:23:42 ]

Take a long holiday

Let the children play

If you give this man a ride,

Sweet memory will die

Killer on the road

His brain is squirming like a toad

Cos Kash put him in headlock and didn’t let go

So the school found and the government found out, the cat killer is on parole

He found a way to get to the jugular and kill a man twice his size

He’s got a dog bite on his arm, but the wanker fell off his brain dead mind into a coma from suffocating his throat

We call it the Mcmurphy true blue method of killing Nurse Wretched

Bongo or banjo

[ Posted Sat, 28 May 2011 15:59:05 ]

Thinking of getting a mazda bongo, this ones a 2003 usually they stop at 2001, price is fairly cheaper, should check the interior, it’s a got a double bed, a sink, and you could fit a DVD player or something, but I rather use the portable mini projectors, same thing really watching of an iPod or DVD cos you’re not gonna pick up television even if you got abuilt in player, so I guess I’d like to take one of these, and just me and my wife, adn we’ll head out to Mecca, I know I can do it, I can march from Arabia and conquer Spain on one side to China on the other all in hundred years, or spend a few hundred years coquering 66% of the land of the earth like those colonialist British, who took the land and brought in settlers from prisons to the rest of Europe. Now they can’t stand pakis getting some land, without a fight, some say you can do that, you can, but we know when it matters everyone will start fighting and picking on the vulnerable instead of raising their spirit to take out the Wanker of world, of the one world empire, which is really one world wankers paradise, and that bastard isn’t got kingship of the earth, he is a wanker of the Church of England. And that sell out Pope can go to hell.

My star

[ Posted Sat, 28 May 2011 14:16:37 ]

What happened when all the space exploration

Didn’t lead to astrounoats becoming new conquestadors

The Mehicanos and the Latinos and Brazilians, squirm from their past as cannibals

The Americans think if there’s nothing up there, I do not want to share my space with a bunch brownies

“Nasa constructors jewel abductors

Space exploration, galactical finding

Mars bears shore and military lining

Space exploration, excursion to the stars

Jet packed pilots, on a mission to find the answer to the stars


Example of what happens when their space ventures turn cold

And then the old enemy Russia becomes their new friend

Of white colonialist after Egypt and Mecca, but will they surrender or fight for all their is to give.

Do you want to start a third world war

Or let us see what we really should do instead

Take out Charls, the head of Church of England

And put in William, who is a submitter like his mother

Not a bastard worshipper like Charles,

And the Queen should abdicate

That’s what I call for,

A unilateral surrender and happiness

Not all war and wicked regrets

Let’s be thankful for a change

Instead of full of wicked regrets through our hatred of humans which comes from Shaytaan.

There’s a full blown English wedding once again, at the Church opposite our house, and feels great to know, there are still lots families who adhere and do not conspire evil against fellow humans. But if you think you got it in you to shoot people who have not hurt or harmed anyone all their weakness is their colour of skin. We are all radiance of brown, a spectrum of dark to light, all through the sun light exposure. But I know one thing, you attempted to say something, and now you will be led to its fulfilment which you tried to ignore all of a sudden, and that something you said, was there can be another god.

Well have your wicked regrets then, I’ll see you in the future, when it becomes past, insha Allah, and the present becomes future, and the past becomes present, See three stages and none the first touch with the last of the other couple. Masha Allah. Peace

Enjoy the silence - Submitter Remix

[ Posted Sat, 28 May 2011 13:18:00 ]

Depeche Mode - Enjoy the Silence (A Submitter) Remix (original version) by A Submitter

All of a sudden, the shock start of Aaa, of the song enjoy the silence, and the Southpark style all I ever wanted, instead of going to say ,is here in my arms, it’s say enjoy the silence. The shock is better than anything those psychiatric bastard do to torture people, with their fake labels of demonic inspired lies and defaulted conditions. In my arms, what better therapy than a hug from your wife or with your missus.

Nothing is impossible

[ Posted Sat, 28 May 2011 13:09:02 ]

I want to hear the settlement figure coming from their mouth, not from your mouth, I’ve heard a lot about solicitors when they did those claims for the miners.

With kind regards, allow me to see the document they sent, I wish to rest easy, you have troubled me deeply and my blood levels have been raised and my stress is unabated, since you made a decision against the instructions of my GP. Which you have ignored, and not even filed as part of the case. The only reason I wanted Dr Waheed as litigation friend at the time wehn the barrister made his one and only visit, was due to your recommendation, for the purpose of trial. since this case is not going to trial I see no reason why others should have control and ownership of my entitled compensation. I’ll shame you in public, also tell them how you were trying to argue that the defence was strong, when it had gaping holes of errors and mistakes, and that this psychiatrist as well as countless others educated in the equal opportunity forsaken country, are hired guns, who write the biding of the representative solicitor.

You should be thankful this is not being taken to court, really though I feel your loyal dogs of war would make a good thing impossible, But nothing is impossible, as the street ghetto kid one of my cousin told me, whilst I was in awheelchair, and thinking I wouldn’t walk again.

Take care, hope to rectify asap.

Jeolous, heartless, soulless

[ Posted Sat, 28 May 2011 12:09:44 ]

Actually the soulless part is ‘if one will, all should’, which is the philosophy of American masons, about the forbidden fruit, instead of going round they go in, and get stuck in.

And the heartless part is,’if one can all can.’ this is due to education of equal opportunity in the UK, it is the heartless beast again.

The jealous part is,’if one gets all should be entitled to some of the same.’ I remember when I was a kid and I had a relationship with an older girl, who was the sister to my first cousin Khaleel, older sister, by two years, that’s where I got my rude boy gangster label. Cos we were from the UK, and we were treated with impunity and made into animalistic lower self losers with lots depravity. But this was before I had reached puberty, and she thought I looked a lot older, I guess, we used to sneak up to the attic underneath the back of a bed where there was a enclave from a roof extension, and make out. Then we wen to Pakistan, and she used to tell me things, like this is ‘baisharmia’ ‘without shamefulness acts’ but I went along, and my mouth used to feel all funny thinking about it, we used to hide in a barn in their family’s extension to the villa, in a village called Sangla Hill, Punjab, and make out, she expected me to take her, but I couldn’t get an erection at the age of 7. One my uncles who had lived all his life in PAkistan, who was also a few years older than me, some how found out, maybe through peepin in, But him and his older brother, who were both like uncles through mother’s side and cousins through our father’s side, made it difficult for her, and she was raped so I heard. Same guy who raped her, later wanted to marry her. Then when they moved to England, the guy who found out about what me and Shazia were up to in the barn, wanted to stay with us instea of with his own family. Me and my sister used to share a room, and we used ot have to go to school, they were two double beds. He slept with me, would start telling me about Shazia, I ignored him, but he wouldn’t let me sleep. Then one night while the light was out, I heard shuffling in my sisters bed, but I was too tired, and didn’t care, until the next day. Soon after his eye sight deterioted and he started wearing big goggle glasses, I am still to this uncertain if he took her virginity, by poking her, but my sister hasn’t married. Wankers, tossers, playing lifelong ambitions of getting ugly, rather than beautiful, being despicable rather than beautiful, trying to cause a destruction on the Sabbath, rather than care of rest, instead of pain of ease, it is of hardship. La quawata illa bilah. So they wanted some of the same, is the point, and niece and nephews, are always going on about fair and mine and selfish egos., Saj’s children.

If they are so rich,

How we gonna loot the monarchs, the monarchs are gonna loot us.

One of us can, not all of us can

[ Posted Sat, 28 May 2011 00:32:25 ]

They were hoping to hear in response to their continuous sarcasm to go back. One of us can not all of us can.


[ Posted Fri, 27 May 2011 23:57:55 ]

Just because someone is on the verge of leaving this forsaken country, you wish to have kingship of the whole world

Just because you think if one can all can, if one will all should, and if one gets then everyone should be entitled to some of the same.

Soulless, heartless, jealous.

if one can all can, soulless answer

If one will (eat the forbidden fruit) all should, heartless method

If one gets then everyone should be entitled to some of the same, jealous egos

If one can get out of this country, then the oldies who were rich enough to leave, thought pakis will get their money and go back. Reading into the future, of one man’s destiny isn’t the destiny of all of them. You can’t cut to the chase, and think you’ve shown how clever you were in a particular which you thought would lead to unending kingship. The whites of the sixities and seventies may have had the ability to travel and do things and not be bothered by their devil worshipping bastard devils companion hatred in their eyes. Now you wish to bar code everyone, as though they are cattle, and kill off those who show you what they think of your evil equal opportunity. Because all your other methods have failed, well time to draw your guns and start shouting kill all pakis, because that’s what you think is comical, but what we find a laughing at those niggas whom you’ve subjegated bumming prisoners, and thinking nothing of it, when they are called names such as Puff and Gay and Cunt. Puff daddy, gay zed, 50 cunt. Shames you too, don’t it white man? Because Africa might become part of Europe, but pakis will be on your death wish. You simply seek exaltation on earth, whereas we seek the glory of God.

Best story ever told - Zulqarnain

[ Posted Fri, 27 May 2011 21:22:19 ]

I lost a file, I do not really know what happened, insha Allah, sometimes it could have maliciously wiped off, however everything is in accordance with God’s will, though it breaks the chain of thought, and I start post writing rather than in the present moment.

We started with talking about the best story ever told

And decided it would have to be Kashif known as Zulqarnain

Those who are good or those who are better

The story of Jesus

Was one of redemption or forsakeness

Some saw it as Greeek influence

Of Zues

So sometimes you write and you miss it by pressing the delete button which if the marker is not on the page means to go back a page, and then you have to say goodbye to everything you wrote. Insha Allah the Lord knows, what I wrote, He witnesses all things, and controls all things, and is Most Merciful and Most Gracious.

We talked about whether the same thing that happened to others would happen to me, like being shot in the street like John Lennon, or like my auntie Rabeena, who is on the picture with my mum, helping wash the balcony, and how her brother took her house twice which meant she lost her savings twice, and her husband died of a tumor and her second husband from Pakistan left her, third time she lent my mother some money, and had a big problem in time, asking for her money back,we gave it back but she was heavily tranquilised and put on too much weight. I don’t want other people owning my money, some wont let me do the things I want. Some would want a cut, and some would try to steal it from me through devious cunningness. Just as much as all these quango institution are set up protect, they can also cause a lot of undue stress and suffering. Check the eradication of Saddam Hussein has it been prosperous for the Iraqis. Has the fake instiutionalisation of children been prosperous for this country when it is in debt by 400 tirllion pounds, only to support this Satanist system. Now some one is on the verge of leaving this country, you want top instead control the whole world, or have kingship of all the world, so that you can feel better instead of accepting the truth and goodness of the soul. Everytime a point is raised, your mind jumps up like a cock that sees a sexy girl on the beach with a thong and a skimpy bra, full figure, with her arse kneeling to welcome you in. Bunch of wankers, you put value on things in financial ways, whereas we ask only to recieve our commitment to God through our worship. Can you value worship at all? It means to some an exchange and saving for the after life, but ever read the opening supplication which is found in the opening sura of the Quran, called al-Fatiha, the Key. Ever put the effort to bow or prostrate to glorify God and to redeem your soul, without mentioning others in your contact with God at specific times of the suns incline and decline throughout the day. Church of England wankers, sold out tossers, go to hell you losers. It’s not me who’s screaming, it’s you in the afterlife, you Church of England wankers. ”If we all acting in ways like yourself we’d be all happy, Kashif.” Someone wants to add.

Some ideas for a book

[ Posted Fri, 27 May 2011 16:59:00 ]

The British thought when the people from Asia and Africa and the West Indies arrived, they would make their money and then return to their home countries. But this system doesn’t allow that to happen, it ties you down with a hundred and one problems with every quango insitute set up to take their share from the poor, who neither give the excess to charity nor allow people the freedom to support themselves and make a livelihood from it. What would it be like if they built up homes, which cost them double and charge half of it for it. Yes they would make a loss, but when you talk about how much they have earned from the produce of the earth, which they are hoarding, then you’ll see them as being money grabbers. Same with students, the only advantage of education was to get as better job, we were taught we were all part of a civilisation and had to fulfill our roles in whatever we were allocated or fate decided. But look and see how everything has changed, instead of building houses, house prices have increased, instead of student getting well off, they are totally indebted to pay mortgage on top of their education. It is all due to the selfish whims of the monarchs who do not achieve anything other than lead us to the verge of destruction, whereas all these quangos and all these institutions all profit from one thing, evil, they all think they are eating something pleasant, but it is always full of evil, and it is the forbidden fruit. They make children buy into the monarchs requests to see the bastard Charles kill off humans who testify allahu ackbar, they make them buy into it, the white man better than the rest, and the white wankers should have the right to everything, because they better and more cleverer than us. When they never progress, always looking for particulars to reach unending kingship, rather than nurture their souls, they sell it for miserable prices, instead of bearing witness la ellaha ella Allah, they think there can be another god.

Monotheism or Polytheism

Respect your family or respect the state

Give love to all who live and die in your houses or give love to those who profit out of our miseries and cause undue suffering

Time has no chain or they took the piss and stayed in power because they had all the time lines and gambling to see who should be in power or not

Reap what you sow or profit from evil

Satan request/s which are illusions

[ Posted Fri, 27 May 2011 16:23:34 ]

You want the best story hey white pagans who became known as Christians.

You want the best.

Well who better than those myth writers of Greece.

Yeah right, you can fool some people some time but you cannot fool all the people all the time.

Is it a meritocracy or a wankers status which decides the great from the wicked.

If for myth you are looking for the best, it will have to fall to Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, Trilogy, it has everything, but borrowing Biblical names such as Saruman, and using word which have spiritual connatations. Whereas you’ll find the film, just a white man crusade, whereas it should have been made to look like adifferent world, in my opinion, I can’t stand faces made to look like Caucasian Russians and Zionist pigs. Should’ve filtered, adn told the story like Tolkien told it, not like some script writer from Hollywood, full gore, sex and violence and discrimination against other people, calling them barbaric like Muslim people, or Asians and pakistanis, or whoever, when it is all instigated and occuring through schemes and evil profiteering of wankers such as Tony the sell out Catholic Pope’s cock sucker, and the faggot loser from the States who can’t tell his arse from his face, Geargo son of Devil worshipper Bastard Bush git. You know demons, are bastards, they are the spawn of Satan, and they always try to seduce you towards evil, whenever a human is born, Satan produces a demon to be his life long companion, humans know through their soul that there is no other god besides God, but the demon always tries to force polytheism, and put fear through illusions through Satan’s request, which was the same as refusing to fall prostrate in front of Adam, saying he was better than him, and then asking, which means he requested respite till the Day of Judgment, and he, Satan the Accursed, said, ‘I will lead them all astray except those of your worshippers who are devoted absolutely to God alone.’

[38:67] Say, “Here is awesome news.

[38:68] “That you are totally oblivious to.

[38:69] “I had no knowledge previously, about the feud in the High Society.*


[38:70] “I am inspired that my sole mission is to deliver the warnings to you.”

[38:71] Your Lord said to the angels, “I am creating a human being from clay.

[38:72] “Once I design him, and blow into him from My spirit, you shall fall prostrate before him.”

[38:73] The angels fell prostrate, all of them,

[38:74] except Satan; he refused, and was too arrogant, unappreciative.

[38:75] He said, “O Satan, what prevented you from prostrating before what I created with My hands? Are you too arrogant? Have you rebelled?”

[38:76] He said, “I am better than he; You created me from fire, and created him from clay.”

[38:77] He said, “Therefore, you must be exiled, you will be banished.

[38:78] “You have incurred My condemnation until the Day of Judgment.”

[38:79] He said, “My Lord, respite me till the Day of Resurrection.”

[38:80] He said, “You are respited.

[38:81] “Until the appointed day.”

[38:82] He said, “I swear by Your majesty, that I will send them all astray.

[38:83] “Except Your worshipers who are devoted absolutely to You alone.”

[38:84] He said, “This is the truth, and the truth is all that I utter.

[38:85] “I will fill Hell with you and all those who follow you.”

[38:86] Say, “I do not ask you for any wage, and I am not an imposter.

[38:87] “This is a reminder for the world.

What did you daddy do in prison?

That’s why your called Puff daddy, and Gay Zed and 50 cunt

What’s up black tossers of the Church. What happens in those prisons you breed you ugly faces in.

They say pakis are ugly, should see those American niggas, maybe we all have some problem, niggas want straight hair and small noses and good cheeks and bright faces, pakis know they are the well formed and blessed with all good things, masha Allah, but some through being in the environment of Church need to feel the fuck of a white girl and remove the stigma of years and years of abuse at schools and work places, of color prejudices. And white people just want to wank, wank, wank, yeah wank. Instead of fuck, yeah fuck yeah, they wank, which is what Jimmy said in This is the end.

Picotto I saw you wearing a Judas t-shirt, don’t know where you’re coming from on that, are you selling out, cos we’re filling the whole medium with spiritual love and happiness and kindness and lots of good feeling of Jesus’ soul which resides among the believers. Well it was a t-shirt which had Judas written on it. Insha Allah, God controls everything. masha Allah, allahu ackbar, la ellaha ella Allah.

Rabana aitaina fidunya, hasana tauwa fil akhirate hasana tauwa wakina aziban nar

Our Lord, grant us righteousness in this world and in the hereafter, and spare us the retribution of hell.

Besmalah hir rahman nir raheem, wa al awale wal akhire

In the name of God, at the beginning or at the end.

Riders are born into this house

[ Posted Fri, 27 May 2011 14:54:05 ]

“Riders of the storm,

Into this house we’re born

Into this world we’re thrown

Like a dog without a bone

And an actor on loan

There’s a killer on the road,

His brain is scuirming like a toad

If you give this man a ride

Sweet memory will edie

There’s akiller on the road”

Playing a banjo

He went racing against the devil

Singing begging you till the early morn

Was arrested at 506 am and now rides once again

If you tell porkies keep them to your self

If you hire a dog give him a bone to get his teeth in

Don’t let go until you find a hole

To bury your soul

Goodbye all you people who couldn’t find a particular to reach uneneding kingship

Instead sold your souls for a miserable price.

(The Doors Riders of the Storm, with a little more from A Submitters’ perspective)

“Driving in south round midnight

And I must be pretty insane

Driving south round mind in a howling hurrimane

I stopped for an old man hitcher

On a lonely old cross road

Said I’m going nowhere I’m only here to see if I can steal your soul.” (Stone Roses, Driving South

I wont deny it I'm a straight Ridah..

[ Posted Fri, 27 May 2011 14:18:47 ]

Niggas and bitches

Ridas and punks

Which side are you on?

Submitters- Rude boy gangsters


Church of England wankers

Which side are you on?

Submitters - Rude boy gangsters

[ Posted Fri, 27 May 2011 14:07:38 ]

Church of England wankers, Muhammadans (gay love of Muhammad) tossers, Zionist sold out soldiers

[ Posted Fri, 27 May 2011 14:02:38 ]

You never know until you try

But you don’t need to gamble on your life

You learn as you go along

Judge not lest you are judged

Why do you percieve the splinter in your brother’s eyes not notice the wooden beam in your own

Pride and prejudice, sense and sensibility,

wankers and tossers and soldiers

Wankers want a bribe

Tossers want you to die

Soldiers want a back hander

Failure, seduction, corruption

Church of England wankers

Muhammad (gay love of Muhammad) tossers

Zionist sold out soldiers

Sunni, sold out sunshine

Shia, wankers of Ali

Salefi, tossing off the Saud

Putting the cool in K

[ Posted Fri, 27 May 2011 12:52:29 ]

You put the cool into K

You got too much money to make them think they got to get happy instead of funny

The first thing the white girl said,’more money more problems’.

Now sat on a cool million

With every artist gleaming with hatred

Saying you gotta kiss the butt of the judgge and jury

To make your dreams a reality

But I went and found my own way

I got my own brain

I got the one aim

An anagram of Ian Brown’s name

They think I need a doctor to tell me where I go to spend my money

They think I need a family member to decide the outcome of my financial responsibilities

They can all go to hell, cos I’m not gonna bribe them even though they want to wet their beaks and take it all away through schemes and devious cunning plans

Fuck em, it’s the first and the last, 1 and 9, twelve 1 and 2, them two are fighting I’m justing relaxing, winners and losers, and submitters.

Cocaine.Heroin. Marijuana

I put the cool in K

Not like that wanker called Waqas

Thinks he’s kash

I’m the real original Kash

With my name being a cool Kay Kash

Man of honour

[ Posted Thu, 26 May 2011 19:20:41 ]

Man of cloth

Man of honour

Man of many faces

Man of many faces

Forget the question of races

Let’s party and give a shot to everyone

Let’s party and call it a good day for remembering

Only the strayers despair of the Lord’s mercy

Seduced by illusions of Satan’s requests

Who the fuck are you to talk about me

Go and check your own face out

And see all the horrible things you’ve done to your soul

Selling it for a miserable price, to always think you’ll reach unending kingship

Through your arrogance

Whereas the submitters by the will of God show humility and call you to bear witness there is no other god besides God

But most of them turn idolatrous instead

Thinking there can be another god

And side with Shaytaan.

Man of cloth, with my multi coloured turban.

Man of honour, never paid a dime to the taxman, sat on a bonus of rich bankers get.

Man of many faces, these cameras always decieve me as to who I can see instead of me. but it’s all good being man of many faces, my reflection says it all, who do you see? Jesus, son of Mary.

Besmalah hirahman niraheem

la quwata illa billah

la ellaha ella Allah

Just thought I’d put this here, as a continuation of our discussion, where you are trying to make a good thing impossible, and acting like that nurse who let me go home, without a risk assessment, now you wish to try to do another risk assessment, when it is uncalled for and totally out of your power to do so. I’m not welcoming any more visit from reporters, and will only talk to those who are necessary, please do not arrange an appointment to see a psychiatrist, it is your endevour to put the money out of reach, and only available for certain things, when I am entitled to be able to manage my own money and not worry about the third parties who have no reason to help me other than to cause detriment and suffering

(RESEND: In case you missed this bit)

If you wish to get more work, then I would ask you to stop taking matters out of hand, or else I will name and shame all of you, as well as take you to court for another negligence case, where you did not take the prosecutions GPs report which stated Kashif could represent himself.

Recommendation of my GP is being ignored

[ Posted Thu, 26 May 2011 17:34:43 ]

Quango bodies who needs them, paid out yet stuck with all these weirdos telling what I can and can’t do with the money. Some will cause you undue pressure to react to all the demonisation, others would want back handers to get the things you want. Others wont let you touch until you listen to every word they think should be necessary. Fuck em I don’t need no litigation friend, my GP said in her report which you asked her to make regarding whether I could represent myself or would need a fuckin litigation and she said I didn’t require one. Now why are you Sarah pushing me towards having a litigation friend? Who’s interest are you serving? You cannot make that decision and the recimmendation of my GP cannot be ignored when it comes to final settlement. I REFUSE TO SEE THIS PSYCHIATRIST WHO I HAVE NO KNOWLEDGE OF! And I want my money now! Who knows me better my GP or this local psycjiatrist who wishes I stay in the labrynth of institutional degradation. I have nothing to say to the psychiatrist, my opinion has been recorded. Thanks wankers for pushing this away out of reach so that you can continue tovexperiment on my life. Fucking pieces of shit.

Notes prior to seeing consultant psychiatrist about needing a court order and litigation friend

[ Posted Thu, 26 May 2011 13:53:46 ]

I don’t know who’d be right for litigation purposes so wish to control the money which i am winning as a result of this negligence case. Please see my point of view, everyone knows how to break my nerves so they’ll make it difficult to enjoy my life and cause argumentation and envious remarks with hatred in their eyes.

I have compiled three works of literature, 3 albums of music, whereas I get any royalty. No I do not think I should gamble with the taxman, cos he’s got a gun against us if we buy out bradford and bingley housing. I want to enjoy as well as find a property I like where I can use to make an imcome as well as may be settle and hopefully continue studying or take a part time job as a foreign language teacher, insha Allah I hope to teach one day as well as learn my basic linguistics in arabic and far eastern linguistics. Hopefully you can see I’m well educated and do not support world terror organisation nor listen to bin laden, i use my akl, to learn the difference between right and wrong. Please do not make me gamble to chose the correct litigation person. I am well and able to look after my own life and interest instead of finding initial time to stop myself from speaking, because words are unnecessary they can only do harm. My wife supports my religious views but cannot make the transition without upsetting my parents. Let us part from these people amd negotiate an eclverlasting unity of love, light and peace. Thanks Sarah for bearing my thoughts. Good day happiness is submission to God.

Wreak, break, take

[ Posted Thu, 26 May 2011 12:55:59 ]

Every sensible human will tell you, it will wreak your life. Then you will be sorry,

I went from wreak, to break, to take.

Drugs wreak your life, but somehow wherever I look the need to intoxicate seems prevelant whenever I think how we were suppose to worship God, some say by all means necessary, others preconditional violence, for me to not despair is all I can wish for. I remember saying to Sajid the day I was feeling self realisation, and I said to him ’ doesn’t the Quran tell us never despair of the Lord’s mercy’ and he said yes, now they are poisoning me as soon as I speak putting olanzopine in my tea or corrupting my drink with poison. I was detained that day and after four days i was lying on freezimg ground with my spine frsctured and my legs paralysed, i had jumped from the attic window, now they offer me 350K settlement am I suppose to accept it is lower than 10K a year for the next 35 years which I am supposed to live. I get around 12K now with my benefits, and they’ll stop and if they put court order on the money I wont see a scent until I pass through court, I’m trying to win my solicitor to get a favourable report whether the money needs protecting. One thing I gather they’re allowing me to invest and will advice me on that.

Really like one of these, a modern camper van, plenty of room for luggage and like to go to Mecca by road, insha Allah. It’s about 3000 miles, which works out to be two weeks to get there. Fifty quid a night for hotel, and if we do 300 miles a day we’ll only be driving for four hours max. We could see places along the way look up places to go on one of the travel app. Anyone with no commitments ask if you can come along. I want to see a few countries and think about investing somewhere. Insha Allah I know it is my destiny, might be gone for a few years. Insha Allah please Lord help me got out before they shoot us all. Peace be upon you, I got an offer for settlement but it protected with need of approval from dr wah nker. Should switch litigation friend to Sajid. God willing.


[ Posted Thu, 26 May 2011 11:56:29 ]

Just noticed I knew this but didn’t understand the relevance. I showed how the three drawings were dissimilar to each other in one way when the two others were the same. Now I’ll show you how they are not same for the fourth one, which you can write also alongside the three differences. It is about the points on each shape, there are 6 poimts to the hexagram, there are 4 points to the tetrahedron and there are 8 points to the cube, which is 1 minus 19 adding to 18.

Arrogance or humility

[ Posted Tue, 24 May 2011 22:37:43 ]

When you use people for your own advantage then it’s ok, but when people try to get out of the labrynth of beuaracratic challenges and red tape you feel inadequate. Who do you support and what law do you wish to abide by. We’ll see how kingdom comes. You used the Africans for your own purposes destroyed ARAB LANDS, purposefully insyrumented their reprisal into fully fledged archaic institutional lies. You overtook and colonised so much of the world’s people and land, yet you claim you are better better how that you stood the test of history, then wait till the end of days. The last day then you’ll know who thinks he is better and who is humble and says all praise is due to God. Wheress you’ll continue to argue we’re we not instrumental in all these deeds, but forget you got gold while we got water. Water is more precious than gold to people. Wanna use you will be use, wanna be thanked you’ll end up thankless, wanna find peace denounce the devil. So you think if it wasn’t for me, this or that would not be possible, so you become arrogant, whereas those who were persecuted until God sent his victory, are the humble who say ‘all praise belongs to God’. There is nothing like unto Him, He is the Hearer , Seer.”(Quran) laisa kamithlihi shayun, hawul samiul basir.

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Proture, nueresent, pastron 3 dimensions of spatim

[ Posted Tue, 24 May 2011 20:45:52 ]

Need to remember to add a fourth three to time, atoms and space. Which Einstein refer to as space-time leaving atoms out of it. Since the three sides to this fourth dimension have not bern recorded. Lets start with the amalgamation of the pluses and minuses and nuetrals i guess these sound better than what I was thinking PROTURE. NUERESENT. PASTRON. try both ser what you get . For the three drawings write the three dissimilarities. Fpr time atom ans space and the fourth which we call happiness or good day happiness is submission to God. Or spatin. Remember to spit in the hole to cause a valcano eruption in kinky’s dad bed time romance. Afro how’s it going especially with all the days I spent imagining singers to stay here now I know you’re from the future. 3+9=12 remember to the 3 attributes of God beforevwriting the sciences , arts and classics which have 3 of each.

So you should have six lots of tenses of time in various combinations of 3s, the time, atom, space and now we’ve added the fourth three referred to as spatim, space atom time shortened. And the four threes starting with 3 attributes of God. Insha Allah make a good symbol and let Saj’s son do it. I wonder what the future is like now, why haven’t I tried this myself, because I got no where to go other than see my dream what is recorded in the Quran, to travel the four corners of the world, insha Allah. Peace be upon you, I’ll sign in on my phone, that way CIA can’t be bothered confiscating my things as theuly pursue you wish I wad there, say happy days are all ablaze.

Happy days are all ablaze

[ Posted Tue, 24 May 2011 19:21:52 ]

Just think it best to sign out now. See you on 3+9 and go on the world tour in 2012, to the polars, good to know you too. See you again.

Peace be upon you

Picture of my room in the hole in Wilmer Rd

[ Posted Tue, 24 May 2011 18:40:39 ]

The hexagram was above the center speaker, right in the center, the tetrahedon has near the pictue above the chair near the lamp. The cube was on the wall close to the curtain passed the television. Insha Allah, ask God He will guide you, peace, where to place them.

Draw things with your finger, on the wall, the main finger on the right just after your thumb. Draw on walls, write kalima, or God’s name, write the charts I told you about. Try and read this the right way round. Draw the drawing of the hexagram, and tetrahedron and the cube. I drew the three drawings, one above the system which is like a horizontal three, in my bedroom, I drew a big hexagram above it. And to the right wall, by Eero Aarnio chair, I drew a tetrahedron, and by the televison, near the closest window to the music station, I drew a cube. You might think no one sees them, but some one does, God, and I wander if the angels see them or the demons too.

Dint work did it..

[ Posted Tue, 24 May 2011 18:24:56 ]

I got another one for ya,

These are the three symbols, minus the star which is slightly different, doesn’t matter, 12 sides to the hexagram, 4 triangles with 3 sides each for the tetrahedron, and 12 sides for the cube. In every instance there is one thing wrong with each one once. Two are 3d one 2d the hexagram, two have 12 side one has 6 sides the tetrahedron, two are triangular one is sqaures the cube.

This will look confusing, but it only because the spacing on this blog isn’t very useful, and I don’t type on microsoft word,as it isn’t installed on this laptop.

So we start with time, then atmoic structure, then dimensions in space

So first of all

Future. Proton. Up or down


Present. Nuetron. Right or left


Past. Electron. Forward and backward


Could that work also if you wish to use the 3 sciences, the 3 arts and the 3 classic as well as the three attributes of God. So

Omniscient. Chemistry.Music.Philosophy

Omnipotent. Physics. Art. Linguistics

Omnipresent. Biology. Writing. History

Try that


[ Posted Tue, 24 May 2011 18:07:00 ]

If you love your dad, give us a wave

If you’re mummy was your favourite, come and feel the wave

So we’ll sit and think, could man really kill off the whole of mankind in a single bullet

Or could we eat that bastard who stands against us to try to achieve a wankers status

Charles shall die and William shall be crowned, the young Prince is true to his family and also keen to find a way out of the Church’s control

Somewhere in the future, will become the past, and the present will become the future, and the past will become the present.

The hexagram, the star of David, is it a satanist symbol, or does it point, to the three tenses of time, being future, present, past, or how they change and become past, future present. and go round twelve times, at every wave and trough, every high wave and low wave, till each tense has been in. So you should draw the stargate.

Starting with



















I think, there are six triangle at the outer edges, and six triangles on smaller sides of the hexagram. If you turn the hexagram, rotate it it will always remain the same at whatever point you turn. The third and fifth are the same.

la ellaha ella Allah, besmalah hir rahman nir raheem

[ Posted Tue, 24 May 2011 17:38:55 ]

Say, “Whose testimony is the greatest?” Say, “God’s. He is the witness between me and you that this Quran has been inspired to me, to preach it to you and whomever it reaches. Indeed, you bear witness that there are other gods beside God.” Say, “I do not testify as you do; there is only one god, and I disown your Idolatry.” [6:19]


sons who prostrate and remember their lord, sons who forgive, happiness is submission to God, try to happy with your own souls and try to be as giving in your erada, intentions, and be with those who happily read salat the way it is meant, and do not go to places of postration where others are attributed with God, be with those who sincerely wish to be mercied and not forsaken, and be with those who do not despair of the Lord’s mercy, people can political or self loathing or pitiful but try to remind yourself God controls everything, from the atom or smaller God is in full control, I hope you’ve found something to help you realise that time is also ruled with futuristic mind. Forgive and you will be forgiven, judge not lest you are judged, show mercy and you will be shown mercy. I hope you do not fall into the traps of equal opportunity, for “God grants His kingship to whomever He wills. God is Bounteous, Omniscient.” (2:247) Which is just passed the part where the Jews complained that Saul was not fit to be King, that they were more worthier of it, and that he wasn’t even rich. The Prophet said to them prior to this, is it your intention that if fighting is prescribed you will not fight.

I have had to check, and found the true narrative follows the following route:

[2:246] Have you noted the leaders of Israel after Moses? They said to their prophet, “If you appoint a king to lead us, we will fight in the cause of GOD.” He said, “Is it your intention that, if fighting is decreed for you, you will not fight?” They said, “Why should we not fight in the cause of GOD, when we have been deprived of our homes, and our children?” Yet, when fighting was decreed for , they turned away, except a few. GOD is aware of the transgressors.



kul huwala hu ahad, Allahus Samad, lam uu lid lam ya kulla hu kufhuwan ahad

[ Posted Tue, 24 May 2011 17:23:01 ]

Peace to all my brothers and sisters

Happiness to all God’s children

Goodwill to all humans

Say la ellaha ella Allah, all the time, LA ELLAHA ELLA ALLAH. And remind yourself to not say Allahu ackbar, other than when you bow or prostrate in salat. Peace, see you soon, my boy and girl and family who I never knew existed.321 blast off, to another dimension, come on I’m happy to say adious and remember me when you forsake your souls, try to be free and do not corrupt the religion with falsehood or innovations. Be happy and be content, try and be good too. Read the kuls before you sleep, and before you go to bed, and say ashadu al la ellaha ella Allah.

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[ Posted Tue, 24 May 2011 17:03:45 ]

Definately Maybe

[ Posted Tue, 24 May 2011 16:16:00 ]

Maybe, I don’t really wanna know

How your garden grows

Cos I just want to fly

Maybe, did you ever feel the pain

In the morning rain

As it soaks you to the bone,

Maybe I just wanna fly

Wanna live don’t wanna die

Maybe I just wanna breathe

Maybe I just don’t believe

Maybe your the same as me

We see things they’ll never see

Maybe I’m gonna live forever

(Oasis - Live Forever- written by Alrite Lad Noel Gallagher)

I’m gonna first to have sprouted wings

See the heavens from a birds I view with my own eyes

Feel the wind and the heavens in motion

Go to places without a passport or worry about my identity

I’m gonna fly away someday

Know all my seeds cos they all have wings

Never forget the day I was born

11/11, the git got his maths wrong

Ended up on 13/11, the mother fucker

What about those two who raped and destroyed their cousin sisters who they were related to as uncles

Now they are fathers to two boys and a girl

Let’s wait and see which pair will be the sisters mates

Go and do your own sisters, you twat faced cunt fucking fucking tossers

Go and fuck your sisters you sell out losers

And the git can go fuck his mother

And that bastard born without a father can go kill his dad

Like a paradoxical time traveller

(It’s all wrong, lately, you and I, I should have checked, but I like my version, cos it reminds me of the album title Definately Maybe) Good on ya, mate. Time to say goodbye to this hole which the Sackvilles want to get their filthy hands on, and the little army needs to test the might of the all-seeing eye, and the ring of fire needs to be destroyed, and the eagles are coming, says Samwise).

Rainfall from the sky

[ Posted Tue, 24 May 2011 14:17:06 ]

Rain comes from the sky

Everything comes from water

Food goes a long way to keep us going

Air comes from the sea plants and trees of the earth

Rain falls from the sky

Everything comes from under the earth

Fish from the sea bring refreshment to the brain

Better than any poison the psychiatrist can prescribe

Water falls from dense clouds

If a rainfall not come a light drizzle will suffice

Life can survive in many of the most tell-telling places

Do I need a brace to support my knee

Or will my calf grow and compensate the loss on the upper half of my leg

Not always does there need to be arrest

Life can survive in the most impossible situations

Yet they always wish to profit from evil

To bring about an addiction

But the money I saved from stopping smoking

If Allen was alive, he may find meaning

Only addiction that brings suffering

Is pharmacuetical products tested on animals

To always bring about a return of interest not the curing of ailment

You get what you give, love is for giving

“is the reward for goodness, anything but goodness.” (Quran, 55:60)

Whatever you give with out intention of return, will have manifold recompense.

Even some clothes you no longer wear, or happiest memories you wish to share, or the love of kindness which brings the joy of feeling good and happy.

Sit and Wait

[ Posted Tue, 24 May 2011 13:56:15 ]

Some due to impairment, others due to women and children.

Homeless Brigade

[ Posted Tue, 24 May 2011 12:31:00 ]

The maybe and live, will think about their little ones, and their homes, and say ’ marai bachai na kya hu si, maira ghar bi chori thai kahan jayain gai.’ So they’ll said I have babies, and my home how can I leave my home.’

So Saul would say, ‘those with homes’ go to your homes, this is a effing homeless brigade. Was it not the Jews who asked ‘why should we not fight since we have been deprived of our homes.’ And their Prophet appointed Saul as the King, and they said, ‘how can he have kingship over us, when we are more worthy of kingship, he isn’t even rich,’ The prophet responded,’ God has chosen him over us, and has blessed him with an abundance in knowledge and in body.” (Quran2:247)

Democracy is based upon setting up a heirarchy which defends the Goliath and choses to appoint through equal opportunity. Instead of do or die, which is what most of the Children of Israel did when Saul said,’ God is putting you to the test, by means of a stream, whoever drinks from it, does not belong with us, only those who do not taste from it belong with me, - unless it is a single sip.”(2:249)

They thought they were heading for death, or may have just disobeyed the Lord, through their obstinance and hateful thoughts against the Almighty. Here is where they arrest the situation, and bring in their maybe and live idea, which is a mutiny against the Prophet’s appointment, and instead choose to defend themselves by creating a mutiny. This is Greek, and where Greeks find themselves, and this is where everyone know the members of Parlaiment trip on glue.

Then there are the don’t and kill, who do not despair of the Lord’s mercy, and always submit to the Lord, and never seduce to evil, nor be decieved by lies. And even Abraham was tested when Satan’s request, nearly led to him sacrificing his son. The greeks are everywhere they are trying to arrest the situation, however we know the Goliath dies or we perish. Because it is Satan’s ally who wishes to destroy man, and Satan is an avowed enemy of man.

They think this is psychotic. Fucking gay greeks, like that Alexander the Gay. Macedonian, I know, but represent those gay gits of Greece.


[ Posted Tue, 24 May 2011 11:57:00 ]

They are all a bunch of outcasts, who rather than do or die or don’t and kill, choose maybe and live. Everyone knows the routine of instigation and bullying to adhere to pharmacuetical protocols which do not allow choice and freedom but undermine people’s knowledge by castrating them as being different and labelled with psychosis. What solution do they provide, to feed them poison, and put them on the verge of unresponsiveness as though they frontal lobe has been cut out, which is what the medication is supposed to have replaced, as they don’t like being called bastards and wankers and fucking sold out losers. They don’t know a win, all they get from their deeds is the feeling of losing, never a win, and when they have a reason to accept they’ve achieved something then it is a good old wank. Finally there is recognition that to profit from evil, is not necessarily allowing them to live and be free, all it entails instead is we willnot drink from the stream, and you will not cross the stream to face the goliath, it is a mutiny to them. For they are the godless pagans fucking twats, two faced hooligan cunts. Whereas the Jews fed on twentienth century Fox and movies of the television years, want to relive the great Exodus, instill in their heritage, whereas we know they have forsaken true religion for ideological mishaps and preventions of destiny. Signs which tell certain things.

Hear No exclaims, “the christian losers are wankers!’

See No questions, ‘the Muhammadan submitters are tossers?’

Speak No said, ‘The Jewish winners are soldiers, (sold outs).

Saj calls Wah a wanker, Wah calls Kash a tosser, Kash calls Saj a soldier. And Bano stays out of it.

Sajid I mean, Waheed I also, and Kashif too, And Shabana.

Power lies in money

Power lies in guns

Power lies in boys

Christian losers are wankers

[ Posted Mon, 23 May 2011 23:25:00 ]

Christian losers are wankers

Muhammadan submitters are tossers

Jewish winners are soldiers (soldouts)

Wankers, tossers and soldiers

Elders Moses and Aaron,

Youths Jesus and John,

Children Muhammad and Rashad Khalifa.

Snap Collection - A Submitter

[ Posted Mon, 23 May 2011 19:47:20 ]

Starting with the Hindi track, which was the first beat ever produced using a sample of the famous Hindi song Kabbhi Kabbhi, like so many times during the production of tracks which were penultimately used for DJ mixes or sets, featuring solely the work of Submitter, we found certain parts were linked in unrelative ways such as the song Kabbhi Kabbhi and my wife singing the song whichI recorded whilst sat in my chair, she said , ‘kan patti ja san, music budgi budgi tai, yai kira ghana kartai mixing, hai, kabbhi kabbhi, hahaha, marai dil mai khyal arta hai, kai jasai tudj ko banaya giya sirf marai lyai.’ Which means in English, ’ Your ears will pop, if you keep listening to music, which song have you done here - mixing - sometimes sometimes, in my heart I get the feeling, that you were made just for me.’ Hai na aiyee ghana si. Innit that’s the song you were mixing. What I’m trying to say, so many times there was a snap, where two things made perfect sense, and seemed destined to happen, and I guess after the final song ‘Winner, losers and submitters’, I can say each part was made for it, not haphazard, I guess those words seem eternal now, as I progressed through the production of some 70 songs and beats with or without vocals.


A Submitter (23rd May 2011)


Picture show on iPad

[ Posted Mon, 23 May 2011 15:32:51 ]

What I forgot to mention, when I was talking about cameras an all, I like the iPad, had a feel for it, when my cousins came from HyWycombe, near London, and showed me an older version of the iPad, it felt quite handy, and something which could be useful for music production, I may venture into getting one, especially when the synthstation 49 iPad version is released, who knows, I think you may be able to plug in an iPod too, I wonder. But I like, I thought how it would be quite cool for trips where you could place it on the dashboard, and watch photos slides or movie clips, or listen to music or DJ some tracks using one of their apps. But it mists up in the outdoors, especially during the day, so I guess it can be quite good, but prefer now the fact I got some projectors to show the photos I have taken during the day. Insha Allah, or even a video on the iPod Touch 4, which is just as good as an iPad and without the likelihood but who knows of breaking the screen.

I have a heavy duty, revoi cover for my iPhone, it’s quite ok in my opinion, I think an extra layer of rubber, and some anti bacterial fabric means the phone shouldn’t be too fragile while on the road.

I’ve seen another waist low down bag, which is within my price range, and it’s by maharishi, I think I should have two, one for the camera, and one for the little things we could take along, which are in the green bag, which doesn’t seem like it will finish the journey, so I guess I should have two of each. Gotta wait a week for payment. I guess there was a lot to come from forcing to quit cigarettes, alcohol and other drugs, I was managed to write a couple of decent stories with poems and philosophical thought, maybe not philosophical in the way we think of it, to give examples to know the signs of the future, or to lead by example, but more classical thought, artistic expression, and rocket science experiment. It was also quite light hearted, reminding of the famous 3 wise monkeys, which everyone adores I think, I do, whenever I mention them I think of laughing, Hear No, See No and Speak No, and the fourth Do No. In music there are four beats per bar, which you can change to 3 beats or whatever quantized level. All I know, you are usually on beat, when you draw on the first note of the first bar, if you follow this rule in beatmaker you’ll find you can compose, without feeling that the things do not gel. I only realised this recently, however I was on beatmaker 1 doing this anyway.

It”ll be good to watch things on a projector, I think, hopefully, rather than an iPad. I think, insha Allah, ‘everything is in accordance with God’s will.’ (Quran).

The bag’s cool, cos, it has a buckle to fit around the waist and another shoulder strap, and luggage handle if you wish to just carry like a carrier bag. So you could have one to side like a gun, and another on the other side like another gun, which they use in America. which I think is because if they have one buckle then some one loosens it, if there is an extra strap you still wont lose your item. Yeah, I like it, I’ve seen a few right now, hopefully get one when next week.

An iPad is great, but hardware wise it’s not a lot better, plus the extra room, they could add something like a mini projector, I think. Otherwise it may because it is a health risk, for some reason or another, a good mini projector, that’s what’s called for, to watch movies and pictures slides. and play your own music at the same time, I know you might think this should be exclusive, but they’ve given a lot already don’t see why not this too.

Power in the future? Wisdom in the present. Knowledge in the past!

[ Posted Mon, 23 May 2011 13:56:07 ]

So power went to the future?

And wisdom went to the present.

And knowledge went to the past!

At the end of the book 3, there was a supplication, and it started in the name of God,

O Lord, the Most Powerful, Yours are the most beautiful names,

O Lord, the Eternal, thanks and praise be to You

O Lord, the all-Knowing- count me among the believers who reverence Thee alone

So power went to the future

Wisdom went to the present

And knowledge went to the past.

Photos today

[ Posted Sun, 22 May 2011 23:43:17 ]

Above last shot, without playing with ISO settings, and that thing the spinning wheel

This one, (below) seemed like a natural setting , it appeared as it seemed, but I know which one I prefer, the brighter ones seem to look better, and our walls look yellow on the lower brightness, so they seem to me,

A cool shot of Sanjay Dutt, sometimes movies are full of great shots, but then look how much they spend on them.

The camera’s light though, I tried the D40 and that felt heavy. Below rock n roller, me now as rock n roll star. AKA A Submitter.

My wife doing the bed, I can’t got back problem, plus unable to bend my knees, she’s worked in clothes stores so knows how to tidily do things with cotton and fabric, I try but it’s always not that good.

My father on that famous Thursday: He’s just got back from Arabia.

My natural skin complexion

Trying to capture lister mill through the window, don’t what would be the right setting, more exposure, or less ISO, or more.

Let’s try again:

Gain calculator for iPhone please

[ Posted Sun, 22 May 2011 23:14:29 ]

Love my camera, it’s what it’s all about, first days experimenting with it, and I found I had taken some shots which became very grown on me, everytime I open my picture library it says something else, I like the tinkering about, wish it had a silent shutter though, which you get in the D3100, which also has live view and video recording upto 1080p, and is also a 14mp camera. Whereas if you opt for the D3000, thinking like I did the reviews suggests it is a great camera, however forgetting they were two years old, and you could get the D3100 for a cheaper price. But I’ve learnt things with the D3000 which would have been missed if I had gotten straight into the have it all D3100, plus I probably would have just stuck to live view without seeing how I could take pictures through the view finder. I would love to show some of them, but sometimes the beauty of the picture is scaled down for the purpose of the blog, which doesn’t allow for the pictures to present well enough.

I prefer showing my pictures on facebook, but you’re too susceptible there, and many nosey people about with all kinds of vicious and kizb and hasad and trouble to ever find it is ok. Like to see the tree in a few decades if it is still there, I think it will get in the way of the house and they’ll chop it down, I have to also wonder what sort of tree was planted. I like this place, cos, in the morning at dawn, a black bird sings, which I recorded and made into a track called ‘bird at dawn’ I made it sound as though there were three birds, which reminds me of Bob Marley’s song, ‘three little birds’ singing don’t worry. I made the track sat in my Eero Aarnio chair, using the recording as a backdrop, and the demo kit which opens beatmaker. Originally the intro ran on for 20 seconds, but the guy who mastered it well if were a band we’d be at each others throats cos I shouldn’t bothered mastering it, it cost me a few hundred, and all that he did was to increase the waves to the limit without breaking into the waves, I prefer something like Virtual DJ which works out or calculates the amount of gain required to sound great on stereo, which would be an addition to the ipod, if they had such a function, as it would mean people who produce using their device can still be heard among the big and great, and not feel inadequate. Sometimes I found the gain can be a little too much, but I don’t want to say too much about that Ted Carefree, of TCM mastering, cos he was a nuisance. I guess it comes with professional understandings, you’re better off getting Virtual DJ, and calculating the gain required, and recording it as a 192 or 320 kbps, and see if this makes it sound any better, it sure did to me. I haven’t got the wavs for the early stuff, so I guess we’ll have to do with teh 128 kbps mp3s which were converted using audacity, which only allows 128 kbps. I see no loss in sound when this occurs, nor a change in waveform.

ilm, quwat, hikmat

[ Posted Sun, 22 May 2011 14:33:00 ]

The question revolves around if they got the right stick end, for them cruelty is permisable in order to prove God as being evil, whereas we know throughout the whole history and life, God controls life and death. The Old Testament taught us knowledge of the future, stories of request by Satan, through a dream to sacrifice his first born, to the scheme which saw Joseph thrown in a well, and his father told he was devoured by wolves, to the story of Moses and the Exodus from Egypt, how he was a shepherd, and then we are told about water, even in teh story of David and Goliath, where Saul says ‘God is testing you by means of this stream, anyone who drinks of it, will not be with us, only those who do not, unless it is just one sip.’ This is the inspiration from drank from a river, with very small army they defeated a larger army. All these stories of the old, are concerning ilm, knowledge… of the future, how blessed are those who work righteousness and walk the path of righteousness.

However we must leave it there, and find the Jews whenever confronted with Islamic, or peaceful understanding think it is to accept Jesus as the Messiah, whereas they continue to hold on to David, so instead of reconciling to peace, it is the continuous war to survive. Power in the present, ever felt how could Jesus have performed these miracles without the synchronicity of time and place. If we say knowledge is there, ahead of us, power is here, with us now, in a way it is a lead up to a climax, however the lead up to a climax can always be violent or turn out to be something beautiful, like children who are either peaceful or warriors, either way the Lord decides on who should be blessed or cursed. We are told in the Gospels, power is good, the working of miracles, shows power of good, the goodness of belief. Even the crucifixion due to their claim Jesus was possessed, was only made to appear that they did. And this is the point I have been working towards, there were times when people questioned why I laughed rather tried to stop from happening, because knowing the wisdom of truth of history, I believe God controls life and death, however they will say accidents, whereas I will say miracles can happen from the verge of fearful situations. The drunkenness of greek thought, tells ‘true knowledge is we know nothing.’ However you only know when you try, you can’t know something if you don’t try. How did the Children of Isreal, the elders know the examples of the knowledge of light and darkness. How did the youth, Christ, observe the examples of power of good and evil. How did the children, the Muslims, learn the example of the wisdom of right and wrong.

Signs, Miracles, Mathematics

Elder, Youth, Child

The build up is to a climax, the climax is a near death experience, and then sometime later a beautiful thing appears and it is called children, some are submitters some are warriors.

Knowledge is there. Power is here. Wisdom is back.

In my mother tongue, I said, ‘ilm aighai, kuwat hun, hikmat peachai.’

There’s no knowledge in the past. There’s no power in the future. There’s no wisdom in the present.

Life. Death. Resurrection.

Winners. Losers. Submitters.

Players. Soldiers. Daddies

If it’s a test it’s about the result! (Headmaster exclaims)

If it is a question it’s about the timeline of events? (Doctor questions)

If it is a competition it’s about getting it right at the right time. (Professor said)

Talking to me

[ Posted Sat, 21 May 2011 16:11:00 ]

Let’s talk about De Niro, for he played one of the testamonies of life, and examples to think about, like for example Cape Fear, which was aremake„ but about a person who is convicted of wrong doing, by hired guns or solicitors who profit from people’s misery, and do not try to think about others suffering, just like GPs and NHS, in America it is the courts and the law makers and the senate, which they think should be according to certain protocols, since they are being funded by the tax-payer. Wish I could say more, for he is very studious, and like my father, has very strong ikhlaaq, character, but whenever I used to look at my father whilst doing the respite to a masjid during Ramadhan, I intended to stay for 30 days, but they were medicated me at the same time, and I began hullicinating, and on the ninth night, on Bonfires Night, whilst the fireworks were going off, I left the masjid. They kept making me take olanzopine, and put it my food. I used to fall in swoon, whenever I met my father, strong elements of the soul, which are really weakening for a weak human from the West, not perfect, but not imperfect.

I’ll leave it there, below some of the things going on with me and the mental health service providers. You need mental health service providers, charge a bomb give a damn, a fuck a ham sandwich.

This is what Adrian, the CPN wrote an email, yesterday, (21/05/2011):

Hello kashif

Dr Beavan as ask that I contact you to ask if we could hold a cpa review. He is suggesting next Thursday (26/05/11) at 2pm in his clinic. If this is inconvenient please let me know and I will arrange a different time and date that is convenient for you.

Best wishes


To which I responded, same day:

Love the Yorkshire, as ask, you mean has asked, depends on your own reading, you probably never notice the first time you read it, just want a gist of what’s being said„ only if you rewrite it with a capital K, because kashif, is a person, and as such, needs the proper noun initial letter, which is a capital letter, tut, tut.. For a draft I let you off, but this is official document the email you sent to me, so you should be proper, or else it will get trashed.


Then he hadn’t the nerve to contact me again, instead calls my father at breakfast time.

So I emailed him just now, cos they getting deep into my skull and I don’t like wankers in my life who have no reason to pester me other than to get a kick out of watching people suffer and die, Muslims know life is sacred, but they play with people’s lives, Satanists.

—— I wrote:

Can’t face your soul, it’s being recorded, it’s already written, retribution for the disbelievers, and you know what it’s because of the hypocrisy, what’s my father got to do with anything. First Dr Beaven, hasn’t been in touch for months, then still cannot pick up the phone, nor write an appointment, and ask you to do it, and you can’t even write it properly nor my name, I’m taking this further, you’re all a bunch of wankers, of the Church of England, who think their education allows them the right to discriminate and to ruin others, based on equal opportunity.


Lightening doesn’t strike at the same place twice, as they say, the Satanist bastards, everything glorifies God, and they cannot deny it, they deny God’s marvels, fabai aiya ala ai rabikuma thu kazibaan, which of your Lord’s marvels can you deny. So Jesus was crucified, losers of death, winners of life, submitters of resurrection, winning, losing and submitting.Next time it wont happen.

Sick White Joke,DCLXVI

[ Posted Sat, 21 May 2011 13:02:00 ]

Read this, audiofanzine, claim in their article, ‘speakers meats mastering’, in which it claims, ‘Flatlands’ is one of the greatest mathematical fantasy books of all time, by a person by the name Edwin Abbot.

Another sick white man joke, that betrays them, it is their quest to cause judgement Day, through a particular, which they think is like the forbidden fruit, only this time it will provoke a reaction from God. They are homosexuals, these white wankers of the destructive Church. It’s like these fuckers playing with sticks, thinking they got the right end of it, as though the only reason they enter Islam is to marry our girls, then the Bitches N Puffs, the BNP, claim pakis are doing their slut women of the Church in. Why should I call them fuckers, cos they are really white fuckers.

Again, it’s a sick white joke. They betray their souls, by bargaining them for a miserable price. What wankers, adulterated wankers, judgemental wankers, corrupt wankers.

The only reason they went to Afghanistan, is because they showed themselves with guns, and America just had to prove just like that mixed raced Rock, in Fast N Furious, we got bigger guns, so back off. You know which child they worship, and which child of the Church they think will bring them the arrogant warrior force of corruption, well it would have to be the charming black bastard, no lying black bastard, named by his mother Charles, because he was so charming. That’s the Churches child, that bastard, Charles VI,VI,VI (DCLXVI)


[ Posted Fri, 20 May 2011 15:15:49 ]

Had a dream, where I was looking for domain names, and I remember, typing ‘four-corners’, then I saw the writing and it said ,’Four-Corners.co.uk,’, I got up and thought that would be an idea, I went to the bathroom, first, had a long dump, then a cold shower, then I sat in my Eero Aarnio globe chair, in the dark, and started looking for domain names on one.com. They were all taken, every angle of them, fourcorners, gone, four-corners, gone, 4corners, gone, then I went back on, and typed polars, and that was available, I checked the dictionary, and it wasn’t a word, yet, but polar, or polar axis is the tilt of the earth in the rotation to the sun along the line of the planets, I think it tilts 23 degrees. I bought polars.co.uk. I know for sure, I read it on the inside of black maharishi hoodie I bought on ebay, after exchanging a large for a medium, it says something like, ‘polar tour 2012’, and I bought this when I returned home from hospital after breaking my back, and was in a wheel chair, and learning to walk, with nerve damage in my right leg. So I have had this since 2007, and it’s now 2011, so next year shall be a polar tour. Guess where it said, ‘Alaska’, guess what’s in Alaska, the Haarp weather industrial complex, which has been used to instill fear of the devil, and to be seduced by lies, and to be decieved by illusions. And I’m gonna smash it up, destroy it, just like that green woman in New York. When I have the strength of angel, and the wings of an angel, and the time is on my side.

A Submitter, (Friday 20th May 2011)

Insha Allah

It's Friday, (nearly)

[ Posted Thu, 19 May 2011 20:02:42 ]

Today’s Thursday, 19th, been having some shots taken, it’s been a good day.

This one’s of me Abaji and his grandson Hassan, through the window,

Can’t see them in this, let’s try another…

My mum and my auntie cleaning the balcony..

Tutor once commented as I walked into the department, ‘Not perfect’, but look how perfect my wife looks here.

We got a beuatiful location, enough sunlight to the front of the house all through out the day, lots of green fields round the back, right in the suburb of Lister Mill, Lister Park, and close to Manningham where there are plenty of masjids. Plus my borther’s surgery is about five, ten minute drive away, if that, about a mile away. And there’s the church opposite, where you see sometimes crows thinking the statue of Jesus on the cross, is actually a person, and if the crows are from out of town, they gather round.hmm.

And it’s new, which reminds me of seventies semi’s which were built, and people liked them cos they were brand new, not to say the old Vicctorian houses turned out to be goldmines in the late nineties and 2000 onwards.

Me sat by the lake, after a meal at subw3ay,

A picture my wife took, I really feel she has a good eye for cameras and films.

She sees something and instantly takes the camera and it grows on you.

And for the final shot, me with my thumbs out..

Winners, losers and submitters, by A Submitter produced on Intua Beatmaker 2

[ Posted Wed, 18 May 2011 21:15:00 ]

Winners, losers and submitters by A Submitter

The sixth EP, a mixture of beats with or without vocals, sometimes it was so good thatI had to go back and try better it, without realising if it was anything substantial or just not that good, but with every new track the old onegains perspective, and sometimes we know then if it was as good as we wish.

Jealous, Heartless, Soulless, By A Submitter, Produced On Intua Beatmaker 2 by A Submitte

Arranged in a way which is sort of chronological, though it is just a way of making it sound good.

Them two are figthing, I’m just relaxing

Them two were born a couple of years between them

They say heavens cries for me again

Winners and losers, Angels and demons

We were banished from Eden for eating the forbidden apple

Now we write songs about it till our destinies collide

Submitters are the patient

Not indoctrinated by equal opportunity

One day we’ll fly the sky like angels

But they will say why couldn’t we all

Ask them do they redeem or neglect

Do they ask forgiveness or never repent

Do they claim there can be another god

Winners are the angels

Losers are the demons

Submitters are the humans

Angelic knowledge of life

Demonic power of death

Human wisdom of resurrection.

A Submitter (18/5/2011)


[ Posted Tue, 17 May 2011 14:56:00 ]

What’s meaning behind fur, why do animals have fur, I know what everyone likes to say to keep them warm, but is it warm, to have fur, I feel no different in a fur coat to a leather or a woolen coat, though it adds an extra layer. Does it really prevent the cold, then what would happen when it heats up, would then be able to don the fur coat for a cotton t-shirt and shorts and slip ups.

The philosophers always go on about living in a meaninglesss world, but have they a heart for the things we know are presently true or not. Yes there’s no wisdom to the present, or no truth to the present, there is causality to the present, order to the future, and will in the past. There is power in the present, wisdom in the past, knowledge in the future. Belief in the present, devotion to the past, faith in the future.

So why do animals have something we know as fur. Whenever my nephews returned from the nursery, which had chastised them totally and they were only toddlers, as a good uncle, and coated them with fur almost, almost an extra layer, because not all of us are made of money, some of us have a heart and soul. What my family gave me was a bubble, what I gave them was a layer of fur. In fact animals don’t feel the cold, it is the heat which is questioned in the Quran,

[20:116] Recall that we said to the angels, “Fall prostrate before Adam.” They fell prostrate, except Satan; he refused.

[20:117] We then said, “O Adam, this is an enemy of you and your wife. Do not let him evict you from Paradise, lest you become miserable.

[20:118] “You are guaranteed never to hunger therein, nor go unsheltered.

[20:119] “Nor will you thirst therein, nor suffer from any heat.”

Cold is actually a nice feeling, though I didn’t like cold baths as a child, always had to be warm. It’s funny how I went through school, and not a peep about my Asian background and whether they should vindictively assault me or not, I guess they were thinking wait till the next generation they weren’t be as clever, but they are even more adaptable because they light like moons, my brother Waheed’s children do, Saj’s are sunshine, mine will be star bright, insha Allah.

Church is destructive

[ Posted Tue, 17 May 2011 14:06:28 ]

The Church is destructive, the losers want a champion to show the world who’s who and who’s not, so they think the biggest piece is Prince Charles, but just as they were ready to cull the world population through force, so too God sent his final messenger, Kashif, who knew not where in he fitted in, but had the faith to see it through, he then found himself to be Zulqarnain who would travel the four corners of the world, and then now only yesterday thought of his past in the verse, which says “some messengers we told you of and some we did not”. So one could say he knew he was a messenger, but not the identity until recently. It is the losers who think of the one who is best suitable to find them in their world, and they think of qualities which the world adorns, whereas the qualities which the Lord wills is righteousness, obedience to your parents, reverence of God, and not be in the win against people due to equal opportunity doctrine.

You feed on what you see with your eyes, you listen and obey the commands of the ears, and you learn the truth behind the history through life teaching wisdom.

Knowledge is light

Power is good

Wisdom is true

Workers or Winners

[ Posted Mon, 16 May 2011 20:54:42 ]

Love is for children who are born to you and your partner

My father told me he loves me

But says anything about my mother, when they’ve married for 41 years, I think

They’ve tried to differentiate between the x y and z

Wankers, tossers and soldiers

Man and wife and faggot, like Vince and his homie and his bird

Nothing to do with winners, losers and submitters

X Y and Z, and Western thinking trying to give qualities which belong to Muslims to women, to make them submissive to sexual exploitation by dominant men, whereas those who have to see themselves falling into the catergory of manhood or bitchhood or faggothood send all their friends away so that they can spend time studying the Quran and the scriptures and history, linguistics and philosophy, the classics. About the soul, not some sick whiteman scumbag song on your own by the ugliest arsehole from Verve, though it finds home, thinking about a girl who are told in the early morning as I left, just think it was a dream.

To differentiate or not differentiate, to eliminate or not eliminate, to castigate or not castigate.

To avoid hatred or speak the truth, to seek exaltation or glorify God, to work and watch television or live and pray to the Lord.

Are we the workers, or are we the winners, are we the devils or are we the angels. Neither, we’re humans, who have been given a chance to redeem our souls, some think it means being children, but if you knew your real personality would you still think like you are adults making all the rules, but can’t remember where they were before the rules were made. Watching filth on television led to sexually transmitted diseases, what ruined more lives, sex or heroin? Yet heroin addicts in America are somehow made into infertile people and cannot bear any children. All those accidents in Brazil, and Latin America, all those AIDS victims in India and Africa, Germans still produced their gayman movies. You know what winners, are those who do not despair of the Lord’s mercy. See these ambulance drivers driving at full speed, without sirens, sometimes crossing onto other lanes, whilst pedestrians are crossing, and I swear they were a few inches away, as an ambulance sped past. I went to Silver Grill, to get a grilled masala fish burger meal, for me and my wife, I got there in 8 minutes the food was a couple of more minutes, I went round the block, as I walked up Oak Lane, I saw an ambulance with no sirens on the other side of the road, barely missing a group of hoodies, who had to look and realise how close it was to hitting one of them. I went in to the restuarants and the food was ready, luckily I asked the man for an extra drink, which he charged me 80 pence for, when I got out and near the traffic lights, I saw a woman driving another ambulance, up Oak Lane, the first one may have been going down, I am unsure now, no both were going up. It was speeding too, without sirens. Thought abotu it, if I didn’t ask for an extra can, I’d be crossing the road when that ambulance was speeding up through the lights with out a care. I pressed the button, and somehow without hesitation I started crossing the road, I knew it then, the devil’s power is nil.

My wife would have probably understood the question or the test, and the illusions of Satan. Redemption, leads to angelicness, a cleanliness of intentions,a purity of action, and goodness of will.

Hear No darkness

See No evil

Speak No wrong

Do No harm

Adult potty chair

[ Posted Mon, 16 May 2011 14:50:00 ]

Designing my room, found a retro coffee table which would look good with my laptop, was considering the Eero Aarnio parabel table, but this one seems more right according to my elder brothers’ opinion. The big stool, reminds me of a potty chair, to potty train children, lol, a big boys potty chair

I’ll show you what I’m getting for my room:

Yeah one of these, and these shelves, I think the wall behind my gear see ms a bit empty. Dunno about the glass though

These shelves will be cool for the two small satellite speakers, placed close to the center speaker on the black table., and I can space them out a bit, so that I can work out some of the panning, especially when you point the ones on the stand outwards, you get a lot clearer crispier sound than when they are all facing the same direction.

Prefer this as it’s more flexible and easily moveable, plus it wouldn’t be as problematic and shouldn’t lead to the glass causing any problems.


[ Posted Mon, 16 May 2011 14:11:00 ]

Let’s try to right something beautiful instead of sick

To all my brothers and sisters who ended up thinking why couldn’t God rescue us from hell

For the test was to observe God and not to despair of His mercy

Even on the Last Day„ Rashad tells us those destined for Hell we fall into it because they cannot stand the presence of God.

If all your life you have sold your soul to glitter for a prize in words which only God knows, fellow man cannot see the hatred only the love, fellow man cannot see the evil devils like they can see him, fellow man knows God is Most Gracious, Most Merciful, and not all brown people are cannibals, like in the Western world they wish to think, some come from austere and even older and more happier families who may not be Semitic but belong to them and may not be right but love themselves all the same, cannot get to the end without realising to God belongs everything in the heavens and the earth.

So if you despair of the Lord’s mercy which is the education you have of equal opportunity, then you’ll fall into hell and think why did not God rescue us from Hell. Maybe even on the Last Day there will be a test.

Never despair of the Lord’s mercy or seduced by lies

Blessed thankful or wicked regrets

Happiness or misery

Every morning or every night I read a chapter of this book, sometimes a little less but mostly around aboiut 50 verses. This I have been doing for the past four years, for fajr and after isha. Yesterday I came across a verse, which just sprung up from nowhere, as though I had never been aware of its existence.

“Do they possess the sovereignty of the heavens and the earth and everything between them? Let them help themselves.

Instead, whatever forces they can muster-even if all their parties banded together- will be defeated.” (38:10-11)

“God is in control of everything.”

“Everything is in accordance with God’s will.”

“Everything glorifies God in the heavens and the earth.”


Why John Lennon and Jesus had to die

[ Posted Sun, 15 May 2011 19:37:00 ]

All the stories of imagination,

Fictitious bullshit, about a particular to reach unending kingship

A piece of thorn in the backside of the wilderbeast

A microchip with all the details of trades between God and his servant

All this hatred against brown people,

The Palestinians, the Brazilians, the Morrocans, the Pakistanis, the Iraqis

And all this bravado about the spawn between whites and blacks

The golden bears, with frizly hair, batty boys like Vince

Why did John die in front of his wife Yoko

Cos they wanna see if like Manson they can reach unending kingship through a particular

It’s about guns and all the potency ejected into a fellow human only to see the cruelty which it brings and the misery to all the subjects of the British

So you wanna kill the brown people, cos the Spanish think niggas are monkeys

Not their fathers the Arabs from Misr and Maghrib

You loathe the fact, we have beautiful names and beuatiful words

You seek exaltation on earth, rather than the glory of God

You cut to the chase, eating forbidden fruits seduced by lies

Thinking you’ll become angels

Maybe one day man will fly like angels

Would they try to test one devoted to God

They only fool those who are trapped into buying into it through education and schooling starting at the age of 3.

You want to taste the dates of Arabia

And the spices of India

And have the smile of a wandering star

Jesus was shown on the cross

To ask them questions about their wank

Their pompiety and their wankers paradise

Where white man is better than the rest

They wanna say it was brown people who killed Jesus

When the Romans were the ones to actually bring it on

The Jews only requested Jesus’ crucifixion

But yet there is mercy for everything

“God’s mercy encompasses all things” (Quran)

So once you’ve seen what happens when you kill an innocent person

Maybe you”ll not try to next time

And maybe when you ejected the bullet into a superstar’s head

Next time you’ll think who deserves redemption and who deserves punishment

Knowledge in everything

[ Posted Sun, 15 May 2011 15:53:00 ]

TThere’s knowledge in everything

There’s power for everything

There’s wisdom to everything

I think I may have found a new genre in music production, instead of making remixes of individual tracks, what about a combination of cuts between two different tracks, which may be linked. For example, during today’s walk to Raja’s, I heard a few songs, starting with ‘I am the walrus’ an Oasis version, and then realised how bad my tracks are in comparison, hardly hearable ‘Breign’ was on, then I got to Raja’s and ‘I can get no satisfaction’ played, which reminded me of the time when I was at uni in my final in 2002, and crashed my car before a red light, it was a blind corner, just next to the student union, to help people cross the road. But it was a weird place to put a traffic light. Then I got out, and a Nukleuz track played, ‘I feel free’ which was such a beuatiful song, and one of the best trance tracks ever produced, if I could recommend one dance album, it would be Nukleuz Session Vol 2. which features three huge Picotto tracks, adn every track is well good. I thought I’d remix ‘I feel free’ when I reached my home, ‘I feel you’ played, and by the time I reached gthe front door, he was saying. ‘and I am home’, which I sang as loud as I can, and then facing the street with arms raised I got a loud ‘till kingdom come’. I thought those two tracks if I took parts from both, could make a real hetro sexual track, with a girl singing about ‘don’t wanna be here anymore, I want out, can stand these walls surrounding me, you’re no longer in my heart, don’t need you here with me…’ Best trance track ever. This albums also got ‘like a cat’, which is amazing build up, especially really loud. It’s a different approach to the drummer Liam Howlett does, cos he’s a great one at drums, but I like this style of Nukleuz trance, first heard whilst detain for a knife incident against a CPN, and we had a bomb of whizz, and I couldn’t sleep, while my body was ticklish sort of , like something was moving inside me, I had this Picotto CD and it was a great experience on headphones. Couldn’t say the same for it on stereo, but Now and Then was good too, still haven’t gotten into the 2010 album, much bassier.

I’m no good with the new chop lab in BM2, will use my old technique from BM1, which is to just import a track, and edit it in wave forms, the only advantage now is you can also hear it loop, but the other thing is when you import a recorded track you need to bear in mind the BPM, gonna do Fusion tracks, instead. Another great fusion, would be Getting High by Ian Brown and Wonderwall by Oasis, ‘I could have saved you, if I longed it, you didn’t wanna see me by, getting high.’ And Wonderwall, with ‘maybe you’re gonna be the one that saves me, and after all your my wonderwall.’ I think wonderwall, is all this writing on facebook, or twitter or on the blog. Don’t think the second one would work, but the first one may well be interesting fusion. I’ll have to wait till my iPod gets back, I doubt there’s anything wrong with it, though leaving it in some elses care could damage it, which was the reason I didn’t let my wife give the iPod to her sister whilst she was in hospital, now there’s a problem with it especially leaving it with a bunch of wankers, who think Apple is be end of everything.

We're Children of Adam

[ Posted Sun, 15 May 2011 13:45:32 ]

We’re still the Children of Adam,

Not wankers sons of monkey but winners son of man

We’re still the children of Adam,

No matter what they say about delusions we’re all trying to find the light out of the darkness

Some put a big statue of Jesus on top of a mountain

Some write about God delusion

Some think Muhammad was the last messenger

Some know the two horns winged man is to come

Some refer to him as the devil

Some call them devil worshippers

Some don’t know why they do the things they do

Bringing in Brazil from the cold

We’re still children of Adam

Guided by the spirit of the Lord

There’s no particular to reach unending kingship

Those who observe God and devote their worship to Him alone

Are not to be fooled by the cut to the chase to worship Satan instead

Whatever is to come will be there

Whatever is mine now will be here now

Whatever will be seen in the past comes from the sight of historical wisdom

Which gives the eternal wisdom behind our selves

We’re Children of Adam not children of Satan

We’re happy to believe la ellaha ellla Allah

As long others are not associated with God

And they know the truth is that there is no other god besides God

To not despair of the Lord’s mercy or to be seduced by lies.

Ashadhuala la ellaha ella Allah

I bear witness there is no other god besides God

Like the Quran says, ‘Everything in the heavens and the earth, glorifies God.’

A number of times at the start of certain suras.

Ashadhuala la ellaha ella Allah

Peace to all my brothers and sisters.

Happiness to all God’s children.

Goodwill to all humans.

Wine Press

[ Posted Sat, 14 May 2011 22:15:00 ]

bless the birds and the bees

Bless al those who never despair of the Lord’s mercy

Give us happiness knowing we’re children

Let us find joy for our family and friends

Come on sit and talk to the elders who have their moments awaiting the end

Good bye to those seduction to lies

Good bye to all those who strike mercilessly with knowledge of their future end

Happy days are all ablaze

Caught you in a ring of fire

All surrounded such a blaze

So we see all that glitters isn’t always gold

All that was has not been for sport and amusement

God looks at our purposeful intentions

Not end up as wankers in tournaments

Goodbye forever to that big tosser of the Germans monarch of England.

Happy days are all ablaze

I don’t know what it means

Don’t need your education about equal opportunities

Talking about my freedom, people freedom and liberty

Cos we’ve been trodding on the wine press much too long

Unpending doom

[ Posted Sat, 14 May 2011 22:03:00 ]

Got out of watching the end of 'fast n furious' - an andrelin pumping action movie about moral corruption and accidental bastards, who think God advocates sin. About Judas, about wiping out the godhood and testament, by wiping out the illicit trade when they've been double crossed. Good wank statement, what wankers these sold out soldiers are. Can't see the wood for the trees. You have no family cos you're all a bunch of accidents. Reminds me of their agenda cos to them it leads to destruction due to greed. Whereas we know the story behind rock n roll they know the story from Charles prince of wales. The believers believe in one God, the Last Day, the angels and messengers and they do not distinguish between the messengers, the church believe in doom. Only person to comment on my music was a brazilian and he called me brother for they still have heart and not in it for the money, that the Roman Catholics show. My music sounds good whilst watching a movie, better than their orchestral shit, time electro compositions go round the bend like an 8. Wife given me a fiver so gonna get ice cream n listen to more music.


Stereo through a hole

[ Posted Sat, 14 May 2011 21:09:00 ]

You should make amps like tables, the size of a coffee table, inside hole, especially if you make them functional, like my speaker system, only the amp fitted reminding of those old seventies furniture with built in radios and LP record players. I would be interested, if I had a AV amp, which fitted like table, especially if the bottom stand bit was detachable. Dunno, yet to see it happen. If you look at the previous post you’ll see the set up, which just come together over different time. Would be good if all of it was black, but at least it stands out in silver, I just got random things, on an overdraft, first I only had four speakers, connected to a Cambridge Audio amp, which was the crappest apparantly though there’s not much in it when it comes to quality of noise from an amp, selling point was it had a cut off point, if there was a fault or too much coming through, that would damage the speakers. I like that fact, should be mentioned when buying an amp, I know some stereo amps don’t have a cut off point, and if it gets too much they blow your bass driver or something could happen to your speakers. I did have another set which were in lucinda blue, but one of them was faulty, had them connected to my technics 520s. I think that’s what they are called its been years since I had them.

You could have a built in sub, and table for a speaker set. But it wouldn’t be tradeable now with guarantees and warranties issues.


Given iPod in to have a look to see why the battery drains, tried restoring it, though last night it didn’t drain when I put it on airplane mode, so it may just be a case of having wifi on. Losing all the back ups to all the tracks, when there’s no way of storing projects on your laptop, which means rarely you keep the back up files, plus the memory it takes doesn’t allow you to keep a copy of everythying.

My studio, a sphere chair, to record vocals, a five speaker system to check sound clarity however its missing a bass station which cost a lot, and don’t know how to fit them onto the AV amp I use, it would be good if I could get DTS, which is unavailable, through AV leads, should have a look in Richer Sound see if they do dock which supports DTS.

I saw an advert on ebay, for a mini substation, would have preferred it in red and black, but thought I show you some elses set up, a picture which had to be circumventing ebay no copy or paste by taking a screen shot instead. If I could get it for £250 I would be interested, but it only really saves me about a hundred, but they are very rare to find at present, and amazon sell them for £700.

I guess we’re stuck in two worlds, I could do with a sub, though. Even if I’m not staying for long. An orange sub, I wonder if the noise would be a problem, as it is in my bedroom, my brother’s got a system from richer sounds, and his bass isn’t as apparant, he may have turned it down, I can’t hear much from his floor, and the walls are thin, just like to try out DTS and a sub.

This is how this guy on ebay trying to flog his sub has his set up. I wonder how he’s done the wiring, really discreet. probably under the carpet. Like I said this is not my pad, just some guys on ebay, really interested in this yellow sub. He’s got six speakers, how that must be hell of a loud ear ache, I got five, two 35W, two 100w, and one 150W center, I think, it may be louder or just 100W, but it has two channels so I assume it represents two speakers, so maybe even 200W, I’d have to check. I wonder about his amp, wow, six 100W speakers, he told me it was a DEnon, I told him I had a Cambridge azur 340r, which are dead cheap to pick up nowadays, but I like it, as its a Brits machine, and for my purposes it serves me well. All front channel too, I’d understand if they were all across the room, though I don’t see the point.

I show you how my set up looked, though I traded the short throw projector for a center speaker, and traded an iPhone for a 22” television, to keep my missus happy. I took this on an iPhone 3g, at the time I was well impressed with it, it was my first camera, first time I heard my own voice, and first time I took a picture of myself. You’ll have to rotate it. I had it in 09, the year playstations and iPhones 3gees.

Twinkle star (remix)

[ Posted Fri, 13 May 2011 22:49:54 ]

Was able to finally use every cut which were done on the line in on the laptop, only meaning for this would be to make sure it could handle so many things without crashing,so we decided on the first cut, to not have the intro of me playing twinkle star using a smule app, which helps you finger, but I thought lets try to get it done in a new way, almost reminding of how Mozart used to play, very fast and almost without any stop or pause. The track had a match with a part which sounded little bit of the twinkle star, which I find is very purposeful but not intentional, it appears on a few of the tracks which I’ve produced, like for example, the piano and the bells on true love which is was called just ‘love’ on the release, though Beatles were first to the title, so to was Paul with his band the wings. Also it happens on Jealous Egos of Zionism. And this has another purposeful pieces which make a similar noise but are totally unrelated. Insha Allah, I hope this version is good, though it was Take 3 that made it right, only reason I thought was because when I loaded all the different parts I cut it crashed, so I started chopping a 35mb piece, which is unheard underneath the racket of the bassline near the end, so when I rendered the first version it was without the intro, which was then added second time, and then after a few more listen a little 5 second part was also added.

I hope you enjoy it.

God speaks to me in a voice that reminds me of my favourite singer, Ian Brown.

[ Posted Thu, 12 May 2011 18:50:00 ]

And I listen to it, whenever I have a question of yes or no, do or don’t,or wilfully accept or reject, I turn to God, and He responds.

Sometimes He commands which are gentle, and I listen to them, as they seem able to do, like producing sets and arranging tracks and when to play a track, my Lord guides me.

To not despair of the Lord’s mercy or be seduced by lies by 12-3Zulqarnain

I don’t use the number 1 app, in the music catergory, which is a DJ app, supposedly the best, I use this really old app called touch DJ, which I paid £12 for, which isn’t that good as you have to import tracks, create peaks, and most of the library is inaccessible. I heard through reviews this app at the top of the music catergory, and only costs 59p, and has the ability to morph a whole playlist into a DJ set, or you can do it yourself, and it morphs and beat matches, but touch DJ has a great cross fader, and sometimes you can play around between two tracks, but don’t know how easily you can do that on the other app. The above player, is for the latest set by A Submitter second alias, 12-3, had to add Zulqarnain, as you cannot just have numbers you need letters too. Arranging tracks, and even making a playlist before hand, whilst syncing, which saved me the trouble of going through all my library for each individual track, hmm, my Lord guides to the easiest of paths.

Besmalah irrahman niraheem

Allahu ackbar

la ellaha ella Allah


No Surprises (12-3) Remix - Radiohead by 12-3Zulqarnain

Made this remix, yesterday, first time messing with chop lab, it’s okay, for a first attempt, such a pretty house, such a pretty garden, no alarms and no surprises, please. Don’t worry we’re safe at out house, no alarms in the walls in the garden, no nosey neighbours, because it’s all fenced off, and our house is detached and facing a church, , sun rises from the east which is to the right looking out of the back of the house, and there are houses to the right looking out of the back of the house, which are on a different street. Just knock like reni bangs the drums, I dare ya, or give me a bell, the ring tone is of bells now, but I usually do not answer as I get a lot of calls from banks and debt collectors, leave a message, numbers on ‘12-3 movement’ facebook page.



[ Posted Thu, 12 May 2011 18:15:33 ]

Zaiban’s mum is from Lahore, they speak soft Urdu, whereas Mirpuris are bit more harder, and the Punjabis speak very deep dialect that only a native would understand. Pakistan Punjab is different from Indian Punjab, punjabi in Pakistan seems like its a totally different speech, whereas Indian Punjabi is closer to Hindi.

Why did I mention Lahore, for they know full well, the people are not totally certain about their claims, first they claim Muhammad was the last messenger, then they also say Jesus will return, though they believe he will descend, and before him there will be Imam Mehdi. It’s a joke, for like the Jews who fail into darkness, and the Christians who seduce to evil, the Muhammadans lose to wrong. All in all their endevour is not to see son of man of the descendent of Adam, brought back into true light of faith, good of belief and truth of devotion, but lead to the destruction of mankind, so that Satan can exclaim ‘told You I’m better than him.’ God controls everything, even if they try to put fear into you, that could be you, in Iraq or Afghanistan, your game is shallow, it amounts to nothing, the real test is the battle between right and wrong.

Nothing stays the same, whichever way you look at it it still doesn’t allow you the liberty to think you have found a particular to reach unending kingship, if we say nothingness stays the same, or nothing is still nothing, or the other by saying there isn’t a thing which stays the same. Some look to the influence of the media and television, we see people led on one way or another by the stimuli of the stories and reactions to the underlying reasons which portray themselves through the media.


[ Posted Wed, 11 May 2011 15:28:53 ]

The three villages in Mirpur, Azad Kashmir, where my father’s great grand father, settled his six sons, two in each area, they were in Maira, Baddaal, and Bajohat, my uncles used to just quote two, Maira Baddaal, but there’s also Bajohat, which vanished as it ended up underneath Mangla Dam, sometimes you can still see the land when the water resides. My mother’s mother was from Maira, and she married first my nana who was from Bajohat, and then in her second marriage, she married into Baddaal. So I have quite a number of step uncles and aunts, who are from a variety of the three villages. Should do a family tree. Get my mother to tell me, she told me this much, when she got back from Arabia after Umra for five weeks, she brought me a parna, which fits like a turban, and is made of quality material, though I wear it differently to the Sikhs and the Barelwis who wear green turbans. My fits like a crown, and it is amazing statement, to be able to wear a parna like my father, at the age of 31. I remember going to Istanbul, my sister paid for it, we went with our brother Waheed and his wife, Zaiban, both of whom are from Bajohat, however Sajid and his first wife, Suria, she was from Baddaal, though her mother is from outside the family, and they have family in Birmingham. Similarly I married outside the family, into another big family, though they were of a lower caste, there were many reasons why I didn’t fortunately marry into the family, because girls like talking, and if you know well enough they tell everything about certain people, and sometimes these things are not really suitable, may be concerning my sister, who the girls would know really well. Especially girls in my family, instead I heard it through rumours.

Reminds of the song by Ian Brown, whispers, ‘she only wanted you, for what you could do to get her picture in the sunday magazine, she’s just a…two scene, split screen dream machine, an alibi for lonesome dreams.’

Insha Allah, may God protect me from the rejected devil, I seek refuge in God from the whispers of the devils, and I seek refuge in God lest they come near me.

“Heard so many rumours, so many stone cold rumours, what a pleasure it is to receive, what a God given gift is the air that we breath, so many rumours.”

Who knows who Ian Brown is talking to, and what event and what time it will find home. Like so many things, only the Lord is witness between us and knows everything hidden or declared. I found home after returning afte six days in a mental hospital, for refusing meds, because either you do not despair of the Lord’s mercy or are seduced by lies. The lies of medication, lead to wank, whereas with pain there is gain, and from every angle, I’m a winner after going through that ‘dark black pit and places we fall to bits,’ (Mersey Paradise). Just then I nearly spelt it wrong, I wrote Mersery Paradise, yeah that’s ‘the impression I get as story unfolds your the hardest thing in the world.’ (Hardest thing in the world, Stone Roses). Maybe that’s what they are trying to say, Mersery in stead of Mersey. I remember driving somewhere close to Lancashire, and walking close to the edge of the hard shoulder, on a line of paint some one like John Squire may have left, especially reminded me of hsi painting on the front of the Stone Roses covers, at the edge a truck was coming from my right, I stood there, and I could see the truck driver make some sort of impression, later after years it occurred to me, may be it was like chicken. Luckily I did not stay there for long, I saw two birds fly simultaneously as the truck went passed me, and I followed them, up amuddy bank, and they sat on each side of a fence. It was a sure sign from God, I waited by the fence, with a ring on my scar on the middle of my forehead, I followed a bee which flew past, and I found a tree with its roots out of the ground, , may be due to a land slide, I sat underneath the tree, and called out to Ian Brown, thinking I had found heaven’s gate. When I returned to my car, I noticed the wing mirror on the driver’s side and come off, may be by the truck which went passed, trying to scare me, I was unaware of what he had done, I left the wing mirror, there thinking, I’d remember the place where the tree with its roots out of the ground, it was still a young tree, and the fence where the two beautiful birds, which are hard to describe but they weren’t pigeons, they were almost like pheasants or some sort of clean handsome looking birds, they were small enough, to sit on the ends of poles of fences, and as soon as the truck went right passed me, they appeared in view. I drove the whole day and till 508 in the morning, when I got stopped by police at 5.06 am, they told me to return to my car and get the keys, I got in and drove off, they had the road cordoned off, I remember I was banging on people’s doors, so police must have been alerted, I remember walking into a garden, and the door number was 13, all during dawn whilst at Durham,where I had finished my degree, but was waiting for graduation. having obtained my results, I came last in my class, only to be saved by alphabetical order, A K Rutherford, was last, and K A Hussain, was second last, and we both got 2:2. That was beautiful feeling when I saw her initials, only two people got 2:2, the rest had two one’s. I didn’t tell them anything, only they may have guessed it, when I was arrested at 508 and the number to my little suped up roadster, that used to roar, and had an old conveyer belt style engine, so was quite loud, and had Mitsubishi badge, as the previous car I had, I crashed whilst off my head on a Mitsubishi ecstasy pill, listenign to a Rolling Stone cassete, in a car without air bags, and driving without seatbelt, like it was the sixties. ’I read the news today O boy, a lucky man had made the grade, and though the news was rather sad, I just had to laugh, I saw the photograph, he blew his mind now in a car, he didn’t notice that the lights had changed..’ (A Day in the Life). I’ll light up a cigerette when I get on a bus. I crashed into a Mazda, and was driving a Seat, N reg. The Mitsubishi number plate was T508 PBU, I used to think 508, and peace be upon, and the T would be them. 5 was a shape of a snake, snake eyes, 0 was the shape of a circle, solar eyes, adn 8, was the shape of a horizontal infinite sign, immortal eyes. I had one for each number. They breathalised me, I gave me a producer, I nearly lost my license because of this, as it was less than a year since I had past, and getting six points leads to disqualification, but my brother who had studied law, whilst I was detained in hospital, said I could not attend the court due to medical reasons, he had a letter written from the reluctant hospital, who were glad I was losing my license, then we had the case re-opened, and had three out of the six points removed, which was I had no insurance, when I was a named driver on my brother’s policy, neither of us ever claimed we had an accident, I’d say it was my brother’s policy, and he’d say it was my brother who was driving. I’ll still fought the case in court, cos they were trying to prove I was driving without due care and attention, when the wheel’s lock there’s nothing you can do, and if the lights are after a blind corner, and just as it happens they are red and there’s a row of cars waiting, you press your brakes, and instead of stopping, the wheel’s lock and you carry on into the back of some else’s car.


Anyway, I saw in a museum in Istanbul the turban Joseph supposedly wore, and it was big, too big to fit on a guy my size, I’m 5ft 10’ the turban seemed to be the size of some giant.


[ Posted Wed, 11 May 2011 13:42:00 ]

Does despair lead to a painful end

To not despair as we do not want hurt you

Is the primevil of the question between good and evil

So we are faced with tests, once may be every year

To find out those who appreciative from those who are unappreciative

Those who do not need to find an illusion to decieve their eyes

But look to the mind’s eye, and always try to reverence God

You’ll know your own soul, when you try to achieve a wank instead of a win

A toss instead of a loss, and sold out instead of submit

Failure of the test, seduction of the question, losing the competition

Water distilled to its finest purity, food tasting delicious, air we live on

The Quran teaches us, ‘to never despair of the Lord’s mercy’, was it a big test, when Abraham saw in his dream that he was sacrificing his son, instead of looking for the insight to believe what it was, he instead was about to fulfill it, only for God to give him a ram to sacrifice instead. Then onto the story of Esau and Jacob, Jacob was loved greatly, who in turn stole the birth right from his elder twin brother. Then onto the story of Joseph, who his brothers claim a wolf had devoured.

Let me say this, these stories and the stories of our lives, one does not know the future, it reminds me of what seems like the obvious question in the eyes of the conspirer never gets asked, for it never is as easy as such, instead the test is of whether we submit to God, and go along with the conspired scheme, and see if it leads to despair, will it lead to the destruction or construction. Will it destroy or amend, will it cause blasphemy or instill reverence.

The story of Jesus, also questions the role of despair. Insha Allah, when the time is right or when it wills it will be disclosed, but those Masons know full well what I am talking of. Despair of the Lord’s mercy, none of God’s servants shall despair of His mercy, so instead these Masons wish to lead us all to the verge of despair, because not all of us were fools enough to believe God advocates sin, nor that the devil has power, the devil’s power is nil, his role since the rebellion is to request, for they see us but we do not see them. Whenever we view a person, or film or piece of music, the particular which destroys the overall whole, is the observation of devils who try to always cause some sort of disunity. They were made to think that they did, but he had been raised up before the crucifixion, and the one they slew was the fleshly part.

It is the manner of the situation, to have a wank or to have a win. Despair is the only theme the Christians need to understand right now. So the people at the time of Jesus, just like Satan requests, requested the crucifixion of Jesus, easy question would be, where are his loyal friends and family, to whom does the care of this person need to be under whose control. But instead we were led through the whole conspired scheme, and even the Gospels seduction of the question, meant they told the story of passion, as they call it, for the Christians to even go so far as to say God took his place on the cross. There are many thematics we could confuse ourselves with in one go, but let us remain on the course of despair for it is what decides the whole situation. No one questioned the scheme of those who wish to kill or cull the world human population, only we spent years never addressing the issue and talking about it with out saying anything direct, now it comes to the right time we will venture so close to their source and tell them about the scheme, which could easily be seen as seduction to evil. A strong lie, they thought, but however strong you may think it is when you first stuck your neck out to spell it, only with time it gets proven to be lame. Instead you return to the denial and self-righteousness never repenting and amending, just well that’s not possible then we’ll just continue with the trends of the time. But wait a minute, shouldn’t you face judgment, shouldn’t you atone for your sin, shouldn’t everyone seek a means to gain happiness. Just as such, the Muhammadans, strung a strong lie, with the addition of false verses in the Quran, but how strong was it in the end, when the mathematical miracle removed it, in the best and most content of manners, even though they had back then during the early years, killed off the Prophet’s family, so that they thought their corruption would last forever. Now who turned out into dogs of war, and who are the lions of peace. Laughing like hyenas, or roar like lions.


[ Posted Tue, 10 May 2011 15:26:11 ]

Well there was a song I heard, by Massive Attack, ‘money something or the other,’ money the root of all evil, but in this song he writes some people can’t be happy until they got a woman on each arm, if you lay all your eggs in one basket and the basket must fall all the eggs will be broken… So I intend to get married four times. Two enemies of God, who will be dealt with, whilst one will press juice the other will burn in hell.

You know these tracks, all the effort was from the years and years of basicity to simplicity, so we have amazing ideas to pen with these such able programs and software, but check and see if you will be heard or not, no matter if they do or don’t, they’ll have to answer for their own judgment. Something pushes to return to a song after it has settled in and has moulded and has gelled, whenever I face such a crisis I shouldn’t bother feeling like their is something wrong, it is the illusion of better, but usually it is difuse the amazing gift of the first cut, hmm, though I don’t it, it makes my first perspective in music production seem as the final answer to the long journey of experimentation and lacking any musical instruction, and finding everything was real and not fake, happy and content rather than dull and miserable, who knows, everything is controlled by God, the perception was to ask people whether what they really heard in the Burial sound or Sigur Ross, was just a figure of their imagination, to allow their secularised fictitious bull shit to become ingrained in their conscience, as they were allowed to decieve the truth of creation, same with novels, to prove that evil is real, only in novels and movies, and the answer to the question of good and evil, why do they believe in the crucifixion, so that they can lead us to destruction. O well now the test is over, I’ve concluded if I am to produce more stuff, then I’ll leave A Submtiter where it is, as it has used up its 12 hours limit, and start a fresh level, with a new name, 12-3, and start building another site, and so spread my eggs, over a few soundcloud profiles, instead of spending 250 pound on a pro account, I can have three accoutns instead with the same amount of time limit, but spread over three pages.

Allahu ackbar

Straight path

[ Posted Mon, 09 May 2011 23:05:37 ]

Something about this app, which can change existing photos, if you like looking at something whilst listening to something, or if you have already reached a positiveness to allow things to be able to stand the test of time. Sometimes I wonder at the level of freedom needed to say the things which have been done, rather than sing a long to pop anthems about debauchery, ego and hate, just to be given the opportunity to be free of the heavy weight nuisance of chart toppers such as Tracy, who seems to be getting a lot of attention, even though her track has become so overheard, like Billie Jean, when will we go straight instead of looping somewhere, every year the same schools loop the children through the same acedemia, and the same graduates learn the protocols and develop their plan of teaching, which is no matter what the same as it was ten years ago. So it is exclusive, to have this chance because I doubt anyone after me will have the same level of opportunity, as many people find even if they are doing well at school, doesn’t mean they’ll cut it through the tunnel when they have a mounting debt, which at best leads to bankruptcy, or homeless. So much for the state, yet they still wished to be thanked, for their street planning, and the road maps, and their sewage and canals, every season has its bearing fruit or being devoured or failing to take root.

Whilst at the take away, waiting for my grill masala fish burger meal, which I ate on a bench after sunset, couldn’t never do that in an estate, but we have been blessed with a beautiful vicinity, and the politicians like to think they were first, but where were we, before that, and we do not rely on them, our sustenance, our lives and our happiness is from God. They like to prove to us that they achieve so much, in every heartbeat achieves so much, but with the passage of time, everything just continues in a straight line. The prophets and the messengers, were who they were, because they were recorded in the numerically structured book, so was the response. The witness between me and you, is the Lord Most High, He has knowledge of the future, He has power of the present, and has wisdom of the past. My Lord blessed me with the righteousness and blessed me to be among those who are on the straight path. Whereas these people who do not will be looped.

They think they are first

That it is a quest of better or worse

When they do not realise happiness is submission to God

Whatever the devil promises is an illusion

They may say are you dense

Not really a little dumb

Whereas they sell themselves to time is now

We know time has three tenses

We know God has 3 attributes

We know there are 3 sciences

We know there are 3 arts

We know there are 3 classics

Now tell me what do you know

Denial or enlightened

Arrogance or humility

Miserable or happy

Check these pictures out, after checking the daily lot of photos through explore flikr app, I tried enhancing them . Check the results: The first one was a screen shot, as I can only save one picture, cool to have the ability to take screen shots.

This is what I did whilst waiting for my take away: I met a lad from a back when

we used to play counter strike, he was smoking skunk, so I decided to add flash and a lo-fi FX.

This is another original which it let me save to my photo library.

This is what I did to it. I think I used ansel affect, plus some extra flash.

Check these tracks out, they got something goin on

[ Posted Mon, 09 May 2011 19:02:27 ]

If you were to look at these three tracks, produced on the amazing app Beatmaker 2, which allows samples up to somewhere in the region of 70mb, though I’m yet to test the limit, the furthest I’ve done is about 70mb worth of cuts to edit in the production suite for the iPhone. Which is quite alot though a 4minute wav would work out to be about 35 mb, so you could easily have about 8 minutes worth of wav, as far as I am aware. You’ll notice something about the time for each track, the latest track, which was uploaded 3 hours ago on 9th of May 2005, was 5.07, and the track previous which was uploaded a day ago, was 4.08, and the track prior to this one was called 508 and went on till 5.13, where the last note was played on 5.08. Also last week I was listening to my iPod on shuffle and it was playing ‘I am the resurrection’ for the first time I noticed they looped near the end, as though they were trying to carry on to a certain point, I took the iPhone out and saw it was going on till 8.14, I double checked it. Alhamdulilah, the numbers add to 13, and today’s track is the same length as Clocks by Coldplay. Insha Allah the Lord will guide us, and protect us and grant us victory against the disbelieving in people. Insha Allah, is better than amen, which is only to confuse people into taking up false gods unknowingly and thinking they are doing good, when it is hypocrisy of those who neither go in to heaven nor suffer those who are entering to go in. Similar to the Church and the Vatican who always sides against the Muslims, the day they see their bastard the crown succeeder burning and the fine young cannibals spewing their guts out as they feel the taste of human flesh,only then will that bastard wanker sold out loser of the Catholic in it for the money spinner, the Pope, only then will he get the message. Lucky it wasn’t you, and that Vatican burning.

Clothe yourself in green leaves

[ Posted Sun, 08 May 2011 22:37:36 ]

Clothe yourself with green leaves

When you despair of the Lord’s mercy

Seduction of lies

Power of a particular to reach unending kingship

Clothe yourself with green leaves

When you feel the shame of your failure

The failing of the test

Now all the shame of forsakeness

Kill your ego or feed your ego

Have something fresh or have something rotten

Not sell you souls or buy into the lies of the crucifixion

To not despair of the Lord’s mercy or to be seduced by lies

The illusions of Satan’s request

When the world will be free then they forget their tests

You can fool some people some time but you can’t fool all the people all the time

Unified or secularised, Church of England wankers, all these sold out children, thinking they are so much better cos they can eat the forbidden fruit and try to achieve a wank statement, only their weakness shows, “got nothing to prove and got it all to gain.” Whereas they got bits and pieces and here and there and never a whole.







Pure Dhes origin for Kashif

[ Posted Sun, 08 May 2011 21:25:09 ]

We’re pure desi’s, apart from the mystery of Raaj Putt, which is a caste, but the last five generations till our generation, have been accounted for. There were six sons to a Bava Lashkree, who lived in Mandrai in Rawal Pind, he had six sons, who he settled in Mirpur, two in each area, the Mairaa, the Baddaal and the Bajoot, my father was from the Bajoot, his grandfather was one of two who settled in Bajoot, he had nine sons, whereas the other one from Bajoot did not have many children, though there were a few children. My father’s grandfather was Haider Ali, his father was called Murdaan Ali, whereas the two who settled in Bajoot were Muhammad Ali and Ahmed Ali. My father migrated to the UK in the sixties.

Pure Dhes origin for Kashif

[ Posted Sun, 08 May 2011 21:24:51 ]

We’re pure desi’s, apart from the mystery of Raaj Putt, which is a caste, but the last five generations till our generation, have been accounted for. There were six sons to a Bava Lashkree, who lived in Mandrai in Rawal Pind, he had six sons, who he settled in Mirpur, two in each area, the Mairaa, the Baddaal and the Bajoot, my father was from the Bajoot, his grandfather was one of two who settled in Bajoot, he had nine sons, whereas the other one from Bajoot did not have many children, though there were a few children. My father’s grandfather was Haider Ali, his father was called Murdaan Ali, whereas the two who settled in Bajoot were Muhammad Ali and Ahmed Ali. My father migrated to the UK in the sixties.

Pure Dhes origin for Kashif

[ Posted Sun, 08 May 2011 21:24:31 ]

We’re pure desi’s, apart from the mystery of Raaj Putt, which is a caste, but the last five generations till our generation, have been accounted for. There were six sons to a Bava Lashkree, who lived in Mandrai in Rawal Pind, he had six sons, who he settled in Mirpur, two in each area, the Mairaa, the Baddaal and the Bajoot, my father was from the Bajoot, his grandfather was one of two who settled in Bajoot, he had nine sons, whereas the other one from Bajoot did not have many children, though there were a few children. My father’s grandfather was Haider Ali, his father was called Murdaan Ali, whereas the two who settled in Bajoot were Muhammad Ali and Ahmed Ali. My father migrated to the UK in the sixties.

So instead of repenting they ask the Lord to be the one to show mercy.

[ Posted Sun, 08 May 2011 18:35:21 ]

I guess its called sympathy, when even your enemy who destroyed your life, because you were free, and tainted your conscience with evil thoughts, it’s all good and well trying to defend the innocent, but for those who perpetrate these acts what for them? For them, do we leave them alone, or violently destroy, or make happy by forgiving and forgetting. The day I stabbed a nurse, though it hit his ribs, and the blade slipped into my own hands, and made a sure sign of blood. The day before the family had me stay in the house of the guy who made me suck his willy when I was a toddler, it destroyed me totally.

After the knife incident, the psychiatrist tested me a lot, trying to make me snap, or break down, she said I showed no remorse for what I did, or did not regret it. Do you think anyone wants to stay in a mental hospital where every deed is scrutinised by aliens from outer space trying to give themselves a blow job. How can anyone forgive when no one allows anyone the right to freedom, may be on his death bed he may concede to the crime, but then no one will want to forgive without thinking everyone was looking for their one best interest.

For girls its different, they know blokes are always going to make things hard, but for it to happen to a boy it is the worse thing to occur. The nurse didn’t press charges against me, and after two years since the incident the Trust transferred my care from the woman, who showed a failure of the test, so would have to let me know her secrets and what she was hiding, instead they just changed the doctor. It’s the illusions of television, about disgrace and humiliation through force, finding a particular and sabotaging it, so that the person is scarred or wounded or hurt, which leads to continuous suffering. But the suffering is silent, not vocal, the disarray is destructive never alleviates the ending. Ego - to kill the ego or feed the ego. The only way is to say God gave everything its existence and guidance, if I was allowed one opinion, or rather we know, God didn’t create anything like water. Water is the basis of everything living, food is the quest of survival, air is the need for every living thing. The best thing is, no one can give me the air that is mine to breath. I think Oasis or Ian Brown said that. Even if my wife is deported, and I’ll lose the negligence case, or have a shot of electricity, and be detained for the rest of my life, the air is still there. But if they want to deport one, then why not all of them. But I wont go down without a fight. I remember seeing an interview with an IRA terrorist and one of the victims family, it’s alright living the pain in your own head, but when you are face to face with the person who was the reason you felt wrong, how do you respond to this. But just like the psychiatrist who put me through her tests, though they failed, all because they could see son of Adam, the equality of goodness, and they tried for Shaytaan to prove they were better, they’ll take their secrets with themselves, and say why was the Lord Merciful, it is not fair He should be Merciful to us also. So instead of repenting they ask the Lord to be the one to show mercy.

They think by dividing the world, they can continue to fool the people, and by controlling immigration, when they forget the biggest bastard is the next in line to the monarchy. But just like David I’ll cast the stone by the sinless. Yeah, he without sin cast the first stone, wasn’t it a stone, from David’s sling which brought Goliath.

Fact or fiction, fact of certainty or probability of fiction, unified or secularised

Shouldn’t be asking for mercy, you should be asking for forgiveness. Mercy is for a difficult event leading on from where they have tried to prevent you from reaching your light and happiness, and forgiveness is for when you could not kill your egos, and instead showed hatred towards the son of Adam, by the test Satan requested, which you sold your souls for, even after the failure of the test, you forgot to repent, instead you hid your secrets and try to cover the underlying wound, and thought well if the Lord is merciful, then show me mercy, but could you repent?

Loser for love

[ Posted Sun, 08 May 2011 14:44:00 ]

Only for mating rights, do the demon worshippers start pretending they are good. Church of England wankers, always wanna a wank rather than a win, do not live their own lives but try to fuel others expectations away from them.

Kill the ego or have a jealous ego

Try to win big or go under the carpet with greedy slimy lies

Go for truth and be happy or burn with hatred against the son of Adam

Wankers, Tossers and Soldiers,

A winner for light, a loser for love, a submitter for peace. Jesus had no children, yet the Church wants to fuel the minds of its minions with lies about how he had a secret family, they rather fall into fiction than ever find the facts.

Secularist bastards, didn’t have a soul to start with, the Church bought it, as soon as you enter their schools, they start saying buy into it, buy into it, and the children have no choice other than sell their souls. Except these migrant Muslims, who know the evil which they use, but for them happiness, rather than misery, for them blessed thankful rather than wicked regrets, for them the Raaj Putt a dynasty of an unknown King, and for those who are not bit and bats and pieces here and there, and never a whole.

Question I have since the Queen is raised to the status, will you sacrifice your first born? Will you let your son die for the sins of mankind?

So why ask someone else be it the Lord of the universe to do this?

Will you lie or tell the truth?

Who deserves what and why!

Who deserves to live or die?

Who’d tell the truth or tell a lie.

Something about a Stone Roses song

[ Posted Sat, 07 May 2011 23:29:50 ]

I am the Ressurection,… Went on till 8.14x almost like 508, if you guess it also the numbers add to 13.

Talk is cheap

[ Posted Sat, 07 May 2011 21:58:49 ]

“If you want to appeal, we can come and talk in a few weeks.”

-Can I have something in writing?

….”If you want to appeal, we can come and talk in a few weeks.”

“I don’t know why you can’t just write it down.”

………”If you want to appeal, we can arrange a time to have a chat.”

Talk is cheap, ok let’s talk wankers.

Gog and Magog - Israel and Russia

[ Posted Sat, 07 May 2011 20:46:19 ]

How many have been allowed to come into the Heartless Beast of United Kingdom, who pride themselves as better, only because they have led multitudes down the same neglectfulness of the soul. How many became legal at a time of economic downturn, and unfathomable amount of debt incurred, is this some form of charity, to give loans to those who support the Satanist agenda to destroy man, or for you to recuperate what you never put in, instead another bullshit debt to these invisible people who control the banks, and who make factoral reserve loans available. Who profit from war, who profit from evil, who sell their souls for a miserable price.

They said they need to control the amount of immigration, didn’t stop the numbers of people coming from Eastern Europe. They never pen any document in which they can be held accountable, instead it is all verbatim, word of mouth, rather than recorded in written forms.

What about how you treated the Native Americans, call of duty style, or how you treated the Africans, American West style, or how you treated the Middle Easterns, Gog and Magog are cometh. And these people who try to give us a bar code to the neck, to marks us with the sign of the Beast, find they can only eliminate those who do not belong to them only by colour of the skin, so whoever is born with a pink skin, will be among the bastards who kill of the people of the world. Just as Hitler thought, white man supremacy. But why borrow the identity of the Aryan? Why kill the despora Jews. As they dispersed during the time of Babylon, to places like Afghanistan, why the destruction of Afghanistan, and Iraq, why are there still Children of Israel living in Iran, why did they not move to Israel, among the pigs of the Ashkenazi. WHY DID YOU TRY TO KILL THE CHILDREN OF ISREAL? So who is the biggest bastard ever, Charles the wanker of England, VI, VI,VI, if I was sinless and could cast the first stone, it would be at that bastard in line for the monarchy, Charles VI.

They fill the arena on earth, where Satan has his domain, with illusions, only the things which means something end up getting big.

God controls everything, these request by Satan, you should not despair of the Lord’s mercy, when these tests occur, however though they conspire, even for them God is Merciful, however who knows what the balance of scales will say on the Day of Judgment. To God belongs the most beautiful names. The Most Merciful, The Forgiver, The Most Wise, The Almighty, The Reckoner, The Most Kind, The Most Blessed.

The failure of the test. By claiming it was from God, when it was a request by Satan, God never advocates sin, in relation to the sacrifice of Abraham’s eldest son.

The seduction of the question. Instead of saying he was raised up before he was crucified, they seduced the question, by claiming he conquered death.

The losing of the competition. By adding false verses, they thought corruption could last forever,

Money the power of darkness.

Money the root of all evil.

Money corrupts people.

Angel test.

Devil’s curse.

Manmade drug.

They think they lie was too strong, but it proves very lame in the end.

They think their illusion, will prove undending kingship

We are told only the disbelievers despair of the Lord’s mercy.

They think they can avoid the answer

When it was their own theories which need thought not the reaction to their thought.

Gog and Magog, Isreal and Russia.

Failure of the test, seduction of the question, loss of the competition

[ Posted Sat, 07 May 2011 13:30:00 ]

It can be dirty, and leave a dirty stain on ya soul, it can lead to the feeling of hatred and louthsomeness, when you realise the sticky cum has mixed with her fanny, does it still turn you on, or does it just fill the need of your body’s desire. Just shows why women cann tolerate the most disgusting ideals found as they have to feel the goey mess inside their love holes. Prawn, when you are so dirty, it’s filthy, but now for me there’s no chance of being clean, as my s#exual desires have gotten hold of me, and the older girl made me stand the test of dirt, at the age of 7. Only the stain of dirt fell on her, and for me finding someone fill the hole in the life I know even if they are prostitutes in back end lanes, that smell of prawn. At the age of 4, I was put the test, when an older cousin made me suck his cock, if you wanna see what a guy looks like who has been abused at 4, at the age of 31, it stills shows in his eyes.

Luckily the Lord protected me from ever feeling the goe, as I’m no whore who’s used to sucking cocks, I’m just a kid, fuck em, the fuckin’ Satanist bastards and bitches. Who got trapped in a mind game, of illusions and a particular to find unending kingship, they sold their souls, cos they know their failure the test, their seduction of the question, the loss of the competition, they earn ghunaa, many sins, if the Lord wills their will never find redemption, or salvation, and always be with the losers, due to the sins they committed. He without sin cast the first stone. Those who claim they are sinless, when they never regard the forbidden fruit„ and how we are all on earth to see if we would redeem our souls or neglect it, failure of the test, seduction of the question, loss of the competition.

Getting a big sound out of a little toy

[ Posted Sat, 07 May 2011 12:54:47 ]

People say the iPhone apps do not stand against the likes of big artists who spend a fortune in making their tracks very loud and HD. Otherwise comparitively their approach to music is no different to everyone else, they lay down a drum loop, a synth or organ or piano loop, and sync some catchy lyrics to it, and the only thing that makes people come back again and again, is its quality of reproduction. Anyway we’re not into all that, we’re wanna show a start from scratch, not bought out by a company, and show whether ours helps pass the time or not. If you want big sound, you gotta pay producers in the region of $30 to $100 per track to have it mastered. This is where most people see ours as not very well good, as it hasn’t been mastered, it depends on how you record it, if you turn the parts low then it will sound harmonic on headphones but not as apparant on stereo, unless it is mastered, if you leave everything at default, there will be no chance of mastering, and the quality will show that it was not produced in a studio but off an iPhone. If we all played to the tune of the big artist of our times, then their would be lack of creativity and stagnation in everything. Best of luck to all of ya, if you got a grasp on how to produce and are willing to make it sound catchy and well written, then you may find an audience, otherwise you may find critical aclaim, but lack the audience, who knows, sometimes the things they say on X factor I feel could be directed at me, especially as if Simon Cowell has heard of my stuff or not.

Surprises in the post

[ Posted Sat, 07 May 2011 11:19:00 ]

Had a nice surprise this morning, when I got a few things in the post, best thing which got me talking was a waistdown bag, by the best band’s designer, Maharishi, the thing was, it just about fit me around the waist, but it also has a shoulder strap so you can lug it over your shoulder. I didn’t know what I could fit in there, thought my sunglasses, as I have a back injury, so don’t want to stress it out. I then thought after inspecting the size of the main pocket, may be I could fit my camera in there, which had been fitted with a home made case. I tried and it fit easily, I have pockets for cables and for extra batteries.

All Maharishi today, from trainers to pants to t-shirt to waistfdown bag containing my MHI sunglasses.

They are still available: Good for your DSLR, and handy you could just take it out and start snapping, and not worry about where you are storing it, in my opinion, although if you are taking pictures, you may prefer to just use the strap which comes with the camera.


Two tracks in a matter of minutes with Drum Track 8

[ Posted Fri, 06 May 2011 19:08:26 ]

Reworked some samples from other tracks, and thought I’d see how they would work using drum track 8.

This one’s called drum session with Reni’s amazing kits.

The one below is a reworking of the track flying to this, Thought about finishing on the last note which was on 5 minutes 8 seconds, but thought I let it off at the point it stopped, instead, but still couldn’t resist giving it the title 508, remember the two Coldplay tracks, The Scientist, finished on 5:09 and Clocks which follows finishes on 5:07, so the question is what Coldplay track went on till 508? x and y! Funny how the numbers in 508 add to 13, and this track ends on 5.13, and the one above, Reni’s amazing kits, finished on 4.13. Hmm. The Lord manifests, all praise be to God, Lord of the universe.


What a fucking instrument Drum Track8 is

[ Posted Fri, 06 May 2011 16:51:41 ]

This app, I don’t know how much it costs in the app store, I bought it on release, probably during the time of iphone 3g, this should be number 1. Infinity possibilities, everything you could want, I mean it it’s like having it all. Best when you wait for it instead of being bossy. Wow you can create a jam in no time, absolutely phenomenal. And at present bern working on the BPM which is default on beatmaker 2, about 90, which is the way of the times. I had a solid performance building it up from a couple of bass notes, to changing pan, to pitch. If you though ir909 was really good you’ll be blown away with this app. IR was alright but the controls were far too close together to ever be performable. Just worked something out just shake the device and drum track.8 clears the screen. Come on Apple this should be in your greats when it comes to apps.great to lay down some drum loops even greater to jam with, and as simple as tonepad or melodica or beatwave. Can also import your sample or create a customkit. Well done indeed. I bet its as cheap as a bag of chips or a burger. Will leave this on their reviews as well as my blog www.asubmitter.tumblr.com

Battery drains too quick on iPod Touch 4

[ Posted Fri, 06 May 2011 16:03:36 ]

Battery dies instantaneously on iPod Touch 4, even after updating to the latest OS. Why? Apple trying to do voodoo on electronics, not possible only two integers 0 and 1, unless you can split an atom, and create a portal for a screen to project onto.

Iphone Lovers (reception voodoo) - A Submitter

[ Posted Fri, 06 May 2011 15:33:11 ]

I wrote this song on the iPhone 3g, but now it reminds me of the reception problem with iPhone 4, it’s called iPhone Lovers, maybe more brothers, little one always following his elder brothers call, until he gets confused. There is a loop, as it was difficult„ to vary the beat more than just 16 pads at the time, however I wasn’t familiar with the controls to change tempo or velocity or pan on everything from the same pad, couldn’t access the controls in the sequencer at the time. So these first beats were very much just what you could do with 16 pads, without much else, apart from some panning.

Iphone lovers - A Submitter by A Submitter

Soulless Vampires

[ Posted Thu, 05 May 2011 15:06:54 ]

Soulless vampires urging us to forsake the religion of Islam

To instead sell our souls to the illusion of Christ on the cross

Heartless beast telling us to pay our dues to the Queen

When they forsake the truth for seduction of lies

Jealous egos of the Israeli Gog and Magog

With all their weapons, never will they realise water is more precious than gold

When did they tell the youth to believe in goodness

Only question better or worse, to prejudice their minds with particulars

Filled with hatred for the son of man, blessed by the Lord of the universe

When will they tell the children learn the truth

Instead to sell themselves to demonic worshippers

Due jinns possesiveness, rather than free of attachment

When will the elder know the light

Instead they argue about who’s who and who’s not

When they were reminded water is more precious than gold

Ethno to Electro

[ Posted Thu, 05 May 2011 12:06:18 ]

Should’ve recorded the vocal first, then added the music to it, that way it would be more in tune with what the music actually doing, really… There’s no guidelines when it comes to producing. I have two tries, sometimes lazily I add the vocals after, a bit like how Charlatans did their stuff, there was no harmony between the vocals and the backing track, however working with ethno or electro you’ll find it isn’t as apparant, unless you really wish to realise it was. I know there’s two ways of recording a track, one way write the music and add the vocals after, like the track on Solarized by Ian Brown and featuring Noel Gallagher, Keep What You Got, which he said Noel sent him the music and he penned the words for it. It can work, nothing stopping it, especially if you have a very lightened mind, Oasis showed the rock n roll that Ian Brown and the Stone Roses daren’t, but the groove of the Roses made of stone and something burning, are just dare I say amazing. I’ll try with the next track to record the vocals first and add the music later, hopefully, insha Allah, however the way which is a bit basic gives you two finished versions one the music the other with vocals. Ethno - check that out, see if there is a domain, could be a great record company.




First track mixed with Beats

[ Posted Wed, 04 May 2011 21:43:53 ]

Made a track whilst working on nano studio via the synthstation, laid down some drumming, sounded a bit ethno and a bit drum and bass style, using keyboard keys to play drums. Which I then exported as well as some other parts, from doppler pad, and synths from NS, I then messed around with them on BM2, added some FX like chorus and EQ it too really high gain, one thing though I should have reduced the tweeting noise, its a bit jaunting, however when I went back, I changed headphones to my usual set of AKGs, and then ended up reducing everything to a minimal sound, don’t know why, but now I found having two different sets of headphones, I get a louder sound from the Beats, and a more melancholic sound from the AKGs, this may become a bit of challenge in terms of confusing me. First time I played around withe EQ, and it changes the style compared to the earlier tracks. Having found perspective I realised the Beats actually were quite good at producing, only I found the tweets a bit jaunting, being my own critic, though after the second attempt, you’d notice it wasn’t all that bad.

I used to dream of flying, when I was a kid, then I’d want to dream them every night, so they became imaginary, and faded away. I used to have thoughts about what would I do if the world was coming to an end, I would say I’d fly to space. Then they would say who would you take with you, then I’d list people who I’d carry with me.

Learning To Fly

[ Posted Wed, 04 May 2011 21:15:20 ]

“I’m learning to fly, but I aint got wings.” (Tom Petty)

Saj used to play this song to me all the time.

I'm the daddy

[ Posted Wed, 04 May 2011 12:55:01 ]

I’m the daddy Be free like a monkey I’m your homie I go Flying through space listening to Prodigy

I’m the daddy Not son of monkey Just blessed with the gift of flight With angel wings and gnatty horns of headstrong might

Natty Dread fly away Goda dready goda Flying through the storm Flying through the corn

Happiness is submission to God, Not arrogance to being enemy of children of Adam Instead of water you choose gold Bringing the all seeing eye of hatred

Did you find a particular to reach unending kingship Did the Satanists lead man to destruction through seduction of lies To eat the forbidden fruit to find the lie, to find the gaping ego of your lower self, to cover yourself with clothes of green leaves.

Troublemakers or peacemakers. Wicked regrets or blessed thankful. Those who claim there can be another god or those who bear witness la ellah ella Allah. A force of corruption or will of innocence.

From the sea to the sky

[ Posted Wed, 04 May 2011 11:39:23 ]

If we were swimming in a sea of sperm. To crawling in our mother’s bellies To walking on all fours To climbing up steps which we thought were high as cliffs To walking on our feet To be stood tall dancing to lullabies One day we’ll be flying the skies Saying goodbye to all the gentle mystic shower we nrought the ice from Antarctica to the Sahara.

From the sea to the sky Happiness is submission to the Almighty Remember to be happy Blessed with wings to go to all the places the rich don’t ever get to see Keep yourself warm with lots of coal Which should be brought back and the mines open again.

Babylon system

[ Posted Tue, 03 May 2011 21:22:04 ]

Shows character to refuse amputation when it was cancerous due to religious beliefs, and dying as a result in your forties.? As. I heard was what Shiekh Marley did. In every way possible he brought real truth with a strong lineage in Biblical studies. I still don’t realise what the significance of Babylon or Babylonia are, I remember being told it was where the Children of Israel were held after the dynasty of Solomon collapsed. I think that’s what it was. How far is India from Iraq, or Afghanistan where my great great grandad and his brothers came from to Azaad Kashmir, so I’m told. And India vied for that land and many Muslims lay down their lives and neither got full control of it but we were on the Pakistani side. They were six brothers my great grandad or even more further back. I’ll have to ask my parents, my grandmothercwould know but she is no longer with us. In remembrance of her usefulness I fixed an adidas watch with a thread and needle, it reminds me of her. If she was still here she would have never let the police take me away and detain me on a section, and just destroy my life cos the NHS is loyal dogs association, hired guns, in it for the money have no heart. Plus I’d like to know what Raaj putt means.

Don’t remember where but I saw a picture of a winged lion with two horns, I think it represent haile salasai, who they claim was the direct descendent of David and Solomon, so what, I don’t know what Bob Marley believed through this, but the Raaj Putt are a dynasty too, with the breath of God’s servants. The image is clear in my mind though I forget where maybe something to do with Bob Marley. Or something, but I’ll never forget no way an Afro- carabean killed Rashad Khalifa I’ll never forget no way they all got thrown out of Mannigham and their drug den got shut down. You fucked with a Misr person let’s see if you can fucj with a paki? Remember the nigga who got shot outside young lions, me not a nigga me not from America. So says Moses.

Me not a slave, me not from Africa. Me not a rasta, me not from Jamaica. Me not a nigga, me not from America.

So says Kashif for his friend in happiness the elder Mosa allaihi salaam.

So says Moses

[ Posted Tue, 03 May 2011 19:56:00 ]

Me not a slave, me not from Africa. Me not a rasta, me not from Jamaica. Me not ??? Don’t remrmber it, i sent it BBC cos no where elsexwhilst in detention.

So says Moses…

Fuck assiminating get shagging

[ Posted Tue, 03 May 2011 19:12:42 ]

If you don’t want to assiminate, one wife at a time. Just get shagging. For every family a new born with wings whenever you will to give dues or else the young Hussains will be free. Remember your covenant with God and try to uphold moral character. It is crooked to take sperm and plant it into someone’s ovary who is not aware where it comes from. Manage your women with due care and have them bear and nothing should be disclosed to infants nor children of young age. Remind them of my parents who always avoided putting pressure on me, they were devout in Sunnism, may God bear them well in the afterlife, insha Allah.

Rules for Bani Zulqarnain

[ Posted Tue, 03 May 2011 18:37:11 ]

A few rules for those with wings: 1. Never fly on top of the Kaaba. 2. Always be happy. 3. Give up the quest for heirarchy instead submit to God.

May your mothers be prosperous, kind and gentle„ and let them be wives of those who smare family and friends. Insha Allah may God protect you from the rejected devil. And remember not to betray your souls with indecency or corruption or crime. Hmmm reminds me of my brothers and me. May God bless you, whoever and wherever you are, children of Zulqarnain. Every parent wishes for the best for their children, whoever commits the crime of profitting from sperm donation must allow his name on the birth certificate. Insha Allah, children are part of their parents. But if they wish you to decide a different relation say free for the free, a just price for a slave is half of your earnings for four years. Insha Allah, peace be upon you, may you remember the Lord is witness between me and you and all that is said must be for a few centuries till Qyaamat. Insha Allah read the three kuls whemever you leave samctuary or go to sleep, you are people of the clothe, maintain circumcising the boys. Observe God and uphold His commandment. Goodwill to all humans, happiness to all God’s children, peace to all my brothers and sisters. Will we fly to heaven, or stay on earth. “Somethings you have to believe others are puzzles puzzling me. Birds come flying at the speed of sound, to show me how it all began. “Coldplay.

Who's Baphomet

[ Posted Tue, 03 May 2011 15:24:19 ]

He’s got horns and wings and a goat’s head. Who’s the Mongolian hitman sent to punish Liam’s Dad Who’s the idol ymthe Free Masons hide from the world Showing they are trying escape divine retribution if they are allow themselves to betray the Kingly host of Makkah and Medina dmfar away to be his place for his grave

Who will allow my children to multiply instead hurt through arsonists, insha Allah my seed will be as nerous as samd in the sea shore Exvept that whore’s child he’ll sit idle till his father returns to claim safe passage for his first born, God willing, if it is true, who knows. Footballers fear being found to have love children, but we do not fear the things they do, not to despair of the Lord’s mercy. But it only happened out of an accident, the jonny ripped while I was riding her. It was 13x time for witches tp cast their potions and try to kill son of Adam by witchcraft cos they know the Lord’s blessing is on this family of Imran.?!

Meaning of life is to fly

[ Posted Tue, 03 May 2011 14:59:27 ]

From the sea to the sky i'll one day fly

[ Posted Tue, 03 May 2011 14:32:47 ]

If we were swimming in the ocean To crawling on our bellies To walking on all fours To climbing up trees To walking on our feet To be stood tall dancing to lullabies One day we’ll have wings to fly the sky

Or else Charles will destroy mankind.

It’s a construction to meet the needs Or a destruction due to greed

Do you love God or love your religion. Do you have a heart or are you in it for the money. Do you denounce the devil or become its advocate. Do you pronounce worship me or the Lord of the universe?


Flying to this

[ Posted Tue, 03 May 2011 12:31:18 ]

I like flying to this Where happiness is whizz To be alive and never feel wrong To come along and feel you belong

Happiness to whizz With these God given wings To reach heaven in speed of words To read the writing of wisdom and love

Flying can be happiest when we fly to antarctica To smash up the ice and place them on the africa sahara Millions of lives to come Do you know me from Adam

Flying can be daunting Except when the angels give us lessons Sometimes people used to go to dirty disco To move on the floor to drums and bass or techno

Now we fly the high sky Listening to verve’s of inspiration write Poetry and music by Submitters Making us move in the air, insha Allah

NHS loyal sold out dogs award goes to - MP Wanker

[ Posted Tue, 03 May 2011 11:06:07 ]

Anti psychotics act like antogonist in blocking dopamine receptors, assuming they triggering psychotic signals. When under the duress of psychiatry the scientist always have incentives to prove their hypothesis, no matter whether the figure spent in the treatment of a persons character was the same as a luxury cruise of the Carribean in the Queen of England’s fleet. Whereas herbal supplement aid and cure variius ailments with out the input of big pharma’s crooked working hands to make every drug with many side effects, which only the patient feels not the bastard doctor who prescribed them. Instead you need to stay in contact with your GP like an alchoholic needs wine. So that they can continue to charge for their services and show there is a need for their service. I’m single handedly supporting the availibility of a forensic service which would have lost its case to remain open. O well who knows the meaning of existence. But i do feel the paralytic effects of this sixties concoction I’m on, clopixol, flupenthixol, i’ve been on for four years. All it leads to is catatonia, which I drink lots of tea to avoid. I’ve gone from 300mg fortnightly, to 600 mg monthly which knocked me out, but gradually I got it down to 300 mg monthly, which was lower than the recommended dose, then I stopped it totally,but I threw an ornament out of the window, which I felt was sbolic to idolatry which my brothet Waheed gave me for Christmas, even though we don’t celebrate it, but for the children they’ve decided to give presents. Filling their lives with rehrets insyead of thanks. They came down on me hard and I still refused so they detained me after I locked myself in the bathroom, saying leave me alone. They have no heart they are only in it for the money, and the nightmare of mental hospitals, but I didn’t despaor, instead they forced me onto every bastard drug imaginable. Even the nurses could prescribe what they like. But even before they could profit furthetlr with a panel of Mason bastards my father requested I be taken off the section. My mind is getting to be very mute like David Beckham, now they’ve increased it to 300mg every 3 weeks.

The Deconstruction - title of Submitter's new album, in progress

[ Posted Mon, 02 May 2011 22:55:00 ]

It was wrong, it didn’t let us move to the music

It was done so mellow it became an instant classic

Show me the groove and the deconstruction

Rather than the constant beat and happy sing a long

Got to write a piece which is in tune with the radio lines

When no one gave me a miracle to sing a rhyme

Sit back and let them take the piss

Sayin’ you can’t be so well educated and be crazy in bliss

So many lives to come,

So many dream to be fulfilled

So many lives to come

So many dreams to be fulfilled

“A million years till the burn out of the sun

Dreams to be fulfilled and lives still yet to come.” (Ian Brown)

“Don’t let them fool ya, and even school ya

We’ve got a mind of our own,

So go to hell, if you’re thinking is not right.” (Bob Marley)

“Stole a soul from the sun,

And the world come undone, at the seams,

Let there be love.” (Oasis)

New album will be called ‘The Deconstruction’, God willing.

Sign the petition to stop the ban on herbal remedies in the EU

[ Posted Mon, 02 May 2011 19:07:29 ]


Please sign the above petition to prevent the stop on the use and sale of herbal remedies, it is totally wrong, as most people become more well founded in their own health, as you find the doctors and NHS only care about how much they can profit from others misery, and never allow us the right to exercise our determined knowledge when something which they are hampering the ability to eliminate allows for continued suffering, instead of neglect it is outright preposterous capitalism greed. As if the pharmacuetical drugs are any better, and as if anyone who works in the NHS ever tells of the in humane capacity they are all indoctrinated to avoid ever allowing the public to know about, never from one of their loyal dogs of war, who are in it for the money, so couldn’t care less about others thoughts about what is the actual case in most situations, and what they wish to achieve.

It is totally wrong for anyone to have take the liberty away from people, to enjoy the fruits of the earth, and destroy livilihoods of so many people, when the bastard economic injustice means, no matter how much the poor countries are producing, the rich countries just have to have a strong economy, and can buy others produce for pittance. These things are the blessings of God, to prove science is a totally modern thing, and where the ancient explained the benefit of so many herbs and plant extracts, they are not the only monopolisers of knowledge. Bastard, rather take herbal remedies than these bastard animal tested products.

Again I wage they are doing the bidding of the Zionist elite, who with their jealous egos find money is the power of darkness, and these Christian gits who rather have Jesus die for their sins, why not your beloved Charles, the Bastard, V1V1V1, why not him, why do you wish to eat your Lord, when you turn to the bastard white man of Charles as your god, and lead us to destruction.

Please get many people to sign it.

We should enjoy the blessings God has bestowed upon us, instead of incriminating people from using God’s blessings, through the life source of water, instead capitalists for them golden calf is what they worship. Bastards, water is more precious than gold to people.

How to reach the ideal blacks think off

[ Posted Mon, 02 May 2011 18:02:56 ]

First black people know it is like voodoo when black people marry brown people, first they can mix with white people, and become golden frizzy people, then second step they can marry brown people and become ideal. My friend is quarter black and he is togwmether with a sister of my brother’s wife. That picture of me on the ‘space to li’ track was enhanced with some filter or extra flash. It would be my sons complexion if his mother was a half caste prostitute. He will be so mad, and a part of me is always imaginibg like his childhood I’m missing. I don’t know where the Chinese fit in, before all else or after all else. I know Zulqarnain will have horns so his eyes will squint, and you’ll think it is Jhengiz Khan, almost Mongolian. Which is the reason why Far Eastern people have squinted eyes, it is as if they have horns on the end of their foreheads pushing their eyes upwards. Also he may be blessed with wings, like angel wings. And the strength pf a thousabd angels. 12 daughters to populate the world with horned and winged people who are submitters to God. God guides whom He wills. Yet to have a daughter or a son as far as I know. I’ll have four wives, only if destiny allows as women who have children but no husband, God willing.

William's first born will be King or Queen of the British world

[ Posted Mon, 02 May 2011 17:03:11 ]

When William has his first born, name her Winston, if it’s a boy name him Churchill. My blessing on the first born in every family, though not for Hussain 3 he has forged an alliance to overcome the real obstruction to peace, money the root of all evil. Surely when my son succeeds he’ll remember my teaching, if the start is gorgeous, he’ll be handsome in his twenties. It will be romance in the end, God willing if I have a child I’m yet to know about it. But I saw photo of a baby amd his eyes were just like mine, now Billie Jean is not my lover, she’s just a girl who claim I am the one, but the kid might be my son.

Raaj in the dynasty of Royals, one day

[ Posted Mon, 02 May 2011 15:14:59 ]

Some thought they could buy tgemselves royalty, some people in Kashmir proved they were not morally corrupt and being blessed with moral character, the Lord guided them to open the door for those begging to be left in good rather in total darkness, evil and war. Though Dodi couldn’t get into the royal family, destiny or circumstance did not allow. The Hussains of the Raaj may make it possible for people to realise with God are the treasures of the world. Peace be upon you. We’ll open the door for them, insha Allah one day maybe someone with a lineage from Kashmir may be in the dynasty of Royals.

Bank loans terms and conditions

[ Posted Mon, 02 May 2011 14:38:42 ]

It’s a bit schizophrenic,

but it helps to lose concentration, without affecting your overall feelings, doesn’t make you feel there is an obstacle or a threat nor a happy life under the earth, ‘happiness can neither beg, steal or borrow.’ Insha Allah, I am content with the submission to God as a basis of happiness, and find people will be happy and respectable rather than dirty rotten scoundrels, which the capitalist system makes genuine people into. The age of happiness, comes with the age of wisdom, we are approaching either the realisation of true happiness or the breakdown into the state of miserable life forms eating their own flesh for feeling of greatness nor finding any relief from the misery which surrounds them. We have to learn to forgive, and be forgiven, just as the Iraqis are learning to do, just as much as everyone in the West seems to fear their own reprisals for their continuous lack of happy people for whom the world was given as a form of toys and gizmos, nor allowing children the freedom to reach peace, without continuously chastising them with activeness and pleasurable activities, who will allow them to reach peace rather than war, the blessed thankful or the wicked regrets, and more you spend in the Satanist domain, the more the guilt of regrets looms over us, as though we know we should not deal with such requisites nor fascinate over belonging to this or that, just accept there have been the authorities, and in the words of Rashad, which I quoted in the book 3, ‘we will not seek, nor advocate the overthrow of any government.’ though I found establishing an Islamic world difficult without doing so. I think authorities are there, we neither seek nor advocate the overthrow of these, just as Joseph became treasurer under Pharaoh of Egypt, we shall all strive to be the most honest and care free persons we can, in order to reach the levels which seem daunting but not impossible. Some think seduction will not allow anyone to reach the levels they could not, some think the bargaining of souls will never allow them to break the freedom from corruption, and some think failing the test will never reach the best result.

Imagine if banks offered you loans and said pay us back when you can. How many people would destroy this goodwill to all humans, and how many would honour their agreement. Insha Allah, I shall not let my debts go without repayment, however some think once you reach a certain level, you should not throw it away, but I found the tricksters still deny you, even whether the rating is high or not, so what benefit does it serve, the banks have unfair advantage can surpass the earnings of every person, but yet we are still under their jurisdiction, however we know for certain commodities will increase, and so will livelihood, so then what will they gain from stealing all the capital from people and hoarding it?

Space toli

[ Posted Mon, 02 May 2011 13:39:33 ]

I’ll just say I’ll pay em when I can, I know it isn’t how it usually works, but if I tell them a porky they’ll confiscate all my stuff, but if I say I’ll pay you when I can, then they’ll have to leave me alone. Their fault giving a credit card to a paranoid schizophrenic. So insha Allah I will not have to lie, and the police can go to hell, if they start chasing me instead of big criminals like those behind the Federal Bank, and who the world owes loads of counterfeit weight pressure to, with their minimum reserve loans, and their usury. Communist beg, Nazis steal, Capitalist borrow.

Proleteriat Revolution.

Aryan race.

Sovereignty of God.

Beat maker stop Halelujah

[ Posted Mon, 02 May 2011 13:05:24 ]

You know what Beat maker you do a lot work for 11 pounds, and you can kill the sound no matter HOW LONG THE SAMPLE SIMPLY BY PRESSING THE STOP BUTTON, how stupid have I been waiting till the sample ends, sometimes as long as 40 bars, well thought Intua, really appreciate the effort, as you well know success is measured in the level effort one puts in, and I have put very minimal effort in my honest opinion, what feels like a hard task seems really easy and straightforward, sometimes the only workload I have is to arrange my sets with the playlists, I intend to use, and to cut out beats and samples and I only use my iPhone for it, I bought an extra device, well I stole it from Amazon, with the debt collectors, asking questions as to what really happened, in fact if the bailiffs come knocking, I’ll say I got pissed one night, with agroup of friends and can”t remember a thing, only to have to question whether some one stole my ID, otherwise,I’ll say someone asked me if they could have some stuff for free through a scheme, and I signed up to it, and then a few days later the other guy left, and I got a load letters from bank of America, who I intend to write off and say it was a mistake. Jerk offs! Meanstreets bad boi. Wow, love it, not that I intend to profit from it, I just like to be able to see if there’s anything I could offer, and see whether what I do seems okay, not mainstream, two artist this nurse tried to get me to listen to as well as an old Goldfrapp album, I liked seventh tree, but the old stuff, I guess there was a time for that, and I couldn’t get into it, he also gave me a CD by Burial, which I thought was quite repititive, and not very unique, and a few albums by Sigur Ros, this again I felt was quite atmospheric, and not wholly inspiring, studio albums with lack of ingenuity. However it kicked started me to be as creative with it and try to give an original feel, without encroaching on anyone else’s turf. Alhamdulilah, there is guidance and blessings, and whatever I do I give it the faith it needs, to see it through, maybe not straight away but over a few moments, and I guess this is where many people in the past, had amazing challenging brains, but were hampered by the techonological gifts and could not see their ideas through. Somehow all the samples I cut yesterday with a bit of tinkering on the FX bus, makes it palatable well more fresh, and I spend more time listening than creating, I give each song about hundred listens, and each set many a time listen, when you have very little to do through out the day, you find much happiness in listening, than being creative. Yeah man, just thought I’d tell you, that I finally figured out a way to cut off the sound totally instead of waiting for it to finish. Welcome ya to try.

Jealous. Heartless. Soulless.

[ Posted Sun, 01 May 2011 23:28:40 ]

Batteries do not retain their charge, the iPod dumps its charge if left unused for a few nights, and these Beats..well they are just a liability when it comes to batteries, sometimes in the middle of something, the battery could go, while your aware of the sound getting worse at the final moment, well..decided to get loads of rechargeable batteries, but I doubt they will retain their charge. It takes hours to charge them, decided against a cheap limousine, especially when my dream to travel, was broken when someone held a wedding at the church opposite and booked some old buses for their guest to get tanked up. No need for me to pretend I will be on the throne, especially with all these fuckers I know, you don’t need me to be King, get William he’ll fit the role superb, and will give everyone a headache about how much he misses his mother, but cannot ever allow himself to be free in order to give the Queen her viceroy instead of some claim of authority which behest great marvels and never allows anyone to be happy without allowing themselves the liberty to fry their souls with hatred against son of man. Learnt some new technique, about chopping samples, nearly got a Prodigy sound, lots of distortion though, so I sacked it. They say you need a lot of patience to make music, yeah sometimes it takes days, sometimes it takes a few hours, usually when it takes days is when you cheakily got a few minute sample, and hope some how you can make everything fit around it, until you become weary it will start turning into mush, if you continue, and decide leave it till tomorrow.

iPad revolt

[ Posted Sun, 01 May 2011 20:59:15 ]

Got my laptop in bed, soon it will be magrib, just like the handiness, if you wanna get good at producing dance music, drum tracker is very good, so many control, which you can build up as you go along, almost similar to tonepad or beatwave, on the iPhone, but with kits of different drum styles. Save having to write a beat using beatmaker, which is good for other things, whereas to import into beatmaker, you need to record the drum session, and various other bits and pieces, however with an iPad, this is still a no no, recording samples, off music apps. So best off getting audacity, and trying out various cables, just tried the cable which comes with Dr Dre, Beats, totally kills the sound quality, making everything monotone when it was in fact a sharp sounding percussion. Insha Allah, waiting for the outside lights to come on, so I know its time to pray maghrib, with the right kit certain cables would work perfectly, but most of the time a standard cable seems to be the most likeliest solution, price and indensibility do not compensate for playing a major league football star in an rundown ghetto in America, where they have no concept of the beautiful game. Yeah get my drift, just experiment, and create an original sound, something, which doesn’t allow for audiophiles to find any kind of reason to lament. Find my harmon kardon, which came with the creature speakers, which was my favourite even though it didn’t look anything, I then tried an expensive gold plated cable, but found far too latency, and space in between sounds, which is evident at the end of Wizard Music, as the four final tracks used the gold plated cable, which may have been really good, but with standard technology was really poor, just a gimmick. Harmon Kardon any day. Lights not on yet. Doppler Pad is another app if you know what you are doing you can create really interesting pieces, that are not intermittent, adn have a good transition from one thing to another, and flow alot better, again depends on how you approach it, if you want quick results, then you’ll only waste your talent by asking it to do things which you don’t know how to but wish it would. Remember do not be diswayed by what others have achieved, when you visualise the music industry, it is hard to find anyone apart from Ian Brown, who maintain a level which is great, and that’s what its about the Stone Roses, everyone else has moments when they show a real amazing track and sometimes not all their stuff is as good as they think. Anyway I know from experience, everyone’s unique, in the eighties they were learning to play instruments, in the nineties they were learning to dance, the noughties they began tronic escapism from all the pop vodoo and galaxy chavy mess of hell, teaching them , they can seduce and reach unending kingship, through an observation of a particular. But now we know the meaning of Jesus’ words, ‘why do you notice a splinter in your brother’s eye, and not percieve the wooden beam in your own?’ Wow, amazingly gifted words, so amazing, amazing, nothing could be said more correctly than this. We are through schooling made to think we cannot challenge the authority, and we race away whenever we feel the authority is bearing down on us, but once you stand up for your rights, then even the authority will relent, children fear adult, mental patients fear psychiatrist, doctors fear NHS watchdogs, wankers get a kick out of it, but one day it will be their own sorry souls which will burn and then they’ll notice who suffered and who persecuted. Time to pray.

Diana's wish

[ Posted Sun, 01 May 2011 17:20:30 ]

I do not want to see Charles manipulated by the Western elite in order to promote destruction of man, saying they are all morally corrupt. Nor do we wish to see the young William finding himself frought with wicked thinking due to the apparant nonsensical lack of freedom which means he’ll never spread his wings, and will be clipped by employment. Money corrupts people, money the root of all kinds of evil, money the power of darkness. Give the young William a chance to stem his home town with every decision to benefit righteousness. The Muslims have attained great wealth and humility, and you will sure to find allies as well as dissidents, for every blessing many others will to share its splendour. Of beauty, of respect, of talent, of intelligence. Everything belongs to God, to Him ascend the good as well as bad deeds. Give Charles a send off, to waken the screams of burning, to stand testament to shallowness of the grave and where there’ll be no escape on the Final Day. It would be his mother’s wish.

For kindness you substitute blindness

[ Posted Sun, 01 May 2011 14:38:06 ]

Sheeple or terrorists or sterrorist

How has a group of wankers put the whole world in their hands. Wherever you look the agenda of the Zionist illuminati has affected every nation, man, woman and child. I’m tired thinking of laying down my weapons and let the pigs break the things they see without ever acknowledging it, neither support neither condone nor condemn. My catatonic mind affected by messed up metabolism. Like the depeche mode song ‘condemnation’ …condemnation, tried, here on the stand with the book in my hands, truth on my side. Accusations lies, hand me my sentence i’ll show no repentance i’ll suffer with pride. If for honesty you want apology, i dont sympathies, for kindness you substitute blindness, please open your eyes.’ Comdemnation , why, because my duty was to beauty.’

Stop eating, or stop meds

[ Posted Sat, 30 Apr 2011 17:42:34 ]

Aren’t catatonic those who sit for hours hypnotised in front of television

Or the huge cinema screens, or aimlessly searching for a soul to which they can relate and find themselves in favor of the Lord’s mercy

What am I supposed to do, stop eating, or stop the medication

I’d like to ask you, if you have a better solution? Dr Beavan.

But I know you’re all in it for the money, you have no heart

Never a tear falls, cos your hearts are like rocks

You just wanna make a quick buck or two

And be loyal like dogs of war

That the Church has instilled in you since you were 3

All about wankers and how you reached godlike status

Through the destruction and seduction to evil

No, that’s not how it is, there is no evil, honestly

You hear them say, if you do not find the illusion

Then there is no evil, remember one thing then

Those angels who are recording everything

And those witness who were sent to you

The messengers with their signs, the Prophets with their scriptures

Only to deny them, wait till the Day of Judgment

When your skin, and you hands and feet and even your eyes and ears will speak

And bear witness against those lying sinful souls

Who tested themselves with a particular evil

Trying to reach another god status

Only if they succeeded would they allow you to know

They were lying

If they do not succeed

Then how to hide your gaping ego and your privates

With the leaves from the Garden of Eden

Or by destroying Children of Adam.

Catatonic Death

[ Posted Sat, 30 Apr 2011 17:30:47 ]

Psychiatry is the quest to see how they can make humans turn into vegetative beings or animals with continuous reactions against metabolism, and the only incentive to keep eating is to turn them into zombies or in a state of catatonic death, only for them to electricute all the body when they claim they are only send shocks through the brain, why then does the rest of the body feel it, like a particular they wish to eliminate the whole has to suffer in order for them to reach their wankers paradise, which is California and Hollywood brainwashing of the American kids about a real danger which is always trying to cause them to become even more evil than before, in order to test themselves as being the reason for having illegal affairs and witchcraft minds and lots of delicious drinks which remind them of the sucking of people’s lives which were not really their property but they claimed ownership of them.

William soon to be King - The People's King

[ Posted Sat, 30 Apr 2011 15:31:04 ]

Give the young a chance

Lead them in the dance

Forever and a day

The price of war is yet to repay

Give them a young King, with his fair bride

Let the old Queen retire, and say goodbye

If they wish let us go to the four corners

With the blessing of an Pakistani to welcome ya

And bring is happy technics which he stole from Amazon

Come on let’s see the bus to the four corners of the world

Like my Dad on buses back in the seventies

Like my uncle Noor, driving till his late sixties

Give the young a chance

What a fine young gentleman my brother Sajid was

Till he was married at an age he could not tell when he was to find his youthful peak

It’s okay let him be our saviour and the one we say good riddance and farewell because we don’t warring against the hard British, we’ll only lose our marbles which we wish to keep for all time for the young ones to come.

Let there be a party who invite to righteousness and uphold God’s commandments

Let there be a goodwill to all humans, so forget saying these are enemies and these are friends, only those who say things as though they are pointing to a particular have earned sins, only God protects His servants who beseech Him and totally devote their worship to Him.

Let the young William in

And give him a lifelong chance to find peace among his people

Let him be the people’s King, the son of Al-Fayad’s daughter in law to be

We wish you all such a happy wedding and give our regards to all those who wish to become happy instead of miserable.

Let us be friends and say not to anything, without the Lord witnessing it

We are here to be friends, and wish to help those who are ignorant reach some sort of level of intelligence instead of thinking we are all insane and mad about our fundamentalist freedom to worship others alongside our true Lord, the Lord of the heavens and the earth.

Zionist call us, to betray and to say wicked deeds instead of listening and obeying

They think they can fool us all, but like Bob Marley said, you can fool some people some time but you can’t fool all the people all the time.

The monarchs are controlled by the Zionist elite, so is Whitehouse, and so is Arabia, we need to dismantle this elitist vampiristic dark hegemony, and listen and obey, they are only listening to them, as they seduce to evil. When they find a great moral character which is Islam, they think well why were we so obstinate to this, when we could have been granted such great life and freedom, but they only try to achieve this through corruption, to them man is morally corrupt, whereas we know, never to despair of the Lord’s mercy, we are even told, ‘[39:53] Proclaim: “O My servants who exceeded the limits, never despair of GOD’s mercy. For GOD forgives all sins. He is the Forgiver, Most Merciful.”

So instead of seeking redemption, they look for a particular to reach unending kingship.

Freedom for a child

Equality for a youth

Justice for an elder

Competition of right and wrong

Question of good and evil

Test of light and darkness

Fine Young Cannibals and Primal Scream

[ Posted Sat, 30 Apr 2011 12:58:00 ]

The soulless vampires wish to taste human blood and fleshTheir Prince in waiting has no choice but to cull the world populationGiving these American soulless vampires a taste of humansWith their pride growing every day reaching their hatred of insaan

Thinking of all the times God bestowed His mercyNot just on his servants but also those who question the particularBy which they think they can reach unending kingshipBlessed by the might of the Lord’s word eternal>A good soul never despairs of the Lord’s mercy And prays our Lord protect us from sinning, until it becomes too late to repentInsha Allah, my Lord is Most Merciful, Most GraciousThe material world is an illusion, and nothing compared to the hereafter>We now know, after so many shedding of skins like a snakeThe fly trapped in a spiders web, has flown awayAnd gotten stuck into a pile of dust and bonesLet’s just say Islam is not violent, Islam is not psychotic, Islam is blessed with a great moral character>If their prince wants to allow for them to taste human flesh and bloodWe’ll kill their King to come, and give him the taste of what it feels like to die in a blaze of heatWhen you hear the loud screams, like primal screamThen you’ll know The Fine Young Cannibals have been sent>Listen to Paranoid Android, and you may hear the sound of primal screamWhen it is about to end, but it was well it seems the volume of it was loweredIn order not to really make some very afraid people scared of itBut if you hear it, you can hear many primal screams.>They know what it meansJust as a woman’s chastity is the most important thing she hasJust as so man’s lonely soul, doesn’t like the fire before it has been met with God’s judgementImagine how you would feel being thrown in a fire, and consumed by fine young cannibals.

If the whole is good, then the particular is evil

[ Posted Fri, 29 Apr 2011 22:14:36 ]

Jealousy is quite a unique phenomena, it is a requisite of feeling we need to better ourselves, some seduce to evil, by filling hatred against people who do not need their wankers lifestyle, simply because God has bestowed His mercy and favour upon His chosen servants, and has left them thinking they will to destroy the earthlings in order to say they sabotage God’s will. Usually selflessness is much more in line with happiness than every thing says something about the person. ”Be grateful for what you got, so you don’t drive a great big cadillac,” the betterment of person’s spiritual life can be more attainable than whatever material illusive ideal you wish to accept before the spiritual awakened mind. All these Satanists, bent on destruction, if not the whole of mankind, because does it not say one who murders a person is like he has murdered the whole of mankind, and anyone who spares a person is like he has spared the whole of mankind. If I had said at any point, the buzzword, I’m depressed, they would most likely have strapped me up, and given me a electric shock, but luckily my back problem may prevent this ever taking place, so I’m going to research into whether they would still electric shock someone if they have a metal implant in the abdomon region. It is painful, depressing, and anti social, and doesn’t let you ever talk like you want to, instead you are put in a waiting mode, until all your life has been sucked out of you, or you become so badly drawn, like a person, with diabetes, and million other problems too. Satanist jealousy causes scars with underlying wounds.


When others have what they desired they get jealous, so the fight must continue, until, the messenger brings the judgement which does not lead to war, darkness or hatred. She punched me, then said what would my punch hurt. Then they should remember God’s punishment in the afterlife, the eternal retribution. If they remembered this one vital fact, they would not sell their souls, to try and reach undending kingship through some certain particular. Because instead of trying to worship God, they worship idols, and instead of devoting their prayer to God, they associate others with Him, and when they are told bow down with those who bow down, they become arrogantly indignant.

What is the purpose of education, to show how much of a wanker you are, leave me alone for a few months, we’ll see who has the better judgement, let’s put you to the test, but whilst on this deblitating meds I’m unable to defend my position and my life, as everyone seems to be sold out, and Satanist allies, with their all-seeing eye, telling them about some particular, which proves they are better. Particular is evil, whole is good. The whole is good, if the whole is good, then the particular is evil.

Have you found a particular to reach unending Kingship?

[ Posted Fri, 29 Apr 2011 20:21:00 ]

Even on the day of Judgement God will remove the jealousy among those who have been granted paradise. So on earth, there are times when I am faced with a choice, to oppose God’s will and try to achieve a wanker in me to try and beat whatever I’m faced with. The hatred in people’s tongues and hearts, shows destruction not love for people to come, can you put a stop to your thoughts which always lead to fueling animosity and greed and evil instead of love, peace and light. As a witness among you, all I can say is they believe in those who can see, which is what the all-seeing eye symbolises, even among so called Muslims, this is prevelant, among the ignorant, what do they expect, they have found a particular by which they will be granted unending kingship? We, children of Adam, have been covenanted not to worship Satan, for he is an avowed enemy. All they wish for is wanker state of destruction, whereas divine retribution is because you failed to accept the messenger’s witness and the sign he brought to you from the Lord our God. “Instead each of them wishes to receive the same as the messenger, God knows who is best qualified to deliver his message.” This is found in the Quran, insha Allah, I will put in inverted commas, so people know when it is me and when I am quoting, I only quote one major source, the Quran.

Titanium screws in my back, have started to grow by the will of God someday

[ Posted Fri, 29 Apr 2011 14:07:00 ]

Believe it or not, those screws are actually growing in my lower back, which were part of the surgery to get me back together after jumping out of a skyline window. I wish you would tell me Doctors without me having to imagine whether the screws are growing, you took some x-rays but never got round to saying whether there was any problem The only foreseeable problem I view, is the injection, which is to the buttocks, and this might lead to fluid build up in my spine, which could lead to complications or surgery. The sooner I stop taking it the better. I don’t know what to do. They are titanium screws, and they’ve creeped round and round my back until they’ve caused a super strong bond with all the parts which are necessary to lift a sky scraper, or a statue like the one in America, at the Port in New York, the green symbol of idolatry, and paganism.

William the next King of England, and that bastard Charles VI should die

[ Posted Thu, 28 Apr 2011 22:28:00 ]

One of the last Kings of old Europe, should be a William, William the Conqueror, and also Tsar William of Russia, if I am not mistaken. but that bastard Charles will not see him on throne, instead we’re gonna eat him, just like those Mason rituals, instead of some loser we’ll take the King in succession instead, cos he’s an old tosser of Church of England, and deserve a good send off.

They wanna say, we’re shitting you out, to infuriate, with every death the same ritual, but we’ll only take one, and that will be their leader who will be the biggest wanker known, let’s shoot him and give him to the dogs who sent all their rivals to hell thinking they were only true to those which were not in their white people, as every channel of deciding on the cull based on descent or place has broken, or every means to instutionalise the flock with ID cards, or to put bar codes on their neck which will be their only way to enforce their will, so we will instead kill the bastard who wishes to implement this rule, instead he will use white people against all the other people of the world. That bastard Charles is a menace and only he knows what sort of evil will he do if we let him get to the throne. Come on, let’s get the bus on the road, and start shouting Allahu Ackbar, la ellaha ella Allah, la ellaha ella Allah, allahu Ackbar. Besmalah irahman nirraheem.

Real Situation - Bob Marley

[ Posted Thu, 28 Apr 2011 22:05:06 ]


Check out the real situation:

Nation war against nation.

Where did it all begin?

When will it end?

Well, it seems like: total destruction the only solution,

And there ain’t no use: no one can stop them now.

Ain’t no use: nobody can stop them now.


Give them an inch, they take a yard;

Give them a yard, they take a mile (ooh);

Once a man and twice a child

And everything is just for a while.

It seems like: total destruction the only solution,

And there ain’t no use: no one can stop them now.

There ain’t no use: no one can stop them now;

Ain’t no use: no one can stop them now;

There ain’t no use: no one can stop them now.


Check in the real situation (check it out, check it out):

Nation fight against nation

Where did it all begin? Wo-oo-o-o-oh!

Where will it end?

Well, it seems like: total destruction the only solution.

Mmm, no use: can’t stop them;

W’ain’t no use: ya can’t stop them;

Ain’t no use: no one can’t stop them now;

Can’t stop them now (no one can’t stop them now).


There ain’t no use: no one can’t stop them now.

Everybody strugglin’: ain’t no use - ain’t no use -

Ain’t no use you even try;

Ain’t no use: got to say ‘bye-‘bye!

Ain’t no use! Ain’t no - ain’t no use: no one can stop them now



Next Queen

[ Posted Thu, 28 Apr 2011 21:13:00 ]

What do I mean, not the future Queen, but, the next Queen, mark my words!?. Best not, cos you’ll only feel distrust and a pain so great you wish to kill everyone who speaks, instead of letting anyone the freedom to write whatever the wish, instead of the nonsensical theorem you will to instill in people, in order to get them fascinated over some cock n bull lies about happiness and free will, when you don’t know the meaning of happiness and don’t know the measure of the God’s will to insure nothing is done which is not in line with the teaching of the great book, the Holy Scripture delivered through the Arch Angel Gabriel and given to His final Prophet, Muhammad, which showed you everything which you could not write because you failed to read the scripture as though it could be the only witness to our souls in order to let go of our petty jealousies and our hateful arguments with our sold rights to cause people so much hatred in order to say they could manipulate and use the Quran for their own cherished means and not give it the right knowledgeable foreseeable arguments, instead pay happy givers and not happy receivers. When will everyone see there is no will to destroy the world, only through commercial resource development has there been a lack of sustainable resource, due to management wanting to keep on cashing and selling their souls to destroy it in order no one else could profit and not let anyone see their own reasons to destroy were not argumentative but irrational. What if resources were given for nothing, then who would feel the need to quench their desire on forbidden fruit, if we reap instead of plunder. Instead of profiteering from evil, we start providing wholesome whole products, and try to work towards our goals instead of becoming lazy and living off the fat of the land.

Tomorrow's Parties - To Kate Middleton, the Future Queen of England, Dedication, let's party, and let's settle the Kingdom against Satanist allies who will to cull the world for sake of forged documents, and still lie about who's who when they know they were the elitist only bastards, now we're coming in and they can't stand the pain of their own being seen as a load of shit, so tell them make my Dad Duke or else I'll burn down your Buckingham and Parlaiment and every rich bastard place full of extortion and making clean the outside of the platter, who's the never a sell out King, Liam Gallaghar or William son of Wills and Diana, Let's settle this now, or else when they get a chance they'll kill all Pakistanis and Africans and Bangladeshis, so it's us or him, and I know I don't wanna lose to a fucking Church of England wanker.

[ Posted Thu, 28 Apr 2011 20:44:34 ]

And what costume shall the poor girl wear

To all tomorrow’s parties

A hand-me-down dress from who knows where

To all tomorrow’s parties


And where will she go and what shall she do

When midnight comes around

She’ll turn once more to Sunday’s clown

And cry behind the door


And what costume shall the poor girl wear

To all tomorrow’s parties

Why silks and linens of yesterday’s gowns

To all tomorrow’s parties


And what will she do with Thursday’s rags

When Monday comes around

She’ll turn once more to Sunday’s clown

And cry behind the door


And what costume shall the poor girl wear

To all tomorrow’s parties

For Thursday’s child is Sunday’s clown

For whom none will go mourning


A blackened shroud, a hand-me-down gown

Of rags and silks, a costume

Fit for one who sits and cries

For all tomorrow’s parties


Duke of Mirpur

[ Posted Thu, 28 Apr 2011 18:29:38 ]

Saj should be removed from the line of waiting

And that big bastard, Charled VI,VI,VI, should be removed from the line of succession.

It means two fingers and a middle finger, to every wanker of the Church of England, bent on destruction, to prove Omnipotence, Omnipotence is the power of good, not the seduction to evil.

And for me two fingers on both hands, like Liam used to, on all his pictures with the press. Nice one, ego kiddo, nice to see someone smiling and not playing hard ball, and gonna see that Papa with a brand new bag, like he always the never a sell out King.

I want my Dad to get a title like Duke of Mirpur, after all this is over. Khadim Hussain, Council for Mosques, President in Bradford. For me I’m able to ride the high life with all the cunts who will see us to the other side of Atlantic until we test the strength of an ant, or a gnat, in the question, which scientist do not like, cos it prevents them from using all their light in deen rather than material life. Could God create a rock He could not lift, carry or hold. Size is limitless, weight is infinite, pressure is eternal. Mind, body and soul. No wonder I have metal screws to place me well before those who try to carry masses without feeling any different, let’s see if you can, before I can, and no one start asking can they lift half way into it, so that they feel if I could then they probably could, let’s just say, when you place a man to lift the Statue of Liberty, with the scales in her hand, then you will have to wait and see, if God is Omniscient, knowledgeable, Omnipotent, powerful, Omnipresent, wise. Time, Atomic Structure, Space all have 3 parts, but only one of them belongs in the realms which seem like pointers as to what to expect, we can say time is in the future, though there are three tenses to time, atoms are in the present, even though there are 3 particles to an atom, and space is in the past, though there are 3 dimensions to space. Confusing, but sometimes, you can place even groups of threes into a certain combination and aspect instead of just along their individual parts, which also link with each correlating part.

Satanist try to elude, what they show is Omnipotence, as all the things which were present in their illusion, showed they could see what others failed to recognise, and this should mean we are witnesses should accept they are better than us. This entail means accepting there can be another god, and instead of patience and virtue, they choose selling out to the material, and to always fill the time, space and structure with their own visualisation. We are told in the Quran, the devils see humans but humans do not see the devils. This is all it means, nothing more, the illusion, are test to realise whether people would snap or whether they would not despair and play the game like it’s a game of chicken. For young children the idea of snapping its far too much, and some know the truth is to not accept it, but the fear of snapping means, they become impartial witnessers, many children are made into demon worshippers. Everything is in accordance with God’s will. We have been given a life long chance to redeem our souls, and become part of the Kingdom of God, however the devil leads them astray into thinking, look at that earthquake in Japan, or the flooding in Pakistan, or that Tsunami in Indonesia, or all those mutated children due to depletion of uranium in Iraq, so they say forget trying to redeem our souls, we know life is too precarious to ever be allowed back in, so they forsake their souls, and instead let themselves feel the wank statement of the betterness, when their illusion never fulfill their desired reactions.

Peace to all my brothers and sisters

Happiness to all God’s children

Goodwill to all humans.

Even though most of the time, these actions are the work of evil troublemakers, and not even remotely connected to the scripture, which they have deserted.

We want the Queen to abdicate, Charles to be removed from the line in waiting, Sajid to be crowned King of England. Get my drift?!.,’”;:/()-&£@*

In fact I’m gonna eat him. Hueraar

But that bastard VICharles will die at my hands.

[ Posted Thu, 28 Apr 2011 14:51:00 ]

‘best one victory is one fought without shedding blood’. Sau Tzu - Samarai. Found on the in sleeves of a Maharishi garment.

Liam would make a good King, insha Allah,

Jealous Egos, Heartless Beast, Soullless Vampires


[ Posted Wed, 27 Apr 2011 20:50:54 ]

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Twat, git and cunt (Set) by A Submitter 2011. Tuesday 26th April 2011

[ Posted Tue, 26 Apr 2011 23:09:00 ]

A Set of tracks, starting with Heart Rock, the rest taken from the Wizard Music album. With the advantage of getting all the levels right, with the gain calculator, on Virtual DJ.

gg- good game

[ Posted Tue, 26 Apr 2011 18:28:39 ]

Stone Roses have a way of not allowing the use of the stuff, one step ahead, if by any chance you do get passed the defence, it starts to skip, they must be paying some one to do this for them. Should bought everything from Amazon, would’ve saved tons. Instead I’m making another mix of my own tunes, on virtual DJ, a little inside information, it even tweaks your track to the best sound quality, by calculating how much gain it needs. GG- gotta go

Akg or dre to produce?

[ Posted Tue, 26 Apr 2011 16:35:42 ]

As i got into my sisters car to go to immigration office in leeds where my wife has to sign every month. She listens to Stereophonics cos they just gay n church losers of england. Big studio band with nothing inspiring, i take my iphone and Im waiting outside B n Q right now. And these Akg headphone i got for a tenner are well handy and beautifully sounding, this is my fourth pair i’ve has two in white and 2 in black k416p, they are removed now but you can get them from Hong Kong. Best things to produce with, no fussing arpund with texture or levels, if they sound good on these then you shouldn’t have much to worry about. I had to skip a lot of tracks, if i can get these tracks to play on the dj app touch dj, i’ll use that to mix, but itumes arrest the use of certain tracks, best to buy from amazon though I’m an itunes veteren, so I decided to cancel two lease agreements for Apple products, debt collectors ringing me everyday. Saved myself a grand, what i was hoping to get from my first album which was produced on the iphone. Sold a few tracks, there’s like millions of dollars not cashed in on tunecore, i for one still haven’t made minimum requirement to cash in. No album sales. So i saved myself a grand. These tracks will be put in a set, they only have minimum reference only i will be able know which they are.

Heart rock Love Spreads Stop crying your heart out One caress Hymn of the big wheel Hearing Is limitless Canticle Scarborough Fair I feel you Daylight Dogzilla Sura 1 Real situation Jumpin Jack Flash Whatever One love

They idolise idols, not love humans

[ Posted Tue, 26 Apr 2011 15:03:00 ]

I might if you are my brother and sister,

You should remind people of this, it is the only way we can overcome our stinginess, and allow ourselves the freedom to abide by the will of God, and trust in God, and not extract profit from what is fisibillah, in the name of God. So they said they are waiting for a great god to come from the sky, take away everything and make everyone feel high.

Whereas we ask do you know what life’s worth? Quoting Bob. If we take away what they grab for themselves, and argue it is theirs, and always find egotistical ideas of who has what and what they wish they had. Like my oldest brother, felt his younger brother,Waheed, had a better looking wife, so left his wife for 12 years, and got a nikkah to a Polish girl. Winners just need to find a reason to give them the reason to find their life’s desires not to find hate but love. Waheed used always say to me, you are below me, but with Saj he competed in everything. He knew Saj was strong, but then filled his guts with his minerals and started playing hard ball. Only Wah nker knows how strong Saj is. They used to fight a bit. But God blessed us with 3 instead just two, and winners, and losers who epitomise their glory in terms of great idols, and the submitters, who just laugh at competition. You know these dogs, never love humans, they never look at people, they idolise idols, not love humans.

Commentary on my stay in Pakistan

[ Posted Tue, 26 Apr 2011 12:34:00 ]

I was there for 3 and half months, but I remember as a child thinking it was six months, I was there for my 7th birthday, we went during winter months, and my cousin was born in December. Which means my seventh birthday was in Pakistan. My cousin Khaleel, and his sisters were there too, I remember there were many children, and I began thinking about the concept of mine, as I was becoming aware of it, so I said to my mum, ‘When I grew older, me and my cousin Nazia, are gonna get married.’ It ‘s funny, children think they are youths, youths think they are elders, elders think they are children. The granduncle wore very thick glasses, and reach 90 or over. I remember I had some tutoring in sex, with my friend, Khaleel’s sister, Shazia, and we would get naked in the barn, full of hay, sometimes, we used to climb the haystack, and lie with each other. My uncle Wajid found out. After I left Pakistan, Khaleel and his sisters, stayed for three years, and I found out they abused her, thinking she was loose or something, or thinking if one gets it then everyone else should. Strange thing, is the older brother Basharat, wanted to marry Shazia, but she ended the engagement, I heard he had raped her after I left. When I was 8 or 9 Wajid also came from Pakistan, and my nana moved out of our house, and moved into his own property on Sunderland Rd, near my friend who supports Wimbledon, as I started supporting Bolton after watching them in the Coca Cola Cup, I think they worship demons, who request certain things, thinking it proves them better, as they are higher in leagues or whatever, but still not very great in team flow. I remember Wajid wanted to stay with us, he kept talking to me at night, about Shazia, and wouldn’t let me sleep until twelve at night, and I used to have school next day, my sister was 13, and she was sleeping next to mine bed. They were double beds. He used to get naked at night, and do bizarre things like that. I remember one night , waking up, finding some shuffling going on in my sisters bed, I went back to sleep. He started wearing really thick glasses after this. Cos he’s a wanker. And wankers start losing their eyesights. He’s a two faced twat, and I’m gonna twat him, cos my sister never got married, and I know she started using tampons when she was a teen.

Illusions of Satanist devil worshippers

Magicians calling me to become an actor

Paid to perform for the majesty

Like a circus cat through loops of fire

Yeah get a life or get a job

Find God’s grace or fear poverty

“How do you sleep, how do you last the night

And keep the dogs at bay,

How do you feel, when you close your eyes

And try and drift away,

Do you feel any better, do you feel anymore

When the angel of death comes knock knock

Knocking and begging at your door.” (The Stone Roses)

They say build it up like a body, we tell them it is nothing without a soul

[ Posted Tue, 26 Apr 2011 11:55:00 ]

They say build it up like a body, we tell them it is nothing without a soul.

Again going back to my 6 month stay in Pakistan, when I was 6, the year my first cousin, the eldest of my Uncle Anwar, was born in Faislabaad, I remember comparing body sizes, saying when he reaches my height, how tall will I be?

I remember also my nanna’s second wife was my father’s elder sister, they split up at birth did my nanna and my mother’s mum, and she was raised by her aunt, her father’s sister. They would sit in the cool evening, talking in their main living room, which would be decorated to the highest standard, really beautiful rooms. I used to climb the rooftops, and go to different houses just by jumping across small alley ways, and end up in your cousins house, they were like big villas, with courtyards. Nowadays, it is seen as not as good as a built up house with, air condition, and all the latest stuff, but back then, they could keep cows, and chickens, and a few servants, and a dog.

Should burn down these bastard hospitals which teach people, they have weaknesses in their body, and always try to cause an additive instead of a reactive solution, they always want you remain zombified and they can continue to leach on you, and that is all these pharmacuetical companies ever achieve, an additive so they can cash in, if they were submitters instead of sold outs, they would give the world what God has blessed us, a means to everything, instead they always cause parasitic imbalances and cash in, when their money never saves them from the hell-fire, only they will burn, and they will know they were soldiers not submitters, Satanists not Muslims, regretful not thankful.

You can leave the supermarkets alone. A lot people’s livelihood depends on supermarkets, even though it has killed off local competition, and centralised the economy, we should be grateful however we should not be thankless, instead we should have an even bigger heart for the people of the world, instead they are heartless in the UK, it is the heartless beast of the UK. Who is waiting for the right move to allow him to show us what he can do, but the only thing he”s getting is continuous barrage of criticism until his head starts to sunken and we just push him over instead of launch a huge offensive, which is what they wish we would do, so that they can show us the might of their Goliath.

They used to tell me in Sangla, Punjab, Alexander passed through there, or it was the capital of some sort, don’t know if this was a test, but now having told you that I have been blessed to be in the Quranic exegesis, and found myself as the one who will go to the four corners of the world, insha Allah, and my name is mentioned as Zulqarnain. My grand uncle, a year after I was in Pakistan at 6, his son, Zohar, became father to his first child, a son, and his grand uncle named him, Zulqarnain Haider. Everyone began whispering again.

I remember, like I was talking earlier about my nanna’s villa and his married wife was my Dad’s oldest sister, they used put a coal pot on the ground, as the evening were a little cooler than the really hot summers in Punjab, I was always likely to fall into it, no matter how coordinated I felt, I was always running around and was very quick, I wasn’t wearing any shoes, and my foot fell in the hot coal pot. It touched briefly. And I began crying, my auntie, got me onto a kat, one of those wooden wooven beds or seats they have in Pakistan and India. She checked it, it was okay, she began blowing at it, to cool it down, after a few minutes. She said that’s it I’m out of breath. I said, no, no, since when has air finished. They all laughed, and whenever I meet them, they tell me this story, as though it was happiness to all God’s children, so they always remind them of the stories of dumb children, say the funniest things. My uncle Wajid, got jealous, you could see it in his eyes.

Making Ends Meet - Submitters and Warriors Continuous Mix - Remastered by Kash - Easter Monday 2011

[ Posted Mon, 25 Apr 2011 22:34:32 ]

Ian Brown features in this set, loved the build up and amazing feeling, which we felt was only due to everyone saying the tracks were too short, now they have a built set which is about 53:54 minutes long, featuring many tracks produced by the one man Ian Brown tells his sister. Ian Brown is still the best music singer ever, until consumer tech can start making music like he did, then there’s a chance, but Ian Brown is well before his time, I’m still in the eighties with drum machines, though the samples have improved loads, love it. Just spent two hour s remastering, first one I simply increased the bit rate to 320 kbs, but there were no marked improvement, second time I lowered it to 192 kbs, and started to increase the gain, and tweak the EQ, that’s all, for a free program, this one is well worth getting Virtual DJ, it’s supposed to be the best, and it can be handy for mastering, after a few years now, most of my stuff sounds like demos, when you increase the output using the virtual dj.


Eternal soul, nothing body, everything mind

[ Posted Mon, 25 Apr 2011 19:19:43 ]

I told this story before, under as a description to photo of my grand uncle, I remember seeing him walk, on sandy, uneven ground, with his walking stick, with very thin legs, swaying slowly. Having been brought up in England, thinking, maybe I should help him, so I grabbed his arm, and said I will help you to the masjid, he was very upset that I did this, as I was more of a hindrance than a help, this started a philosophical dialogue which I only now realise as I write this, 25 years since my childhood adventure in Punjab, Pakistan, in a place called Sangla Hill, where Alexander the Macedonian camped as he ventured into the Indian continent. Instead I held his arm very lightly and made sure I didn’t get in his way, he was more than able to manage by himself, and was a submitter, who believed God is Omniscient, Omnipotent and Omnipresent. He knew he never stayed in Britain, but probably was aware of the health system, so I told him once, I had a tooth ache, and he puts some iodine on it on the side of my face. It started to cause an inflamation, everyone in the gra’n, village, the women folk, were saying Kashif will not stay with you, look at his face, he will be very upset you made his face so messed up, and stuff like that. My grand-uncle called me to him, and read something, and blew on my face, at that moment the whole inflamation disappeared, the whole gra’n was stunned, and awe struck.

Just goes to show the soul is eternal, the body is nothing, and the mind is everything.

Pressure is eternal, weight is infinite, size is limitless.

He said you’ll be alright, and just as I went, my inflamation seemed to have disappeared. It was grotesque, before that.

Does the body feel like nothing, does everything happen in the mind? Is the soul eternal?

Music, ears to listen.

Art. eyes to see.

Writing. mouth to speak.

Lip Service commentary

[ Posted Mon, 25 Apr 2011 18:34:00 ]

When you go to a funeral gathering, the women in Muslim world wail and usually have a separate room,and they wail on people’s arms and they cry and cry over the death of a family member, for to them they are brothers and sisters for all the time, so you see to them family is very important, women become vulnerable if exposed to the world, especially at schools, Masonic or Church of England, who try and neck their women, and try to make them their number 2s, that’s the image of Church of England portrays in their role of women. Women do not have the same levels as men do, and get exploited sexually, all due to the levels of exposure into the wordly domain where Satan is the god.

They read on date seeds, various supplications for the atonement of the dead persons sins, they read like a hundred thousand times the first kalima, or the kuls, or even salawat, though this is not really the occasion for it, they do seem to devote their supplications to God, on the death of a family member. And you go, and sit with them, and if you have patience, you may speak about all the troubles in the world, about politics, what you feel is happening in the world, while paying lip service to God through supplications while talking to your neighbours. When you sit in these gatherings you feel the spirit also seat too, and people talk very calmly and friendly, but having been jittered and destroyed mind I fail to say a word, it is the Church of England which has made things seem quite difficult that were once natural.

However to understand where this term comes from, may be much more cynical, as lip service, is something which is apparant in salat, our contact prayer to God, as our lips touch 19 times in the recitation of the first sura, al Fatiha- the key. Time is in the future.

At Pakistan at 6 years old, I remember my grand uncle, was very frail, but managed to still manage to walk to the masjid, so I used to go along, at the time I didn’t know any prayer, so I used to just copy whatever the other person was doing, and I realised you could hear them saying things, very queitly, and the tongue was making a certain noise, so I used to mimick it and pretend I was read-ing.

On my wedding , they did a dawa, and I did the same, I just made my lips touch, without really reading anything.

Heartless Beast of British monarchy, Jealous Egos of Zionism colonialism, Soulless Vampires of the American Masonry.

[ Posted Mon, 25 Apr 2011 17:41:00 ]

Being caged, being institutionalised, being discriminated,When they ignore the all the time we patiently waited,Only the 0.1% of the time when we acted out frustration,Give’s them the right to cause detention,

After all the cries for free will,When the Muslims have been blessed with love and family,They should be more prosperous than all the people in the world,But the Satanist jealousy always causes scars with underlying wounds,

To bring about an addiction to suffered illness,Never being freed or ever find a cure out of happiness,Sometimes they wonder at their own pittiful sale of the souls,When they were reminded water is more precious than gold,

We don’t want your education of equal opportunity,When you arrest the Muslim world like a woman on permanent PMT,Brush the women folk to one side,Let’s sit and chat about all the wrongdoings that happened without anyone paying lip service to the Almighty,

Jealous egos, heartless beast, soulless vampires.Israel, Britain, America.Rothschild, Charles, Bush.Serve the ego, serve the people, serve the devil.

Do you love God or love your religion.Do you have a heart or are you in it for the money.Do you denounce the devil or become its advocate.

Zionism of Israel.Illuminati of Britain.Masons of America.

Jealous egos of ZionismHeartless beast of British monarchySoulless vampires of America

Jealous Egos. Heartless Beast. Soulless Vampires.

Better or worse

[ Posted Mon, 25 Apr 2011 15:12:45 ]

They tell me it’s about better or worse.Don’t fold your prayer mat by making where your feet are placed folded to where your head is place.Don’t take the little pendal with ayats of the Quran into the bathroom.Also eat with your right hand, clean your arse with the left.

These things get to me, cos they make you feel guilty, that you are not good enough, and that there are manners and etiquettes which are not explained in the Quran, and you fear whether you should listen to them or ignore them. And by listening to them, am I taking other religous sources with the word of God in the Quran. Usually these people who claim cleanliness of the exterior, have the evilest tongue to always prove that time is now, and they are better than Adam. Alhamdulilah, it gives me so much to think about, all these things, which occurred in my life, others get in, some by the will of God go round. Those who get in, become crackpots full of emptiness, those who go round become vessels and bearers of news. You could be a child of God or a child of Satan, only you know whether you were a submitter or a warrior when you were little, lion or hyena, cats or dogs. Those who venture into written words, find, the maturity it provides one with, whereas those who speak their words in crowds filling the illusions of better, which they believe must be the case, as some people got the message, even though it was proven illusion.

I read some of the book 3 yesterday, on Easter Sunday, I read something like 70 pages, which took an hour and a half, I sat through a set too, I wonder if people would like to listen to the music which I produced as as backdrop to the final resurrection,

It’s amazing, everything is in accordance with God’s will, not intentionally looking for anything, but the things I witness in the present all have relevence in the time, whereas novels or movies or television, put me off, like when someone on television looks directly at the camera, is it because I’m watching you wonder, and can you understand the plot in the novels or movies, only acted by those who think time is now. When you tell them there is no wisdom in the present, see the witnessing of countless Hadith by Muhammadans, to suggest there is actually wisdom in the present, simarelion, sumatra lion, similarly…finally I found the correct spelling for similarly, there is no knowledge in the past, becuase there is no one who lives forever on earth, and there is no power in the future, for those who think they’ll make humans the losers and advocate the devils are better, and who hate humans thinking they are all morally corrupt.

Signs, miracles, mathematics.

Prophecies of the mind.Miracles of the body.Mathematics of the soul.

You should read it, but only those who its destined to be part of the journey in life will ever find time to read it, and someone who’s soul is yearning and full of adoration for the Almighty God, who doesn’t deny the marvels of God, even if people claim it is gay to do so, instead they believe in happy eternality.

See that’s another Satanist trick the word gay, used to mean happy, now they claim it is the word for Sodomites. And these children who go to urban school , say a lot of time that sik, does that imply it is puke, or classic. Sick man of Europe, that’s what I thought. The devils see humans but humans do not see them. Who would have the better judgement if both could see each other, the love or the hatred, the beauty or the beast. Would it be fair, if this world, was a battle between humans and demons, just like in the Mason books, such as mortal man and orcs and goblins. So these Satanists, think when they say something, so they see us, but what they see is explained in words, none can deny that, and words have many meaning, because music concerns the future, art concerns the present, and writing concerns the past. Philosophy is what one knows, linguistics is what one observes, history is what one learns. I read people like a book. Chemistry, physics and biology. If you think you can dig out a persons soul, just by telling them what they are in the present, then you are thinking you are better, it may provoke a reaction from your girlfriend, or your sisters or your women folk, but try not to upset those who devote their worship absolutely to God alone.

Humble Submitters or Arrogant Warriors.One God or there can be another god.Repenters and non deniers or boasters and deniers of the marvels of God.

La quwata illa billah

What patients say about zyprexa

[ Posted Mon, 25 Apr 2011 01:57:14 ]

M 47

PURE POISON. I know you hear people saying this about many drugs but I am living proof of what this drug can do to you. I am now on ( let me count the medications right now ) 11, yes ELEVEN medications that I have to take everyday and some of them twice a day and some four times a day just to maintain my body to an *almost* near state of normality because of what zyprexa has done to me. I took it six months at varying dosages according to whatever mood the stupid ignorant idiotic clueless wanna-be-doctor thought I needed at the time. Well, I am hoping and praying that i can get my body back to the state it was ( very healthy ) before i started taking this POISON. STOP TAKING IT NOW or you WILL regret it. This medicine also keeps you in a state of not caring and it covers up symptoms of REAL medical problems that it causes by keeping you sedated and not caring. All of these side effects surfaced when my blood pressure was slowly but surely creeping up in exact proportion to the months i had been taking the zyprexa. I went to the my REAL doctor about my blood pressure and complaining of various other issues and they did some lab work. The lab work that came back was a total chaotic MESS. My life was/has been altered. I was not diabetic before zyprexa, matter of fact I was thoroughly tested for diabetes exactly one month before I started taking zyprexa. NO family history of diabetes and I wasn’t over weight until the zyprex



M 38

My doctor claims no such problems with Zyprexa, however evidence is now showing Zyprexa causes “Heart Events”, and may drastically increase heart attacks. I ended up switching to a Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbal Remedy that actually cured my Bi-Polar WITHOUT any side effects. Research (An Shen Bu Xin Wan from Min Shan) very effective treatment that is much safer than Zyprexa and completely natural.


M 32

Coming off it was hard in the extreme - often seemed impossible. Withdrawal insomnia was terrible, anxiety was excrutiating. Significant insomnia, even while still on 2.5-1.25mg (previously had been up to 10mg). Experienced “rebound psychosis” effect probably caused by excess dopamine in brain upon withdrawal combined with sleep deprivation. Good news is - I did finally succeed in coming off it - the brain does seem to recover given time. Sleeping pills (zimovein = zopiclone) seemed to help as did short-term benzo use (lorazepam, 3mg bromazepam = lexotan). Avoid risperidone if you can (see askapatient ratings). Took several months before I experienced normal sleep without drugs. I am now totally drug-free, and God-willing will continue to be.


M 49

I was having problems controlling my anger due to matters at work.I was told to get help by my boss. at my first session„ i was given samples and told it was non habit forming and i could quit anytime with no side effects.I started at 5 mil and went to 15.When problems began surfacing, i cut back 5.thats when the extreme depression hit.I did have a problem with anger, but i never felt depressed. the Drs. wanted me to increase the dosage and i refused. So they threw in more medications in an attempt to control the side effects.The ones they swear were not caused by Zyprexa. When they mixed it with effexor, thats when it really got bad. I stopped the effexor, but didnt improve much and progressivley got worse.I tried to quit 3 times and couldnt do it and work too.I had to take 2 months on dissability just to detox cause i quit cold turkey and spent a month in bed.According to my Drs., everything i was experiancing was all brought on by me.That i was obsessing and that i hated my job. I always liked my job.Its tough work but you stay in shape. I work for the phone co and climb alot of poles.But the zyprexa completely changed my whole outlook on life.It was like being gutted of all the emotions that mattered to you, and left with nothing but depression, fear, and anxiety. Its been almost 2 years since i quit the zyprexa. alot of me has returned. alot hasnt. If someone has words of hope, feel free to e mail me.I just want to be ME again.


F 32

Antipschotic drugs are an extremely dangerous medium. They can cause severe brain damage. Better drugs should be manufactured. I am still recouperating from rispardol and have a permanent decrease in mental capacities and a dangerous hormonal imbalance. In my opinion, psychiatrists are among the biggest criminals;being liscenced to prescribe such toxins to people. I think everybody afflicted with problems of this nature has to do their own research and figure out what really works for them;hopefully some new drugs are on the way. Keep up with farmaceutical studies…


Read more at http://www.askapatient.com/viewrating.asp?drug=20592&name=ZYPREXA&sort=satisfaction&order=1&page=1&PerPage=20&ktrack=kcplink


I’ll tell you what I think of zyprexa, it is the first port of call in any psychaitric hospital, as if we all on heroin, and need to stop thieving, and start putting on weight cos you lost all your bulk by taking too many heroin injections, and just to make sure you take it, it disolves in your mouth. The biggest bastard lie is, there is no natural substitute of cocaine or heroin, try tree bark from India, I think they get it from a walnut tree, if that doesn’t make you woozy and start speaking with a brokeness as though you are a hippy, it’s called Sakra, and it is a tree bark, which polishes teeth, and if you use it continously it turns your teeth into polished golden colour, just chew this until there’s no more flavour, then swallow it, and you’ll have the best smack feeling you could imagine, then there’s the twigs from the Peelu tree, which taste of cocaine, chew this, and make your children instead of brushing their teeth with dirty stinky, smelly loo situated tooth brushes, get them to use a miswaak, like the Africans and the Middle Easterns and Indians, and even Chinese, and see how strong they become, naturally as strong as gorillas. So they sedate you for 14 hours a day, so you cannot function a theft from the grocers, and makes you pile on the weight, so you become obese, and on top of that gives you so much pain, you wish you were not too bothered by the heroin but this is fucking the worse drug any human has been on or tested on an animal. They just hate animals, cos they don’t snap, they become upset and infuriated, but this is just treated with tranquilisers, until they become institutionalised, great bastard conclusion to the whole pharmacuetical research, just to treat humans the way they treat animals in cages in laborotories. Insha Allah, one day, all these bastard elite places will be burnt down, including Buckingham House, and Parlaiment Bench, and Arthur Anderson Sold Out Buildings, and every solicitors firm, and every school, and every military complex, and every mental hospital. Mark my word, ‘we’re gonna be burning and looting, tonight;’

Bolton 2 Arsenal 1

[ Posted Sun, 24 Apr 2011 21:30:41 ]

Who plays the best football in the world?

Bolton Wanderers, Bolton Wanderers?

Who’s the wanker of the world?

Doctor Charles of Wanking Wales.

Who’s the best footballer in the world?

Ronaldinho, Ronaldinho

Who’s the best team ever?


Who’s Fergie’s number two?

Ally Mcoist, Ali number 2.

Who you wanna see in hell?

John Squire knows who.

Who we gonna shoot?

The player with a deputy.

Tell them no more

Tell them no more

Super strength or superior vampires

[ Posted Sun, 24 Apr 2011 20:58:00 ]

They talk about loyalty but they’re play ugly

All these ugly people I want you set my baby free

No other word for it in English, other than ugly

Loyalty like dogs, and they are dogs of war

Taught the devil’s teaching of equal opportunity

Thinking who is better and who is worse

Always the devil manifestation

Where are my brothers and sisters finding peace in, families for life

Where are the children of God finding happiness in, parents who love to keep them clean

Where are humans finding goodwill, in their books to teach them wrong from right

These Masons only have a fictitious illusionist magical using of the arts and sciences and the classics. Like that wanker Dan Brown, borrowing what he wanted, just so that they could wank it off, in illusions, to make them believe evil is real. Where is evil real? In novels and movies. Where is pain real? In the eyes of the children who have been used for sexual gratification, trying to pinpoint a lie to help them distinguish their cocksuckers from wankers to losers who think their is some promise which shows what they did proves that Satan is better than son of man. But God never burdens a soul more than it can bear, and has told us not to worship Satan, for his to man an avowed enemy. Yet they still try to feed us illusions, in the now, to try and make us their fully snapped arguments which they thought were true, only when A Submitter, comes, then you will know, why son of man wasn’t able to get to say those things, without it losing to the deletion due to a too long tags, and also why Adam was sent down. One day we’re get out of the little people league, and when we go to the yours, we’ll show you the meaning of superior, two horns, is coming, and with the strength of a thousand angels, remember the Quran tells us, ten of you can defeat a hundred, and hundred of you could defeat a thousand, and that now you have become numerous, so that your strength is not as strong, so now two hundred of you can defeat a thousand. You see ducks in a pond, having a tiff, and you wonder at their fight, when one becomes really adamant, the other one pussies out, who wants it more, doesn’t mean the other has given up his right, he just concedes, to the fact time is in the future, whereas the others fight wanted to prove himself to be more ready, as the one pussies out paddles off, he shakes his butt, to show he is not that fussed. Super strength or superior vampires.

[36:60] Did I not covenant with you, O Children of Adam, that you shall not worship the devil? That he is your most ardent enemy?

[ Posted Sun, 24 Apr 2011 19:41:00 ]

They pride in the moment, of self-righteousness, thinking they have proved they are better than son of Adam, those who you know from Adam, whereas they get proven as son of monkeys, and they even try to fool people too, in a pond of circumstance? Like some muddy puddle where life started according to Darwin. The Satanist vampires, who elude to being humans, when they suck the blood of humans, and live in the glorification of how time is now for them, and that they are proving they are better, but all it shows is the illusions which Satan promise, always arguing they are better, due to their education of equal opportunity, and never being allowed to play professioan football, due to having to start as a dedicated fan, and then promoted to boots polisher, then maybe a wanker like that bastard from Chelsea, the captain, can’t even coordinate to control the ball, and plans to be the best footballer, wankers, these children are sold lies, we are always told about loyalty, as though we are dogs, and they are the owners, what’s that song called by I think a seventies rockers, Pink Floyd I think, DOGS OF WAR. They make you buy into their lies and fools of the British supremacy, yet hide they have absolutely no control over destined written words.

Yeah, we don’t want your education about equal opportunity, talking about freedom.

We all like a kick a ball, but we don’t like drinkign cum in the stands of footballers, like those bastards retards and wankers and tossers and sold outs. A good game on today, should watch it, who plays the best football in Britain, Bolton or Arsenal, left it at one all. They showed some fan dancing in the stand thinking nothing happened, then all of a sudden, submitter turned up, and got them all gandud again, watch fergie, if you fuck around one more time, I’ll embarass ya, about your little weaner on live TV.

Like I was saying the give their promises are illiusion, because to them time is now, whereas the truth is time is in the future. So Arsenal or Bolton, which one knows the answer? Hmm. Time is now, Arsenal, Time is in the future, Bolton.

Hot Day Tribute to Coldplay - 508

[ Posted Sun, 24 Apr 2011 18:52:00 ]

Coldplay 509 507 - New track, tell me your secrets, and ask me your questions, let's go back to the start…

A miracle even the numbers when added add to 95 which is a multiple of 19. Some part of my log seems to be missing on facebook, and you kniw why they want you to sign into other accounts with your facebook id so that they can have access to all your personal. After they deleted this miracle on facebook, God made apparant an even bigger miracleBob Marley, Coldplay, Oasis, Ian Brown, Depeche Mode, Rock Stars, living legends, oasis are better than usual suspects, come on let's get the road on the way, and get some happy memories for all to sing, and let us show them who is the true Sovereign, not these colonial wank stain of apartheid, and land grabber, bastard monarch, let's do them in, who think they are better with their illusions in the now, thinking time is now, with the fakeness and their lack of submission and theri continous arrogance, saying they are better, and trying to make submitters snap, well time is in the future, atoms are in the present, and space is in the past. Allahu ackbar

...We don't want your education about equal opportunity, talking about my freedom, people freedom and liberty, cos we've been trodding on the wine press much too long, rebel, rebel, cos we've taken for granted much to long, rebel , rebel.“ (Bob Marley)

…It's still there, but sometimes you need false incentive to get going, I was very upset to find it wasn't appearing on my phone, for me to take a screen shot, so I thought let's do this video, and put it on youtube, and start the revolutionary spirit. The time was 4.40:51, the three numbers add to 95 which is 19x5.

See how it skipped the last second, went fom 508 to 510, instead of stopping at 509, bastards


I wrote all this perfectly, but the tags were too long, so they deleted everything that I had done

See how it skipped the last second, went fom 508 to 510, instead of stopping at 509, bastards

Paki style

[ Posted Sun, 24 Apr 2011 14:05:01 ]

“You can’t park here, double yellows…”

Got a disabled badge

“You can’t park here, buses only.”

It’s a bus too, so eff off.

“You can’ go through there, buses and taxis only!”

It’s a fucking bus, I told ya.

If they bring ID cards, you know when I was at Woodhouse Grove, they would never give me an A, nor even a B, always Cs and a couple of Bs, and a few Ds. And my brothers would always have reports with As and Bs, and amazing comments, in their term reports and yearly reports. And my Dad was always really strict and wouldn’t settle for less, this used to frighten me, so I changed the grades, I made the C into B, D into B, and a bit of work I made the B look like a A. It was one of the reasons I got suspended, also because the bastard Mason wankers who make school prefects, were making it really difficult for me, and kept mentioning my name to the head master and deputy head, who had no other option but to start making inquiries. I met the bastard at a bar, and this other bastard, a top grader, called Benjamin, who lived in Bingley, where this bastard who was about five years older than me, and I started on him, he backed off. So if they bring in ID cards, remember my school trick, then blame it on the bastard who made them, make a 9 look like an 8, and so on. Until they think must have been a computer error. Hahahaha.

If they try to put a bar code on your neck, tell them your not cattle and it’s too much like the mark of the Beast, they will try to do it anywhere, like giving some injection, which will stain you, like what caused autism, those vaccines, it was just their experiment, to not be as discreet as putting a bar code on your neck. Wanker’s paradise. Wanker’s paradise. Wanker’s paradise.

Child speaks. Youth observes. Elder listens.

[ Posted Sun, 24 Apr 2011 12:24:26 ]

Peace to all my brothers and sisters (Child speaks)

Happiness to all God’s children (Youth observes)

Goodwill to all human (Elder listens)

Which of your Lord's marvels can you deny ( quran)

[ Posted Sat, 23 Apr 2011 14:42:29 ]

Sat i my favourite restuarant Dhesi Grill, writing this note a question I have which is in the Quran.

“Fabai aiya aala ai rabi kuma thukazibaan”

Which of your Lord’s marvels can you DENY.


[ Posted Sat, 23 Apr 2011 13:36:09 ]

There’s no knowledge in the past. There’s no power in the future. There’s no wisdom in the present.

3 lions

Heena's 21st

[ Posted Sat, 23 Apr 2011 13:08:43 ]

If it wasn’t old it would be nice, you tried a bit of some elses dish and it wasn’t fresh so I couldn’t stomach it. They had swordfish. I ordered my wife a spiendini de pesce, and she gave some to my brother who really loved the salmon and wanted more. I ordered myself a rustica pizza, which ws very filling, and bowl of hand cut chips which were not even greasy at all. This was one of the few times my wife has had am evening out, since marrying her, we cannot travel as she hasn’t a passport, and she looked her best for it, usualy we go to local restuarants but it’s just the two of us. It cost us £25 each, which is fine, thinking about how much work and effort they put into their service and preparation. It was in the center of Leeds, no matter how much one is enjoying their meal the person who shares it due to recommendation diesn’t feel the same. I know it’s good food but when it’s fresh, a freshly cooked curry is really good but a two day old curry is palatable. There were fourteen of us who went to Heena’s burthday. Sorry I mean no offence to Italian food. Gracias

Time is future

[ Posted Sat, 23 Apr 2011 12:43:00 ]

These are comments I've heard:

Clean as a baby's arse No retreat no surrender Time is now

First one is an insult, to those who are clean comparing it to baby's bottom

The second is fully loaded so has no worries whether people are aiming to distinguish right from wrong.

Third one again spells forsakennes because they pride in their intellect and those who never had the schooling and hated school dinners, we went to an Italian restuarant on Friday, Heena's 21st birthday, and the food because they are arsy about halal when God does not create hardship but convenience, it is ok to eat as lomg as you mention God's name when you ready to eat. Instead they will not eat other than halal meat and never pronounce God's name when about to eat. It tasted like school food when I was in Lilycroft primary, so wanted to too, but could never stomach it. I used to like ghosh when I was little, lamb, apparantly I wasn't picky when I was little, but then I started eating fast food, now my meds make me crave it, I should be fasting but the meds make crave fast food, not long until I might be diabetic. I even used to refuse eating pizza because I thought it wasn't halal, even if the teacher persisted it was. Or lentils they looked meaty so I decided to sit out a cooking class making something out lentils. Back to the subject it is they who incur shame and humiliation for saying about God other than the truth. Quran I think , maybe not the exact words. They think time is now, time is in the future, chemistry, atoms are in the now, physics, space is in tje past, biology.

Pain relief

[ Posted Sat, 23 Apr 2011 12:03:00 ]

It wasn't the age I think it was the painkiller which has caffeine inside. Now I know why they say innit I thought it meant isn't it, but now I know instead of going round they go in, maybe that's something to do with x and y, but those who avoid forbidden fruits and those who at every opportunity devour them, when only God knows the full saab kitaab, accountability of those who forsake their religion with idol worship, that was just me it isn't said in the Quran to my knowledge. Will do a word search for the word 'forsaken' I don't know if it is mentioned or not, at present I'm typing on my phone on the tumblr app, should be closing to an end soon, insha Allah.

Logical progression

[ Posted Sat, 23 Apr 2011 10:26:52 ]

Again I think there are errors with the quotations from the Quran, last night I was made aware the part where Muhammad was in a cave hiding with his companion, he did not tell him not to despair but ‘not to worry, God is with us’.

I can’t remember which other one I misquoted, but there is another one. I think this should not be published, just remain where it is, in my email account, and on tumblr, hopefully, for the rest of time. Though I would like tumblr to allow certain levels of control on how people view, at the moment everything goes from latest to oldest, which means most people have to read backwards, which is alright, though I prefer logical progression.

Turn the corner

[ Posted Sat, 23 Apr 2011 01:44:52 ]

When your walking all that matters is when you turn the corner

Someone said to Wah he had no friends, while he sat in a library, wah saids books are my friends.

Sonehow I feel like that. This worldly life is nothing more than vanity and play. Ask them do you have the time, most are so consumed in this life they haven’t a clue about time.

It’s always about God loves you so smile, but how many spend a moment to actually adore Him. Instead the glorification of God is spent doing things which account for very little.

I know Muslims have no reasob to stop their worship, but when you put baseless Hadiths to rival the word of God you are incurribg wrath from God. Did when I incorrectly wrote the title of the book by Rashad Khalifa make you happy or did you finally think isn’t that a blaspgemy how could these be before the Quran and were you dismayed with the bastard lies and fabrications and thought finally Quran alone, we should know the Quran cannot be dictated and written everyone interprets meaning none empatgise with the speaker other than the submitters. The cprrect totle of the book by Rashad was ’ Quran, Hadith and Islam’.

Angels are winners, demons are losers, humans are submitters

[ Posted Fri, 22 Apr 2011 17:37:00 ]

You know if the heat gets more than you can get out. Best to submit to God, if there are winners and losers there are also submitters. Something the Masons try to disguise in mental health or Fruedian term psyche, which means a combination of mind and soul. So they come with the term psychiatry, which is? The treatment of conditions of the soul or the mind? One term these Church losers who see demons and tgink they are losers. And give the rank of winners to the rich tossers, tge Jews. Instead these Christians wish to the loss of man not the gain of man, they wanna prove humans are the losers and those devils are the winners.

Angels are the winners who upheld God's absolute authority, the demons are the losers who rebelled thinking Jesus was better or Ali, now they think that Shree Mullay is better than a submitter, he believes in the new world order and again he has made the sheep see with the eyes of a wolf, from fear of poverty, but who is more forsaken than one who corrupts his religion with idol worship. His mentor is Rashad’s book ‘Hadith, Sunna and Quran’ which was not even conclusively correct at the time, it was his thinking, he even thought back then that the Quran was through the written work of scribes who laborously wrote down the Quran, in fact he was also thinking about the part about sending peace, he wrote, encourage instead. The work was written at a certain time and space, and what he eventually disclosed and brought out was through many more processes and events which led to the realisation, that the Quran was written by the Prophet Muhammad, which then really puts those Sunnis, Shias and Wahhabis in a tricky situation. Now what reason do they have to continue to propogate this lie, other than not allowing the submitters to find peace, as they themselves never recieved it. This Shree, is like a bad tree, ripped out at the ground level, it has nothing to offer, it is not even grounded in Islam nor has a passion for truth, he is just an American child, who wanks a lot. He comes from a Hindu background. There are many blasphemies, in what he did to the translator of the Quran, though now assuming the rank of rival to the United Submitters, I saw that, how he took the Lord’s name in vain, by alienating someone from the Quran, so much so, you wonder what his intent was.

The work which Rashad left with the Quran, is authorised, and amazing, it is as though it is inspired by the Spirit, whom I have also felt the presence of. Angel Gabriel is the spirit. Demons try to frighten you with death, and the horrors of it, or despair and the horrors of it, but humans have had to suffer so long, at the hands of Masons who neither go in nor suffer those who are entering to go in.

I asked a major figure in the Jamiyat Tabligh ul Islam, sometimes President of Council for Mosque, in front of two witnesses, Sajid and my father, and he agreed the Quran was written by the Prophet and that he wasn’t unlettered. Iliaqat Saab, president of Toller Lane masjid, and a close friend of my father Khadim Hussain, who is President of Victor Street Masjid. Iliaqat’s second name is also Hussain. And my father’s and his first cousin name, are on two graves in Pakistan, side by side, in somewhere near Mirpur. They were named after Pirs, Khadim Hussain and Noor Hussain, who are buried side by side in Pakistan. And people visit and say prayers, hoping they will be able to intercede as they close to God. You shouldn’t need intercession, because we have direct link with God, faith, belief and devotion. Faith life is everything, belief death is nothing, devotion resurrection is eternal.

So you know, those who disquire this knowledge death is nothing, compared to the passion of the Gospels, instead he was raised up, and they were made to think they did crucify him or slay him.

Water or gold

Kingdom of God or new world order

Appreciative or unappreciative

Winners, losers and submitters or wankers, tossers and soldiers


[ Posted Fri, 22 Apr 2011 12:18:27 ]

Hired guns,

You can fool some people sometime but you cannot fool all the people all the time

Infrastructure is about to collapse

[ Posted Fri, 22 Apr 2011 11:40:00 ]

The whole infra structure is set up, so that there is hegemony of the taxpaying white aristocratic bastards and elite bastard Maons, who wouldn’t let Asian children who go to ghetto schools go on to pre dominantly white schools, you know what I mean, they have to always be allocated schools based on their origin. I was one of a few who actually broke this circle. My brother and sister had gone to a Church of England school, from the day they first went to school, I was a lot younger than them, and attended a ghetto inner suburb school, which at the age of 4 or 5 or 6 I used to walk to myself, rubbing off the cream my mum used to put on my face, and ditching the bobble hats she used to make me wear, thinking they were gay and embarassing. I remember that well. At the age of 7 I went to St Barnabus Church of England, it’s funny how in Finland they don’t send their children to school till 7, I was more into ghetto schools, and would never have been allowed into this school had I not attended a primary until that age, we never broke the system, we just advanced it.

I remember when they used to race, there was a blonde haired blue eye kid, Joe Wearing, and you could see the smirk on all the other kids faces, who had all been institutionalised from 3 years onwards, that Joe was better than them. I too would have done the same, but having just started, I went in from the back, seeing him in front, thinking he was nothing, and knowing my older brother was a Cross Country runner, so I felt I could run too, but only in little people’s league, I ran ahead of him and won. It was a shock to them, but their idea just Monguls that our God could not avail them, was proven wrong, I never took pride from it, just the happy feeling, not even that, it didn’t mean anything to me. I remember I used to play Dr when we were younger Mortal Combat, on the mega drive, and he used to become furious at losing, he just couldn’t take losing, and I used always wind him up by choosing other characters, whereas he would stick to Sub Zero, and his sneaky slide attack. It used to make me laugh, but not pissed off, I like a challenge, but not to humiliate or to disgrace people in front of their own families.

When I left primary, they try kill me off, by allocating me Manningham Middle School, the location I think where my oldest brother is maybe thinking of opening a secondary school. My father appealed against the decision, and had a lot clout from certain public members, and they then allowed me to go to the schools I actually asked to want to go to, when I never put this school down on my form sheet. I went to Stoney Lee, where Joe went too, plus some other kids too, my cousins had come back from Pakistan, after three years, like a twin brother born 13 days after me, to my Dad’s first cousin brother, and my mum’s first cousin sister. And his two sisters, they got in cos I was already there. We just ragged the system, as they say. Khaleel was very bright, but struggled due to missing many years of school, and thinking a foreign school would be just as adequate. Khaleel’s my cousin.

My brothers were at fees paying private schools, my eldest brother Sajid, by the time I went for entry examination at 11, had gotten a place in Oxford, due to my maths paper they offered me an assisted place, which meant the government paid my fees. The headmaster at the time was Dr.David Miller, who was very fond of Sajid, and said if no one would pay his fees, he would pay it out of his own pocket for Saj.

I left Stoney Lee, at 11, was there for two years. Then I started messing with rock n roll, writing Roses lyrics like the song ‘Something Burning’ , and showing it to my friends, they wanted me to write songs, but never got round to it.

“Don’t count your chickens cos they never gonna hatch,

You can’t catch a monkey with a shotgun and a sack,

Cos your too dull baby, you can’t see the wood for the trees,

Cos your too slow baby, you just couldn’t get off your knees.”

I wonder what my good friend James, who played the guitar, but was more harder in his approach, bit like Foo Fighters, thought of those words, especially when at thirteen I wrote, can’t see the wood from the trees. By the Stone Roses. My brother Saj, met lots of footballers and stars, whilst working in Harvey Nics, but only got one autograph, John Squire, for his younger brother Kashif, who’d grow up to become the final messenger, Zulqarnain.

31 is best

[ Posted Thu, 21 Apr 2011 23:33:51 ]

Some say life starts at 40, but the feeling of 31 is best so far, the feeling you get at 31 is best, especially if you don’t have any kids to spoil your favourite time, they try and make you start at 21, so that when you reach your peak of 30 onwards you are just a fed up man with kids and a dead end job.

Some think you should get your everything done with in a certain time frame,when you leave kindergarten you should know demonic and angelic side of creation, when you leave primary school you should be well informed in writing and reading, when you go to upper school, you should be able to articulate and pick up things on the basis of war and peace. War means filling your days with illusions, which you only know the meaning of, thinking others would gather the truth behind them, maybe the girls understand as they mature a lot quicker, however blokes like myself, if you never made the class in kindergarten, then you will be okay. Compare the akl, the intelligence of children who go to pre dominantly Asian schools, adn those who go to Church of England. You’re on a wavelength when you go to Pakistani school, they understand baby language, EG language, and alsorts of things, and have a hatred for the demons and bastard monarchs who try to kill off expression, and knowledge of life, the angelic knowledge of life, instead they measure status according to how much wank paper money you’ve accumalated. So when are people or children free to be themselves, when they reach university, but the bullshit courses they teach at higher education, are all purposeful nonsense, and the only thing worth getting is the badge of the car or the medal of honour or the robe of a graduate,which only allows for new ideas and betterment in life, but what did one have to learn anything useful while at university, absolutely nothing of any use, apart from a few critical words, such as hegemony, and hierarchy. The books you study have been so heavily editted, that they become mush to read and understand and follow. And there’s absolutely no interesting book in the whole of Durham library, I spent many evenings there, trying to find anything remotely interesting, just about the worse loyalty to Masonic cult you can ever imagine. No wonder why they love Shakespeare, and Wilfred Owen, cos its just the weirdest and most bizarrest and absolutely shit.

Like I said, we were on a wavelength, us British born Pakistani origin kids, and these kids kept their wavelength in tack throughout their lives, whereas I had to lose it, when I changed school to a Church of England, St Barnabus, at the age of 7, I was there for 2 years, never been the full length at any school or university, always changed some point or another. They tried to break my wavelength, but I just went quite quiet instead, whereas all the Church of England kids, always wanna win, they don’t like losing. Like Dr Waheed told me, when I said something to the effect, they, my representatives on the negligence case, seem like crooks. He told me, not to worry, they too don’t like to lose, who likes to lose, he said. Yeah what if they have more things to lose as a result of this case, that they are hiding their cards, and trying to reach some sort of breakdown instead of winning the case. Remember the guy who came today, his name I now remember, Peter Ellis, who will be barrister, has defended pharmacuetical companies, and thought he was a big man, until my brother showed up and started talking, and put him down a couple of pegs. I hope it settles, say that to Irwin Mitchel, who are taking all the time with this case, and not getting anything in court, seems like a wild goose chase, now I know what one of them are, it’s like you think something is gonna happen next, but when it doesn’t you keep thinking about it until something else catches your thought, adn then you carry on and on, until you think I love wild goose chase. No I don’t but what else can you say, instead of feeling annoyed and snappy, you just sarcastically respond about your love of wild goose chase.

To them evil is real, to us pain is real

[ Posted Thu, 21 Apr 2011 17:12:00 ]

Masons think they can corner every avenue, and always try to achieve hegemony without taking people serious. The Masons come to my house, noticed how the white women are given Biblical names, such as Gabrielle and Sarah, but wear short skirts, and those bastards don’t blink at all, and stay with their eyes wide open all the time, noticed these things. If they thought there wasn’t a case then it would have been better than being told four years later on the verge of a courtroom battle.

I lay it down to ya. They pulled out a big piece a wanker who was a doctor by profession, a registrar GP, and who was also going for bar, and was usually a defendent for pharmacuetical companies, the barrister we had initially dropped out. The solicitor we had initially also disappeared after handing in the particulars of claim.

But was this wanker of the British Masons bastard, aware that my brother was an practising GP, and had worked at the Trust which we are suing for negligence, he was upset when Waheed left the room, and blankly started talking to Sarah, the solicitor, about whether Waheed could fill the role of litigation friend, when he was a former SHO at the mental hospital, the wanker barrister mentioned that there was no loyalty.

And that is what we are dealing with, the loyalty of the Masonic cult, nothing more, because this jeet will have basic arguments against them when they try to hide their lies and take them to the grave, which is their usual sin they commit. The white man thinks its made of ice, so cold and so resentful and menacing, instead of warm and friendly and clever. We hadn’t even read the defendents reports, which seem like hired dogs who just say what they want them to say as long as the fees is right. We feel the same with our solicitors and barrister, should have got some Pakistani solicitors to fight it, they would have had it wrapped up by now, but these motherfucking two faced sons of whores fill up every day with bullshit paper work and beauracratic lies in order to profit as much as possible, they earned £25000 in the last six months alone on this case, what have they done, bullshit. They’ve been on this case for 4 years, so they’ve earned the estimate amount of damages I was due, about 200K already, and we still haven’t had a case, and probably might not be able to, if the LSE, Law Society think it is too costly and there will be no return, which is what we have been told today by the bastard barrister.

What he gathers from the defendents report, is how they will use the example of Bourne Tort, which meant this guy in the 50s told he had depression, and weas continouosly given ECT, now there’s no set way of doing ECT, and they chose a method, which made he convulse so bad he broke both his hips, which meant really even if someone was holding him in place, would not really have been avoidable. This is the example they showed me today, The guy with broken hips didn’t win anything. Instead of mending they are keen on destruction, it is about the seventh day of rest, care of rest or destroy, and this bastard Mason world, wants to destroy, on the seventh, rather than rest, to them evil is real, to us pain is real.

Shall I re-explain my case. I felt like the accursed at the time, full of vicious thoughts, very persecutory, filled with the despair of my own zombification on the fuck up drug Abilify, I told this to the psychiatrist on a fortnightly appointment, and he had me informally admitted. You know how I felt, like a self realisation of fear and doom, something they trick people with, so I was very withdrawn. But knowing these places are the work of enemies and not friends, and all they wish to cause a fixation of harm in order to create a permanent PMT, just like the Palestinians are under a constant PMT, by the fact some colonialist demon worshippers who have no right to the land they occupied and killed them and caused so much suffering and misery, but the initial bastard wound is not removed instead, the agitation and the madness of the wound causes is dealt with instead, this is there bastard way of psychiatry. Punish through default, and reward through hatred. I was in cold sweat for three nights, whilst in room 13, told there was no other room available. I went in on thursday, adn by monday, I wanted out, these detentions are wicked and full of lies and wicked hatred and evil, I told the nurse on Sunday I was in despair, which was recorded, and being the fucking fault of the meds, they ignored it, as it meant the meds would have to change rather than my section and life’s ambition change. The next day on Monday, I think this is correct, as it has been four years now since then, nearly five, it happened in 2006, I swallowed some powder detergent style stuff which they clean toilets and sinks with from the cleaners trolley, I was vomitting for ages and this did not go detected. Later my brother come and he said could we sit in a room which was not smokey, so we did not even ask for leave, and the nurse said you could take him home for a few hours. My consultant had asked them to do a risk assesment, a section 52 assessment, if any leave or discharge was considered. When I went home, I had already pre-planned I was going to jump out of the window, and while my brother was busy with delivery service, I went upstairs to the top floor and jumped out of the loft window. If they had done a risk assesment by a doctor, I would have told them I was in severe discomfort from ingesting the powder cleanign substance, and was having thoughts of self-harm. Their arguement, the Trusts, hired dogs, is fucking we did it out of therapuetic protocol, in other words, they wanted to see if I was a good doggy and come back and get treat, and shake his tail, and happiness, a lick his owners with lots of loving piss-smell, which dog owners usually stink of, and I think how foul, like it should be called mishy wee, or wishy wee. Schools are for scumbags. The whole institutions and the whole infrastructure is full of shit, because education doesn’t prove anything, only how much of a wanker you are.

Mind's eye

[ Posted Thu, 21 Apr 2011 11:59:53 ]

“God loves his children.’ (Radiohead - Paranoid Android)

People see music as though they can visualise the words, but I do not know how to join each sentence up, if I am not acquainted with the wording or the understanding, some people read this song, and know what it is talking about, but I really do not know, other than what God wills for me to know, I thought I was being eaten, now I see Charlie being done in ham burgers, Buckingham, even in the song ‘Unending Kingship’ I thought I would be killed and eaten. Eaten and burn his flesh, that’s what end Charles will get, God willing, and we will leave the rest of them to think whether they wish to continue to lie and cover up their agenda or they wish to try to make peace and come back with a better mindful story than to hide and keep on hiding until the end of time. I think I understand Bob Marley, quite a bit, there’s a lot reference to a certain event in his music, which I think I know what it means. Why do I not get Radiohead, instead everything changes, and I will never fully get to grips with their mind’s eye.

Users - White man psyche

[ Posted Thu, 21 Apr 2011 11:35:16 ]

You know what white people get a kick out of, trying to be used so that they can claim authority of god by saying without my little thing they would not be able to do the things they do, so I should be thanked instead of God. But before you brought in your use and abuse theory, how were they living, with any difficulty only you caused them to think about what was in front of them and thought why do people try to achieve a wankers status on earth instead of a winners life in the Garden of Eden.

For example, we have had the acquaintance of a Polish girl, who changed our cutlery, changed our drinking mugs and changed our toasters for hot food. So whenever we need to use these things, we think good old wanker who changed our usual stuff for beer mugs and cheap toasters, and whenever we feel like we need something to put our food on, we have to give her some credit. Bitch. Playing mind games. In similar manner the white people, may have been blessed to understand how to invent microwaves and fridges, and various other metal machanical invention, so feel we should be their bitches for this, instead of thanking God for the easement we feel but to kill off hope of free people who thank the Lord night and day and, bow and prostrate, and believe in the Testaments, including the Quran, and pray they are spared the retribution of hell, and are granted righteousness in this life and the next. Any fucker who says Amen, is not your friend, he neither wishes you enter as they are neither going in themselves into paradise. Neither go in neither suffer those who are entering to go in either, (into paradise).

Just as so the biggest bastard in the world, has drawn a card which states either you should die or the world’s people die, and he thinks God is trying to sacrifice him, so instead chooses to sacrifice the people of earth, through guns and military, look where they have bases, all around the world, Australia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Britain, Europe, America, why do we need people in uniforms and holding guns to force us to surrender our love of God and instead become demonic and evil. Because the power of the gun, is one of becoming demonic and evil, not being worshippers of God and righteous.

Love of God or enemies of military

[ Posted Thu, 21 Apr 2011 00:07:57 ]

They wish to steal the two horns, if they are willing to use weather weapons and untold levels of misery then they can become overt and start to cull the world population through guns and military.

What will you do if the military turns against you. If they willingly start killing people then what will you think of the police state, it takes one command from that biggest vastard ever Charles and they start to cull. Look i dont ask the world to join me, but if any Muslim has waken to the love of God then he will join ne as we march on London, rest of them and keep telling me you and your Lord fight, but when they start being mass slaughtered. By the pig skin then dont ask for someone to help you, you waste of time disbelievers. They wanna be the two horns whereas they are enemies of children of Adam and try to force themselves a wanking status, whereas those who bear witness LA ELLAHA ELLA ALLAH, are blessed thankful and destined to win.

India come home

[ Posted Wed, 20 Apr 2011 21:37:04 ]

Well India had to leave its frontiers, and find happiness it so wished and once it found it the spell was broken, India was no longer badwaee, and my wife was given all the affection of a human soul forever and she was saved from hell. India is the broken promise which only those who will to see themselves find themselves saying strange things instead of what they intended. Insha Allah the curse that India is badwaa’d will not last forever, and something so innocent and cherishable will come from all the sorrow it felt when it tried but could not break the spell it was under, insha Allah India would be the first to accept Muslim truth, and the last to ask as they feel stigmatised by the poverty, but great is their akl and beautiful is their name and happy is their longing for freedom. Peace be upon me the day I was born, the day I die, the day I get resurrected. You know who said that in the Quran, Esa, and it was said also for Yahya.


India is unique, it has character and beautiful land and amazing character. All I pray for is people find happiness and are not enslaved to becoming demon worshippers, nor forsake the religion of Abraham due to their petty influence in pride.

India come home. We come to you India, rather than those jealous wealthy aristocratic Zionist illusionist illuministas and faggot controllers of the monarchs and those who think they can buy time, and no other aspect of their so called democracy does anything, other than for wankers to take the time as granted for so long, and never in relation to the need of the time, instead bastards think they should work along their time schedule no matter what episode or what eventuality and what circumstances are, and you hear these Mason democratic rich wankers say, ’ was it so much time’ or ’ I was there for so many years, I took so much time’,

Smooth operator

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We need tour operators, which include drivers, and foot march soldiers who can get petrol from nearby petrol stations, while we wait, we might need some women to help with sewing and cooking. I can’t offer you anyone other than my family, but it will be a mission getting them to come, without causing too much problems, and think they want to, instead of do they really have to. Insha Allah if we tell them we’ll be going to Makkah by bus, and that there are some stars like Sharukh Khan and whoever also going, it will be good. Do you think we need people to fetch petrol? As it can be kinda volatile place to be waiting can a petrol station, though I think they’ll have some sort of safety precaution. Insha Allah, my Lord, help us, and guide us to the right path, and make this a fruitful venture in Your name and to seek God’s glory, and to grant us life rather than an employment, and help us against the sneaky whisperers, and those ideas which try to lead you astray. Forgive us, and protect us from sinning until it is too late to repent.

India gets cursed all the time, yeah I know it.

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Notes on my phone:

‘You shouldn’ t think too hard,’ From a China man.

And another which I think is known by everyone, but said in the native Indian tongue, they will all know it, as though it is part of them soul.

‘India ki badwaa thaynay raynay..pattah vai.’

India gets cursed all the time, I know it.

It’s hard to have a meaningful relationship while they fool you with poison and make you take it as long you breathe, so that they can keep trying to build you up for mass culling instead, especially as you have no memory, because the part which stores information seems full of something, which doesn’t allow you to remember. Whereas my wife, she can hold grudges and shake me off, and cry a tear, or speak her mind, and all I can do is laugh it off, as I do not have the memory to actually deal with her characteristics.

I heard a song today,

Everything changes, nothing stays the same, no one can extinguish this eternal hallow flame.

Winners or wankers

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Tell you a story of my stay in Asia, in 2002, I thought it as hell, when I got back, but this was first time since childhood going to Pakistan at an adult age, I loved it when I was a kid, jumping into hay piles, thinking the masjid steeple was very high, to a child it felt impossible to reach such heights. When I got back in 2003, I was 23, it was a culture shock, how people could live without running water or electricity, however I could now go back and really like it, though the first impression wasn’t great, you feel a sense of acceptance than always trying to compare it to the West, and the people are great, may God bless them, and to be charitable and to be righteous, insha Allah, for we all heard of those who loot others property so people end up thinking it’s a dog eat dog, whereas my family from Kashmir, who were Raaj Putt, were known to be charitable, and even would always have a community responsibility, and never take advantage of people’s debts or what they owed, they kept their word when it came to debts, and never tried to become arrogant, as my grandmother used to tell me. They became well-respected once they did this, it is all good and well being landdowners, it is a position of wealth, however it is still very difficult compared to the developed world, and by settling into Britain, or moving out of Kashmir into the West, we have allowed ourselves the ability to be granted great fortune and happiness. I hope what I said previously, was not some sort of badwa, and the UK people know the competitiveness of the Indian people, who always attach to the Lord, and always try to redeem rather than neglect their souls, and are more better at keeping home an environment where their families do not need to have too many tensions and arguments. Masha Allah the East is full of wonder, not just in Pakistan, but in Syria too, you are rewarded for whatever charity you give, it’s like a tree growing in the sunlight, as it grows, it shoots out in different directions, creeping further into the space, it’s rule is to reep, and pay its dues, and to give back what it was inherently supposed to.

Charity of usuryPatience or impatienceReap multitude of reward or acquire a short gainWork to reap, or plunder to destroyCharity and brotherhood or dog eat dog and enemiesWinners or wankersRaaj Putt or the British monarchyRaaj Putt or the wankers paradiseRaaj Putt or the colonialists cullers of the world population

Wicked Witch

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Now I know why Indians are so poor, cos when you give them the right to money, instead of thinking of spending it in the right way, they try to save it, they wish to be in control, when they ask for a glass of water, they take a sip, and leave it, because its not cold enough, sorry if the temperature of the water has to be a certain Fahrenheit for your liking. They always looking for probabilities that they are right, in case of danger and of unforeseeable dangers, I should just go on a spending spree, spend all the money, though she took a big chunk out in cash today, the rest I should spend, and if she opens her gob about what I’m upto, I tell its over, she can fuck off. Then we’ll see who has the despicable Hindu in them, and who is a naik Muslim. Wicked idol worshippers and righteous submitters. She’s a witch. She got no soul. She can go to hell.


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Shout it out from the rooftop


Shout it out


Well some might say it’s time we made the stars shine for one last time

Some will say o stars do you wanna kill your friends or see them happily living again

It’s up to you, since you were able to go to all the places on earth

To carry on, rather than set a new level of thought

To continue with everything, rather than change the status quo

We’ll see the people say it was a lie out of necessity

It was a freedom from betrayal

It was the dumbness to avoid Satan’s illusions which though felt awkward for me it was the Lord’s will to make me one of those blessed with knowledge

Some people already have the knowledge

But in search of something new

They end up selling their souls

Some do not possess any knowledge

And take everything as being new

And they will to redeem their souls

Some sell the Lord’s word for a miserable price

Some bargain with their souls, because they cannot face the fear of their own worst thoughts. Pakistanis cannot face the thought of uncleanliness, since they have set up the Prophet as an idol. Some say well you were saying you were waiting for the Mehdi or the promised Messiah, when that Ghulam Ahmad Qadyani, said I am both, then why did you not accept him, if you believe in Hadiths, isn’t he an answer to your prayers, or does he not fit the bill enough.

Where I stand with the Submitters, who argue that the Quran is God’s word, and we should take any other source for religious guidance, the morals and the character themes and the commandments, become emmersed inside your soul, as you devote to its reading, and that is the meaning of the word Quran, the Reading, to emmerse your soul, into its ethos and criterion and always observe its ideas and themes. We should not take other sources as religous guidance other than the Quran. There is a question of accident and miracle, whether what we witness was the result of an accident or whether it was miracle. Those who chose the Hadith as accident found the fallacy of their narratives, the many erroneous ideas borrowed from the Quran, and to create another source along side the Quran, whereas others saw it as miraculous, and elevated it to the rank of the word of God. It was a test. It can be seen as a test. How did the recorders of the Quran, know when a verse was complete and when a new verse was been revealed, after all, there recitation does not cater for the fact there are 6346 verses in the Quran, which is 19x 334. also if you add the individual numbers 6+3+4+6= 19, there are 114 suras in the Quran, which 19x6. The opening verse besmalah has 19 letters. The first revelation consisted of 19 verses, which is the first chapter chronologically which appears 19 suras before the end of the Quran.

What a horrendous lie these Muslims have pepretated by calling the Prophet unlettered, some say it was a means of necessity, others say they were trying to prove God a liar, by refuting the opening statement which literally translates, this is the book, in it there is no doubt. Which Rashad translated as ‘this is an infallible scripture. See the strength of their lie was not even that strong in the end, it was so feeble it did not even match the truth, God’s final Prophet Muhammad’s number 2, who was seperated by 1400 years, a martyr called Rashad Khalifa, who is codified within the Quran, who was given a sign by God in the discovery of the mathematical code of the Quran. Were the early recorders aware of this.

Let me explain to you your situation:

[40:83] When their messengers went to them with clear proofs, they rejoiced in the knowledge they had inherited, and the very things they ridiculed were the cause of their fall.

[40:84] Subsequently, when they saw our retribution they said, “Now we believe in GOD ALONE, and we now disbelieve in the idol worship that we used to practice.”

They readily never pay any notice to the news, signs and clear proofs messengers show them, and instead stick to the knowledge they already have.

The Quran is such, it leads and it sends astray, some are guided by its words, some fall into the criticism side.

[3:7] He sent down to you this scripture, containing straightforward verses - which constitute the essence of the scripture - as well as multiple-meaning or allegorical verses. Those who harbor doubts in their hearts will pursue the multiple-meaning verses to create confusion, and to extricate a certain meaning. None knows the true meaning thereof except GOD and those well founded in knowledge. They say, “We believe in this - all of it comes from our Lord.” Only those who possess intelligence will take heed.

I knew I was a messenger, and just wrote the things which were solid proofs and reasons, as well as outline the reason why I’m here, due to the evil Masonic agenda to cull the world population, now I know I’m a messenger of the Quran, who is mentioned in the Quran, as Zulqarnain, insha Allah.

The Quran talks to you, and God controls the minds and hearts, pray ‘my Lord grant me knowledge’, ‘rabe zidne ilma’. It it to fool or to gain knowledge, to see the illusion or to believe in the unseen, it is to be proud or to be humble. Warriors or submitters. Arrogant or humble.

I bought another portable collapsible projector screen, the previous one was 32inch, and is quite bulky, and this ones 22inch, and is much smaller and compact, I dare say the mini projectors are said to be able to fetch a screen about 50inches, but the lumens diminish the further away you place it, knowing what quality to expect from a short throw projector I previously had, which was quite amazing quality, whereas the mini ones would struggle to make a screen around 20 inches or more without looking hard to see. i think it will be good to just capture some movies, on the road, and show them to people, especially if Coldplay are performing, or so many stars to catch up with, insha Allah. I thought I had plenty of memory cards, now knowing an average photo is around 2mb in size, which means about 500 pics in a gigabyte, well I got about 130 gb of sd cards, various sizes. Haven’t bothered with an SD card reader for the iPhone, maybe if Easter Sunday, is not the time, when ‘he could have found me, if he wanted, wouldn’t even have to try, saved me if he longed it, you didn’t wanna see me by, you were getting high?’

Just saw Donald Sutherland

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Outside my window, or someone who looks like him, well dressed, well groomed, and looking like a star, he walked passed my house, and I kept it quiet, but we share the same brithday, on the 11th of November, if I could move fast, I may have gone to call him for a cup of tea…

The role of Pope, in seeing God for the heathens

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You know what’s pissing them off, is how we don’t need the likes of the Pope, who thinks God is an old man, and so plays the similar role, just for the heathens to feel satisfied they can see him. This is where the Pope feels a lot anger towards the Muslim faith, and Muhammad in particular, because whereas they try to particularise the focus of devotion, we know the whole is good, and God is everywhere so is eternal not fixed in space, here so is Omnipotent, and there for the faithful, who do not despair of the Lord’s mercy. They have these huge piece on the material earth, which they think is so big that it will lead to the greatest to fall into its shadow, that is the piece of the Pope, an idolotrous position, of forgiveness and heaven on earth, and a symbol of God’s Unity placed in a shallow white man, who has no need to accept the truth behind the nothingness of death concerning Jesus’ crucifixion, and for any intelligent discerning reader, the Gospel will allow to expose their secret, which meant the crucifixion was nothing, as Jesus has parted, but they gave the opposite account instead, which meant he came back from the dead.

Like I said the Old Testament, shows the everything in life, the New Testament shows the nothing of death, and the Final Testament the eternal resurrection.

Why is there no account of Jesus’ pain on the cross, he barely took it all, did he, without a scream of pain or agonising pain, hmm. Looks like the Church is full of shit, when it comes to actually disclosing whether it was nothing or was pain nothing, or was death nothing. What they tried to achieve by crucifying Jesus was to show they were able to inflict terrible pain upon God’s chosen servants, without God knowing any possible retaliation, whereas we know the nothing of death, was symbolised by the Quran which states, ‘they slew him not, nor crucified him, but it was made to appear that they did. All factions in this who are disputing are full of conjecture.’

They wanna say why can’t we see God, so place the Pope in the position of God, and think when they see him, and title him with Holiness, and such, they are able to see God.

To know God, through His prophecies of the mind

To observe God, through His miracles of the body

To learn the Truth, through His mathematics of the soul

Signs, miracles, mathematics.

Faith, belief, devotion.

The Christians know full well the reason behind the lies, is it a means of necessity or to fool people into becoming enemies instead of worshippers of God alone. Was the Trinitarian doctrine, a means of necessity or a fooling of the people to come, was it a blasphemy or a lie out of necessity. Just as Gospel accounts portray a story of conquering death, rather than being dead before crucified. The Quran tells us the Trinity is a false doctrine, and we should not say three but one God. Also concerning the begotten son, we are told it is a blasphemy.

The challenge of happiness is such, how far must we venture to out do the nulls of those who wished to challenge the truth in the finality of Prophethood which was Muhammad, the divinely preserved record of God’s servants, immortalised by an immense mathematical code. Peace be upon me, the day I was born, the day I die, the day I get resurrected.

We say God is there, for the faithful

God is here, for the believers

God is everywhere, for the devout

There is a test of light and darkness

There is a question of good and evil

There is a competition of right and wrong

And here I would like to add the fourth, today is the 19/4/2011, 5 days before Easter Sunday, the fourth is:

A challenge of happiness and sorrow

I used to sometimes think whether competition and challenge were similar, but now I see challenge in relation to happiness.

The Old Testament concerns everything in life, whereas the New concerns the nothing of death, and the Final the eternal resurrection.

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Now I know how to calculate the time, insha Allah, I’ll know the goes from east to south to west, where I live, I think this is the case for everywhere on earth, though it may be different if you are in the West or East. I know that the sun declines in the West, I know at what point the sun is to read the noon prayer, also can gather a little about when it is time for the afternoon prayer, hmm, all you need to do is find where the sun rises from and have an idea of where it sets. Also astronomically what does it signify if the sun rises from the East, that the earth is spinning on its axis, or that the sun is going round the planets somehow„ hmm, if the sun rises from the East, it suggest the earth is spinning, however it does seem like a new thought, to stop the sun, make the earth spin, and reverse the moon, as some Christians have commented. The only question I have is if the solar system is as it is , with the sun at the center with 9 planets orbitting it, and the earth is the third stone satellite, then yes I do not see how the sun could be orbitting the earth in this case, and we all know the ancients had knowledge of the planets too, so this cannot be rejected. Rashad Khalifa accepted these proposals in science, which certain Christian commentators such as thefixedearth.com, disagree and think is part of a greater conspiracy concerning evolution.

Now evolution aspect is also found in the Bible, what else is the meaning of describing Ishmael the older brother of Isaac, as being hairy, or Esau the twin brother Jacob, whom Jacob takes his birthright, by placing a pole with sheep’s wool, to fool Isaac that he was Esau and not Jacob. Jesus even calls himself Son of Man, is this the opposite of son of monkey. A redeem soul is a son of man, whereas a neglected soul is son of monkey. The Old Testament concerns everything in life, whereas the New concerns the nothing of death, and the Final the eternal resurrection. Those are the three themes, a test of light and darkness, a question of good and evil, and a competition of right and wrong.

Though I suspect the police and schools, as being a place of social engineering, the fact peple historically have dealt with the same fooling rather than gained knowledge, shows schools are not the only place where this occurs, it is a fact of life, though I feel at school, the Church professes its fooling policy more so to turn young children who have a loving heart, into demon worshippers. The arrogance of people’s statements, doesn’t show a higher intellect, it shows the depravity and the neglect of their souls, and anyhow God controls the minds and hearts, and those who are submitting to God, will find their illusions and their self-righteousness are basically without power, and nor are God’s servants forsaken.

A glimpse of the times


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Do you feel strength, how many atoms and energy and thought and action, went into my fingers to type these words, look at the various living creatures all who share one main characteristic they all need air to live, if you place a glass of a shoot of a plant, just a seedling, it will die, just as you would if the air is taken away from any living creature in the animal kingdom, they’d not live. Strength is limitless, an ant can lift so much more than its own body weight, size is limitless too, the fact the earth is orbitting the sun, and so is the moon orbitting the earth, and the sun also in its own orbit, how is this movement possible if strength was limited, there must be a direction to all activity there can not be an-intentional thought with actions that do not reach a result. Even though strength is limitless, it is converged on many aspects, health for one, destiny and circumstance, love and hatred of all that is. The schooling I had try to hide the aspect of life where we witness God’s marvels, and I guess the best words to describe what I’m trying to say are best said in Sura Rahman, ‘Fabai aiya aalaa rabi kuma thu kazibaan.’ Which of the marvels of your Lord can you deny.

The sun rises from the East, Makkah is about South East direction in Bradford and UK, the sun is at its heighest at the front of the house, and sets behind the Church to the right of the front of the house if your looking out of my window, on the first floor facing the front. Gives me a perspective on things, and a direction to focus. I face the direction of Victor Street Mosque, a few streets from my house, and where my Dad is President and in charge of.

I don’t feel strength, something the first born feels, who always shows he can lock horns with most for mating rights, though he is a winner, he needs to be sacrificed, to allow flexibility in genetics. I wanna feel the strength of an angel, that’s what possess strength, then I’ll show these people who think power lies in guns, strength to show them everything is nothing.

To lift up and down, to carry left and right, to hold forward or backwards,

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Writing a few songs, as a retaliation to the sell out of the Kings of Wanksters American stars, This ones called ’ Never a sell out King’.

We were born with an innate knowledge

To be born with the ability to think rationally

Never to see the thoughts of ancestors being sold out

To sell your souls for a miserable price

To add up the illusions by the devil and despair of the Lord’s mercy

~Never a sell out King

Only the joy to bring

Filled with happy eternality

And songs to free

Never a sell out King

With acts so depraved leading to the back alley minds twisted abhorrance of wicked pig

Never a sell out King

Just the happy eternal life to come and sing

People got me twisted

It isn’t a test of forward and backwards

It isn’t a question of up and down

Or a competition of right and left

If it’s a question of good and evil, shouldn’t it be right and left

When it’s a test of light and darkness, shouldn;t it be up and down

So it’s a competition of right and wrong, isn’t it forward and backwards


(Sleepless wonderful death)

Got my sixty dollar bag in the corner of my room

Should see it bringing full love to come

Send me high on my amla

To forget the sorrowful songs of wonder

Come on I gotta tell you what a state I’m in

To be free of the fun loving Easter Sunday

Let me see you dance for a pleasure of Easter break

To see the beautiful shades of brown flicker in the horizon

To lift up and down, to carry left and right, to hold forward or backwards, is there a a hard as rock, or as easy as 123, is there a pressure of saying the right or wrong, or the weight of seeing the good and evil, or the size of the listening to the light and darkness.

Depraved by the Shaytaan’s continous will to lead us into dirty, disgusting acts against ourselves

Until we resemble their contorted faces when we start to grin and laugh

Everyday they looking for ways to make me sin

But I’m no longer a child, and they have not found me dumb to their suggestions

Like a 3 year old , going to an archaic institute teaching them ABC, whilst all the insinuations are to make them into demon worshippers. And if you are the patient one, then they’ll try and cause you to become depraved instead or something like emotionally scarred for life. But those who do not despair of the Lord’s mercy, seek wisdom in life, life teaches wisdom, and the mercy of God encompasses all things. They watch too much television, which only shows the devil’s argument, to despair of God’s mercy, and the endless of possibilities of fearful action, leading to sheeple instead of son of man, leads to terrorism instead of son of monkey.

The Shaytaan’s try to fool ya

To do things which you think you are in control

They always say mean things, and try to create animosity between you and your brothers

You see these Paks, really pissed off, when they hear of the Masonic bastard talk, feels like making you swear at them, the losers of the wicked transgressing type.

So go ahead Kings of Wankster America,

Show your depravity, and your told sold out bastard scumbag stains

On your soul

Liam’s told ya you sold out, Liam’s a never sell out King.

Satanists bastards, depraved wanksters, sold out losers.

Like an archaic school and the 3 year olds, expecting something new, never the same fooling and schooling, every year.

Is there a rock that God could not carry?

Not the question

Proper question,

Could God create a rock He could not carry.?

Ask The Gnat.

Question is, do you feel lucky, well do ya punk?

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Clint Eastwood.

Making Trade Fair Or Economic Justice

[ Posted Sun, 17 Apr 2011 22:19:00 ]

If I get a pair of maharishi sno pants for £3, even though they might be used, I’ll think lucky me, if I get a bag for a fiver I’d think lucky me. If I shag a white prostitute, playing the illusion of fairness I’d not think about making trade fair, I’d think about how lucky I was, to get her for a tenner, and being on ecstasy well I made she went back to her broken down derelict house she showed me she was staying in with a cramp.

The problem doesn’t arise in making trade fair, it’s the fucking economy, why some countries have the right to produce all kinds of things, cos they are losers of the Church of England, or not part of the Masonic elitist driven bastard economy, and will have to live on the produce of the earth, and can never earn enough to start a trade, other than from the produce of the earth. Now that’s where I’m coming from, not like these rich twats like Coldplay, and Chris Martin, with his tattoo on his hand, saying ‘make trade fair’, fuck that, make the economy fair, why does the pound or the dollar or the euro buy you more than any where else. Where’s the justice in that. And they have the right to incur debts in trillions, how much does Britain owe, those capitalist banks who think they own the planet, something like 400 trillion pounds, fuck trying to pay it back, it is impossible. But now you know the two sides, the faggots of the estate who end up the best they can do in the army, and those who never sell themselves to the wankers of the world, Church of England sold out bastards,end up living on the produce of the earth.

She was probably a cop woman, trying to make me add up mason style, or it was a request by Satan. Illusions not reality. Why do the Church and the Masons always call Islam a violent religion, only because it always kills off the 666, and they don’t like that, why was there a pre-emptive strike against Iraq, because these masons are trying to arrest through demonic worship, the already written destiny on earth. And that bastard Charles will die at my hands.

Some people these days, go to the top stores, buy something, and later sell it on ebay for a fraction they paid for it.Why? Cos they worship money, and to them it is about fair, not about justice.

How come Britain can borrow so much and so can USA, when they don’t do anything with it, never given a dime to the needy, other than through incentives and reasons behind it. We come from a different world, about justice, they come from a different world, about fairness, cos they don’t think they showed save themselves from the terrible retribution, they got Jesus for that.

One with the flag

[ Posted Sun, 17 Apr 2011 14:56:33 ]

In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

I never felt the need to start with these words, as much as today, knowing there are the waswasay of demons or devils, who will try to control my thoughts and actions. I went for the past nine years without starting a piece with those words, but lately I am having to seek refuge in God from Satan the rejected. Mean whispers, and mean thoughts of jealousy, or provacations with their own illusive minds of what we should expect as though they hold the keys to happiness and success, when we know they only fool people into idolising besides God powerless idols, and to associate partners onto Him, and by believing God advocates sin. No one should have to carry the burden of the whole world, yet they place their faith in the crucifixion, that he died for the sins of mankind, so when they inherently begin culling the world population,will that to be added to the bill, which Jesus will carry in the Day of Judgment? If people demand equal rights to everything on earth, and not subservient to the whims of the elite social strata whereby people assume they are gods rather than people, and not having to pay eternally to those who establish certain pipelines and waterways, and build nucleur stations and transport certain commodities, nor to survive, you should reap what you sow, and sometimes the unfairness of extracting profit from establishing the ability to access God’s gifts, is barbaric and unprincipled, leading to extortionate amounts of wealth held by water companies, gas companies, and electricity companies, and those oil shiekhs. Those who established this broken into pieces, and created a chaos in the world, whereby the cull of the world seems like the only way to curb the violence, we will know those bastard monarchs, represent everything that has occurred in the past several centuries. Wankers use several, when they don’t want to count, wankers, can see they are the instruments of evil, there will be no borders, other than natural borders, Arabia, should not be broken into small sets of states, it should be a unified whole, but these bastard have made sure, the initial wound, of these bastards who come and bring evil, and cause suffering, we will see who are the victorios in the end, those who are immortalised in the Quran, or those who wrote the Bill of Rights, and the American Constitution, and drew up the borders of the Middle East, only to say this area will not know peace. A psychiatric regime, of the Western world, bastard, biggest bastard ever is Charles, and his bitch mother will be crucified, if we don’t get to overthrow them, insha Allah, the Lord witnessed all things, and knows their innermost thoughts and what they share among their elite two faced Jews and Christian enemies of the word.

All we need is to raise the banner, get a few of those stars to come to my town, in a seventies bus, with two entries, like they did when they used to have conductors, and bang the drums in London, and once it’s in their eyes, then they’ll feel just like that fly in a sink, stung by liquid soap, and then washed down a sink, they’ll feel stung, BASTARD MASONS. Need some one like Coldplay, Liam the never sell out King, Radiohead with their OK Computer and Exit (music for a movie), and the Stone Roses, and Reni to bang the drums in London, God willing this will be the case, or else why else did Bob Marley title an album, Babylon by Bus, and why else did Oasis sing ‘Get on the bus.’ And Ian Brown, in deep pile dream, ‘I only ever wanted the one flag, but all you ever wanted was the one with the flag, and a cheap limousine and deep pile dream on the highway.’

I had a flag in 2007, but only now has it become known to me that I am Zulqarnain, who will travel the four corners of the earth. From Brazil to Japan, don’t fancy going into the barren lands of Russia, and Alaska to New Zealand, you know the center of the earth has been calculated as Makkah, based upon the golden ratio.


Golden ratio & GOD’s 19 signature from submitmj on Vimeo.

Cat Attack

[ Posted Sun, 17 Apr 2011 12:48:16 ]

It may look a million dollars, but it doesn’t offer you something new,

It may seem hard as rock, doesn’t mean they are not exploiting weakness

To kill off the youthful colours, and place a greyness, only come back and take your colours instead

Because women laugh at you, because women try to vie over who is their best match rather than stick with what they got, because women only look at material success and not the heart or soul of the person.

Even Peter Fonda was wearing see through yellow shades, and you paid your brothers whole week wage on a pair of Gucci shades with a blue lens, only for the bullshit bitch of the Western white race called Catherine Attack, to laugh at you. Since then I changed my colours, but clothes then were full of bizarre fashion of the eighties, but I was still wishing it was the sixties.

We’re gonna party until the end of timeWe got two hundred years, all we’re gonna do is partyGet rid of the burden of debt, cancel all debtAnd get rid of money, we don’t need it

Instead of money - kindnessInstead of usury - charityInstead of capitalism - commerce

Those sold out wankers in the WhitehouseThose evil Masons in the ParlaimentThose wicked transgressors heads of Church of England

Who never submitted to GodWho never repented their sinsInstead arrested the people of the worldTreating them as though they are the madly insaneGiving them conditions and bribing their integrityWith little gesturesAs though they will readily take them onIt only fuels their anger and their hatred for these corrupt leadersThe world has been placed under a psychiatric regimeBut my words are like a fly with soap in its eyesAs it turns a different colour,To flush it down the sinkBastards, time and place for everything

And these girls think I’m something they can play their lifelong ambitions to be with, waving their phones, trying to provoke me to react, cos when I’m wearing Saj’s stuff, then I kill everyone off. Rayban with gold trims, like a wasp shade, girls just get to attracted, but their illusions, and their games, shows they are too much into television, which has hypnotised their minds.

Maybe it’s too loud, but I’m getting the feeling, nothing is like it seems, everything comes from God, but they try and cause an addiction, and suffering of most for the sake of a few. When they know they have bigger problems, they instead cause suffering of people who are innocent. Just as they wished heaven on earth, with Ali as the number 2 to Muhammad, so was Iraq on the verge of becoming heaven, but the jealous bastard destroyed it. Where Ali is buried. Should call it Ali’s country. He was martyred, showing the afterlife is the jannat not on earth. Earth is a place of redemption or neglect, saving or forsaken, loving or hating. Satan’s allies destroyed it. Armageddon is it? Not a peep from the Western leaders, who are left feeling fearful of the words of no mercy as they realise their destiny is the lowliest, whilst they tried to buy a position of authority and heirarchical position with their drunken lies and wishful bullshit.

This Morning

[ Posted Sun, 17 Apr 2011 06:24:12 ]

You know lived in this neighbourhood for 31 years, all my life, still haven’t taken many shots of my stay here, thought I’d start of with a shot of Sunrise, as the birds were chirping and singing, the blackbird singing don’t worry, everything’s gonna be alright, 3 blackbirds. You know, so what I don’t get the precision of the eyesight which you get from a DSLR, nor the exact viewpoint, I still can mess around with them as much as I like, without even going through the effort of messing with millions of tools on one of those huge programs for the PC. Though I got to admit, for simple photography these apps are great but for design work then you’ll need to use the trading standard software, which has been overused throughout the world, and is so over used that people are fed up with photoshop, something you designed in captions app, seems more happier than the grand scale design work of photoshop. Simple is how its meant to be.

This one was messed about with vibrant effect

Now I know which sides east. To the right of this picture.

This one was just added a bit of clarity

This is what it looks with HDR

By all means necessary

[ Posted Sat, 16 Apr 2011 20:36:38 ]

Well getting mail frightening stuff, from debt collectors, first default, maybe will escalate to a county court judgement, or even bankruptcy, who cares like my brother tells me something like, how does it go again, ‘trying to get blood out of a stone’. I think it means trying to get money out of someone who is skint. If my life is for rent…Got this wonderful bag from ebay store, a holdall with a long strap, as well as two small straps and also a belt strap to fit over the zip, hmm, for a fiver, though it says on the plastic covering not for sale. It seems like a roadway item, something you would see on the catwalk, it’s by Elizabeth Arden, and it is quite unisex, would have loved it if it was more durable, we’ll see how long it lasts. It will be good for my herbal stuff and all my toiletries, I think, though I think if anything happens to the little green bag, this one will do. I’m getting scared, they ringing everyday about ten times, asking for me, and I got loads of goodies packed, and I think they’ll suss it if more stuff comes, and there’s nothing showing for it in my room. It’s got her name on it, could easily be markered off, though it will lose its appeal. I see now, how much it costs to manufacture great items, and how much it used to cost on the shops to purchase them, so many people in this business hard to make a name and any money from the items, no matter how beautiful.

I thought it might not have a long strap, but finding it tucked inside the bag, was very happy man, too much shopping, makes Kash look like Superman. They gonna be paki bashing, and the Kash is gonna be throaring the gate of Buckingam into the Thames, they will try to stop Pakis mating, and marrying every summer, whereas Kash will be throaring the green bitch with the scales in a hand, into the bottom of the sea, with her head popping out, hopefully.


“Chime sing Sunday mornToday’s the day she sworeTo steal what she could never ownAnd race from this hole she calls home

She’ll carry on through it all She’s a waterfall”-The Stone Roses

Jack Nicholson has a weird story to tell, especially starting on the highway in Easy Rider, just to see the wide open road, I used to say when I was a teen, at school, one day I’m gonna do Easy Rider through the US, and I would always like to have those Peter Fonda shades, I remember in Showcase cinema, before the huge complexes were built, in Leeds, used to have a huge picture of Easy Rider, on their bikes. I think it really glamourised motorbikes. Never pictured the road, like they did in Easy Rider, and it is possible, like the statement Fonda makes which appeared on the Primal Scream song, Loaded, ’ We wanna be free, free to do what we wanna do, and we wanna get loaded,’ You see these Masonic elite, listen to these words, and treat as though it is all hedonistic pleasure seeking, or partying or something which is necessary to say, because my air is not in it. Just as they read the words to ‘In the year 2525’ a sixties song, which Ian Brown, captured really well, and probably doesn’t have to pay anyone to use, as it is probably out of copyright, great song, but gives the impression there are thousands and thousands of years still to come. Then Jack, played the part, which no one else could, side by side with the Chief, and sometimes I think if I get detained again, my just gonna stop speaking, because they just touchy and snappy and demon worshippers, they only react to certain behaviour and breed it so they can use their full measures and powers in total destruction of people’s minds, but when something beautiful emerges, they simply ignore it, and never allow anyone the right to say what it is they observed instead they keep it to themselves. Sometimes, it is betrayel if they did, sometimes it is gloating at misfortune if they don’t. Like the seducer of Joseph, when the King after Joseph is released, I think he was 30, I’m sure it is or 31, which is my age at present, I remember reading this when I was 30, and the woman tells them, ‘we did not know any sin on his part, only we did not wish to betray him.’ Or something to that effect in the Quran. Insha Allah people will try to read the Quran, as much as possible, some look for buzz words, so if you are thinking of betrayel, you’ll remember it appeared in relation to Joseph’s imprisonment. What else did Jack play, many roles, he’s famous for, as though it was meant to be especially from where he started and where it took him, he alone knows if there is any truth in his lifetimes’ work, or die trying to hide it from prying eyes. Same with De Niro, or Al Pacino, or Depp, or Keanu or Cruise, sorry there’s been many great actors all with their journeys through certain questions and answers. A lot of it seemed Dajjalic, or always making the Americans hate commies, or hate something or the other. God’s knowledge encompasses all things. To hate the natural law of the cycle of the eco system which places man as reaper of the world’s produce, they think this destructive, God sends down everything precisely measured, whether we save some here, or there, when we have dues, it is recuperated one way or the other.

If we kill the Charles bastard, then we will have no dues, if we let him live, he will take us to account and kill us off and say pay your dues, look at that ticking counter in America telling them how much debt they are under. Again it is the eyes behind the iron curtain, and you’ll know it is those treaky sneaky bastard Free Masons are worshipping, those devils and those Jewish illuminati. When they were known as Children of Israel, some of their deeds were easily excusable, knowing those who were in the Quran were immortalised, they rather say he copied it from the Old, or such, it is a means of necessity, at the same time, it is a test, those who lovingly leave them in peace, and send peace be upon you, or those who go out and start transgressing against them. The Old Testament, was about everything in life, about wolves, and sheep, about 1 and 2, about forward and backwards, I mean Sodomites back bastards, even in America the turning into gays, is some sort of means of necessity, due to every situations that arise. We can all feel that bastard of self righteousness which Charles the 666 devil, will try to show us, but we know by all means necessary, and do not hold on to pre conditions to vie over better or worse. I saw people in photographs at the last Submitters Coference in very gay attitude and pictures, so I guess it is just a means of necessity rather than a free will choice. Just as those in my family home, do not pray 5 times a day, but on occasion when it is Ramadan they fast, and read the odd pray too, and they go on pilgrimage, so submission to God, is all that is required, and your deeds are only recorded by the two witnesses one on each shoulder, “for everything a reason, for everyman a religion, freeing excellence affects reality.” Fear, something which writing can do, and if you wish to talk to own self, start by writing, a child imagination only wakens if he begins writing, or reading they say, but actual writing, too, otherwise it is quite dull.

Satan's allies or Satan's rejectors

[ Posted Sat, 16 Apr 2011 16:56:53 ]

Who are the sovereigns, they try to dispell all arguments of their true agenda by saying they are the sovereigns of this country. when it has been emulated throughout the world, this argument has led to countless suffering, because they decided to not get rid of this bullshit monarchy, who are as the Church of England tell us only the sovereigns of this country. But in reality they assume the rank of soveriegns, and in the end you’ll know the meaning of allies, which means Satan’s allies, and also how this sovereign will kill off the human race. Due to their lack of will to remove this vestige of alienation and hatred, they instead reduce its roles, rather than kill it off, they allow it continue to thrive and dispel their true vestige interest to destroy the human race, out of envy, greed, hatred, lust, malice and pride. That is their role in life, to see if they can destroy the human race, rather than to see it reach such a level which they cannot control or hold grasp of, reduction does not allow people the equality of rights and the truth of true sovereign, to whom belongs the earth. Instead these Masons choose to indulge and satisfy their hatred for everything which proves God’s Omniscience, Omnipotence and Omnipresence, and they are only trying to teach people the hard as rock rather than the easy as 123.


When for all its worth you are doomed by your lies and crimes, then what would you do, rather than repent, you’d make us repent to you, rather than a heart filled with pain, you’ll cause others to have miserable painful existence, rather than denounce you’d advocate. You do not wish to repent to God, when God is everywhere, closer to you than your jugular vein, nor is their any redemption in sticking your teeth into the forbidden fruits, and sucking its juices until it’s finished then starting on another. Transgressors only lead to satisfying their sins rather than redeeming their souls.

New band starts soon, with the name , The Souls, you know what these people think, they think if they suffer then God will have mercy upon them, so they readily throw themselves into hell, expecting God to rescue them, out of their position. And then they’ll argue God we were told no one possesses power except you, but you did not do anything when we threw ourselves into the hellfire. My imagination tells me such, it is their argument many a time. If there are so many still borns’ every day then how many are being born everyday. Statistics are drawn to allow them the ability to continue propagating a lack of trust and instead trying to reach happiness through science and technology not through the air which gives us life, the water through which we find strength, the food with which we survive. The most disgusting food was school dinners, and the most tastiest food was from India. You see those who go on pilgrimage, I went around hundred times in the blistering sun, when it isn’t the quantity not the exercise, it is the mathematics of the soul, the truth of devotion, they earning sins not blessings, they are listening to ulema who only wish to stagnate and occupy your mind with wishful, horrendous evil twisted messages about how they are emulating God’s messenger, when they do not even know him, now will they ever be able to distinguish him from most.

They think they are the head of the Church of England, when the Church of England thinks they are the kings of the world.They pretend they are only sovereigns of this country, when they assume, the title Royals of Britain, not England, and Britain tried to achieve hegemony and total control of the world’s land and seas, why? Because they wish to say they are enemies and friends, demon worshippers not worshippers of God, Satan’s allies not Satan’s rejectors.

I was born on 11/11, that’s not an accident, he used to say whenever I said, that was an accident, he’d respond, yeah so were you, what an accident you were. Or a mistake. He’s always waiting for me to get very opposite of hurt which is offended, when I don’t get offended, and I was never touched as a child, and made into a snappy character. You know why there are pheodophiles, due to the nurseries and Christina clergy and the schools which are evil. Instead of breeding a lion in them, they begin to attach to material illusions and adding up whenever they feel scared of accepting God’s loving and merciful days.

You see these Iraqis are continously stigmatised, by these ignorant Americans, who try to just like the Mongols, tell them their God could not avail them, everyday they feel the experience of stigma due to the gun hoting Americans, who couldn’t give a damn, only try to show the devil manifestation. Expect worse if you continue to play with fire, you’re gonna get burnt. Ali was martyred, not made into Kings, which these pretenders of Britain keep trying to give the illusion of, with a black haired royal from Yorkshire, well, they are still playing that card of sovereigns of this country, but mind they are planning a hatred against humans so great that heavens have sent their final messenger, to destroy their hopes of saying they are better. Insha Allah, the Lord knows the hidden secrets and declarations.

It isn;t immorality which they breed, but morally corrupt, because immorality is easily distinguishable from moral uprightness whereas morally corrupt leads himself to the conclusive position of twisted words and anger against people who wish to be servants of the Lord God.

Satan's Allies - Israel, Britain and America

[ Posted Sat, 16 Apr 2011 13:57:52 ]

Hearing darkness,

Thoughts of meanness

Which lead to jealous minds filled with egos hole of darkness

Evil spirits in this place

Willing sexual desires and exploitation

Saying astaghfirullah instead

Seeking refuge in God from the whispers of the devils

And lest they come near

Hearing darkness, meanness and jealous hatred

To fill minds with darkness of greed

To corrupt the souls with taking other gods

To seduce the body into lust

To turn into enemies onto God

Wicked transgressors, evil oppressors, and immoral aggressors

Twisted repressors, canniving suppressors

To turn unappreciative

To become rebellious disobeyers of God’s commandments

To will hateful situations for those who do not willfully follow their command of do or die

Instead of avoiding the forbidden fruit, they get stuck in

Thinking we are all corrupt souls

And that no one redeems his soul

Because they think they are the keepers of the secrets

And that no one will ever get that far

So they take their minds to the grave

But what will their minds eye percieve in the world if they are allowed to continue to lie against the sovereignty of God

To kill the human race, and say told you I’m better than they.

Which is what Satan said at the first rebellion

It was three times which his rebellion signified six themes

Lust, hatred, greed, malice, envy and pride

When he failed to prostrate when God commanded the angels to before what God created with his own hands

When he seduced Adam to eat from the forbidden tree

When else, I let any discerning reader figure it out, before I remember, my mind is losing its ability to remember due to the meds they poison me with.

When Satan requested to be respited till the day of judgment.

Three times the 666 appeared on earth, Goliath, ain Jaluth, and Prince Charles of Wales.

The Church of England, make enemies of God, and are known as allies, which means they side with Satan, for they are known in truth as Satan’s allies. Which are the gog and magog of Israel, the demon worshippers of America, and the Charles idolisers of Britain, who think he will cull the world for the betterment of the human civilisation, but so many tears and suffering, but all they wish is to strain at a gnat and swallow a camel. Biggest bastard is Charles of Wales. Who’s the biggest bastard ever. Charles of Wales. Prince Charming, no way, prince of darkness.

The center point on a map of the world?

[ Posted Fri, 15 Apr 2011 23:05:47 ]

My Lord has blessed me so much that I haven’t to my knowledge snapped

There are those who avoid the temptation and there are those who get stuck in

It is to avoid and go round in circles

Or to break the peace and become center of attention

The forbidden fruit, some think best to prepare for the afterlife

It is eternal and the retribution is never commuted for those who incur it

Everything glorifies God

Find peace in your childhood

Or snap due to chastisement

Find love in your youth

Or hate the day you were given birth

Find light in your old age

Or remind yourself how good you were when everything was the by-product of working class against the proleteriat and the Free Masons who tried to steal the sovereignty of God, and borrowed from banksters who created false wealth, and through usury tried to steal the truth from the Muslims.

Mad soul, cruel body, jealous mind

Madness to describe your innermost soul through words

Cruelty to know the body is made weak

Jealous to always try to achieve a winner from fool’s gold

The dumb child, the blind youth, the dead elder

Speak No wrong, See No evil, Hear No darkness

The Final Testament, a history of the servants of God, immortalised in a mathematically codified scripture, so immense, it was simple to understand and impossible to imitate,

The New Testament, the story of the miraculous birth, and the miracle of the body, only to find those who were for against it, and the depiction of the realness of evil. The cruelty of the body which was nailed, however it was said he was risen to God and it was made to appear that they did. It is the final moment, when things have reached the level where the rescue is such that none can grasp it, like the parting of the sea, as the Pharoah pursued the Children of Israel, it was a phew, right at the end, rather than pre-planned before it was due. Same with Abraham, it was right at the end, when he was rescued from sacrificing his son, Ishmael, and a ram was offered instead, a rite which is still practise when one is on pilgrimage to Makkah, the shrine Abraham and Ishmael built. The Kaaba, which pilgrims circle 7 times, and it has been proven that Makkah is the center of the earth, and what would be interesting is would it still be so, if two diagnol lines, from the furthest corners of the map were drawn, to see where the center was on the map, insha Allah, it will still be Makkah, however most of those who knew in the eighteenth and nineteenth century, just hoped no one would get so far. Insha Allah, just to see what is the center point on a map of the world.


[ Posted Fri, 15 Apr 2011 21:47:00 ]

Freedom is to feel happy and to say good day

Freedom is this to believe never to feel despair

Freedom cannot be asserted for those to prepare themselves with humiliation

Tomorrow we are going to dance from noon till sunrise

Feel the sense of freedom to attach or to particularise or to prejudice

Be free to enjoy your sense of unique thoughts and abilities

Think of a song, and see if you can play along

Think of the rhythm and write your version

Everything has a sound, and nothing you can sing cannot be sung

Sometimes we’re overwhelmed by the days we ignored the ability of Zulqarnain

Trying to achieve a rather hopeless pact to avoid repitition or humiliation

Fluidity or stagnation

No comment or comment

Those who are not against are for it or those who are always for going against

Time is the only rendition of self annhilation

To hopelessly place yourself in the right thought for the moment

Nothing like getting it right at the right time

I was told I was an accident

By my father

Anyway my Lord has made me blessed

He’s just testing me to see if I will snap and shout back

Like those sneaky Coldplay remarks

If you don’t mind, don’t mention us again!

Who Coldplay, or Hot day! Hahaha

Sometimes people just wanna see if you are cheeky too

Sometimes it is also a test to see if you are obedient of disobedient

Goodbye everyone we”ll never be going to the road without all-stars

Dressed in Adidas

The road to end my years of work

[ Posted Fri, 15 Apr 2011 21:21:48 ]

Is this the road to end my years of workTo sit by the fence and hope it worksFor us to drive through the highways throughout the earthAnd be free and happy to fill our minds with loves devotion at every sunset

Show me the day when we sat and prayedFor the sun to not shine on the horizonAnd for the angels to command the rain to pour its heaviestTo sit and pray for heaven to take my brother away

Who will remember what went on forever in my daysTo just spend my time writing looseless rhythmic proseWhen there’s no end to the world of words joineryWho else will sit and read and hope to be in the visions of days

Sadism or happiness

[ Posted Fri, 15 Apr 2011 16:46:52 ]

Those who think Isaac was the sacrificial only son of Abraham, tend to be sadistic, they gain sataisfaction out of inflicting pain and cruelty. They are like the Poles, who hold on to the false notion that Jews were killed in the Holocaust, who are the chosen people of God, so how could God allow such a thing to happen, but when you mention where does the term Nazi come from, they start stummering and trying to pretend their was no false idea behind their thinking, only to fool people, rather than the truth shall set you free, in similar manner millions of children each year and systematically made enemies instead of friends, into demon worshippers instead of worshippers of God alone, and into fooled ideology which never allows for the curtailment of the true story and true narrative, only available to a exclusive few.

Then they go and around and say well we committed so many crimes, but we believe Jesus died for our sins, we believe God took his place on the cross, and so we sell our souls to this, so that we will be forgiven for our sins, if we place our idol Jesus on the cross before all else. But when you tell children the story of the nativity, why not TELL THEM THE STORY OF THE CRUCIFIXION, so that they can learn what people are truly like, what they requested instead of Barbarus to be slain, they chose an innocent submitter to be crucified, then we will see who turns into angered children full of angry tongues against those who do such things, then we will see with the eyes of David, the hollow eyes, the angel of the death as they used to know him as, and you will see in their eyes, no despair or fear of death, only the will to be martyrs, rather than to do or die, they would rather don’t and kill. Why don’t you tell them the story of the crucifixion, and see how children will learn truth from falsehood, they’ll ask does God advocate sin, isn’t this a bit sadistic, did God forsake him, why was there no uprising, and is evil real? The eyes behind the iron curtain, is Satan, and these Zionists, MAsons, and communists serve the Iblis, Satan the rejected. Then you will know children as the warriors or the peaceful, as those who are arrogant and those who are humble, those who wish harm and those who only try to bring peace.

You will know the weakness with which they act, and once the weakness has been vanquished, they will know rather than to redeem their souls by submitting to God, they instead try to fool people by saying it was the selling of souls, and instead chose to sell their souls to the weakness of Shaytaan.

Allahu Ackbar

Allahu Ackbar

Allahu Ackbar

Allahu Ackbar

La ellaha ella Allah

Sadism or happiness

Cruelty or kindness

Indulgence or restraint

Unappreciative or appreciative

Demon worshippers or worshippers of God

wicked regrets or blessed thankful

They portray a sadistic answer, whereas we know we are blessed with a moral character. You know all this, but yet there’s no point telling you as you are still what afraid to open your minds.

Deconstruction or construction

[ Posted Fri, 15 Apr 2011 12:24:10 ]

More of a deconstruction than a construction.


Some feel too aloof to do the things which others find a lot of laugh and happiness from, doesn’t mean you’re less sociable, however when you make the elite beckon to the call of the working class, for example you wouldn’t expect an Eatonion or an Oxford or Cambridge to ever meddle in music production, though they are the buyers and listeners to the more discerning music and interesting music out there. But if you do go from elite to becoming a music producer, and do not end up getting laughed at, then that’s a true feeling of happiness. I feel like that, but I had many reasons to think I’m not that special, as much of the work in cutting samples, and technology needed for me to make those dream sets featuring just beats and music I had composed and compiled into sets after a few years, finding a lot of amusement from. The children of God, in many ways, the reaping is done by millions of things, and even by my enjoying the fruits of their labour, I’m part of it, now I sound like a Mason. They are suffocating the world, with all their protocols and bearucratic red tape, telling us when and how we are to make our ends meet, instead we should be servants of God, and this is the easier way, to worship God alone, I felt the covenant with Abraham, was such after the mean waswasay of the other day, which were really mean, how my place should be swapped with an Negro from Africa, so I was reading my prayer, and this is a time, I am usually prey to their continously forceful thinking, as though they are making remarks and answering them too, to fool you into thinking you are doing the thinking. And it felt as though I had an answer to the covenant of Abraham, which was well, you’ve passed your test, and you’ve submitted, and now there is needs to be something in exchange. And I thought the only thing I can give is a bit of the end of my weaner, so I understood Abraham, and find it was actually part of the covenant of Abraham, unless I am mistaken, with the thoughts which occur during salat. Insha Allah, everyone knows it is binding and becomes part of the self reliance on the truth rather than forsaken into the glamour of the world.


It is hard to describe in emotion, but it felt like a revelation of the times them passed, and how it was ordained. Then a thought occurred, you should poke a nail into your left arm, then I knew that was something I couldn’t do. Maybe a piercing then. So you see it was demonic suggestions, but maybe Abraham did have to do this, as a mark of submission, though I gather others say the practise predates him and originates of Egypt, even so, doesn’t mean anything if it was already happening or not, people were writing and reading, doesn’t you cannot do the same, as it would be borrowing from the Indians, who invented the first written script.

4.40:51 = 95 = 19x5,

[ Posted Thu, 14 Apr 2011 20:17:00 ]

This was a sign from God, the clock stopped on 4.40:51, where the three sets of numbers 4+40+51= 95, which is a multiple of 19, 19x5=95. The hour hand was on 5, the minute hand was on 8, and the second hand was on 10, signifying zero as it is was the only way on a 12 hour clock.


The question about the Coldplay track can easily be answered, if it is goes on till 508, then it will have to be clocks, and if it is went on till it has to be 508.

What Coldplay track went on till 5.08

[ Posted Thu, 14 Apr 2011 19:43:51 ]

Why are all movies now seem to being pixelating all of a sudden, they must be up to something, you know to cut time to upload people just upload in the lowest bit rate, before there wasn’t a problem but now every thing seems to be pixelating. I had a few collections of out of copyright movies, which work fine on the laptop, but are pixelating on the iPod touch, and also now some videos which I uploaded are also pixelating.

I think it is purposeful in order for people, not to profit or think about converting the Muhammad Ali Boxing fights into mpeg 4, as they will pixelate on whatever device you choose to play them on, Shame really, there is a lot to talk to in these old movies, I watched Charlie Chaplin, dressing as a fairy, in women’s clothes, and it reminded me of a Johnny Depp movie, where he plays the role of the crappest director in Hollywood, who made spoof horror movies. Interesting bit of cinema, watched it a few days after zooming out of uni, after finishing my degree, I left at dawn, and left my television outside some girl’s room. Crazy, I’m sure. But I got loads of old out of copyright movies and it is unfair that they are all pixelating on the iPod and some videos I put up on youtube,one which is about something about 508, and how two Coldplay tracks go on to 5.07 and 5.09 which are simultaneous and on Rush of Blood to the head, and this other day the clock stopped with the hour hand on 5 and the minute on 8 and the second on 10, signifying zero as there is no other way on a 12 hour clock, The question was ‘which coldplay track goes on till 508’, now I used to drive a car with the number plate T508 PBU, and T5s and cop cars and said to be very fast, mine was a mitsubishi colt, it got from a to b, and liked it cos it was the exstacy which got me talking to myself. Young man, you got a lot talking to yourself to do… So I thought yeah, easy question, and makes me look cool,as it has some significance to me, then I thought let’s just go and check, as I’m sure this track went on till 508, and I witnessed two tracks instead, one the Scientist went on til ll 5.07 and the other which follows on Clocks stops at 5.09. So I thought great professor style question, will confuse a lot of people, some would say the answer is x and y, other ‘till kingdom come’ and others might say ‘it was a dodgy copy.’ I think it was scientist, and I’m still waiting to see them come up to meet me, tell me their sorry, how I don’t know how lovely I am, they had to find me, tell me they need me, tell me they set me apart, I wrote on my wall, on the 22nd Dec 2010, or 24th, and I said at 5.08 having waited till dawn, ‘in my room, where time stands still ,or moves at your will, will you lead me to your armchair, or leave me lying here, in your favourite darkness, favourite half light, favourite consciousness,’ (Depeche Mode)So you know how long I have been waiting for, since december 2010.I bet they are stopping people from getting old movies, but once we get into the nineties, yeah, then the DVD era will start, but who cares, anyway if you want to watch illegal movies downloads, no one stopping ya.


Easy as 123 or hard as rock

[ Posted Thu, 14 Apr 2011 14:37:23 ]

“First cut is the deepest, baby I know.”

(Cats Stevens)

My uncle visited today, having retired from the busses, he had a story to tell, how he was driving a bus to a school, and the children wouldn’t leave the bus, they said, ‘take us to the other side of the school’ so he did, then once he had done so, they’d say ‘take us back to the other side’. Which would make a lot of people angry, so my uncle carried on driving the bus. Thought where to ditch these kids, he told me, ‘what’s the point in fighting, I’m not going to fight them.’ I guess the kids were looking for a breaking point. My uncle drove into the center of Bradford inside the main police station, police came rushing out, he told them, the kids were causing a nuisance, the police had them removed from the bus. The bus inspectors, ask my uncle why he did this, he just said what else could he do.

I told him about Ismail and Isaac, and the whole saga of first born, which Isreal is referred to as, whereas in reality he stole the birth right from his older brother.

His story reminded of Ismail, my uncle’s story, do not despair of the Lord’s mercy. They expect us to snap, but in the end it is them who are running scared and humiliated.

Easy as 123 or hard as rock. Social engineering at school makes them turn into monsters not humans. Starting at 3 is a serious joke. And staying in school till 18, is retarded.

Match made in heaven

[ Posted Thu, 14 Apr 2011 13:15:02 ]

I was lucky that there was someone willing to marry someone with problems mentally and was physically impaired, though my family was very well respected and she hasn’t found it too difficult mixing in, nor have I found her family any different from most people’s homes, she was very happy and always had a bright character, and wished I wake up happy, like she did, she’s always happy. You know marriages it is difficult to hide your thoughts, especially if the marriage is challenging, due to social stratas and employment status, if I had married into the family they were insisting on, I would have found many challenges as though I was boxed off for life, nor would I be able to write the things that I have, I doubt marriage would have been very successful if both of us were from the UK. I don’t know, my marriage is still pushing me in ways that I don’t like, she always trying to tell me that I should do such and such, because of the apparant danger in what I do, I just think she gloats at my misfortune, and only tells me in the probability that she is right. See if this was a UK marriage, those thoughts were very conflictual, although we may laugh it off, but it would be hard to hide them. So from my perspective, she fits right into my life, as she cannot speak or read English. If I told my wife from Britain she kept telling what to expect, and that she was just hoping it would happen so that she could say I told you so.I don’t know what the reaction would be, especially with an empowered lady of the secularist British education system.

But I treat my wife as though she is a Muslim, who is grounded in religion of Islam, which is a basic foundation in a relationship, and even if I was married to the girl who was a schoolteacher, the only thing which would allow us to compensate our differences would be our religion. Whereas my wife which married to, doesn’t think religiously, she is well-founded in village folk-lore and various things women keep secret, and she doesn’t keep an eye on me, telling me what is different that I am or do, there is fluidity, rather than stagnation, and no action goes with a comment. She accepts I’m a practising and a devotional person, and truth shall set you free, we all know that, so I am free, even though there are kind stipulations and guidelines with in it.

I’m not allowed to go there, where they tried to box me off with this girl, but their ideas did not fulfill. In hindsight she expected me to get down on my knees and propose to her, with a diamond, someone did but she turned him down, thinking I was more her type, she got neither, there’s probably a plot that thickens with this. I would have been just like my brothers, but instead I have my freedom, whereas the oldest has sold out, the middle one is a wanker, adn the final third is a tosser, which is me, still on my herbal stuff, you know, tree bark from India like smack, but not addictive, and my cokane stick, proper tasty from Arabia, the finest ones you can have, tasting of cigars and honey. And my amla tabs which make my body sing, and lead to some sort of ode to selfless wine.

You know just to sound a little like Vito, which I am playing around with, it is hard for someone who is not a professional to marry a foreign girl, and bring her into his country, as you need to sponsor her, and show you will be able to look after her, and if you do not have the necessary papers it will be very difficult. This is another arrested development, which causes so many sufferings, instead of men, finding women to marry, they are sold instead into prostitution, because people sell them lies, which they think are may be true, only to find they end up in brothels and sold to prostitution. HOW MANY CRIMES ARE THESE FILTHY MASONS COMMITTED AND ONLY THINK WISH THERE WAS A SACRIFICIAL OFFERING.. like god died for our sins, which they sell themselves to. Wankers, get rid of them all, and that evil Queen, how many crimes are you guilty of, hey Western bastards of politics and elitism and masons. How many crimes are you guilty of? Go to hell is all they say, well have you heart of stone and fuck off to Florida and have your big teddy and your egotistical children and your clean environment and your faggot candy floss, and enjoy the thrill of your gay rides.


[ Posted Thu, 14 Apr 2011 13:14:16 ]

So many foreigners in UK, all of them illiterates, and poor, haha good on the government scheme to curb immigration, what you gonna do next kill em all. Time we fought back, and take out their Prince who will do just that. You know it, you heard it all, if you been around long enough, they hate the population growth of earth, and the ever growing abitlity to bear fruit and have food on the table. It’s funny, it’s like strain at a gnat and swallow a camel, so many yet so few, have lost their appeal to live in the UK, due to their origin, whereas now, the influx of foreigners from Europe suggests Britain was gonna become populated one way or the other.

Gotta ask your self the question, are we destined to cull or are we destined to survive it, the giver of life and death is God, he grants life and takes life, “He produces the dead from the living, and the living from the dead.” (Quran). So we should trust in God, and He has purpose for us on earth, it doesn’t get so big it starts to kill itself, it gets bigger and bigger.

“And I’m not the only one believing there is an easier way.” Just think how much money was spent on immigration control, how many people had jobs in immigration, yet they just seem to strain at gnat and swallow a camel.

My wife hasn’t got a residency in the UK. when we met, I was quite badly disabled, and one my mothers and close friend of my grandmother, knew a girl, who was not of a young age, but of an intermediate, age when we met she was 31 and I had just turned 28 going onto 29. When we married it was after my 29th birthday, on 11/11, my marriage was in 16/11/2009, The friend and my future wife’s neighbour, insisted we meet, so she made the visit to our house, a very meek girl, and they asked me if I wished to get married, and I said, ‘insha Allah’. But like they say in India, ‘rab nay bana di jori.’ The Lord has made this match. But because she had outstayed her stay, she was unable to travel or we were unable to allow her to get a job, which she really wished to do. For the past 2 and half years, every month we have to go to a immigration center in Leeds, and sign that we are still awaiting a decision. The home office, are so fuct up, we send them all the details, and then they ask for the same details again. She might not even get her stay. Because our marriage was an Islamic marriage. But life’s been okay, so we haven’t blown all our money on a trip to see her parents in Kashmir, or gone on pilgrimage, but we have managed to survive so far.

Heart of stone

[ Posted Wed, 13 Apr 2011 19:37:20 ]

Some people have a heart of stone, there’s no blood flowing through it, and that would quite a judgment to make, however sometimes you can only talk to those who listen to the words rather than try to always pinpoint accusations and critically start fighting in order to challenge people into some greedy, vicious mind games. You gotta watch what you say to people, there are many things you could just say in the moment of time, but if you disregard others feelings then you’re not very professional. It concerns the holy day, the care of rest or hurt, care of rest or destroy, care of rest or destroy of hurt. Kane killed Abel, because he wished to destroy the holy day of rest, whereas Abel was resting not hurting. Rest, or hurt, rest or destroy, this is to me the meaning of the Sabbath. Abel told him , ‘I want you to carry my sin as well as yours” and before this he said, ‘I am not raising my hand against you, though you are raising your hand against me.’ Humble submitters, or arrogant warriors, peacemakers or troublemakers, peace or war. They think their money buys them the status of lauding praiseworthy satisfaction, some see money being the prime motive in action whether they be a ghost or a real person, some think money is the reason for life.

They tried to beg the proleteriat, when it was connived by the Jews, they tried to steal the identity of the Aryan which was also connived by the Jews, they try to borrow the Sovereignty of God, also connived by the Jews. The Gog and Magog, should be what those Ashkenazi 13 tribe be called. Then there’ll come all three, either the survival of the heritage of Islam, or the destruction of the teestament of man’s true nature of submission. They do not see Communism, or Fascism/NAzism or Capitalism in these terms. They think they beg because they are poor, they think they steal because they feel betrayed by the system, they think they borrow to kill off people’s ambition of being free humans instead they are indebted, and when they send out the debt collectors, then they;ll seize property and destroy life and people throughout the world, and those sold out bastards who end up in the army, dream of it everyday. That’s what army does to them, they start thinking kill those who have and give to those who surrender their selves for a misely price and take bullets and get hurt and killed for the sake of those who do not really work the way they do. They anger this, cos they are tossers, and wankers, and soldiers. The communist tried to win, the Nazis tried to lose, and the Capitalist try to sell out.

If they shoot at civilians, start burning down their buildings! Do not fear death, for matyrdom is a great thing. One day will come, and we’ll be burning and looting tonight. When the aryan are here, and the proleteriat are there, and the Sovereignty of God is everywhere. Allahu Ackbar.

Peace to all my brothers and sistersHappiness to all God’s childrenGoodwill to all humans.

New album, 'Wankers, Tossers and Soldiers'

[ Posted Wed, 13 Apr 2011 16:53:00 ]

Just finished arranging the fifth LP, called “Wankers, Tossers and Soldiers”, reminding me of thethree types of creative realms in existence, winners, losers and submitters, or wankers, tossers and soldiers, soldiers means sold outs. Below are two sets, ‘Wankers, Tossers and Soldiers’, which was arranged today. And another set containing the sets, I? tried to trick soundcloud check system, as there were tracks by known artist on these sets, and it kept telling me I had infringed copyright, so I’d chop the start so it would go through, I then thought what if I could then change the audio and replace would it allow fulll unedited version, but unfortunately it detected it, adn now somewhere in space there is a chunk of my allowance onsoundcloud which I cannot get to, and soundcloud have so many emails they cannot answer every single one. Therefore there’s set missing called ‘Deep pile dream on the highway’ which is also ripped off an Ian Brown song, on unfinished monkey business. It is God’s will. Which is how I arranged this 5th LP.

Sets by A Submitter

Wankers, Tossers and Soldiers by A Submitter

I had to go because the CPN came knocking and I had an injection due, not really rock n roll, but Elvis was pumping them too, and so was Marlon Brando, and maybe also Jim Morrison, cos he put on a lot of weight, and freaky bitch in the pictures to Abu Gharib, was probably put on anti-psychotics. The humiliation, you feel being told you have problems, when they haven’t changed their colours any more than the first day they spoke the word Dadda, or Papa, or Mama or Mummy, or their brother’s name, or their uncles, or whatever. Wankers.


[ Posted Wed, 13 Apr 2011 13:06:27 ]

They worship an enemy of man, the most ardent enemy of man is Satan, yet they come and try to turn us away from God, and make us idol worshippers or Satanists, and polytheists, instead of those who devote their worship absolutely to God.

There is light in philosophy

There is goodness in linguistics

There is truth in history

Knowledge in light

Power in goodness

Wisdom in truth

The test is to know the result

The question is to observe the timeline of events

The competition is to learn to get it right at the right time

Faith, belief and devotion

You cannot hide the history, nor ignore the prophecy, not observe your own sinful transgressions. When we see the enemy, we treat him as an enemy, whenever he tries to seduce us with their waswasay, sneakky whispers, and mean words, we always seek refuge in God from Satan the rejected.

Those Red Indians, would never have accepted the word of God, this was their decision, instead they would have tried to destroy it, instead they were destroyed with lots of bangs. But when the strength of a thousand angels, cometh, then even the Americans will bow down with those who bow down, and become Muslims, and this they know, after all what prophecy do you hear they dare not breathe, concerning Iraq, was it Armegeddon.

Love like a fountain is on

I’m getting to extra, let’s crash into it,.

I could climb every mountain

For your love is like a fountain

You can’t hide your history, and we will not forget to remember

You cannot hold us all liable for your crimes

Go and keep your idolising Jesus, saying god died for your sins

So you can continue to be like Kane

Kill of all those who are submitters to God

We see you as the enemy, so you know yourself

They the raahmies, rah in English means rich arsehole

Raahmies means those who eat ham. Who break the covenant of God, who are idol worshippers, and who break all the commandments of God, and do not uphold the commandments.

It is the intention of cleanliness not the cleanliness itself

It is the joy of giving not the happiness in being

It is the love of the after not the behind everything there is crack to destroy

A or the or neither

If I chose neither, it would be hard to copyright, and make my own

If I chose the, then people would say there many a person who calls themselves Muslim, which means submitter, so how can you be The Submitter

If I chose A Submitter, which I did, though it was just from a song I wrote, where I said , ‘there is only one God, there is only one God, Blessed is He! (and then further on) I said and I am a submitter. So this song submitter mix, which my brother #Sajid liked a lot, put on repeat, and said it reminded of one of his favourite songs, Bad by U2, just a sample I found on beatmaker. So I chose A Submitter, and this was a good decision, as it meant I could get the domain , and then I had always wanted to start a band called ‘The Submitters’ but when I went solo, I just thought A Submitter. Also after surviving the fall from the 5th storey window, the house my father built, alhamdulilah my Lord saved me, and guided me, and through wonderous ways I have recovered too, though feel these psychiatry people are enemies and not friends, unless you wish to be a wanker not a winner. The true winners are those who share the afterlife in the Garden of Eden, with those who are close to God. Alhamdulilah, the opening two lines, ‘there is only..’ was because I was thinking about a concert, quite famous, from a band which released only two albums, and collection of B sides, and we’re so underground, they were mysterious, as they were roamers of the earth, and lived in places where they could find like taverns and such, this was my dream of them, but insha Allah, I will have life, and be blessed to travel teh four corners. The concert , Ian Brown opens with, ‘There’s only one stop, there’s only one stop.’ Could mean the concert only had one stop, or there would only be one stop, when the bus comes to back of our house, insha Allah, soon.

gg, I thought it meant good game, but it means gotta go, On fifa, peeps used to say gg, and I used to say yeah yeah good game.



[ Posted Wed, 13 Apr 2011 11:02:12 ]

All you do is make self sound good in front of the Mason panel, and your narrative in the records you write, for whose purpose do these serve, no matter how much people are saying they are not coping with these drugs, you continue to administer them without ever wavering, so much so, that when the person life is ruined, his health in tatters and his mind in dementia, you continue with your self-righteous shit you talk, just to sound plausible in front of a panel of judge and jurers, the Masons bastards. Who think money is more powerful than God, who put money as prime motive in all action, rather than atonement of sin and and kindness, they chose to indulge on the forbidden fruit and act very mean and full of cruel intent.



You’ll recall in your protocols of the NHS about being mean to these people, simply because we make a good thing impossible, but since we can’t talk to you in writing, instead have to talk face to face, and you can do the fucking writing, for the purpose of the puffs judge and jurers, the Mason wankers. Church of England wankers. Church of England wankers, ~What’s tjhe point in allowing the opening of secondary schools, when the main part of the child’s education is in the primary, and in this the bastard Church of England, are screwing eveyr child into a particularisation and futile faggot competition, like you are trying to achieve with this faggot bullshit heirarchical messing with people atttitude shit in the mental hospital. Now you can say ‘go to hell’ well there are two sides, to the Dajjal, the paradise of Florida, with its gay candy floss, and cleen teeth, and pain in the arse shit. or the hell which is India,’;full of foul smell, famined bodies, and disease.’ Those who chose the paradise find pain and misery, those who choose the hell, find coolness. Home is where the heart is, Guess where the Muslims settled, rather than face the psychos of America, instead the petty weapons were no match for the Western colonialist. But we’ll go to America, insha Allah, one day, we’ll see who throars who.

Sneaky whispers

[ Posted Tue, 12 Apr 2011 19:49:00 ]

[23:97] Say, “My Lord, I seek refuge in You from the whispers of the devils.

[23:98] “And I seek refuge in You, my Lord, lest they come near me.”

[114:0] In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

[114:1] Say, “I seek refuge in the Lord of the people.

[114:2] “The King of the people.

[114:3] “The god of the people.

[114:4] “From the evils of sneaky whisperers.

[114:5] “Who whisper into the chests of the people.

[114:6] “Be they of the jinns, or the people.”

You know, they come for me today with their sneaky whispers, the Poles, the goog and magoog lovers the Polish, with their witchcraft and Satanist mind games. My room used to be really well guarded, until today, when my wife took out the shelf, on which I had a Quran placed, and re-arranged my speakers which in some way had the name of God, or a horizontal 3. And I parents are away who used to pray every night from 3 am till dawn.

Give Peace A Chance

[ Posted Tue, 12 Apr 2011 10:39:00 ]

When you say give peace a chance

You see these white collar sold our bastards

Say money..money..money..money

As though money is God

When we say peace a chance

They rather kill the people than see them live

They rather say they better and every one else is worse

They rather sell their souls for the illusion of grandeur and for the sake of their egos

When we say give peace a chance

We know they are idolators and wicked transgressors

We know they sit and chat about destroying instead of resting

We know they full of demonic influence and are Satan’s patrons

We know we don’t understand. The mighty God is a living man? You can fool some people sometime, but you can’t fool all the people all the time.


Do you want to read my email to the pyschiatrist, it is hard to pry open what he hides, adn intends to take to the grave, and instead throws his bullshit protocols, the wanker, fucking jerk off.

I said: 9:14 am 12/4/2011 Ref: Meds change:

I don’t think I can maintain my weight if the dose is increased.

RESPONSE: (FINALLY HE RESPONDED) with the following though, miseRa bla..

We will monitor it and keep an eye on things. I will come and see you over next couple of weeks. Dr Beavan


I go on a bender with response:

Same shit different day,

They have their hidden protocols in what they sayMind control and savageryHatred and cruelty

Then to add to it I say:



If you wanna know how patients feel on these drugs, click on the link and find out, as for psychiatrist they never tell you what to expect, only try to sell you something BEFORE ITS TOO LATE, which means before you find out that the Lord is Most Merciful, instead they make you despair of the Lords mercy. And force you onto their program, whether any incident took place at that time or not, how you gonna monitor it? By sending people to my house every other day, am I a lab rat or guenea pig or a fair princess put to sleep by the wicked witch.

Then I wrote this poem:

I wont have children, nor feel awesome,I’ll sit and wait for them to come and monitorAnd really profit from my suffering, and get kick out of seeing me struggle and strive in their cause instead of the Lord’s will and bounties

You feed me poison tell me I need it You tell me porkies and say it’s not to profitYou hold all the cards and give me bad cardYou fill my life with miserable jokes and hateful lies against who I am to most

Get a life or get a jobBe a human or be a robotSon of man or son of monkeyAppreciative or unappreciativeBlessed thankful or wicked regrets
















The proper translation to the prayer at the end of Sura al Baqarah

[ Posted Mon, 11 Apr 2011 22:30:58 ]

[2:286]”Our Lord, do not condemn us if we forget or make mistakes. Our Lord, and protect us from blaspheming against You, like those before us have done. Our Lord, protect us from sinning until it becomes too late for us to repent. Pardon us and forgive us. You are our Lord and Master. Grant us victory over the disbelieving people.”

I got the translation wrong, I put sin instead of repent, forgive me Lord. Plus my wording was off, but how fortunate, today I quoted this prayer, and then later at night after isha, I went to read the Quran, and I was at the end of sura 2, when I turned page to find I was onto sura 3, I remembered that I just sub consciously read the dua at the end of Sura 2, so I went back, and found my words were wrong in relation to this dua.

A summary of the mathematical miracle of the Quran, by Rashad Khalifa

[ Posted Mon, 11 Apr 2011 21:56:06 ]

The miracle of Quran detailed in this book ranges from extreme simplicity to extreme intricacy. Because Quran was sent down for ALL people, its language ranges from the very simple, to the highest levels of linguistic and literary excellence. This renders the message attainable by everyone, regardless of the level of education. The same is true with the Quran’s miracle. Thus, the physical facts that make up this extraordinary phenomenon can be divided into SIMPLE FACTS and INTRICATE FACTS.


(1) The opening statement of Quran consists of 19 letters.

(2) Quran consists of 114 chapters, or 6 x 19.

(3) The first Quranic revelation (96:15) was 19 words.

(4) The first revelation consisted of 76 letters, or 19 x 4.

(5) First chapter revealed (Ch. 96) consists of 19 verses.

(6) From the end of Quran, Ch. 96 is in position 19.

(7) First chapter revealed consists of 304 letters; 19 x 16.

(8) Last chapter revealed (Ch. 110) consists of 19 words.

(9) First verse of last revelation consists of 19 letters.

(10) Second revelation (68:19) was 38 words; 19 x 2.

(11) Third revelation (73:110) was 57 words; 19 x 3.

(12) Fourth revelation (74:130) brought the No. 19 itself.

(13) Fifth revelation (Ch. 1) placed the 19lettered opening statement immediately after the No. 19 of 74:30.

(14) First word in the opening statement occurs in Quran exactly 19 times.

(15) Second word in the opening statement (Allah) occurs 2,698 times, a multiple of 19 (19 x 142).

(16) Third word in the opening statement (Rahman) is mentioned in Quran 57 times (19 x 3).

(17) Fourth word in the opening statement (Rahim) is mentioned in Quran 114 times (19 x 6).

(18) Multiplication factors of the opening statement (see points 1417 above) [1+142+3+6] add up to a total of 152, which is also a multiple of 19 (19 x 8).

(19) Each frequency of occurrence connected with the opening statement, i.e., 19, 2698, 57, & 114 corresponds to the numerical value of one of God’s names.

(20) All compiled lists of the known names of God (more than 400) were found to include ONLY FOUR names with numerical values divisible by 19. These four names are the same four which correspond to the frequencies of occurrence mentioned in point 19 above.

(21) Opening statement is missing from Chapter 9, but compensated in Chapter 27, verse 30. This restores the frequency of this crucial statement to 114 (19 x 6).

(22) Between the missing statement (Chapter 9) and the extra statement (Chapter 27) there are 19 chapters.


(23) Chapter 50 is entitled “Q,” initialed with the letter “Q,” and contains 57 Q’s (57=19x3). (24) The only other chapter initialed with “Q,” namely, Chapter 42, also contains 57 Q’s (19 x 3). (25) The letter “Q” stands for “Quran,” and the total occurrence of “Q” in the two Qinitialed chapters equals the number of chapters in Quran (57+57=114).

(26) First verse in Chapter 50 (entitled “Q”) describes Quran as “Majeed = Glorious,” and the numerical value of the word “Majeed” is 57, exactly the same as the number of Q’s in this chapter.

(27) Chapter 68 is initialed with the letter “N” and contains 133 N’s; or 19 x 7.

(28) Chapters 7, 19, & 38 are initialed with the letter “S” (Saad), and the total frequency of occurrence of this letter in the three chapters is 152, or 19 x 8.

(29) Chapter 36 is initialed with the letters “Y” & “S,” and the total frequency of these two letters in this chapter is 285, or 19 x 15.

(30) Chapters 40 through 46 are initialed with “H” and “M.” The total frequency of these two letters in the seven chapters is 2147, or 19 x 113.

(31) Chapter 42 is prefixed with the three initials “‘A,” “S,” & “Q,” and the total occurrence of these three letters in this chapter is 209, or 19 x 11.

(32) Chapter 19 is initialed with five letters, namely “K,” “H,” “Y,” “‘A,” and “S,” and the total frequency of occurrence of these five letters in this chapter is 798, or 19 x 42.

(33) The Quranic initials “H,” “T.H.,” “T.S.” and “T.S.M.” constitute a unique interlocking relationship within their five chapters, namely, 19, 20, 26, 27, & 28. The total frequency of occurrence of these letters in their five chapters is 1767, or 19 x 93.

(34) Chapter 2 is initialed with the letters “A.L.M.” and contains 9899 of these letters (19 x 521).

(35) Chapter 3 is also initialed with the letters “A.L.M.” and contains 5662 of these letters (19 x 298).

(36) Chapters 29, 30, 31, & 32 are also initialed with the letters “A.L.M.” and the total frequency of occurrence of these letters is 1672 (19x88), 1254 (19x66), 817 (19x43), and 570 (19x30), respectively.

(37) Chapters 10 and 11 are initialed with the letters “A.L.R.,” and contain exactly the same total frequency of occurrence, namely, 2489 each (19x131).

(38) Chapters 12, 14, and 15 are also initialed with the three letters “A.L.R.” The total frequency of occurrence of these letters in these chapters is 2375 (19 x 125), 1197 (19 x 63), and 912 (19 x 48), respectively.

(39) Chapter 13 is prefixed with the four initials “A.L.M.R.” and contains a total of 1482 of these letters (19 x 78).

(40) Chapter 7 is initialed with the four letters “A.L.M.S.” and the frequency of occurrence of these four letters in this chapter is 5320, or 19 x 280.

(41) The number of Quranic initials is 14, and the alphabet letters which participate in making these initials are also 14, and the number of initialed chapters is 29. When we add these numbers, 14+14+29, we find the total 57, or 19 x 3.

(42) The Quranic initials are described as “Miracle of the Quran” (see Page 240 [of the book “Quran: Visual Presentation of the Miracle”]).

(43) The common denominator throughout Quran is the number [19], and this is the numerical value of the Arabic word “ONE=Waahid.” Thus, this miracle emphasizes the theme of Quran and its basic message: “GOD IS ONE.”

Trees do not kill for food

[ Posted Mon, 11 Apr 2011 21:53:36 ]

Trees don’t kill for food, only sustain on minerals and water and carbon dioxide, which animals respire or through burning of fossil fuels. So I guess not all living creatures who possess a soul love food so much that they kill for it. They allow, plants allow, the consumption of fruits and seeds in order to prepare them for germination as well as taste the blessings the Lord has bestowed us with. Children inherently like fruit, however they have mixed signals and think they should have chocolates and sweets instead. Not all children are the same, my experience is from my eldest brothers children, who keep showing me the response to the Forbidden Fruit saga, one was of submission to the will of God the other was the futile exchange to have something of worth through ego and selfishness. My nephews and nieces show a very egotistical childhood, which I responded to through my writing, it was a reflection of their actions which I was sometimes thinking about, however the Lord guides whomever wills and He is the source of righteousness and guidance as the Quran teaches us.

Whether they throared me to pieces it was irrelevent once I was not undergoing an extra surgery to my right hip to make a hole and remove a segment of bone, they were assuring me that the bone would re grow, however things do not always go as they say. I would most likely be a permanent state of PMT if they had done this, and never walked again too, with a hole in hip, it was very fragile and could break with a trip or a fall, as I was re learning to walk again. Everything was irrelevent once this did not occur, and well it was rest, which I was in a state of rather than war and destruction, whenever they schemed I did not destroy I chose rest, by the will of God. And this is what it means the Sabbath, a holy day of rest, not destroy, a care of rest or destroy of hurt.

Whereas we know Adam was redeemed through words which God gave him, and we know humility with submission is the only way to salvation, they other of arrogance and war leads to damnation. Submitters do not have a version of self-righteousness, instead they know by all means necessary, which means whatever happens as long as you have submitted, and now I understand the words at the end of Sura al Bakara. ‘Our Lord protect us from sinning until it is too late to sin’. This is the statement which links with the tests, which Satan requests, whether we despair or whether we are guided and submit to God, believers in God, know He controls everything, so there is nothing to fear, as long as you worship God alone, and you will see so many times, what they desired effect they wished would happen as result of their illusions and tests, however the Lord never let’s his servants suffer loss or forsakeness. Insha Allah. My Lord have mercy upon us, guide us to the right path. Peace

Some sell their souls for the illusion of grandeur, of worth, they strive for this plateau, some recognise these things will come but no need to chase after them, rather one who remembers His Lord, and knows the schemes of the West and the illuminati to cull the world population, through first cause particulars, such as flu, or weather weapons, or destruction of the eco system of bees, or of the fluoridation of water. They try to make us dependent on other than God, for our source of love and devotion, oh no gotta brush my teeth can’t let the cavity monster in, oh no need to pass my GCSEs cannot let the demon of failure sink in, oh no need to take my meds, do not wish to see my troubled children without me who will care for them and so on. Instead of telling you devote to your Lord, with the scriptures He has sent, rather than profit from their suffering. To arrest or to set free, to demonise or humanise, to hate or to love, to profit from evil or to be charitable with your life’s work and teaching peace instead of war. The troublemakers like Blair, and those Gog and Magog of Israel, and the Masonic American illuminati and demon worshippers, well they’ve tried every concieted measure what if they soon become overt instead, who is there to stop them. We need to react now, need to stop this from ever happening and take the stance against the New World Order, which means the illusions of despair through the tests Satan requests to lead us astray. God is with us. When alone in a cave running away from Mecca, Muhammad and his companion, it is recalled in the Quran Muhammad told his companion, ‘do not despair, God is with us.’ Many a story of the Prophets and messenger tell of the blessing at a time of despair, Moses being chased for murder, and fleeing, only to find someone who would take him as an apprentice, he was not forsaken, and he turned to God, sincere worshippers, alhamdulilah, Muhammad fleeing from Makkah, and hiding in a cave, just two of them, and turning to God, and telling his friend not to despair, and then heading out to the oasis city of Medina. Alhamdulilah, and Rashad was martyred, his number 2. Next post I will take from the book by Rashad Khalifa, Quran, Hadith and Sunna, reminding me of a scholarly work, but no doubt Rashad Khalifa was Prophet Muhammad’s number 2. Muhammad is not number 2 to God, nor is Ali the rightful successor, some say liek Rashad in this book, that Khalifa Rashidoon, the term appeared two hundred years after, but it is amazing how it is similar to his name, I doubt if those Caliphs knew who they were, but were attributed this name afterwards. It is a sign that the most important question in Muhammadan history was who is Muhammad’s number two. Some said Ali number 2. Some thought by means of necessity Rashadoon, some thought after God and Muhammad were the two, though this started as a result of Hadith such as the countless ones written by a two year veteren Abu Hurayra, who no one knows what his real name is, and simply means father of the cats. Another means of necessity, or flagrant idolatry. Who will be purified and who will not be purified on the Day of Judgment. Peace be upon me the day I was born, the day I die and the day I get resurrected.


[ Posted Mon, 11 Apr 2011 16:12:00 ]

When I went a bit bananas, was hopping in and out of detention in the worse places on the island, I got a story to tell about how I was told I would meet Prophet Muhammad, and I went to mosque, and looked out, this was Victor Street, where my father is President but it belongs to Jamiyat Tabligh ul Islam, run by Pir Maroof Shah Saab, who were the earliest immigrants from Kashmir and Pakistan in the 60s, and began in houses. After my father retired from buses he became President of Victor Street, and the bequest of Pir Maroof, it was in lots of trouble financially, and wasn’t pleasant, though it was a steal for a few thousand, bought from the Church next door, it was a Church hall, one of the richest places in Bradford, they just completed a 500,000 pound extension to the front and side of the building. Whilst the church has been put up for sale, and wants 350,000 pounds now for it, it will only be worthwhile to purchase to stop others from poaching the main mosque and to open another one alongside it, or for future development.

I went to mosque and waited, there were usual elderly people, quite friendly, who you shake hands with, at the time the maulvi was Qari Mohammad Bashir, he arrived to lead the prayer, and with him was this man, who had the skin complexion of a chapati, the most delicate white ever, so I thought this must be Prophet Muhammad, I went home and told my parents. For some reason I was fascinated by white colour, another time I was told I would meet Mary mother of Jesus, and I saw my mothers best friend at our house, and thought that’s what she looked like. Maybe it was ameans of necessity, or a test, or even a request by Satan, because he and his tribe see us but we do not see them, and just as he requested respite till the day of Judgment and how he would lead all of them astray except THOSE WHO WORSHIP GOD ALONE. It’s a beautiful colour, the next time I saw him was I was with my father going to see a Sheikh because they thought I was possessed, to Moss Side, Manchester, the person was an African called Sharif, which means clean, or innocent or meek. I saw him at a bus stop. Atah white, when you cook a roti (chapati as its called in English) it is the white flour which makes it look really beautiful.

However when I became a submitter, Rashad told us in his work, how he was called to the highest heaven where he met the Prophets, as he was the consolidating messenger, not Prophet Muhammad, because God says in the Quran,

[3:81] GOD took a covenant from the prophets, saying, “I will give you the scripture and wisdom. Afterwards, a messenger will come to confirm all existing scriptures. You shall believe in him and support him.” He said, “Do you agree with this, and pledge to fulfill this covenant?” They said, “We agree.” He said, “You have thus borne witness, and I bear witness along with you.”

This was not Prophet Muhammad but Rashad, and he had this dream where he met the Prophet who acknowledge he was the messenger, he also said out of all of them, he resembled Abraham and Muhammad. Which was shared among his own family.


Masjid rather than mosque, I’ve been told a mosque, is derived from the word mosquito. Don’t know why, or what symbolism it is if so. Masjid means a place of prostration. Fresh roti are nice, should see the roti I eat, you would understand the complexion, the man was an Afghan or Pakistani or a Pushtan. The attah man. This was in 2003-4 region.

Jerk off

[ Posted Mon, 11 Apr 2011 15:42:05 ]

You know once you get hooked on tomatoes, it’s hard to like anything other, imagine a spicy curry with lots of tomatoes, it’s sweet for one, and not as spicy, and though you feel a little indulgent after the meal you feel appreciative. My wife is like Appolonia, Micheal’s wife. She knows hardly any English, and when she speaks it sounds like a foreigner speaking it, reminds me of the Sicilian girl in the mafia flick Godfather. When I’m on the phone I sound like him too, the way I speak as though they already knew how I speak, which Micheal plays really well. I was amazed by the story of Mean Streets, where Robert plays a hoodlum who owes someone some money and refuses to play, calls him a jerk off. Meaning wanker. That was bright movie, and I think each actor has role he plays in various films, as though it leads on or answers certain questions, so I believe, for example how Johnny played a director of horror movies almost as though he was Charlie Chaplin, who enjoyed dressing in ladies clothes, or how Keanu went from Bill and Ted to Matrix, is there some underlying theme or story which is not noticeable, and they carry to their graves. Alhamdulilah maybe it is just requests made by Satan, which leads them on to their rightful conclusions. No one possesses power except God, la quwata illa billah. Just so the stars know the right words, to redeem themselves, rather than perish into arrogance.

The angelic knowledge of lifeThe demonic power of deathThe human wisdom of resurrection

So it is the angels who fulfill God’s commandments on earth, and so we are never forsaken, rather the Lord’s mercy encompasses all things.

Those who possess a soul love food, they would actually kill for food, and it gives them powerful energy. The energy from nothing, like a peer or an apple, in its contents has many possible conclusion, it could lead to the progress into life, or it can get consumed and give its many benefits to the body of the one who had it, and so continues on, what else can it do, it can bear life or be inside life. Alhamdulilah

And then there;s the human wisdom of resurrection, which attest to the one God, indivisible, who controls all things, to whom belong the most beautiful names, Most Gracious, Most Merciful, and we convinced God will resurrect us at a given time or date, and that He will hold us to account for our deeds and everything will speak.

FuturePresent Past

Know the lightSee the goodLearn the truth

And the Lord will judge us.

Truth shall set you free

[ Posted Mon, 11 Apr 2011 12:55:57 ]

Just so that they can enjoy their time on earth, and say thanks, and glorify God in the manner which was precribed through Abraham, insha Allah. The park, seems packed on the weekend, especially when the sun was out, it was almost like a festival, there were kids in the fountains playing in the water, there were many people on boats on the lake, and there a multitide of parents with their children at the playground area, and the ice cream stall was full of people gathering to have, the cafeteria, or the lakeside restuarant was filled with people having beverages and pots of tea. You could expect this, and shows the celebration of life as it becomes even more diverse and populated. I’m a resident of this area of Bradford, where Lister Park is located, I spent my childhood here, and all the houses and a shop we lived in were in Bradford 9, so I can see how busy it’s getting, not as busy as the Mela used to be, that was hectic, rows and rows of cars in every street for a few miles, and tons of people walking in the park, it’s a beautiful location for a festival however some restrictions in parking and mobility make it not very joyful for people, so it has been moved to another location where they can have a dedicated parking bay. The mela is in Peel Park. The more we grow the more we understand we are just people not robots, some may say we should adapt, others say we should try to emulate the success of those who are deemed quality assured rather than try to find a loophole in the game.

All the social engineering that goes on in schools, I can’t see how affected children become by demon worshipping, and addictions which are put onto people to avoid them from enjoying life and being free, always feeding some parasitical weakness which causes arrest rather than the truth which sets you free. Some children are told they have a deficit in their eye sight, and are given boggle glasses, which means they are totally dependent on their glasses to see, and can never live without them, some children are told their teeth are too bad, and have them removed totally without going through the stages, a forced reaction rather than a easement and truth. It doesn’t stop there, we are told to brush our teeth with toothpaste containing fluoride, every day, and we become dependent on it, as when we stop are teeth start to feel awful as though they being filled with decay. It is the pursuit of trying to find a weakness, rather than allow the truth to set you free, you can good and well arrest something from taking part in life, however you cannot gaurantee it’s success or the debilitation it causes nor the unrest and the hurt which was proponent through your decision to intervene, nor insure that this is the right cause to take, and whether you take it or not, will not really change the result, one is of ease and the other is of suffering.

I went back to the physio department to the spinal injury unit in Wakenfield, about seven months after my discharge, and the main physio, Simon, was there and I told him I could walk without sticks, I think this was about year after, in about 2007 or 8, I had my broken back in 2006, not long after the film Omen was released or re-released as a new version, probably due to expiration of copyright, or something like that, though the date was symbolic as it was 06/06/06 the date when the film was released, I fell from the attic window on 22/08/2006 I think or the 24th. He said show me, which I did, then he inquired about knees, and thought they were hyper extending. So he said I would require a brace. You know what I mean, I went to him to celebrate the fact they were not totally right about me not walking without sticks, and he lays on me an extra weight to scare me with. I obliged to see an orthotics. Who gave me this sixties style, polio preventing brace, to put my knee, I told him straight away it was painful, he told me wait a week or so. My dad was adamant that I carry on wearing it, and told me of my grandmother who had all her teeth removed, due to the fucking evil profiteer dentist claiming they were diseased, and the dentures gave her, hurt her so much, she stop wearing them, the dentist left one tooth, out of the whole set, which my grandmother used to look after, they know the angelic knowledge of life, they don’t need scientist to claim what is a particular to devote to , and idolise, no matter how they try to make it stay the same it perishes, and all they wished to do was make money from it. So next time a scientist poses to you a dilemma of health, ask him frankly, ‘do you have a better solution.’ see them, stummer and think well not really I’m just trying to make a buck or two…frankly.

The brace caused serious swelling my knee, and ripped my ligaments, after a week, and so wished to make it work too, think they were trying to think what was best, nor did I wish to alleviate my symptoms thinking what if the worse comes and go back into the wheel chair. I went back to the orthotics told him, about the swelling, and the discomfort, he had a look, and said he couldn’t do anymore. He disappeared, when I went back again there was a new guy there. He had me a soft brace ordered, which alleviated the torn ligament pain, but again I walked like a cripple, with one leg refusing to bend and every child would mimick it. After about six months, and going back without getting anything different, so I decided to stop wearing it. And before while I used to wear my headphones, which have noise cancellation, whilst walking you can hear the rhythm of your body, which joints are creaking or which are crumbling, after discharge my leg joints felt as if they were crumbling, may because of the stepper, I thought would help strengthen my leg, they broke into many pieces by the time I left hospital, but the only thing they didn’t do which they said they would,was take bone from my hip, to strengthen my back, luckily this was avoided as their were enough fragments from the brokene back to help with the solidification of my back. Everything after that was futile, no matter how much pain and suffering they wished to give me, with catheters, and painstaking physio, and all the bitch nurses on PMTs.

I wore the Beats by Dr. Dre yesterday to the Park, with my wife, and I could hear my body movements and rhythm, not a single crunch or creak, and I started walking more rhythmically rather than abruptly as I would before, even though my right leg is paralysed with one or two nerve damages.

Praise be to God, Lord of the universe,

Our Lord, protect us from sinning until it become too late to sin, Our Lord protect us from blaspheming against you, like those who came before us have done.(appears at the end of sura al Bukara, which is the second sura, and bukara means cow in Arabic, however in Urdu and Mirpuri and Punjabi, bakra is a goat, I wonder if the word was borrowed).

Peace be upon me the day I was born , the day I die, the day I get resurrected

Haunts at the house late at night

[ Posted Sun, 10 Apr 2011 23:25:19 ]

Everything has its own style, viewing a picture on a LCD screen on the back of DSLR, or viewing on a computer, depending on the monitor resolution, or type of graphic card or what camera was used, also when you develop you can’t tell a camera from another camera. Below a spooky picture, using soem anolog FX, but it ‘s late and I saw a misty shadow on my wall, I think the Poles are doing witchcraft, my brother’s girl is polish. Not the first time, whenever I’m alone, I see misty shadows, which come and disappear, with a feeling of fear creeps in. I recie the three kuls and blew around me.

Another picture with an FX from camera +, don’t remember which on I think it was so emo.

Lomographic for this one.

Lot’s of noises in the house, I thought my wife was back from cinema, the witchcraft can only assume certain signs, usually you will not be susceptible if you are blessed, and submit to God, should read auzu billah minashaytaan nirrajeem. I seek refuge in God from Satan the rejected. This will never allow anything to instill fear, no matter how spooky they wish to become. The house is haunted, since the Polish girl came here with her witch craft. I heard the thrill laughter of a witch, when I felt tested one night, and said auzu billah… and she went running out of the house onto the street and you could hear her rackle laughter, in disappointment. Maybe that’s what they believe in witches, but Muslims just enjoy the taste of food with the words Besmalah hirrahman nirraheem, in the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful, try describing the taste of food, every living creature loves the taste of food, apart from children, they don’t like meal times, but still like sweets and crisps and chocolates, but normal food they just don’t have appetite for it at that age. They can live on air, can children, they only start building up once they reach their teens. Beautiful fruits, beautiful trees, beautiful faces, beautiful life.


[ Posted Sun, 10 Apr 2011 21:58:55 ]

Just been thinking, how awesome the camera plus app is, I even bought the extra pack of filters for 59p, I think it slows the process down. But it is a great app, love the ‘clarity’ option, makes your photos look awesome, will be using it quite a lot, if I get moving, on the Zion train. However been thinking what about this DSLR I have which is really quite big and bulky in comparison to an iPhone which fits snugly in your pocket, and can be a great way to keep your missus suprised and interested when you start snapping her, while on the phone, or out in the park…she takes great long view shots of landscape, you can just look at them and feel awesome about the view it gives, never really occurred to me to take shots of what your view is rather than an object of interest. But the DSLR takes pictures as though they are your own eye view, how you would percieve things with your own eye. Which if that’s all you wish to do, it is kinda boring and limiting, though the camera is yet to improve on iPhone to get to 10 mega pixels, without the hazard of getting dust on your lens, as you are in live view, as can be the case with live view with DSLRs. Only advantage with DSLR is the SD card ability which means you are not stricken to just a certain amount of memory, however there should be an SD card reader available for the iPhone soon, in April, and it is ten days into April, yet no news of it landing in Europe, apart from America where the retail price has dropped 50 %. They are complaints it takes too long to process a photo, onto facebook or flikr, however one must think how long it takes to put photos on blogs, Apple are really good at that, there file size well smaller than what the DSLR file size is, it took 4 minutes or so to upload a picture taken from a DSLR onto my blog, whereas the Apple pics take very little time. I don’t know what it’s like on facebook either. But you can get interesting shots while using a compact camera phone, anytime, you could be lying on the grass with your wife sat beside, and you think her back would make a great shot, then you think rather not take a shot of her back, as it is quite pervy. But you know what I mean, it is a lot flexible, than trying to shoot pictures through a view finder. And the results are far more variable and enhanceable, and can orientate a lot easier, whereas pictures on DSLR come box standard. Hopefully zoomit could get the SD card reader ready to order in the UK, it’s April and still no news.

Started to type on tumblr instead of gmail, as when importing into tumblr or copying pasting, it forgets to put the next line in, instead it carries when I’ve actually opened a new line.

I’ll show what the iPhone app, camera plus, new feature, ‘clarity is like’, below two pictures, it will be impossible for anyone to really know the difference as every camera has its own style of photos. The first is without clarity, the second.

Still takes about a minute or two to upload, maybe it’s to do with the connection.

I’ll see how the importing the DSLR photos onto this app, and get some more variatons . I’ll show you some of the shots my wife takes. What’s that on the side, yeah I heard the rumours, about a bomb too, but it’s the case for my beats, which I wore for the first outdoors, my wife can’t believe they cost so much, she thinks I got them for twenty quid from TK Max. I rather she believe this, than tell her I got a credit card, :)

Another one she’s taken too.

That was faster, less than 30 seconds…

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All you need is love

[ Posted Sun, 10 Apr 2011 12:43:39 ]

Plenty of pads, 16 pads, at least the composition were much more in line with the tempo and the size of the bar, whereas with the new one, beatmaker 2, you can just draw however long you feel like, and just see if it fits or not, you don’t really need to stay on beat, with old one I used to have a sample may be a piano or a flute or hank drum or violin or something, which was free of the tempo, and then put intermittent bars with various compositonal sounds and music, I never tried to create a construction rather a destruction, I never built upwards, I went straightforward. Like they say time is linear not superior. It wasn’t very well composed either, it was quite like the way I dj, new parts just blending, or part playing over each other to create a flow. But one advantage, it is far more cooler in many ways to the old PC, it is more intuitive, you have less to worry about, and you can stick to a set number of pads, 16 pads inherently means 16 tracks, and if you are familiar with bounce and four track, you’ll know how much of an advantage you have with the ability to have upto sixteen different pieces or samples, usually save two samples for sounds which are mayb e 20seconds to 45 seconds long, remember this was mainly with iPhone 3g, which only had a ram of 128mb, upto the sixth or seventh track on Wizard Music were done on iPhone 3g, so three albums minus four tracks were done on iPhone 3g. If you wish to make it bassy, all you need to do is increase the low in equaliser. If you wish to record in, this was something I was hoping for, something which can alter the sound through an x and y pad, almost like the Kaosilator, however it only worked with filter, and stopped messing about with when I got to the second album, Retro, because I had done 19 tracks by then, but 7 were remixes or using samples from known artist, which dare not add to the album due to copyright. Maybe one day they’ll have an app for this, where you can upload your track, almost like the Virtual DJ effects, loop x2 x4 x6 or x8 certain parts with echo or something, but I wouldn’t mind an effects instrument using the x and y pad, and to record live or through multi tasking. What I found people were affected by the PC was when to stop or when to say that will do, and losing perspective, this usually this happens when you have too many options and you are uncertain about the result too. With beatmaker you’re finished when there’s no more pads to use, so you can either loop, or start messing about with the x and y pad, or the feedback or the bitcrusher, or something, but once you’ve used your sixteen pads, and alternatives then you’re done. So you just upload your samples, or borrow from the extensive ones available for free on the internet or wherever, there’s plenty to work with just on the app itself, it’s amazing, all you need is love. ”Nothing you can sing that can’t be sung, all you need is love.” I got composing, at sprouts of about a month at a time, over a period of 24 month, so I was only making music for maybe 3 weeks out of all the time, the rest I spent just enjoying listening to it, it never gave me the answer, whereas others reached the result with one attempt at listening, like Sajid, he said ‘it’s unpredictable’, well if you save yourself so much breath cos I’ve heard it a hundred times still couldn’t think of that word to describe it. But I just liked it because like the iPhone it felt like giving it all, like have it all, and that’;s the philosophy have it all, or things can only get better, which they have in iphones and music tools and production, however there’s so many people on soundcloud, I never get a say in, so many people on tumblr, I never get a say in, so many sites on the internet I never get a say in. The Beatles, I thought of adding an es to the end, to make a new word, beat less, meaning without beat, which a lot of my stuff is, so I made a set on virtual dj which is good, as it also enhances the sound to the biggest waveform allowable without distortion, so it’s almost a mastering tool too, it was an experience jhearing the stuff which I did on the PC rather recording into it using a line in, but I found the controls a bit more harder as the mouse kept getting stuck initially, until I sat back and put it on my lap, I had a lot better control once I did this. I think people are less likely to hear music nowadays on a stereo, unless they are in a car, most tend to use headphones, some don’t bother at all, to them it’s just a phone, nothing more. Other’s like the potentialities it gives them, and forsake the function of the phone just for necesity rather than exclusive ringing people, even if girls seem to be waving their phones, this isn’t movies where we can be at two places at split second, one minute I’m looking through my window and there’s a girl wavign her phone walkiing outside my house, the next second I’m on the pavement grovling for her phone number asking her to marry me. Not gonna happen, and I’m not forsaken, I’m blessed, and that’s Mr Ian Brown, may feel he is blessed, for it never materialised the evil scheme of sending him to prison.

God is GreatAllahu Wahidu

God is only One

Meaning He is indivisible,

It also points to the mathematics of numbers

Allahu Ackbar—

Arrogant warriors

[ Posted Sat, 09 Apr 2011 20:48:14 ]

My grandma, my mum’s mum, she has drooping eyes, and I used to think she looked Jewish, but now I know its the smack she takes, the tree bark, they just jealous to allow people the liberty to take something which doesn’t cost anything and is easily found instead either the costly heroin or the fuct up methadone, which these coke heads bastard, these champagne and cavier vampires, make people addicted to heroin take or face prison.

It’s the same with me, if I refuse meds or increase they detain me, and you know how hard it is to get out in one piece once they got you on locked down, any mishap any fucking breathe any fucking reaction goes down with lots of overdose and if this gets you angry beware of knocking onto medium secure or high secure, like setting your room on fire, or hitting a staff member. Best time for kick off, is as soon as you enter, rather than once you’ve been told to wait and wait and wait and become inpregnated with meds which cause bloatedness. You don’t know how hard it is to get out, and how hard they make a good thing. Or impossible they make a good thing. Unless you see with their eyes of jealousy and hatred and arguments of self-righteousness then you will always be free rather than caged, they have no power, they only have power over those who take Satan as their lord. Well Satan only has power over those who take him as their lord. We are told, ‘O Children of Adam, was it not covenanted to you, that you should not worship the devil, for the devil is man’s avowed enemy.’

Everything is in accordance with God’s will, my grandma kept it secret, my own grandmother kept it secret, my mother kept it secret, my father kept it secret, for it is very good to clean the teeth and to remove bad odours. If we were not arrrested to brush out teeth, and soon as we try to stop our teeth start to decay really badly, so by default is fluoride a preventative, rather than cure or a solution, it is just fucking evil profiteers, so I’m now stricken to brush my teeth regularly, and have no way of stoppign for the rest of my life, and these bastards have to keep supplying fluoride a chemical waste from atomic bombs and pharmacueticals. Bastards, fucking bastards. At least now, there is no way they can argue a population which has fluoridated water have less cavities and problems with their teeth than those who do not, since we’ve seen a passing of a generation of those who lived with fluoridated water and those who do not. And if we need fluoride WE GET IT IN TOOTHPASTE we do not need to fluoridate water, and start playing a game of karma, all the bad karma to Birmigham, all the good health to Yorkshire. That’s all it causes devil worshipping karma tricks. Evil war profiteers.

Arrogant warriors.

Did any of you allow them the liberty to try other things apart from methadone, and indoctrinated them to prescribe and start a routine, just as we are forced onto a routine to brush our teeth. BASTARDS, OF GERMAN KIND<

Little Green Bag

[ Posted Sat, 09 Apr 2011 13:07:23 ]


Do you like cokane

No more like smack!

I know what you mean, can’ t really get away saying I got smack running around in vein, you can probably get away with ’ I got cokane running around in vain.’

Cokane, Cokane…

Are you on cokane…

Do you like cokane?

No like smack..

Got any smack?



a sixty dollar bag, could be a bag of weed, so I got prepared and somehow found myself with a little green bag with many things from Amazon for free, like a DSL camera,x2 mini projectors, x2 ihome portable speakers, that’s all it’s got in there, plus maybe room for the iPod toucnh 64gb, though there’s a nice pouch for it in the suede laptop bag. Took some pictures of it today, seems to be ready, though I’m still waiting for another girly bag, A elizanbeth ARden holdall, for a fiver on ebay, don’t know much about how it will be, but hopefully I can get all my toileteries and herbal remedies in it. Maybe I need another big holdall, just for save measures. A Sixty dollar bag, is a little green bagFull of hoodies and goodiesMade to fit and to carry around the waistLet’s party and get a good shot out of SajidAnd let’s see when the angels descend and cause their Goliath to shit his loadsAnd run for cover in the Scottish highlandsBut we’ll out him and kill him for sureLet’s make sure they never read this in timeBy leaving no trace of who was the author or when it was first writtenGoodbye all my friends and familyWho looked after me and made sure I had no problems with the lawOr state or any enemy knocking on my door My dad and mum have gone to Makkah, so we’ll start from London to #AlaskaBut we’ll not need to go to Makkah firstWe’ll say let them do this trip for us, insha AllahIt will be accepted.If we go through Europe and to MakkahWe’ll face even bigger Goliaths like the tossers American breadwinners The hullucinogens and talk of the rejected and all that was will be in vainWhat’s going and coming the same wayI hate repition and vain glory and vain storyWe’ll set off on the Queen’s boat to the shores of New YorkEnough for our bus and some companions who couldn’t be left behindDue to incrimination and violence and all that was will beSee you on Easter Sunday merry and pippinAnd the hobbits from Lancashire and Yorkshire

Ain Jaluth, Spring of Goliath

[ Posted Fri, 08 Apr 2011 23:26:40 ]

You know what doctors are lauded praise the destruction of mankind, for they know full well to spare a life of a person is to spare the lives of the whole of mankind, and to murder a person is to kill the whole of mankind. If only this could happen, is all they wish for, and desire, not to see mankind survive and to appreciate the blessings of God, instead to curse life rather than give it the nutrients necessary to live. They wish to destroy God’s creation, and then allow themselves the liberty to have or do or be whoever they wish for, instead of submission there is arrogance, rather than easy as 123 they choose as hard as rock, they are all upset that someone should get so far, they didn’t expect anyone could get this far. And to expose their secret of the destruction of humankind as the temporary god on earth will shed blood and spread evil, and whom they serve, Shaytaan, Satan the Accursed, whom the Masonic West serve, everything spells rebellion in their eyes, never any humility or truth. Always despair of the Lord’s mercy, never thinking even if you lose your life or are matyred or a scarred permanently the karma of this will come back to haunt them, and one day they will face their judgement. Just witnessed this harsh Scottish style lady talking really abnoxiously to a child, he didn’t seemed fazed by it, but if it was me, I would have told her, I don’t like her, even if I was scared of being abused, fuck em the wankers think they fool ya, let them burn in hell the arrogant demon worshippers.

Never despair of the Lord’s mercy.

But just like the Red Indians sat and waited for the Muhammadans or Muslims of old, to come and try to conquer the West, maybe if Ali was made amir, they would have gone so far, only to reach there to find such a bunch of psychopathic people who knows what end they would reach. Instead they sat and waited, and the Muhammadans instead went to India, home is where the heart is, and China too, and then in the 16th Century the Red Indians found their sticks and bows and arrows when they kept getting shot, and massacred, and the old world didn’t see them destroy the world. However the Muslim faced a great threat through Monguls, and Jhangiz Khan, who said he was sent by God to punish the Muslims, so I heard, and he destroyed most of them, but couldn’t get to the West apart from Poland. And his grandson wrote a haughty letter, how he was going to show the Muslims that their God could not avail them, and at the Spring of Goliath, Ain Jaluth, the Muhammadans, defeated the Mongols 15 to 1, 300,000 to 20,000, just goes to show it size isn’t everything, the fat Goliath was defeated. Remember this one Charles, you haughty bastard, and prince of darkness, you Satanist twat, who wishes to cull the world population, you and your family are doomed. What happens when a pig gets too fat? It’s killed off. And that’s what will happen to these Western pretense and Satanist wankers, they borrow and borrow, but one day they’ll get shot dead!

They sit and play their games, but never win against their true adversary, to take the Kingship away from God, so how futile is the game to be played. Anyone who finds something easy, should not think everyone should play his game so that he can show them how great he is, along comes some new game and their game starts looking stupid, submission is the key, rather than petty jealousies and arguments of haughtiness and pride.


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When Stone Roses first started the drums were more heroin, then when they did the Second Coming, they were very cocaine. Why?

Listen to the beat to Day break and you’ll notice how hard he’s hitting the drums, with singular beat, whereas if you’ve heard the ultimated rarity ‘Made of stone’ you’ll notice the redemption from smack almost.


I’ve never tried smack so I don’t know what it’s like, whether it is too powerful or whether it is too addictive or whether it is losing all will to be anything other than on smack. ’She’s my heroin’ that’s what they say in ‘good times’ roll again.

How fast he’s playing on Made of Stone, and how fuct off with his strong mind he’s playing on daybreak. I noticed that.


But begging you is proper Stone Roses song, They all are, with the exception of a few which have only John Squire as the writer.

I’ll leave it there, until Mr Nice Guy comes along too, and starts playing live, which he misses, insha Allah, and playing by the will of God, hopefully it will all seem amazing in the end. One thing I like about the old Beatmaker, there are only 16 pads, and what you could do is feed it into a a computer to record rather than record from it, because what you’re hearing doesn’t really sometimes come out when you make the mix. But you could have a bar as long 50 bars, and just loop it there, I am unaware you can do that on the new one, that was cool in some ways, but I never played anything more than twice. If you noticed. When you record into the computer instead of from it, then the waves are more variable, but sound alot cooler in headphones, in my opinion, depends how you approach it.

'If he's electronic can I be electronic too.'

[ Posted Fri, 08 Apr 2011 16:49:00 ]

If she is electric can I be electric too

It aint easy being a fool

If he is elecytronic, can I be electronic too

Sure Noel it’s mad what some of the iPhone apps can make

Give the guitar a break

And compose some hippy monster loving tracks

About our trip across the Penines and to the center of the earth

We’re going round the top of Alaska then to Brazil

Back to Makkah, then to Japan and down to Australia

And then back to Makkah

Wish I had a flag…

Instead of a sixty dollar bag

This a version of Cheap Limousine, that I’ve been making wrong again I guess, it’s just mad reni on cooch and smackk playing the drums to rattle ma timbers. Yeah let’s see how easy it is shall we


A Song I'm Working On Called 'Cheap Limousine'

[ Posted Fri, 08 Apr 2011 12:31:00 ]

Cheap limousine

O yeah there’s bus coming into townFilled up with Mr BrownAnd the all-stars dressed in adidasLet’s party and give a shot to everyoneOne of sorrow and joy for lonesome strangers

Come on let’s get the limousine on the roadListening to Bob Marley ExodusSaying where will the bus take usTo the four corners of the world and to the center which is Makkah

I only ever wanted the one with the flagBut all I got is a sixty dollar bagFull of technics and happy shoppers goodsTrying to keep entertained rather than full of good feelings

What’s written must beThe angelic side everyone’s lifeShall we forget we had signs of God’s OmniscienceOr forget that we did not know who was the true Lord of the heavens and the earth

The word of the Lord is not for sale, What you reap is just what you sowDo not try to sell the Lord’s word for a miserable priceLet me remind you of a verse So clear and real and clarifying found in the Quran

[2:30] Recall that your Lord said to the angels, “I am placing a representative (a temporary god) on Earth.” They said, “Will You place therein one who will spread evil therein and shed blood, while we sing Your praises, glorify You, and uphold Your absolute authority?” He said, “I know what you do not know.”

(Quran 2:30)

The Muslims of old used to say this is man, but it is Shaytaan.

The troublemakers or the peacemakersThose who claim there can be another god or those who say la ellaha ella AllahThose who spread evil or those who bring happinessThose who have wicked regrets or those who are blessed thankful

Ian Brown Ian BrownCome to my townBring a cheap limousineSmelling of mishy weeCome againAnd fight alongside Zulqarnain

Talk of strain at a gnat

[ Posted Thu, 07 Apr 2011 22:50:16 ]

Talk about strain at a gnat, taking three emails from a list of thousands, the size of a camel.Anyway they are all scrambled in the folder and do not flow in a chronological order, so someone must work through them all, that will be a task to straighten all those emails, if it comes to it, I’d be prepared insha Allah it is the work of a messenger of God, and shows the days and hours he spent in making the decisive life to follow Islam. They probably thought two muslims talking, let’s spy on them, and took the emails, they were only in relation to an app a media player for movies. Who knows maybe the psychiatrist or the CPN want to get their hands on the incriminating email which proves Adrian Hill gave an injection whilst his finger was bleeding very badly. may be that’s what’s causing the feeling crawling in my body.

3057 A Submitter Emails Sent To Masjid Tucson, in chronology dating 03-03-2008 till 07-04-2011

[ Posted Thu, 07 Apr 2011 21:38:41 ]

I’ve started seeing numbers in a different way, first I used to just count the individual numbers when I see numbers I try see other number combinations instead, so when it says I have saving 3057 messages on hard drive from my gmail account, the only account I used there were no back ups, or Word used to keep the files, nor were they word processed and then later transmitted through gmail, which must have fooled those who hacked my account, and took some emails which I sent to a Muslim app developer and one email to the psychiatrist, which he never responded to, asking him to write the letter for my brother to say his kids would be safe in my company, and there were other kids living in his house who were cousins to kashif’s brothers’s children. About time too, to know how to save messages, if I knew I would have kept a copy of everything from 2002 onwards, but the Lord has blessed me with the time and space to say the things necessary to stop those who think they are gods destroy the world population. When you say ‘blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.’ They think they can assume the rank of God, the pretenders such as the white bastard Charles and his disgusting family, who keep wishing you use the eff word, so that you become as vile as them. The wankers, doesn’t mean masturbators, it is the opposite of those who think they are winners like the effing Church of England. The evil trouble maker, the seducer to lies, to innovator and corruptor, the devil is who the Masons worship. They think they are gods and not even kings at the end, if they are allowed to stay in the hierarchy.

There are 3057 messages, 30 and 57 is what I see, 30 sounds cool, 3 and zero, and 57 is a multiple of nineteen and when it saving it said it was 237 mb in size which means the numbers added to 12. I’ll send the whole lot out to Masjid Tucson, insha Allah, and save a copy onto hard drive, tossers who think everything works like their wank judgment full of Masonic teaching. At least I didn’t have to send the whole lot out again to various email accounts, one by one, which would ruin the chronology of each email as their would be two copies in my sent folder which could get confusing though you can label them. This will the 3058 message but will not appear in this folder.

What Radio are what most people are listerning to

[ Posted Thu, 07 Apr 2011 14:48:24 ]

They listen to the radio, thinking this is what most people are listening to,

Whereas we buy music, which most people are listening to, and which has been ordained through the will of God.


[ Posted Thu, 07 Apr 2011 14:30:00 ]

“How many times do I have to tell you

You don’t have to wait to die

You can have it all

Anytime you want it

Yeah, the kingdom’s all inside.”


My parents go to the purest place of worship, the House of God, in Makkah, then they will venture to Prophet tomb in Medina to say salaam, if he was the final messenger why was he buried in Medina, and why did he not stay in Makkah, afterall the final word in the word index to the Quran, is Zul-qarnain, however some would say the true pronunciation and wording is Dhul-Qarnain, however we know it is with zed in English.

The disgust of homosexuality, would you prefer to sell your body to this filth, or retain the right to be a man and son of Adam, son of man. The only way they bend man’s liberty and freedom and through exposure, soon as you become exposed that’s when they take advantage of your self. The disgusting behaviour and manners of those who go to schools, which are run by the Church of England, though everything is in accordance with God’s will, to start school at the age of three or four, what purpose does this serve, and what benefit after the age of ten does education serve, other than to continue to give rank and denotion of status through the labyrinth of prizes and certificates. You’ll never know what the teacher knows, they only dish out certain medals of honour and robes of status which in themselves allow for certain changes in the person’s thinking. It is heirarchical, and they only wish to make a good thing impossible, thinking well if we never felt it or never had it or never got it then why should those who follow get it, in this miserliness they find they take the true measures of life away from people, and instead dish out certain prizes or awards which give the person a feeling of self worth. Those who start of thick, end up going further, those who start of skinny end up getting thick later. Maybe, you can’t change your character who you are, no matter what level of education you acquire, you ecan simply expose yourself to certain things and fundamentals so that you become more averse to problems arising from the ego or self.

The only thing educaton does, is not allow you to use the will of God to aid you, instead we are taught ot be objective to reason shallowness and no meaning, whereas those who waken themselves to the gnosis of the Lord, and His Omnipresence, will find are very amazing in their work and in the intelligence and in their lives. Thank you Lord for the blessings and the grace and the mercy which encompasses all things. The Lord’s wisdom is eternal, and the written word is more powerful than anything in the history of mankind.Some might say, it is voodoo, but I disagree, having heard the Prodigy Voodoo People, the other day, it was very much something to think about, ’ Voodoo , something you wouldn’t do, people’. Or something like that.

Well what is to come to you, whatr is destined, is already writtenThe sins, the rightoeus work, the wicked transgressionsThe abrupt levels of intelligence and romanceTo give height to love and devotion to those who remind us of joys of loveEven though he sings ‘I don’t have to sell my soul’.It is filled with the feeling of soul and loveEven though it was meant to be a test of timeIt had a destined part to play in the minds of mineEventhough he didn’t give us much soulThe words were filled with joy and love

That was from Ian Brown’s opening songSomething to tell us that he wouldn’t sing too many soulful songsYet it was still spiritual and quite angelicEmmerse me in your slendourHowever it felt like I was just exposed so long to writing logic and critic that I forgot about the essence of meaning, without too many words, just a few remarks. Like ‘I turned Muslim because then you can get chicken.’ And..’John Squire sent me a box of maltesers for Christmas while I was in prison.’


May the Lord have mercy upon me

Time for the noon prayer, made simple and straightforward, and esoteric, with the mathematics of the soul, the miracle of the body and the prophecies of the mind. We should not have to shorten it for any other purpose other than when we are travelling or at war, and we should observe dry ablution if there is no water, which means rubbing our arms and face with clean dry soil, and we should observe the five salat instead of three which the man known as Edip tried to implement, hopefully he will correct his ways, or the words of Solomon Imdad may prove true, he is a work of Satan, he said. Or something to that affect. He’s a trick of Satan, implying he was leading people away from submission,which only is not too overwhelmed with believers because it is the will of God, to remove these pretenders to the godhood, by claiming the can reward and punish, and by claiming to be god, which that evil dictator and her child the Prince of Wales are trying to achieve, with their New World Order, order implying to be in despair of the Lord’s mercy, and adding up the illusions which Satan promises, which are requests just as he requested respite till the day of judgement, adn sometimes people think how did that happen.#

Opening lines, by John Squire, from the song opening the ‘Second Coming’ album, by the Stone Roses.

Ego hole too big so it must consume, or let it grow bigger and see if time will tell, should we ration, or should we know with God are the bounties and treasures of the heavens and the earth

[ Posted Thu, 07 Apr 2011 13:16:14 ]

They think it gets so big that it consumes itself, but we know it keeps on growingSo they think the world population is so big, we need to kill off most of themThey’ll kill all Muslims first, then start to annhilate other groups as time passesBut we know God will not let us down, and we know He is Omnipresent

Even when a certain error occursThe Lord is not unaware And leads to a correct understanding further on


We know we’re not made of fire nor have we anything to do with fireBut to them they think we are a fire which grows and grows as it has the fuelBut when it doesn’t it will start to consume itselfBut we know we’re from water

Water is more precious than gold to peopleThere’s innnocence, justice and prevailence of happinessWhenever someone says this the earth and the heavens sing the Lord’s praiseHalelujah or alhamdulilah or praise be to the Lord of the universe

Happiness can neither beg, steal or borrowCommunist beg, Fascist steal, Capitalist borrowBeg to be the proletariat revolution, steal the identity of the aryan, borrow the sovereignty of God

These pretenders of the Church of EnglandWish to claim godhood by punishing and destroying and killing thoseWho do not want to die and go to heaven in Jesus’ nameInstead they claim they are righteous when they are wicked pretenders

Like the band Charlatans who always tried to borrow the light of the Stone RosesBut that guy from Charlatans is worse than X factor, he is all pretend it isn’t even his real voiceIt’s like Jacko made upThen when they hear about John Squire’s niceness

They’ll try and copy it, and pretend they were himNot letting anyone know where they get it from The Church of England wankers the Charlatans

Everything is in accordance with God’s willThey are reminder to the Stone Roses of the true selvesWithout them then they would not have the perspective to continuelong live the Charlatans the band which kept the Roses happy

Church of England tossers

[ Posted Thu, 07 Apr 2011 12:34:55 ]

Church of England tossersWho think they are the kings of the worldThey are the wankers of the world

Church of England tossersAlways pretending and never being realStealing the true natures and trying to win themselves A prize of heros and villains of the world~Church of England cuntsFool some people sometime but can’t fool all the people all the timeChurch of England wankersFor all the crimes they commit they instead wish for a sacrificial offering

Never repenting continuing in their hatred and liesThe future full of corruption and wickednessAs every generation drinks from the stream they drankAnd in the despair of the Lord’s mercy

The hypocrites, the liars and the ignorantThe rich Catholics are the hypocritesThe warring Protestants are the liarsThe gangsta Evangelicals are the ignorant

Ignorance is the condition whereby you never realise truth from falseAlways wanting the winning argumentChurch of England wankersAll these bastards with mouths that spill cunt breath and words

Hate Church of England schools, hate Church of England protocolsThey’re the wankers, not winnersThey’re the tossers, not losersThey are the soldiers meaning sold outs, not the submitters

Fuck all you Church of England tossersYou can go to hell

My Lord have mercy upon me

[ Posted Thu, 07 Apr 2011 00:02:31 ]

When you are being tested, and you feel you will turn unappreciative or end up in despair, then you should say, ‘my Lord have mercy upon me’. If you say this when you are being tested then you should feel afraid or in depths of despair.

Chicken for Muslim prisoners

[ Posted Thu, 07 Apr 2011 00:01:44 ]

For everything a reason

Isn’t that right Ian? All I wanted not all I ever wanted

I’m sure I’m hearing it wrong again, unless I check the internet for the lyrics then it will always be less confusing or dubious for whatever reason.

Got another song from him, this one was released just before he got prison sentence which seems to me as being a fix up and an scheme by the illuminati or whoever to get him to ruin his life, which would have if it happened in the USA, but it didn’t cause him to snap, and he bided his time, and went through the processes, and even whilst he was locked up in a category A prison, for something that didn’t amount to anything, he became a Muslim, because they then gave em chicken. Yeah tender chicken is the best, and I guess it was what they call chicken, which I never understood whenever they mentioned it, like in Damascus all of the sudden the class started getting amused by the statement chicken, but my Lord controls the minds and hearts and I could not share in it. I thought to myself which led to an unappreciative mood, I said why did God allow the devil to allow him to cause animosity between me and my brother Waheed where my meds were increased, I thought this will lead me to put on weight rather than maintain it as it is, which I can with the present dose, I thought of the worse case scenario, I thought what if leads me to develop diabetes or something like blood pressure. I then began to feel down, with it all, but then I thought about it, and said well all these things haven’t happened yet, I know you know from retrospect that these things are more than not likely, however you may be gone before then, or maybe something else will develop, like telling the doctor, you can maintain your weight on this dose but feel an increase would increase your weight, leading to other complications, as I am now breaking sweat, which is new to me, I never usually break sweat. People give me blood pressure too, when they start talking of their bad experiences which my sister did. Concerning my parents, which if I told anyone would lead to high blood pressure, she said my parents slapped her for cutting her hair, then later went out to town and bought her loads of clothes because they felt so bad. I remember she got a bob cut, while her year abroad in Morocco, and sent pictures home, which were not really well met with applause.lol. But I don’t remember my parents ever hitting her. I seem to think girls, are more emotionally affected by smack and beats, whereas boys don’t feel a thing, I think this has been abused by the West, the hurt, the care of rest or hurt, sometimes girls will try to destroy the holy day of rest, but then they realise it is only like chicken, but not really chicken, but we think it’s a game of chicken.

Ian Brown song, from the Golden Greats album,

I could have found you, if I wantedWouldn’t even have to trySaved you if I longed itBut you didn’t want to see me byYou were getting high

Yeah Oasis say,

You might as well do the white lineCos when it comes on top You gotta make it happen

You know what I mean, these peelu tree twigs are like cooch, and I’ve on it for a few weeks, and writing stuff, and waiting, and filling my sixty dollar bag with lots of goodies. But nothing heavy man, just natural things, like amla which is as sweet as the sweetest wine, and makes your body sing, and sakra, wallnut tree bark, which my Grandma has given me loads of, which I find is quite like smack but I always drink plenty of tea, to stay off its effect. And then there’s the miswak from Arabia, which is like coke to me.

All I wanted was the one with the llagBut all you wanted was a sixty dollar bag.

I’ll get it right from the internet, Ian Brown words seem to be too good for the likes of me to ever read it correctly, amazing when you know the true words.

I only ever wanted the one with the flagBut all you ever wanted was a sixty dollar bagAnd cheap limousine for your deep pile dream On the highway

I used to think the sixty dollar bag, was a quarter of skunk, but now I think it is the or I know it’s the little green bag, with my stuff I nicked from Amazon, which I don’t intend to pay back and instead rather have a default.

Cheap limousine

[ Posted Wed, 06 Apr 2011 17:39:11 ]

Sat here listening to Billie JeanThinking what would open the portal with the words cheap limousineIn which Ian singsAll I ever wanted was the one with the flagBut all you ever wanted was a cheap limousineAnd a sixty dollar bag

Means of necessityThe excitement overwhelmed of travelSome may say it was soSome may say It was the best way to spend the time in preparationOthers may sayThe portal wouldn’t open other than with split in his headLike the mark he got when he hit a drink machineAs I left the bar at St. AidensIt’s almost center of my foreheadAs though it is one of those red tiks which Hindus put on their foreheads

One day they’ll sayLet’s walk the streetThen they’ll say he can’t walkThen they’ll say get a wheelchairThen they’ll say well he can’t wheel himselfThen they’ll say we’ll carry himThey they’ll say we can’t lifft a 14 stone man alroundThen finally they’ll think if he had wingsThen God will grant him gnat wings~From the little gnats which are crawling around his bodyWhich may have been malicious Or maybe when he fell in a ditch in LahoreAnd cut his leg and later washed it with water filled with organismsWhich lahore is reknowned forBut they never trouble meOnly when I’m fast asleep do they start to crawlDuring the day I don’t feel anythingOr something like thatThen the tentacles of the gnat which will be like two hornsWill also appearAnd then everyone will sayZulqarnain come again


As for the flagWell his sister has itIf she kept it or threw it awayIt was a curtain at Moorlands ViewWhich he sneaked out and gave to his sister to take homeIt had symbols, drawn in fours Different shadesI wonder where she kept it, or happened to itIt’s probably given back or thrown awayI’ll ask her, insha AllahShe readily took it when I gave her itAs though she knew it meant somethingBut she didn’t ask where I got it fromI’d throared every hospital I’ve been detained inProper rock n roll like Not every but a few

Drunk philosophers of Greece

[ Posted Wed, 06 Apr 2011 14:20:40 ]

Being beautiful isn’t everything, you only need to turn on the television to be dazzled by beautiful people, alhamdililah, best garment is the garment of righteousness. If there was a particular by which you could achieve immortal status then it would be the sincere worship of God, you don’t know what means more, the face of a white person, or the noor of the enlightened soul. Just as they selective breed to get desired vain outlooks in horses, just as so, people can climb the social strata from being poor farmers to rich arseholes with white kids to take to the next generation of arseholes. Selective breeding doesn’t mean you are more likely to succeed either, the best form of breeding is based upon values and righteousness and virtue, not on looks, clothes and glamour. All these things will come with time, but you cannot buy your family and where you are born, so sometimes think before you criticise those who complain to be inferior, when those who are deemed superior have their fair share of problems.


The deficit of your own thinking doesn’t come from your own situation, it comes from what you expose yourself to and how you reflect that light onto yourself. You can spend forever and a day looking at the reflection of greek philosophers, but in the end you realise, they were just drunk arseholes, which is how every white European portrays his life, how else could explain the infamous Aristotle quote.

“The aim of the wise isn’t to secure pleasure, but to avoid pain.”

You could spend your days sitting and reflecting this mirror to the sky, and hoping one day you’ll find the brightest reflection but all in all it is just a drunk statement. The dulling of the senses with beer, is what it refers to. Even though I mentioned this quote in my book 3. We are told with pain there is gain, why else would a woman spend her days doing the things in order to achieve the rewards of her dedication and devotion, whereas man seeks pleasure, it is true. And paradise would be a pleasurable place, whereas the Hellfire will be a painful place. Pain has two types of meaning, one it could mean the pain of ease and suffering, in other it could mean physical pain and torture. Pain of ease or hardship, or pain of drunken bastards or pain of wankers.

I have been sat reading the book, on 12-3.co.uk, having written it, it seems quite new everytime I open it, and it speaks to me in the present too, and it is fairly long, I read like 20 pages and sat through a set or two of music. Preferably you’ll enjoy reading, on laptop, with headphones plugged, snugly away from the world in a replica Eario Aarnio chair, you should see how much an original cost, but when you can buy a cheap replica for the fraction of the cost of the original, and there’s no telling which is which, and mine has been going for 3 years, and shows it is fairly well built, with the nephews think it is a big toy, and always asking for a spin, when they were little. It seems to me like a Professor’s chair, something from X-men, to meditate and read, and write, That’s how I appreciate the book, I also have a scrambled version of it, which was edited rather than a flowing chronology of chapters, which is available on iBooks, in case people wish to read it on their iPad and not through www.12-3.co.uk which uses flash for the soundcloud playlist and some sort of flash for the book, you can also download the PDF from the website, and read it at your own discretion. Costly domains, and yearly subscriptions, Visitwww.zulqarnain.co.uk for everything that I do on the net, not much, this too was a yearly subscription via flavors.me.

I have five domains:


I may end the reign.me uk registration. I may keep it. On twelve three, there are links to the various distribution sites which have a submitters work, like lulu and amazon, there’s the book 3 by A Submitter, and playlist with free download all the things musically produced by A Submitter. On asubmitter.com there’s the collection of growing in logic poems. Onasubmitter.co.uk and reign.me.uk there’s a copy of the collection of poems, ‘water is more precious than gold to people’.On zulqarnain, there is the twitter profile, facebook pages and flikr and youtube and some other sites like tumblr blog.

Lion with a thorn in his paw

[ Posted Wed, 06 Apr 2011 12:51:01 ]

I’ll telll ya man, I’m like a lion with a thorn in his paw, it’s just one small problem which I just can get rid of, I went out and blew all the money I could get and have onto some kit for a few collections of movies, which for some reason or the other will not be suitable to play through the devices I tried, something about the format, and every device has a specific format, this arrest development which Apple are doing well they all do it, why should I mention Apple or anyone it’s the name of the game, they don’t allow third party software to use their products it has to be from itunes for Apple. Well the problem is I have a few collections of movies, still haven’t seen them and have had them for 3 years, until I decided to get some kit, for travelling and have them ready to play on the road, but they don’t play on iPod, so I tried converting them, still don’t play, I tried a media player kit but no good for travelling as it works through the mains, hmm, then I tried an app, I thought that solves it, but then it started backing up the movies and took an extra 25 gb off my pitty 120gb hard drive on my laptop, so I decided to try another app, no TV out, then another app, only iPad tv out, now I’m on the fourth app, Buzz Player, which say it support TV out, but my mind tells me not though iPod touch 4, and I hear an evil laugh from Apple, muhahaha.

World's population in 200 years

[ Posted Tue, 05 Apr 2011 18:56:00 ]

Mama mia let me go…

let him go!

Besmalah no! We will not let him go



O mama mia let me go.

Wish people will listen to this and hope one day we’ll get to the end of it and see its truth or dare its lie or decieving, o well I can’t be bothered trying to explain what it means it is just a song about the revolution and the early days of it, should be a telling point for many millions of writers and story tellers for years to come, insha Allah I will see you through, but one day we’ll have to walk the streets and ask for the dismantling of the Masonic agenda which will cause so many lives to be lost and so many people to lose all their possessions and to give it to those losers who defraud the system and tell us when we can borrow when we can’t, and it never really matters whether anything means anything, it is just assumptions and allowing them to dictate the pace instead of choosing selflessness and happiness they change to allow themselves to take freedom and happiness and give some bullshit excuse why there has to be acurb in people’s desires to find the things they live up for only for them to prizes in gambling and games rather than there for everyone. And this banksters these evil mason rothschilds and rokefellas are the worse people to epitomise the distrust against world unity and happiness instead they will cull the world population and allow themselves the right to mate with their own mothers and daughters so that they can keep on spreading their evil. Let’s unite and destroy their last hope of killing the world’s people, due to jealousy, and let us be happy with the truth which Rashad explained, that in 200 years the world population will be ten times it is today, then they will realise the size of God’s people compared to those who never denounced the devil nor believed in God.

They are troublemakers, wicked regretful and arrogant warriors.

Whereas those who submit to God, are the peacemakers, the blessed thankful and the humble submitters.

Kinky Afro

[ Posted Tue, 05 Apr 2011 17:36:42 ]

he Manchester lot are proud, when Happy Mondays are on, with one of the best loved tracks like Hallelujah and then there’s the one which makes everyone very sorry to their girls called Kinky Afro.

Son I’m thirtyI only went with your mother cos she was dirty. I don’t help or give to the needySo come on and see me

When doves..

[ Posted Tue, 05 Apr 2011 17:28:04 ]

“Maybe I’m just like my father..too boldMaybe I’m just like my mother , she’s never satisfiedWhy do we scream at each otherThis is what it sounds like when doves cry.”

Some American artist wrote that song.

And when Zulqarnain, by the will of God, lifts the green idol from the shores of New York, and carries it and throars it into the bottom of the sea, or into Manhattan or whatever district it is in. Then you’ll know your answer about whether God could not create a rock He could not carry. A messenger of God has been sent to answer many of the things which they are scared to mention.


[ Posted Tue, 05 Apr 2011 17:22:20 ]

Age old philosophical question never attributed to any specific person, but remembered by everyone.


First question:

Could God create a rock, He could not lift, carry or hold.

Second question:

Paradox in time, what if a person went back in time to point before he was born and killed his father?

Prince is on his way to answer the second one.

First one, concerns mind, body and soul, and response, what is it about the rock? It’s size, it’s weight, it’s pressure?.

Size is limitless, weight is infinite, pressure is eternal.


[ Posted Tue, 05 Apr 2011 17:14:05 ]

Portals how else do explain a lion in India originally found in Africa, or vice versa, how could it reach so many destinations, somethings the scientist want to keep to themselves, as they don’t want others to catch up, as it explains everything. From a polar bear in the North Pole, to the emperor penguins in the Antartic, to the multitudes of life in various forms throughout the world. What if it was portals, and they are hiding the fact.

What about particle divisions which are going on, what would this allow, a split and a tear in physics? Maybe one day they will have technology where an iPhone will be able to create a portal and fire a screen onto it. Imagine a split in conscience sight, would that be possible, I wonder.

Even eyes of animals such as cats and snakes show something similar to a portal.

Be there

[ Posted Tue, 05 Apr 2011 16:49:58 ]

You know what makes you deaf, constant repetitive noise, which is loud, like an alarm that’s going off, or a fire alarm, or an HGV engine or the JBL engine, or one of those huge vehicles used in parks. Listen to this noise will damage your ears. Whereas music, will indefinitely change your hearing perception and may gradually diminish your overall sense of listening, but the amount of music one needs to listen to will still not be enough to totally damage the ears, even if someone spent a week in a nightclub, that would be very harmful or everyday in anoisy place like a factory. The fire alarm in our house, a latest not like those school and university ones which has a bell ringing, it is a long monotonous tone so loud it makes your ear drums deafening if you stay within the vicinity where it is on. Don’t put the alarm on Liam, it went off for the first time about a two weeks ago, and it was the worse deafening sound ever made. Some pe ople can hear the slightest noise, or sound, whereas others are used to hearing things loud, and can’t live without loud noise, but concerts are really loud depending where you are in the audotorium. Alhamdulilah, the sounds are limitless, and you can hear for free, hearing is free, sight is free, speaking is free, and doing is free, but we should reap not plunder, we should allow people the necessary freedom without encroaching their rights with serious insinuations and taking the piss by going in and passing judgement. Doing something costs nothing, being happy means love is for giving, being loved is shared through out history by those who know with God all things are possible. When they ask for crazy things, a magician can easily provide the illusion of its occurance, so don’t be daft, trying to create something which seems impossible in our eyes, there are other creatures of God whom we are not aware of, such as the angels, who upheld God’s absolute authority during the first rebellion, whereas the Satans are devils which accompany us throughout our lives trying to make us polytheist and resist all wilful neglect of the soul by saying who can inflict the worse punishment, instead of reforming and repenting they say God is cruel to us, forgetting all the instances of the Lord’s mercy and forgiveness and His infinite grace, instead they wish to destroy the remnants of the Testaments which prove God’s Omnipotence, Omnipresence and Omniscience, which provides so many clues and allows for people to join up, or fill inthe gaps, instead of trying to hate they love, instead of saying cruelty they choose kindness, instead of money they choose kindness. To them money is more powerful than God, but God leads them on, due to the failure into darkness, seduction to evil, and lost in falsehood, the hypocrites, the liars and the ignorant. It may be a means of neccesity, shouldn’t start thinking God is lying, as what seems to the action in present does not lead to the assumptions which were thought prior, instead they find truth in the past, not in the future,. There is light in the future, good in the present, and truth in the past.

But they are not allowed to see these things in the natural order, instead they think there is truth in the future, or light in the present, or good in the past. Enlightenment means the easing, not the complicating, it is the easing, not causing difficulties, in some ways this is true, others would also argue God guides to the light from the depths of darkness, whomever He so wills.

I feel like a girl stuck on train in the Unkle video for Be There, featuring Ian Brown, as she is about to get off, the train doors close on her, and she thinks it is a sign, and starts to smirk, she then sits down alone on the carriage, rolling a can of pop under her feet. As the video is about to end, a train driver is seen walking along the train alleys, when he reaches the girl, she is huddled up on ther seat as if she is fast asleep, as he tries to wake her. She turns to him really ghastly and she has turned into an old woman, wrinkled up and grey, she had been waiting on the train all her life.

I’m all out of spiritual love right now, nothing is tying together other than the commands of my Lord, hopefully we willl be okay and see a true ending instead of a fake one, let’s pray Our Lord grant us steadfastness and appreciation and the patience and the guidance to be among the righteous in the hereafter, and to be among those close to You, O God, grant us a support, and open for them a portal, just like the snake and cat eyes show a slit, and let them to the sound of meow come to the back yard of the house my father built, and let them be there for as long as it takes to take Sajid away and leave Waheed in bed and Shabana crying by herself, and let me and Nargis depart along with these famous people, and show us all the things you have kept away from the money launderers and defrauders, give us our daily bread and guide us to the right path.

Peace be upon me, the day I was born, the day I die and the day I get resurrected.

Everything is in accordance with God's will?

[ Posted Tue, 05 Apr 2011 14:22:15 ]

I went on ebay to check how much it costs for al khair miswak, it’s funny how all of them sell for more than £1 each, whereass the stall at the bazar, sells them for 50p for one and two get one free, so for a pound you get three. And he let’s you choose, cos the fat ones are the best, they taste of honey cigars, and are not as salty and concentrated as the skinny ones. Amazing, he also sells alternative concentrated perfume, buy four get one free, so in essence 5 for £10, I got Allure x3 sport, Aqua di gio which is minging, and issey miyake cos I remember Saj getting it and was a sign of something quite cool, however fragrances are like detestable as well as likeable, one minute you love them, usually when others are wearing them, but when you put it on, you start hating them. God controls the minds and hearts, as the Quran says. Such a beautiful taste the fat al khair miswaks, I don’t think I can completely make the switch from toothbrush to miswak, as I have been brushing my teeth with toothpaste all my life, but it’s a compliment to have the time to taste these things and appreciate the great experience derived from them. Fat ones look cooler than a Cuban, and feel as though there’s like 100 grams of cooch soaked into it,proper makes you strong in thehead. It isn’t the intention of using strength, it is the acceptance that all things are possible with God, that I find makes the test of strength easy. But God controls the minds and hearts, everything is in accordance with God’s will.

Amazing, beautiful, peaceful, happy, married loving, belated pressure of saying truth, loving the cool atmosphere, and the sun shining in through the window every or most afternoons, or walking under grey skies with the cool wind on your head.

Everything is in accordance with?

God’s will.

I didn’t get paid, it is tomorrow, but I also decided to buy two different battery packs, one cost £4, which was released when the iPhone 3g was out, don’t know if it very good, but the Kensington is the right time to buy, as the price has come down from £60 to £19 on Amazon. So I don’t get confused which has charge and which one is flat. Also not taking the Sumvision after all, it’s bollox, has no battery inside and is powered through main, pointless when travelling, what a waste of money. Could simply buy a £1.79 app, it’ll do instead of £25 kit.

Moving SENT email to another account or back it up, anyone know how

[ Posted Tue, 05 Apr 2011 11:51:55 ]

Hi there,

I began writing a book, through my email, just found it was the right place for it, and was comfortable writing on this place, however I wish to send all my sent mail to another account, and then allow others access to it. Is this possible? I have archived them into a folder, and even tried Windows Mail, trying to find a way of moving a bulk number of SENT emails to another account. I have been using gmail for the past four years.


[ Posted Mon, 04 Apr 2011 22:27:34 ]

1 hour and 45 mins until payday, and I got my hands in too many pies„ I’m thinking of cancelling the maharishi jacket, it’s either that or no takeaways for two weeks, hmm food… wins without a doubt. Don’t need to stand out like some military personel in a light brown camo pants and jacket, in the middle of Bradford UK. I was planning to wear it to a wedding, when the season kicks in a few weeks. I also found a travel battery pack, for the iPhone and iPod, I prefer to get two of these, instead of the jacket. Hmm, just not a good time right now trying to balance my own personal whims and wishes with everyone elses demands, got to buy groceries, my wife wants to take control of my finances, well I’ll ask the seller what the size measurements are of the jacket, and then kindly decline buying it telling him it wont fit. Or he can wait for two weeks until the next payday. But now my minds set on getting a couple of Kensington Travel Battery Packs. I wonder which country these camo represent. I have a sikh camo cap, similar to the famouws Liam’s jacket by maharishi, was well in demand that one. I gave my one to charity, it was the wierdest size imaginable, it was a small, but the collar fit me, but the chest was of a giants, and the arms were normal too, it was a weird jacket. It’s funny maharishi best size is medium, and large is for some who is 6 ft 2-4, whereas medium is for 5ft 10-11 and small probably 5ft 5-6.

Last minute shopping

[ Posted Mon, 04 Apr 2011 16:23:44 ]

I got myself a 75W car inverter, which is useful, if you plan to take the camera leads and charger, in case something goes wrong with the car charging one. Also while Bas was here, I tried to give him a the Sumvision media player, he declined, he left, hopefully he’ll make it hope he doesn’t start selling heroin and end up back in prison, better off doing the business I’m telling him about the SD card with copyright free movies, he’s welcome to it, all he has to do is catch a bus to the interchange and start hussling. The films are already pre formatted to work on any device, and can work on the iPad, and iPhone and the touch with just an £1.79 app, called movie player, which is better than azul, as it you can stop the device from backing up, whereas with teh azul you have to delete the app and the films and re-install everything after finishing. However I don’t see how by deleting an app, you can also delete 30gb of information just like that, unless it is something about Apple, surely it may screw up your hard drive, imagine deleting 30gb on a PC it will take at least 45 seconds or more.

Then I thought after reading Zohar, maybe take the Sumvision player too, then there would be no need to project by syncing laptop, or anything, just plug in a USB hard-drive or a SD card and you can see whatever.

I got the Maharishi jacket for less than I was willing to pay for… £47, I got the bottoms, and I know I’m a growing medium in Mahanrishi, hopefully the jacket should fit.

Movies or films, or pictures too. I also bought some extra external memory, because like my brother I’m still in the 1920s with many things, he got this laptop thinklng it was the best spec, yeah for about ten years ago. And I got a USB hard drive thinking 120gb was a lot.

Driving my bus

[ Posted Mon, 04 Apr 2011 13:28:04 ]

Dhesi Grill chicken fillet, is like the tenderest fillet around, none of these pumped chicken burger trying to make out they are really full meat when they just on steroids. I’m telling ya, ever in Bradford, try out Dhesi Grill, amazingly tasty, their mix grill is the best and their somosas are also the best, best service and one of the cleanest meat and food available. A bit costly compared to many chicken places, but thats only because of the quality of the meat.

If you want me to drive, make sure it is an automatic, and has a left foot accelerator, I’ll drive by the will of God, and hopefully Bobby De Niro can give me some advice and planning into driving a long vehicle, which I’ve never done before. Hopefully do not plan to take the badalis, as they are all criminally minded, and Satanist supporters. Bass tries to supply me with heroin today, bullshit dealt with him, boxed him off, fuck them losers who come from prisons, expecting everyone to be criminals and impure bastards like them.

If that meeting was recorded he”ll surprised at the response, the fucking sold out informing bitch. He was wired up, trying to inform for the coppers.

He’s probably listening to his eldest brother, another cunt motherfucker, sexually abused me when I was a kid, now he’s got a brain tumour, enjoy the chemo boy, and think why didn;t Kash come to see me. Cos your not the first and I’m not your last. Remember Bass your own brother was born after me. Saj is the first born and Kash is the last in this family. Saj is a padd, a sheep, a lamb, with pure white wool, with the innocent eyes of a first born, Kash is his image, after 15 years the young Saj re appears.

Humble submitters vs arrogant warriors

[ Posted Mon, 04 Apr 2011 11:07:43 ]

These motherfuckers Masons need to be dealtNeed a few shotties and machetesA strength of a hundred tigersThen we’ll see who flees from whoAnd who surrenders their guns

These Masons basic argument is they addressed an particular evilEven though it leeds to millions of others sufferingThis is their idea of funTo strain at a gnat and swallow a camel

And who the innocent seek refuge withInstead of the police with their control and batty signals of pain and orderInstead of the criminals in uniforms pretending they defending the innocent from hurtInstead of Tony the Cocksucker Blair and his phonies trying to build a heirarchy against the Muslim world

Let’s shout la ellaha ella AllahLet’s talk about the day they all got shotIncluding that bastard Prince of WalesWho wishes to cull the world population

Under what pretence that they are addressing a particular evilWankers of the Church of EnglandYou can fool some people sometime but you cannot fool all the people all the time

Instead of fearing the devils illusions, to get passed them without causing distress or humiliation

By adding up conclusions and despairing of the mercy of GodLet us all unite against this tyrannyMany a small army has defeated a larger armyLet’s put them to the test and test their courage and bravado

Which they claim is the best in the worldWe’ll see who is the true peacemakers and the false troublemakersWho end up with blessed thankfulness and those who end up with wicked regretsThe humble submitters or the arrogant warriors.

Demon worshippers are tamed

[ Posted Mon, 04 Apr 2011 06:08:07 ]

If these were helping with my thoughtsThen explain the words which spring to mind as I writeThey are mind control and scientific tests which are done to create an order instead of a freedomA freedom against those who think we have physical problems

If a child is born blindWill you spend years and years trying to cure that blindnessWasting the parents time and the child’s liberterianism and love and affectionSpending millions on all sorts of treatments and unsuccessful ventures

It is your pride in such things, tamed only the devil’s allies areThat you addressed an evilIn similar manner I have been the recieving end of treatment for a fabricated mental illnessWhich has led to countless attacks against me and a lot suffering

I’m like a woman who’s husband left herCannot be consoled or made into a submitter againAfter what her husband did to herLeft her for a white girl

Some say he was clever he got out of the way Before she could spring her netAnd the white girl seems like a clever person tooShe knows the ending might be both of them

Bayjee ai mikhi zair kwalnaynBajjee ai mikhi zair kwalnayn

Life is very scary

[ Posted Sun, 03 Apr 2011 20:00:06 ]

Life cannot be tamed it can only be imprisonedBut for money it may become a circus actBut that takes a special kind of breedingAlso no enfringement on freedom

A horse will carry whoever so farSo will a camelSo will a cow push a plowOr donkey carried a ten ton plow

As long as their freedom isn’t encroachedCats can survive by themselvesAppreciative cats, but again they do not need controlChildren do not need controlAnd nor do wildlife

What needs control is the soul’s madnessWhat needs ownership is the body’s crueltyWhat needs rule is the mind’s jealousy

Life is very scary not very artificial Life is very loving not attention seekingLife is very caring not devoting to your wilful needs

Every living soul will taste death

Blessed are those who are pure in heartFor they shall see GodAsr is long here and I haven’t readGetting to the point of <Maghrib, sunset.

If Jesus said it, then it will be true.


[ Posted Sun, 03 Apr 2011 18:07:15 ]

Saturday, photo, girlKinectic,Don’t stop,Coma cat,Food,Nargis wanted ipod,GoldfrappThe Verve




Yesterday was the Saturday before the Sunday, that I hoped for, I went out to the rich city of Leeds, which still has thriving businessesThe girls in our families seem to be all following the same ideas of trends and blissful ignoranceI was strolling through leeds near Showcase,Looking like a sportsmanWith an injured leg,Maybe a good movie, but my story is realHow I fell and survivedAfter being zombified on abilify For years, neverr allowed to ask what do these drugs doOnly you need it, and you should take itEven if it is poison, Then I became a muslimThe Lord has guided meThey always try to pull strings, and provoke a reaction Or try to make you snapEven their illusions are filled with hypnotic suggestions of what is Apparantly I shouted, when I actually didn’tApparantly I burped, when I actually didn’tApparantly I hurt, when I actually didn’tThere were some luscious babe from India dressed in a mini skirt and black tightsI wonder about her game, for making men fall for her, and then destroy themFake plastic trees, I could be what you wanted, all the timeShe took some pictures of me on her phoneI hate it, I read my asr salat outside on the pavementImagine a rugby player havign a spinal injury But still be walking after some time in hospital and a wheel chairYeah yeah, doubt a rugby player would ever turn MuslimBut a diagnosed schizophrenic mightAnd meet a person called Ismail while in spinal injury unitAnd another person called Adam, who smoked a lot of cannabisI got home after a trip to the stalls, to get some small bottles of perfume I played a little kinect x box with my nephewHe gave me a whooping on boxing, I got one or two good licks in too, but he was too fast for an oldie like myselfHe kept breaking my defenseKnock out in second roundHe’s only five, and he’s really small and sometimes doesn’t get picked up by the kinect sensorsI went to sleep early thinking , maybe the chime will sing Sunday MornOr I’ll hear a banging at the doorI woke at ten past five and was just before the blackbird who begins her morning singing I realised I wasn;t ready as their were still an item to come through the postOn Sunday I made a bid for a Maharishi M65 coat, which only had a day leftAnd I started the first bid at £35, I thought about it , and put a few extra highest bidsUntil I thought I ‘ll just put a bid for £754 which means not many people will wanna see me outI thought if they say you buy it for this price, I’llk just back out and tell them I made an error in my bidHopefully then will ask me what I’m willing to pay for it, I’ll £50 or even £35, I’ll start at £35I have the bottoms, it’ll be good to get the jacket tooIt looks good when worn, but very appealing to most people’s tasteIt has embroidered dragon on the backMy wife gave me the final ten pound we have to us till TuesdayI went to the best restuarant locallyYeah man, on the way The Stone Roses ‘Don’t Stop’ was playingReminding of stopping writing and then leaving it for about a week hoping the weekend on 12-3 would be the oneNearly brought me to tearsI got to the restaurantOrdered a portion of somasas, and a chicken fillet and chipsAnd a drinkAmazingly tasty, while having my mealA track I hadn’t heard before was onComa cat, it was an experience,As though the time for it was nowJust as the time for writing this is nowI got out walked down towards my houseI heard a song by GoldfrappThen I heard an old The Verve trackInto the LightWhile the wind blew threw my hairListening to the best track on Urban Hymns.Got inAnd found my videos had duplicated on the laptopSpent ages locating the files and trying to delete themUntil the app developer told me to delete the videos before syncingSo that it doesn’t back upWaiting for him to reply to tell me if by deleting the app the videos also delete from the hard drive of the iPod…

Don’t stop isn’t it funny how you shine.Still a foot soldier

India - home

[ Posted Sun, 03 Apr 2011 12:03:40 ]

Can’t rewind, can’t erase,Gotta get your life on trackIndia is more home, whereas America is more afterlife, and Britain… well can be the purgatory

India- hell. Britain-purgatory. America-afterlife.

[ Posted Sat, 02 Apr 2011 19:44:47 ]

Indians are not dirty, how do you explain Karma Sutra, any other wayIndians just do the right thing by not expressing their sexual side by showing it to othersIndians know not to cross the line into disgustingIndians are more about home than about the afterlife

Americans are cunts, who sabotage all necessary means by creating conditions to freedomAmericans are wicked transgressors, who lie about their true freedomAmericans are enemies, who bitch out people trying to be right instead of full of wrongAmericans are gutter trash tossers, who became rich by asking God to bless America

Britain is full of wankes who want the winners argument but cannot do the work towards itBritain tries to fool everyone, Britain has an evil eye, a wicked witch and demon worshippersBritain can go to hell

I'm gonna burn the American Constitution and the Human Rights Charter, God willing

[ Posted Sat, 02 Apr 2011 14:10:28 ]

I’m gonna burn the American Constitution and the Human Rights CharterAs these dogs don’t have a book to call their ownWe are told we believe in the books sent by God, and our God and your God is one and the sameIn the Quran

But they don’t have a book, because they don’t believe in Prophets and messengersThey are teh deist who claim they believe in God but not in any revelationsWe don’t need to start a war, we’ll just end up make fun of them insteadHumiliate these wankers of the Church

These tossers with no rights of love other than to conspire and scheme evilWe do not stoop as low as them, nor give them the satisfactionWe have been blessed in the Prophet Muhammad, a great moral character

And just as the prophecies of the Gospels, the signs of the Old, and every story in the Quran

And the examples in the messenger’s blogTo philosophise, to have an example to relate to, to apply in your everydayThe words of a messenger, after all have many eternal significance, in past, present and futureEverything is in accordance with God’s will

If you do not think like they wish you to, nor follow their illusionsYou’ll find the wait will make them give you the answer instead chasing after itLet it come to you rather than chase after itOnly time I couldn’t was when I became sexually aroused through pornography.

I chased after the women, and one beautiful white English girlTold me, let her come to youAnd so it was, my wife to be, came to my house with her auntAnd soon our marriage was arranged

Looks like a million dollar marriage mine and my wife’s And though I had trouble trying to find anything attractiveShe was like an uncut diamond and pure gold in selfShe is to me a gift from God, that fits so right into my life

Insha Allah

Reign of Zulqarnain

[ Posted Sat, 02 Apr 2011 12:29:02 ]

The reign of ZulqarnainFrom the hilltops of BradfordBrought from mountains of KashmirComes the one the know as reign


By adding more woes to the already woeful lifesBy being devils instead of humansOne day cometh and all their gold will be melted on their backsAnd said taste what you hoarded

One day cometh when their green witch with scales in her handsWill meet the might of the one they know as two hornsWhen horns appear on his head, and his skull becomes very angered by devils insultsThen we’ll see who is prepared for the Second Coming


[ Posted Fri, 01 Apr 2011 15:51:54 ]

3 Sciences, 3 Arts, 3 Classics

The certainty of the mind, the uncertainty of the body, the mystery of the soul

Knowledge of the future, power of the present, wisdom of the past

Faith in the light, belief in the good, devotion to truth

If it is a test it is about the result, if it is a question it is about the timeline of events, if it is a competition it is about getting it right at the right time.

Test of light and darkness, question of good and evil, competition of right and wrong.

The Omniscient, The Omnipotent, The Omnipresent

Hear No Darkness, See No Evil, Speak No Wrong

Karma of benefit or harm, Duty to beauty or despicable, Pain of ease or hardship, Care of rest and destroy.


America are the enemy, Britain are the lost people of hell’s devils, Israel is an army of Gog and Magog. How do you expect some Russians to suddenly be children of Israel, or even Isaac, or even Abraham, and to share Arabia, with these clowns? Deal with devils, and the enemy becomes a friend, and Israel gets lost out on the land dispute and starts wrecking havoc.

Man pull your own weight, wait for that dayMan pull your own weight, when all the skyscrapers have gaps As the gnat who was strained at, jumps and throars all their buildings Especially the White House, and that evil Persephone destroyedAnd the House of Parlaiment with gaping holes in its roof, and many broken windows and broken towersAnd Buckingham Gate in the ThamesWhen they want to repair these things, people will shout man pull your own weightFire is burning, and seeping and melting their goldThe revolution brought about by the people who believe in GodExplain to me Bohemian Rhapsody o scientistOr clocks o scientists, or I shot the sheriff o scientistsYet you call people delusive and feed them poisonAnd practise dark magic and witchcraftSaying you trying to benefit, when teh only benefit is the pittance they give in benefitsAnd if you already come from a ghetto with a broken home, Then you’ll be struggling to make ends meetWait and see those who are suffering And those who are proud of their claim they are the ones try to help themAsk the artists, perception change with time and ageGod controls the minds and heartsWankers of the Church of EnglandWith their seduction to evil And saying God can be seduced by liesWas Ishmael sacrificedYet you claim it was IsaacWho was the first bornAnd thy only son of AbrahamWas it Isaac? The knowledge of the scripturesKnow you will say it was God’s only sonAnother porkieAnother seduction to evilAnd to claim God advocates sin

God never advocates sin

Ask the patients as the doctor got no answers

[ Posted Thu, 31 Mar 2011 22:14:45 ]

Since we get no answers from the doctors about the poison they feed to mental patients , let’s ask the patients:



Obviously I relate with everyone of these comments about these drugs. especially Zyprexa Olanzopine, which is the first port of call for any patient who enters a mental hospital. Just tell them I can’t tolerate it,which is true. Yet they are the most sadistic evil tossers the world has yet to know, who destroy lives like they have no care what day or what age or what stage the person is in.

Haloperodol :

I had a paralyutic arrest and was taken to A&E something many people on this site also relate to.


A feeling of mania, and sleeping 12+ hours, to wake and find an ache throughout the body, and gaining weight, losing focus on who I am, and who the real me is.

They could add another list,

As this system is just pure devil, And the devil always lets down his human victims, it isn’t trying to find a solution, it is trying to profit from evil. First they attack your body with poison, and then force you to continuously take their stuff, and when you keep having problems, they just change the meds instead of letting you come off. Until they start injecting you, which is where I’m at now, and soon it will be the electric chair. The devil always lets down his human victims, as the Quran tells us. POISON.

SD card readers with out of copyright movies

[ Posted Thu, 31 Mar 2011 17:27:33 ]

I don’t know I tried connected one or two SD cards, and the laptop went down, though I still need to see if the problems was with the built in SD card reader, and then adding USB card readers, which may have caused the conflict. It may be worthwhile seeing what would happen if just USB SD card readers were used, I have three ports on my laptop, which means I can get three different SD Cards done at once. IF the in built card reader was also useable, then we could do a batch of four different SD cards, at once, a 2gb, an 8gb and two 16gb. Which would cost us, £18 each for the 16gb, £8 for 8gb, and £4 for the 2 gb, which are relatively a lot cheaper than buying from shops. The 2 gb blue ocean card at Asda cost nearly £6. We would ask a pound donation for the cards to give to a charity, so for the 2gb card we’d collect £5, I once thought the price should increase by double for every different card, but now it will be more in line with how much it is costing us, an 8gb card will sell for £12 including 50 movies, and the 16gb card will sell for £24, in total for a batch of four cards, we’d ask, £60 instead of £65. Which will include, a copy of the audio reading of the Final Testament, four albums by Submitter, and 170 movies which are out of copyright. I’ll leave details of this plan with my brother Waheed, so we’ll see, still a lot cheaper than shops I think, shops need to cover tehir overheads and charge extra whereas we need to cover the time and effort only, the rest is for them to accept the gift or not accept, or think it isn’t really worthwhile. If it is for charity then it will be ideal no one will mind then, but profiting from others work may be quite problematic.

Four Corners

[ Posted Thu, 31 Mar 2011 16:31:30 ]

Got like 15-20 SD cards, of different sizes about 120GB of memory in total, was thinking of starting a business or a charitable cause, where I would sell SD cards with stored up out of copyright films, already formatted to work on any device as well as off the card, though you may require a media player app for iPod/iPad/iPhone such as Azul, which then allow you to play most of the different format films you like. I was thinking of using my laptop, to plug in , four usb card readers, with SD cards, and drag and drop these collections of movies, which also include four albums and seven sets by A Submitter, an 8gb card would have around 50 various clips and movies of the martial arts genre, a 16gb cards would have around 70 Comedy, and 60 War collections. I would also do 2gb cards, with just audio, having gain permission to use the audio recitation of the Final Testament by Dr.Rashad Khalifa, with accompanying professional musicians and ambient music, also found two really awesome sets by some unkown DJs in America, going by the names DJ Prodigy and DJ Fury, who showed a different level in DJing, the transitions were blended amazingly seem to show a lot of dedicated effort and time gone into it, whereas I just try to make the ends meet, or just go by the will of God to just fade in and fade out, sometimes it works sometimes it gets messy. Could be good, but I don’t think my laptop is up to it, and it’ll crash, and ruin the cards or it will be too painstaking trying to read all the data to see if they had actually copied. It may be worthwhile for kids. As the charity was called, ‘Street Children 123 Foundation’. Otherwise I intend to capture all the parts of my travel to the four corners, and insha Allah also purchase a pocket camcorder which has USB charge, to capture some video footage. I don’t know, how long must you wait for.

Sure fast way to see if Coca Cola has alcohol, test it with spirits

[ Posted Thu, 31 Mar 2011 15:42:39 ]

Sure fast way of finding if Coca Cola has alcohol in it.

Take half a bottle of whisky, or vodka, and also a 500 ml bottle of Coca Cola, tip about a third of the cola out, or drink it, and pour vodka or whisky into the bottle. Mix well,

Do the same with a bottle of Fanta or Sprite or Lemonade or whatever you wish to mix the liquor with.

And see which one gets you talking more, singing songs, and laughing and upbeat, and which one makes you monged out, and intoxicated and legless, and talking slurred.

Coca Cola and vodka is the best, fucking feeling alcohol can give, vodka and fanta is shit, it just doesn’t let you sing. Cheap cola is also bullshit, Jack Daniels and Coca Cola, see how that feels.

Sometimes though it may not work.

Last time I drank at least four years ago, not good to mix alcohol and meds, it will turn you into an alcoholic, and the intoxicants are harmful, and forbidden. Only drink to make you sing and be happy, not to kill the indulgence or the argument of drinking from the stream, and not fighting Goliath, the 666. I remmebr drinking with Fanta and nothing would happen, then when I switched it with Coca Cola, I was happy.

Stop timer on camera and voice recorder

[ Posted Wed, 30 Mar 2011 21:59:15 ]

You know what would be good, an opposite to a timer in cameras, something which automatically goes off after a certain preset number of minutes or hours, this could be useful in places where you are watching out for wildlife, and do not want to keep disturbing the area by keeping a check on your devices, also I find if you have a timer, it works well for solo projects which mean people can do the camera work themselves as long as they know how much time they are on air for.

This is also important in dictaphones too, I know I recorded the whole event 3 days before New Years 2011, when I was arrested and detained under the mental health act, and forced to take mind destroying drugs, as though it was the same as torture under the Japanese in World War 2, which the Japanese themselves know too well about. I recorded it all, however when they took my phone from me, no one had access to my phone, and I was unable to stop the recording to save it, I therefore lost valuable work. I had recorded an initial recording however when I went to check and save it, I pressed the record button and lost it, I then did another recording boasting of having recorded everyone who was onto me, to take meds which destroy me, rather than help me, which are harmful, and poisonous. This recording I had because I manually saved, the long process after that, of all the tantrums, and swears and bastards handling me like a rag doll, was lost, as I was unable to save the recording.

After this event, I notice the police were given powers to confiscate people’s iPods due to anti-social behaviour. Yeah, well I didn’t do any damage, though I have a case of injury, as a result of the man handling me, and not following protocols, when someone complains of neck pain. I know my neck is fractured, it is always creaking, so I may have some chance of compensation.

Losers loss in fiction

[ Posted Wed, 30 Mar 2011 21:23:03 ]

Losers loss in fictionTo betray or to salvage a great admiring royal dynastyTo take to the highest point and save the world from corrupt arseholesLet’s see if your book makes the to 20 most admired books ever not published

Shall we wait until there is no answer or try to call it timeWhen they do not know the tomorrow, today and yesterdayAre all the philosophy, linguistics and history we have

To have a light to guide you to your conclusionTo have the good body to help you make you decisionTo have a true soul to reach the heights of envy and good devout admirable position of honourWe’re just on the edge of the line, but there are those who sit on the fence and watch and try to decide which side they will want to be on

The sedentary are the worse in lifeNeither belonging to this party and those who fight the MuslimsShall we wait until they get arrested, or will we try to become the ones who set the world alightThe wankers always get in with effs and arseholes, wankers, anything to seem dirty and forsaken

But just as they like not to call God by His name, nor bear witness to the fact, they instead refer to timeInsteadTime has three tenses, and concerns the building blocks of everything that is, like chemistry of the mindAtomic structure has three types of particles, which concern the energy transferred from one atom to another, and the formation of new things with their own unique identity, the physics of the bodySpace has three dimensions, and concerns the life and its path through space, the biology of the soul.

Evil eye of OxfordDark prince of CambridgeWankers of St Andrews

Royal blood of the Raj Put in DurhamThe pure soldier in BirmighamThe clean angel went to Oxford, showed them all that is and was will be, and nothing is out of the ordinary, but they will always try to make you forget rather than remember the Lord, they will always make you ignorant rather than wise, they will always try to make you a devil worshipper than a believer in God.

Waheed is a pure soldier, he’s a good daddy too, and clean player also, but let’s be fair, we’re all equal, insha Allah, my brother Sajid is also a martyred angelic first born, as well as a lovely person, Kashif is a kind, and caring uncle, yet to be a father, but will be lucky to get out if all hell breaks lose.


PACK AND GET DRESSED…BEFORE ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE (some song that was on my iPod the other day, yesterday)

Insect Bite

[ Posted Wed, 30 Mar 2011 21:22:07 ]

Losers buy into fictionTrying to absolve themselves of their despicable loathsome right to pretend they were rightTo choose a sacrificial lamb, to be a human, to choose Ali as an amirWho should be a martyr, shouldn’t have to be your saviourWho should be an amir, shouldn’t have to be your vizier

Everyone writing their ends to fate and not saying the will of rightTo defend the truth, to die for our faith in GodRather than try to fight over who is and who isn’t getting inOr killing innocent children bystanders in blown up suicide bombers

If they choose the beasts as their idols to beKilling and salivating over preyWe’ll be the insects, who’s bite is more deadlier than theirs

Tomorrow comes along and we’ll stand on the shore And hear a speech by Buckingham’s menTrying to desuade us from attacking their beloved QueenHowever we’ll bring with us shotgun assassinsAnd blow up all their last remnant of tossers with too many problemsTrying to kill off the hope of life without the wank beauracratic crapKill all these Mason bastard, who believed money was more powerful than GodThese devil’s soldiers too shall be thrown off a bridge, never to be seen againAnd that evil bastard Prince’s sons and her fine wife to be, will wait until it’s over to get their ceremony on the way

Tomorrow, today and yesterday

[ Posted Wed, 30 Mar 2011 15:55:04 ]

Today’s the day you’ll never know how it feels like,Todays we borrow another word from the masterful mind

Tomorrow seems to not endThere always be a tomorrowToday seemed so hard to find the words to describeThe life of those who spend the time thinking of the long journey To the corners of the world, thinking if they are able and happy to

Tomorrow we will stand along the strait of Buckingham, chanting La ellaha ella Allah, Allahu AckbarHoping the Lord bless us the mind to lift the gates and fling them miles awayTo land in the Thames as a sign for those who will travel the worldAnd see the ends of those who came before

Zulqarnain, bring a war planeTied to your back, and lift them to the heights of the AntarticTo carry the weight to the shores of the SaharaTo change the earth’s atmosphere, and make it rainy Everywhere from Antartic will fill up again

And we only take what we needTo foreign places where there is a need of waterMore so in the depths of AfricaAnd from the heights of NepalTo the desertified land which will replenish

Maybe we’ll see a differetn version of evolutionWho is the grantor, everyone knowsThe Omniscient, the Omnipotent, the Omnipresent, Lord of the universeIf all stories had a good end, then what would there be a need for the Creator to interveneBut when those who inspire to do evil, then the Lord must reclaim His creation

Something the movies and the books cannot tell youIf there was a disaster who would you try to kill offYour enemy or your friendThe one who hates you or the one who loves youYet there are those who think by eating forbidden fruits they will gain eternal life like angels

We pray to God to guide us and protect us and help usAnd that these Satanist are defeatedAnd God to grant us victory against the disbelieversAllahu Ackbar.


[ Posted Tue, 29 Mar 2011 16:18:12 ]

The world could en mass convert to Islam, and accept Submission, however the Lord knows the future, and also what is to come, I too am stricken into thinking certain dates will be important, or certain lyrics mean a certain thing, like the words, ‘here’s another Sunday morning call, you hear a banging on the door,’ which was a song by Oasis, which I hejard at Durham, in 2001, I think, or ‘Chime sing Sunday morn, today’s the day she swore, to steal what she could never own, and race from this hole she calls home.’ For the past three or months, I have been expecting something to happen on Sunday, we’ll write it for Easter Sunday, God willing, I”m still hoping, but then there are other songs, which mean many things to me, like Bohemian Rhapsody, where it says , ‘besm Allah no we will not let him go, LET HIM GO! We will not let him go.” I thought this was a scene of the departure, but now my parents have decided on a 5 week stay in Arabia, I do not know how this will be fulfilled, they are off tomorrow on Wednesday. “I had to find you, tell you I need you,’ yeah yeah the Scientist, by Coldplay, I’m probably like finding one person in a crowd of people in their concert, hard to stand out. And all the stars seem busy in their plans, of touring and festival dates.

My take is if the people of the world were to convert en masse to Islam, through the will of God, there would most likely be a cull rather than an acceptance, so we must venture further and take out their means, and destroy the wankers of Britain. I’m also a cripple..

Cruelty or Kindness

[ Posted Tue, 29 Mar 2011 15:27:41 ]

Pay a bad guy protection, he will become a friend, pay a good guy to kill the bad guy, he’ll end up killing you too.

All these old Kung Fu Films, they all show a certain philosophy, which traps millions of people, to continuously add up illusive dreams and stories. It is the hypnosis to add up which television and cinema try to instill in people, instead of seers they are led astray through illusions and tests which they fail to reach light and enlightenment but fail into darkness. If we are to see if any one threatens my livilihood, just like the bees, just like the ants, just like every creature on earth, I will defend it with my life, even if the odds are against me. However I would not claim to be some super hero, or someone who could mentor other people, I would instead tell them to devote to God, and observe righteousness and not spread mischief by breaking God’s commandments. Do you think bad people have the heart to kill and slaughter people over a measely stake in protection money, it would play mind games for the rest their days.

Instead of forgive and be forgiven, they always hate their enemies, and wish they suffer, to every child the story may seem plausible, but to every adult, keeping peace is the only way to behave among family and friends. Those who scheme evil schemes, expect you to react in certain and when you don’t, they start forcing onto people, this is how you are supposed to think, like the families which were tormented further by telling their heartful loss to the judge and jury in the trial of Saddam Hussein. In every way it was the manifestation of evil, of Satan, greed, hatred, lust, envy and malice and pride. That’s the idea of the Western world of their hatred of the truth, due to the evil destructive nature, instilled by Shaytaan.

For every crime and greater punishment, for every sin and lifelong commitment of redemption or forsakenness, for every lie a million false seekers.

No movie can talk of the role of God, in the decision to help and support those who fight for their rights, as it would lead to taking the Lord’s name in vain, which is my perspective. They fail to darkness, when they decide they have the power to decide on eliminating the bad from the good, in the end all that was good turns bad, and all that was bad is foolish, and once it all turns bad, then they will start to cull and kill them off.

Evil is only real in movies and books. Where the adding up leads to a war between good and evil, whereas in life, no one realises how to distinguish warriors from submitters. I tell you now, the code by which I write, 1.Not to blaspheme2.Not to say lies3.Observe the commandment love thy neighbour4.Be pressurised not to speak wrong5.To guide away from forsakenness into redemption6. To denounce the devil and believe in God7.Happiness is submission to God8. To follow thought to the next passage9.To do the will of God at all times

They try to achieve a feeling that their life is worth more on earth than anywhere else, but those who are martyred in the cause of God, ask to come back, and they are said to enjoying God’s provision, and we are told not to say they are dead, instead we are told they are living enjoying God’s provisions. This is the devils’ game, to put fear into concerning your life, whereas they cannot gaurantee anything other than the truth which is the devil lets down his human victims. Who will uphold God’s commandments are the humble submitters, whereas those who uphold baseless lies and deceptions causing millions of worse of people than before are the arrogant warriors. The pig police, vs the lion streetfighters. Troublemakers vs peacemakers. Arrogant warriors vs humble submitters. Wicked regrets vs blessed thanks. Unappreciative vs appreciative. Cruelty vs kindness. Culling the human people and preserving Antartica, or letting life thrive and demolishing Antartica, putting on deserts like Sahara and many other deserts, if God wills it will be possible, insha Allah. Thinking they gonna live for thousands of years, vs knowing the Day of Judgment is near.

iPad means you got room for two

[ Posted Mon, 28 Mar 2011 22:51:00 ]

With the iPad it’s a statement, you got room for two, with an iPod touch it means you’re only concerned with your own well-being, in the eyes of the opposite sex. If you buy a small car, like a two door hatchback, girls think he hasn’t got any room for me or any children, whereas if you got a big saloon convertible, you’ll end up getting a white girl pregnant, who’s had about three other children from other guys. That’s what happened to my cousin, who my grand-uncle, my grandfather’s only brother named, Zulqarnain Haider, who’s the same age as my first cousin, though he is too, but my Dad’s brother’s son, Umar, they are about 24.

I’ve stopped driving for five years, when I fell from the roof, since I haven’t bothered with driving, but I’m married, and my wife wanted to save money instead of getting a car on high rate mobility,

we haven’t had any children yet, but my mum reminds me of how she feels raising children, cleaning their shit, only for them to be a source of grief instead of joy, we’re not all that bad, she just says things, as a reflection of my place in time, which I gather at a different time. Though she makes out that they are her true feelings. She says, ‘jab mai na hosa’n ollai esas hai see.’ When I’m no longer here, only then will you care.

That’s sounded bad, credit to the guy, he kept the baby, and she’s mainly with him and stays with folk instead of with her mother, and she is beautiful.

Having it all

[ Posted Mon, 28 Mar 2011 22:03:00 ]

If the iPad 2 was released when I got those stuff from the internet site, Amazon, which gave me credit as soon as I cleared their credit check, I would have bothered with it, instead of an DSLR camera, I could have gotten an iPad 2, hmm, how many things can you do on an iPad, you can take photos, look at photos, mess around with photos, play any movie you like, yeah yeah, there a million and one things that come in handy with these types of devices, some people will just not know what it feels like, to have all the things they spend hours and days messing around on their old school Windows operating computers, thinking they have managed to achieve something which is well out of this world, when certain precepts and defaults, allow many people to pass their photographs as being very ingenious. Be it black and white, or antique, or grunge, or retro or HDR or whatever filter you think is appropriate, without spending too long on each one. Sometimes a limited number of options, provides better results than a millions tools, with no real understanding other than to experiment, until it become mush and no one can stand working on it, and the dullness starts killing you. Not to say these software in the right hands make amazing things happen too, I think, but creatively they are still only working with whatever is available rather than going out and making their shots and stills, which they can enjoy and leave for others to get a glimpse of the times. I had an unexpected visit from the CPN, once again, I’m like a fly caught up in a spider’s web, he is always trying to win, a wanker of England, has no concept of happiness, to him it is all a competition and heavens on earth. Ask all these oldies who hide their despicable belief in all out massacre, thinking war is profitable and the answer to the problem, they hide their true ambitions, and try to take their thinking to the grave, before any finds out, wankers, tossers and soldiers. The elders are wankers, instead of buying an iPad they buy some crappy Arcam, which saves them £200, and isn’t even on the Android platform, so they have to spend ages trying find apps suitable to work on their device, wankers, they’ll just not know what it feels like, or it will be a long road instead of a short stay.

Instead I got myself an iPod touch 64 gb, and uploaded some out of copyright movies onto it, an iPad is a liability, the iPod is safe in the pocket, or in your laptop bag, and is handier in taking pictures and working on the synthstation too. Wait till Beatmaker 2 becomes compatible with the Akai synthstation, then that will be quite interesting, unlimited tracks, 128 drum pads, loads of FX, though I have realised not too obvious but the sound does seem to be a bit more tinnier on the later models, compared to the Holy Grail of iPhone 3g, which was a real amazing venture in time, love the photos from that camera, and made some quite amazing music too on that phone which I kept for two years until iphone 4 was released. Plus the advantage of having a laptop instead of an iPad, is that you have always to have it on your knees with the iPad,whereas a laptop, you can just plop it on top of the laundry basket, like I do, or have it on your lap, that’s my answer, though it would also hurt when reading a book, or watching movie, holding something quite hefty in the air, however the advertisement tells us its quite light. I might wrong, my home screen on the internet browser, I use Safari, and apple, tell me someone’s said ‘the iPad 2 is the Holy Grail of something or other..computing. I thought that of the iPhone 3g thinking back now. It was like the feeling of have it all, instead of bits here and there.

I’m glad they didn’t get it, everything is in accordance with God’s will. I still don’t see any benefit in this DSLR, to an iPhone camera, we’ll see… Good thing about the iPad is it’s bigger for people with sight problems, which I find some people like to point towards the reason they cannot buy a iPod touch, like that wanker CPN who bought an crappy Arcam or whatever it was I can’t remember, and it wasn’t even on Android either, but he says he still has £200 in his purse. It’s like mhy purchase of the wank Sumvision mico media player, for the cost of at least ten very decent apps, or even more, a 59p app would have allowed any format movie or picture on my iPod touch, what’s the point in saving, in turns into poison, and starts playing games with your mind and dreams. If it comes like manna and quail, have your fill for the day, and let the rest go away, and have faith in the light. Belief in the good. Devotion to the truth. Music. Art. Writing.

Secularised Bible

[ Posted Mon, 28 Mar 2011 14:54:59 ]

The number 2 is very important, it gets to all the things which the number 1 couldn’t get to, the Stone Roses say to the Beetles, you didn’t get that far did ya, it is all the will of God, and I am similar, I show Saj all the things he didn’t get to, but without Saj I too would have never reached those endings. The First and the Last, the one and the two, 19 is the number which signifies the First and the Last, which are names of God, with the First there would no number 2, and with one there would be no end. I get to show Saj all the things he never got to, spiritually, and he shows me all the things materially I will need to get there. Like Rashad with his amazing translation into English, and his deciphering of the main reason of preservation of the Holy Quran, which would have been misused and misinterpretated and lost and corrupted had there not been the deciphering of the Quran, as has been the case with the Bible, every old school student knew the Lord’s prayer, contained the words, ‘forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us,’ But now they put forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors. Is this a change, or is this just misunderstanding on my part, I also see the omitting of the word hypocrites, when Jesus tells them about ‘strain at a gnat and swallow a camel’. To any new student this would lead them away, from the original text, and would secularise the word of God, just as they are attempting to do with the Gospels.

I had a thought, the Quran mentions me, but there is no book dedicated to me, so the Lord has blessed me with the time and place, to write all that was in my life, till present, and my thoughts and understandings too, by the will of God, just as much as it is means of necessity it is also a blessing too to be able to sit and write all the truth I witnessed.

Music of lightArt of loveWriting of peace.

Knowledge of the futurePower of the presentWisdom of the past

Certainty of mindUncertainty of bodyMystery of soul

Jealous mindsCruel bodiesMad souls

Sunshine. Moonlight. Star bright.

[ Posted Mon, 28 Mar 2011 14:19:56 ]


When you start making mistakes, they think we’ll read it properly then, when you write too well, they start making mistakes.

Sunshine.Moonlight.Star bright.

Twinkle star, where are you going,Tomorrow we’ll start at dawnIn the eyes to see the morningTo fight against the wrong

Ian Brown would have come alongAs he wanted to see my days abroadI thought of how we would live,eat and sleepBut nothing happened so I got bored

I guess they wish to know what is the matter with their futureWill they become bigger than the Beatles or spend it travelling as peacemakersShould you feel it wasn’t to be, come to mine for teaHave glass of wine made of cranberry

It’s free of intoxicants and harmful alcoholShould spend my time on road, in high spirit with many jokes and good days everywhereLet me sell you nothing which would hurt your feelingsLet me allow you to share my work and stories

It was and still is done on British soilTo support those who God wills to guideThe means of necessity or the advocate of evilMay the Lord protect us from breaking His commandments

Let Him be our Lord and MasterTo help us, and protect us, and find His loveGive us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our debts, as we have forgiven our debtors.Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us

Roll with it

[ Posted Mon, 28 Mar 2011 12:36:54 ]

The motive behind Satan’s rebellion, can have six motives, pride, greed, hatred, lust, envy and malice. Instead of kindness it is cruelty, instead of love it is hate, instead of light it is dark, instead right it is wrong, instead peace it is war, instead good it is evil. When the pretenders child takes to the throne, he will ask, and his Lord is Satan, and He will descend on him, and he will carry out the worse genocide and massacre ever wrought in the world, he will be allied witht Western forces, and to get to him would be an insurmountable task, and then most of human people will be killed off. He will call on his Lord, and his lord is Satan, they worship statues and jinns and try pretend they can be immortal angels. They will be reduced to tears and fear of the decision to side with the devil, when he is man’s most ardent enemy, when everyone has perished, the devil will chose the white race to lead them to the hell-fire instead to the gates of paradise, they will end raging and prying every cave in mountain searching for human flesh, and when they killed all that was, they will sit and cheer their merry bellies full of pig meat and disease and the vile hatred of the love and freedom which God bestowed on his creatures.

Britain is like the purgatory, America assumes the rank of heaven, and India of hell, conquer the pergutory and decide the fate of the Americans who wish to say that can be another god with God, the liars and the thieves, the wankers and the decietful, the jealous Jews, the cruel Christians, the mad Muhammadans, are all enemies not friends, they are all on the side of the devil, due to some particular reason. The Jews are jealous about the idea of first born, the Christians fill their hearts with expectations about the crucifiction which leads to them argue, if this is possible then so is the massacre of the human people. But where were the assassins at the time of Jesus, where was the expected civil war in the Holy Land, where was the anguish of pain in Jesus? Yeah Yeah, none of it happened, they are filled with the illusion that killed him but they slew him not nor crucified him, but were made to appear that they did. The anguish of pain, occurred during the Crusades, when the white pig eating bastards of Europe came to the Holy Land and started massacring the people, this is when the assassins rose, not at the time of Jesus, nor are they to be attibuted to the Christians. The Muhammadans, are still trying to figure out in the wildest ignorance who is number 2, is it Ali, is it the Rashad Khalifa, is it Muhammad who is number 2 and God is 1. Well the answer lies in the sign of the khalifa rashidoon, why were they called so, and what do they represent, by all means necessary, “the keepers of the destiny, are ordinary people like you and me” as Noel Ghlalagher wrote a song and said which his younger brother sang.

I like Roll With It. ”I recognise your face, but I’ve never seen you before.” I imagine my sister, who lives on first floor to find some super stars in our house, and saying this to them. You know I recognise your face but I’ve never seen you before, you gotta roll with it, you gotta take your time…

Charles spells trouble

Submitter means peace

Troublemakers or Peacemakers

[ Posted Sun, 27 Mar 2011 20:44:00 ]

Destroy Antarctica and live, or preserve Antartica and kill everyone.

They think they are going to live for thousands and thousands of years, whereas we know the Day of Resurrection will happen in 2280, as the messenger of the covenant deciphered, the numbers add to 12, and is also a multiple of 19 by 120, which is 12 x 10.

They strain at a gnat and swallow a camel, instead of everyone having the right to enjoy the blessing of life, the determine anyone with a voice as having a mental problem, and anyone with a gut as having a feeling against the truth, the truth is the media and all those political powers only serve Satan, by claiming they have Divine authority to cull the world population due to the flood of Noah, a wry smile on the faces of those who prefer evil to the power of goodness, those who humiliate people through aggression and bullying and pit themselves in games gambling their lives away in order to say they better than people who believe in God.

They strain at a gnat and swallow a camel, those who claim we need to preserve Antartica, it didn’t stop them from industrialising, or going to war, or seperating people from their natural tendency of crying when they see horrorific violence on screen or on TV. People have lost their main objective which is to redeem their souls, by denouncing the devil and believing in God, without partner,son or daughter. People are plotting their own destruction, but the mercy of the Lord encompasses all things, and He will resurrect us to show us the things we hid and the things we decided would be useful for our own purposes and the things which they took for granted, like the purpose in the message.

They strain at a gnat and swallow a camel, when they give weight to heirarchy and evil profiteering, and claim they are all evil when only those whom they serve are the troublemakers.

Peacemakers is a term which is abused, on the Masons understanding it is soldiers who kill of those who are seen as a threat to their lives. Satan will continuously request certain things, which appear as illusions, which are tests from God, because Satan’s quest is to lead mankind astray, and God promises us that those who follow Satan will end up in Hell, God also promises us that the messengers of God will most assuredly win. In order to decieve man of his innate disposition to submit to God, Satan request illusions by which humans either despair of God’s mercy, or they are guided by God through without suffering any grief or suffering. Peacemakers according to Jesus, are those who will travel the world and the seven seas, with the final messenger Zulqarnain, and who will bring Peace and Submission to God through out the world. There will be pockets of resistance wherever we may go, but God will conclude it in accordance with His will, and those destined to perish will do so, and those destined to be saved will do so.

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God.Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.

In their eyes it is the bargain of true happiness, rather than the fulfilment of destiny, instead of forgiving and be forgiven, they choose to pinpoint evil and arrest or destroy it, but can you count the blessings of God? Whether we save one small measly problem , like the eradication of measles, which is occuring, through genetically modifying women genes with the vaccine, even before concieving has occurred and the baby was born, without consulting the partner, yeah we pay the price of hatred and evil, rather than reap the truth and happiness in our lives. However you will find the scheme backfires on them, as they understand the reason why they wish to destroy evil, as they were the one scheming it, and it never precipitated, so in their despicable thinking they force it onto others.


You cannot buy into it, you either a humble submitter or an arrogant warrior, it isn’t in pride, it is in humility, it isn’t against the people, it is for everyone who sees the world by which they learn the truth, see the good and know the light. If you do not know the light, then you will always colour it in your mind’s view, whereas those who intricately place the pride in their hatred of the devil, instead of hatred towards the Lord God will find light whenever they wish to open the book and read.

To lead by examples, which is the purpose of the Old Testament, with stories, of stealing birth right, to who is given title of first born, to stories even of girls getting their father drunk in order to preserve his line in the case of Lot, to the Sodomites which perished before then, intricate stories which lead on, and have amazing light and ability to join together with words which appear without true essence hidden away for centuries and centuries, no wonder the Bible is so popular among the people of the world, yet they could tell me why, nor the Christians tell me, anything about 1 and 2, which the Bible mentions, with Ishmael and Isaac, yeah Isaac was teased by Ishmael that he wasn’t the first born, which led to Sarah saying to Abraham to take them elsewhere. And the Bible account of Isaac being the sacrifice in the test, which Satan requested, and it says, ‘Take thy ONLY son’, so how is Isaac his only son? Again the Jews are full of lies and hypocrisy, as the story is strengthened when Jacob steals the birth right from Esau. There’s two ways to look at it, it was a means of necessity, or it was a pre condition which led them to think God advocates sin. Just as the adding of two false verses in the Quran, may have been a pre condition to let them think God adovocates sin, or it may have been a means of necessity.

You cannot buy it, or sell it for a miserable price, either you recieve guidance and let it radiate within, or you start manipulating the text in order to question your own motives for saying things.


Trouble makers and peace makers. Charles represents trouble, whereas Submitter represents peace.

D3000 and D3100 cost the same

[ Posted Sun, 27 Mar 2011 18:47:00 ]

“Thank goodness the D3000 has no video mode or Live View. DSLR video modes make crappy video and clog up the camera’s operation and price, so not having video makes for a better camera at a better price. Likewise, Live View is largely another fluff feature which jacks up the price, and which few people can figure out. Both Live View and video modes hold open the shutter to let more dirt get on the sensor. Good riddance to video and live view!” (Ken Rockwell)


I know Ken from Street fighter, and rock well…I intend to.

He says it is the worse DSLR Nikon have made, but still ok, not much better than d40, however I wonder what he would have to say about the D3100, which has live view and video. I think Nikon would have done their maths, with these, and probably Rockwell is a bit dated, and D3100 would probably be a real good camera, the reviews on Amazon suggest it. Not much better than D40, that’s disheartening, as I payed the same as a D3100 would cost, they both selling about the same, about £20 difference between getting D3000, without live view and video, and getting D3100 with everything including a 14 megapixel camera. As time changes so do people, I have gone from latest to the old school, whereas the old school are catching up with modern compact cameras, as they are much more handier and able to get really amazing shots, without the whole huge lenses in the way, too fiddly and if you have long hair, which is yet to grow long enough to go round the ears, then getting a good sight through the view finder can be difficult. It’s ok, I got both, I can use the iPhone for compact photography and video, and use the DSLR just to shoot and have a feel of a proper camera and photos.


It’s good for professional video, but the sound is mono, so you would probably have to get a different audio file to play instead. Or dub it like the Indian dramas, one minute the voice is deep, the next time you watch, some other persons voice is talking instead. Lol, like that not Joti but Dharam Raj and Santu, who he calls Chokri. I don’t know nothing, about film, but the Indians know a great deal, and I know very little about music, but always had a sound in me, which was about mellow, the first poem I ever wrote when I was 13, at the central library in Bradford. Lost all the early stuff, it disappeared from under my shelf, but would struggle to get it published, unless i won a competition, or something.


I’m more like Ryu.

Back to the early 1920s style photography with my own home made cover made of a white corduroy summer blazer.


Eating disease food, way Europeans find power in

[ Posted Sun, 27 Mar 2011 16:52:38 ]

The gnat, the nattty dread, the Indian in Rastas, will mash it up, and break it into pieces, then just take what you need, the Indians have said to have found a way to purify water from salt water, inexpensively, not like the Europeans and British who spend all the capital trying to achieve an even bigger market hold, capitalist system is full of greedy bastards, who don’t care where it’s coming from, as long as they don’t have to oblige to give it back. Look at the amount of debt the British and the Western world are under, in the end they will cull the world population saying you owe us, if you cannot pay back the debt you owe us then what good are you to us. Kill or be killed, is how the devil will try to end his envy of humans. Satan has six signs, pride, greed, hatred, lust, envy and malice, if when you are faced with a test, and the outcome leads to one of these, then denounce the devil and return to your submission and worship to God alone, or pray continuously to God to help you, protect you and to guide you, insha Allah, God suffices as Protector, Lord and Judge. Observe the contact prayers, this is a sign of submission, and one day the 5 prayers will be a way of showing where in the world you have prayed, insha Allah, Zulqarnain will be observing his contact prayer and will pray in many places around the world, as he learns how to calculate the different times of the day, by his viewing the position of the sun in the hemisphere. May God let us know how to calculate the different times of the day, or give us a way to make sure we are steadfast and always seeking a means to keep our salats and not forgetting or ending up missing too many prayers through our neglect and through our pre occupation and forgetfulness.

The only way these Europeans can fight, is to keep eating disease food, and coughing onto their food, or contaminating it, and hoping it leads to a spread of a flu virus, or maybe deafen a person with an ear infection. Pork is contaminated, the meat of pigs is contaminated, and that is what these Polish live on. Follow the wolf Polish, the evil eyes behind the iron curtain, is not the same person who killed the Jews, who are the Ashkenazi, the 13 tribe, or were they really Jewish. Pork is evil, it fills the body with diseases, which they spread through coughing and spluttering, and spitting onto other people’s food. It is the intention of cleanliness not the cleanliness it self which causes failure in chaotic lives. Don’t wanna be associated with those dirty Indians, who wear the best on television, but are usually full of disgusting vile people, rather be with Pakistanis, which means pak, clean, the place of cleanliness, exactly that’s what divides us. Pakistan is clean, India is dirty. But historically it was India more so than when Pakistan had its origins in the twentieth century.

You cocksuckers Japanese

[ Posted Sun, 27 Mar 2011 15:00:13 ]

You know, I can understand old age, an age where movement has become very hard compared to youth, and the impariment, leads to uncomfortable positions and agonising pain, keep moving is the only way to avoid this, once one is bed ridden, a cramp here or there, would be very painful, especially if the person can’t relieve by standing up or moving out of it. I have paralysis in one of my legs, after a few hours sleep, I have to be extremely careful when turning that I do not end up getting into a cramp or painful leg twist, which means I have to sit by the side of the bed and work it off. The anti-psychotics have ballooned my calves too big, and returning back on meds has killed off chances of having children, everything was returning to normal, everything seemed healthy, then when I refused and didn’t give them a reason, instead told them all to fuck off, they detained me and gave many fucking witchcraft drugs or pimping drugs which make you into a rent case just as much as those black Americans do to white girls, get them hooked on heroin. In similar way that’s what the psychiatrist does, and the devil always lets down his human victims, but those who recite the shahada of I bear witness there is no other god besides God, will not despair of the Lord’s mercy and will not be forsaken by God.

What the white girls thought they had the power to do, to their lovers, is what happens to them in the end instead, it backfires, every evil scheme backfires on those who scheme them. If I had ended up with Alexandra whilst university I would probably have ended up on smack, that’s what whites turn onto when they get defeated by someone who isn’t white nor a black, but a mixture of Indian people, of blue rings around his golden brown eyes, freckled nose, white streaks on the side of his head, long black straight hair, dark skin which changes in different lights, and all of the Maharishi line of clothes fit the maharaja. It confuses them to see a black guy with straight hair. That’s what some people say, but we’re just humans too, exactly it is a beauty contest, it is being thankful for what you got.

They thank the doctor, whose only solution is to give them an opiate like methadone, as all they are crying about is pain. They thank the doctor, and later die, and the doctor gets sued for giving him a pain killer. My grandmother kept moving till her last days, then when she went into hospital, she got worse, she was only bunged up and constipated because of the ajwain she had eaten everyday, then she had an organ failure in hospital, and had a few days of extraneous death pangs, and when they gave methadone, she didn’t fall asleep, but a day or two later she died.

No one is burdened with more than they can bear. They are still trying to find ways of giving extraneout pain to people, with a sadistic torture and witchcraft drugs of the psychiatry mental hospitals, just as in the world wars, there was the torture during prisoner of wars, or those caught in camps, in the Far East like Japan. Suck cocks Japan, hope you perish in hell, with every radioactive disease striking all your next generation, due to mutations, by the American Satanist bastards, which you dare not speak out against, instead vow like every wanker to say it was from God. Anything good that happens to you is from God, anything bad is from you. We remember you Japan, you evil bastards, have a nice atomic bomb just for good measures, and remember the little girl who was shot by a photographer fleeing from the bombs fall out. Do no harm, sit in silence and try to meditate your wanking humiliation to the grave, where you will be filled witht the haunting noise of torture victims, which died at your precept, by claiming to be marvels and wonders instead of sadism and evil. You cocksuckers Japanese.

Pain Reliever

[ Posted Sun, 27 Mar 2011 13:03:58 ]

“Sweet dreams are made of these, who am I to disagree, travelled the world and the seven seas, everybody’s looking for something, some of them wanna use you, some of them wanna be used by you, some of them wanna abuse you, some of them wanna be abuse, hold ya head, movin on, keep you head, movin on.” (Eurythmics)

Must be a sign of what is to come. makes you think, and try to avoid any further comment, everything comes from God, the devil just fills your life with illusions to instill fear in his subjects, whatever the devil promises is an illusion, a request made due to seeing humans, and so some despair of God’s mercy, but only the strayers, and some submit to God, and God does not forsake them, nor allow any request whereby they are at loss. The cross is a cruel symbol whoever looks at the cross will fill his heart with cruel intent, however there are those whose hearts becomes filled with pain, insurmountable pain which leads to the use of painkillers and other sedatives and pain relievers like heroin. Maybe the murder of John Lennon, was so huge on the American conscience, that the Nirvana front man shot himself, my imagination adds up to that. Though I am unaware of any reason, maybe become sold out, or being seen as devils instead of good people, and being too full of high class As, to give a shit at the time.



This is my nephew with his cross, which he argues is his sword, yeah that’s how the Church of England get to the unbelievers, in sadism and cruelty and hatred of all that is true about the world’s final truth seeker. Hashim’s been to Mecca, and his heart is well grounded, as it has said holy words, in my opinion, the other one’s the oldest, of the moonlight kids, has also been, I was thinking of throwing a miswak stick ~I gave him away, but then decided to put it back in my pocket, he will be safe, insha Allah.


Maybe it was an exacting of revenge, or what comes around goes around. Feel for them as they have to spend their childhood in a place full of tossers from Church of England. People like John Lennon, ask questions like if the Indians are so much better, or any good, then why are they so into women and sex, like he thought of Maharishi, with his song sexy sady, that’s what they say the song is about, but who knows what it really is about, he may have been just portraying a character which was given to Maharishi. Maharishi clothes fit the Maharaja of India really well. Looking to get the Pro Zu maharishi sandals, reminiscent of something Jesus would have worn. He’s disease the older one, I may throw it away it away, my teeth felt as though they were being infected underneath the gums so I decided to brush them again with toothpaste, the miswak is just something to avoid smoking and giving you strength.

Guess it was just the time, whereas my parents and uncles and aunties, were purified and clean and righteous, who never were brought up on filth of television, such as cheap sleazy sexual pictures and fantasies for teenage boys to lure them away from God and truth, and to become vile and abhorring and wicked among their students and families and friends. Doesn’t affect us does porn, sometimes too much flash can give even duller picture, and sometime no flash can give a golden texture. That’sa what white man ends up as, a lot of flash but a very dull picture, whereas those with no flash end up full of golden gaze.

What am I gonna do now;

[ Posted Sat, 26 Mar 2011 21:28:28 ]

Hmm, that didn’t seem to work, the sound comes on for a few seconds then goes off, anyway deleted the lot of films I had converted and spent ages restoring my ipod touch, and uploading the new format films, bullshit, really, could have simply gotten an app to play whatever movie I wanted, and it cost 59p, which I don’t have, funds will be available on Monday, plus I owe Apple so I’ll need to pay fo r other items too. Azul movie player, bollox, to everything, I’m gonna re upload all the movies, and wait till monday and get the video player app, for 59p which has 5 5star ratings. Apple kind regards, what’s it worth, all roads are long and no one can deny them, everything will come to those who wait


[ Posted Sat, 26 Mar 2011 19:19:47 ]

Tell me who is the better businessman, in most shops a good miswaak would cost around £1, but what the seller is not telling you is a box of miswaaks, containing about 140, costs £30, so this means the rip offs sell one miswaak, for an extortionate 300% profit. So how many will one who is keen on miswaks buy from the ones who sell £1 for a good miswaak, about a handful, in fact no one will want to buy, because miswaks if you like its taste last about a month at most, longer if you just like to brush your teeth, which I’m learning to do, so maybe if you are resourceful it will last you a month or two. Instead I found at the last moment, someone who sells them for 50 pence for one, 3 for a pound, so buy two get one free. Amazing, I ended up buying nearly half a box, intent on buying a whole box one day directly from the suppliers, al Khair, who also do them in various flavours, including lime and what have you. Which means they are even better at killing bad odour after a nights sleep. The strength giving properties and testament to every person from Arabia to India to Africa who use the miswak or siwak, to clean their teeth, they are all strong people, and that’s all that matters in this world, is strength. That’s how business should work, nothing should go to waste, and money is not as important as the smile of a content brother at a market, you may lose value of things which do not sell at the prices you wish, but you may like to know a little about those that buy for a reasonable sum all that is on offer instead niggling at the cost of each item. I’ve been through the whole of Sunday market, they were selling for a pound each, the bazaar the lady who I bought the parnay from sold for a pound each, I was so suprised by the taste, I went back and bought more, later I went around the bazaar, and found someone else selling for 50 pence each and buy two get one free. I went back to the other stall, and returned five sticks, for five pound, and went to the new guy and bought 15 sticks for the same price. The guy does perfume too, amazing, especially on a long journey, they are wonderful to smell, instead farts and bad breath, and smelly socks. So I decided to get some scarfs just in case some farts, so I have a place to hide my head. :) The converter converts aroungd 8 movies in an hour, amazing. should be okay to just convert movies as we go along, I got 8gb of martial arts, work through these first then onto the War collection and the comedy collection. I also got a 9 cell battery for my dell laptop, which means I have battery for 5 hours, reasonable, especially when Apple give a run for the money and offer 10 hours, luckily it was a cheaper investment to just get a better battery than to go and spend a grand on an Apple mac.

Happy Monday

[ Posted Sat, 26 Mar 2011 17:07:59 ]

After all that I decided to convert the movies, not bothering with the sumvision media player, if it can’t usb charge, and it has 2A battery which means you need two USB ports, or a specified 5V 2A car charger, because most a 1A. Yeah,yeah, yeah. Leaving at home, I’m gonna start converting movies, see how many I can do, I know each one takes like 10 minutes, so hopefully I can get about 10 done in 2 hours. Then gonna see if they work any better than the ones with green slimeball from Ghostbusters all over the screen. As apple, still haven’t decided on whether any mpeg4 movies should play on their device, and they too make a good thing impossible, with every device not having the same dock adaptor, and there being countless USB ends for each device. If I’m still here by Monday, then I might get a 10 in 1 usb cable, no I wont, because the fucking micro media player is 2a fucking twat of a charge. As well as not giving a 25 mb data for £2 to use when you like, instead you have to use it in a day. Fuck sake make a good thing impossible don’t they. Yeah yeah. Fuckers every problem I’m faced with, seems to be a never ending saga. Got this software, Freemake video converter, a free software, which converts to any given format, as well your itunes music to mp3, it’s pretty good. It’s gonna be a happy monday, after Easter Sunday.

Make a good thing impossible

[ Posted Sat, 26 Mar 2011 13:24:55 ]

Always make a good thing impossible, happiness is at the edge of submission, some say why can’t we have it all, and are enemies, others pray to God to grant them the good things, God never fails to keep a promise. I had a vision or an imagination that in the early hours at the time fajr, some stars had come to see me, and prepared what I would give them, I had a few books, and I said I give them these. This was in 2002, now in 2011, if you add the numbers both add to 4, I have three copies of my book 3, and one copy each of the two collections of poems, as well as two copies of Rashad Khalifa’s authorised translation of the Quran, titled The Final Testament. The written works which I wrote were all in a bog textbook size book size, the description on lulu was deceptive, until they arrived you were not sure how they would turn out.

There are two sides, there is the looking to see the Prophets and messengers, and the other is to see the white man and being told he is better than us. The prophets and messengers always teach they are humans like you and are friends to their neighbours, whereas the white man thinks his color and his hardness make him better than the rest, they always try to elude they reach the heights and the depths of all things,